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I saw your demon!Hanzo w/ snow drawing and I was inspired to write a little something for it! Here goes, if you'd like to read: Hanzo looked up at the opaqe sky and sighed out a plume of white smoke. Stretching out the palm of his pale grey hand, he thoughtfully stared at the snow gradually collecting there. Memories of his home, which was hundreds of miles away, brought him a sort of wistful comfort. Maybe one day he'll find peace.

Daaawwww thats so cute! I see first that someone decided to write something! Im so glad, you need more snowy oni hanzo yeeesss!


More Elsa progress today! 

I got the skirt done (with a fair amount of trouble.) I didn’t like how different the skirt fabric was to the corset, so I spray painted (the poor-mans dye) to make a gradient. Its a little dark, but theres no going back now. 

We got the cape all sorted out too! I chose a very transluscent material for the cape as I want it to look very airy. And the snowflakes will also be more transluscent than opaqe. 

Sylar’s been the best boyfriend in the fucking world during all this. He’ll be take charge of cutting out all the snowflake stencils and glittering them while I make the top.