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Hi Rose! How's your day? :3 May I request some headcanons of Blackwatch McCree rescuing his s/o from a Null Sector squad while scouting London?

Hi Maddie! :D My day is just starting off~ Got back from a driving lesson this morning, went alright I guess. Still too darn nervous ^^” 

My soul feels like it has been healed with the mention of Jesse McCree

Blackwatch McCree:

  • His S/O is not a member of Overwatch. Her home has always been in London and with the recent threats, going out and about was difficult by the day.
  • But it didn’t stop McCree’s partner from going shopping to grab a few items from the nearest supermarket.
  • His S/O made sure to take small alleyways or walk with small crowds of people to get to their destination.
  • As they were about to cross the nearest street to the supermarket a group of Null Sector omnics appeared with their weapons at the ready.
  • Frozen in spot, they panicked and cursed themselves for going out in the first place.
  • Their thoughts were disrupted by the sound of a whistle and gunshots coming from the left of them.
  • Getting a better look at where the sound came from, they saw none other than Jesse McCree with his Peacekeeper revolver at the ready.
  • Tears of relief filled the corner of their eyes as they saw McCree eliminate one Null Sector omnic after another.
  • The last standing omnic threw a grenade the foot of McCree’s S/O
  • Panic and adrenaline ran through his body as he shouted for them to get away as he raced to pushed them onto the ground, covering their form from the explosion. 
  • McCree opened his eyes to see any injuries on his S/O. Thankfully they weren’t hurt.
  • He nudges his nose in their cheek and chuckles under his breath,
  • “Well, ain’t I glad to see you here darling. If you needed an escort all you needed was to call me.”

~Mod Rose

a lil update

hi lovelies! i had been meaning to post my motocrossed au last week BUT i haven’t been able to finish the last chapter bc i’ve been really sick. i’m almost back to normal so i’m writing again. expect the motocrossed au sometime next week!! and then after that i’ll be trying to finish opan and the next hesitant and hopeful chapter bc it’s been a while.