opalite runes

Moved my altar to a new spot and spruced it up a little! ✨

My altar has:
🌙 my crystals; rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst, tiger eye, bloodstone, aventurine, opalite and moonstone
🌙 my runes
🌙 my tarot cards (the Hanson-Roberts deck) also bonus thanks to witch casket for the pentacle pouch!
🌙 my grimoire
🌙 my pendulum (rose quartz necklace)
🌙 a bottle of dead see protection salt (from witch casket - swear I’m not sponsored haha)
🌙vanilla candles for sweetness (another witch casket item omg - the skull mason jar)
🌙 incense and incense holder (from, you guessed it, witch casket - honestly not sponsored, I just loved this month’s casket)
🌙 a sprig of rosemary to ward off negative energy
🌙 a bay leaf with a sigil drawn on for protection and good intent

Yay for altars!!