Bringing up baby kelp forest fish

A wild kelp forest, home to numerous animals. Photo: Bill Morgan

Like a giant, underwater apartment building, a kelp forest provides food and shelter for thousands of animals. In our Kelp Forest gallery you can see the full vibrancy of an underwater forest where fish are displayed throughout their life-cycles, so visitors can see how fish change in size, shape, pattern and color as they grow. 

Aquarist MacKenzie Bubel and some future Kelp Forest gallery residents. 

The youngest, smallest fish at the Aquarium start out being cared for behind the scenes. This gives our aquarists the opportunity to keep a close eye on their feeding habits and growth. As the little ones grow, they’re usually moved to progressively larger exhibits in the Kelp Forest gallery. 

The Seaweed Gardens (left) and Under the Canopy (right) exhibits.

Our Seaweed Gardens exhibit provides an excellent home for small fish to get started in, so this diverse community has become a kind of fish nursery.

After a few months in the Seaweed Gardens, larger fish are ready to graduate to a roomier exhibit like Under the Canopy, the Kelp Holdfast or even the main Kelp Forest exhibit!

The current residents in an exhibit definitely notice when new fish are introduced into their established territory and may react aggressively to the perceived threat of strangers. To avoid this, aquarists rearrange everything in the exhibit just before introduction, so all the fish will be facing a fresh situation at the same time.

The Kelp Forest exhibit.

The result of all this work is a series of vibrant exhibits that showcase the kelp forest ecosystem right outside our deck (and below the waves).

So when you visit, keep an eye out for these classic kelp forest fishes throughout the gallery as they grow up:

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What do you think of dragons?

That really depends on the dragon in question, doesn’t it?  I do have a fondness for Ukrainian Ironbellies- worked with them extensively.  And it’s really a sight to see a Chinese Fireball when it’s in a good mood.

The Antipodean Opaleye is considered quite beautiful by many, and then there’s the Peruvian Vipertooth… 

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An aroflux ace who's mind constantly changes about romance, but never falters for their love of dragons

“I’m sorry. I know I said we could try dating this week, but… I can’t this week. We could go to the library and read up on Ukrainian Ironbellies!”


“Wow. Getting to lie here in your arms and just look at the stars is almost as good as getting to see a Romanian Longhorn in person.”


“I know, I’m changing my mind faster than a Hebridean Black can take off in flight, but…”


“Your eyes are just so beautiful. This must be what it’s like to look an Antipodean Opaleye in the eye.”


Romantic feelings may come and go but dragons will always be there for you.

~Hufflepuff Mod

*Wounded* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked: 

Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where reader is hurting (like some type of sickness or wound idk, you decide, haha) and hides it from everybody but then the pain gets unbearable and she can’t hide it anymore, maybe even passes out? In other words very angsty at the beginning but then a lot of cuddles+kisses+fluff at the end!:D You’re an amazing writer and I wish you all the best in the future pieces♥️😊

♦ Thanks, hun! That means a lot! I hope you enjoy!! 

It was earlier that day Newt had received word that a an Antipodean Opaleye was being held captive by some wizard’s in New Zealand and planning to take her eggs to sell illegally. The moment Newt heard the news, he knew he needed to help the poor creature out.

“It should only take us a few hours to get there.” Winding in-between people, Newt held his case tightly and you tried to keep up as best you could behind him. The train whistle blew and he sped up even more. “Come on, Y/N!”

Picking up your pace, you reached your hand out and grabbed a hold of Newt’s. Jumping on to the train, you quickly showed the man your tickets before making your way to your compartment. 

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Ships - Gramander

Who would be the big spoon?

  • They would probably switch it up. More often than not, Graves is the big spoon. He wants to be able to react in case an attack, and to do that he needs to be on the outside. However, when Percival has a nightmare, he tosses and turns in bed, waking up Newt. Instead of waking Percy up, Newt learned not to do that the hard way, he will wrap Percival in his arms, effectively pinning him to the bed. Eventually, Percival will come out of his nightmare and be grateful for the hold. When he wakes up to Newt holding him he knows that Grindelwald doesn’t have him anymore, and that he is safe.

Who would wake up first? 

  • Newt definitely. He would have to wake up early to feed him animals, unless he wants to risk them trying to escape. Percival is not a morning person at all. He always works really late, so he hates having to get up early. He will sleep until the very last minute, but when he’s up he’s up, there might be a few minutes of grogginess until he gets his coffee, but when he’s awake he won’t be going back to sleep. Percival constantly tries to convince Newt to stay in bed with him for a few more minutes.

Do they have nicknames for each other? 

  • Percival calls Newt English, Beautiful, Baby Boy (only during sex though), Doll.
  • Newt calls Percival Love, Darling, Percy

What happened when they met each other’s parents? 

  • Percival’s parents are dead, so unfortunately Newt never gets to them.
  • Newt’s family is an interesting group of people. Theseus and Percival are best friends, they got to know each other when they were young Aurors, and they exchanged letters frequently. Percival would immediately hit it off with Newt’s father, since he is a retired Auror, the three Aurors would have plenty to talk about. Newts mother is absolutely terrifying. You don’t breed Hippogriffs and gain all of their respect by being a weak person. She disapproves of Newt marrying an Auror because she knows firsthand how stressful it is when the man you love goes off to fight. She was hoping that Newt would find someone who loves creatures as much as he does. However, her opinion of Percival softens when she sees him interacting with the creatures. When Dougal purposefully climbs out of the case in order to hand Percival a crying Occamy chick, and the chick stops crying as soon as Percival takes it, makes Newt’s mother raise her eyebrows. Later when Newt brings his mother down into the case and Percival is already in there, the Nundu trying to groom him, and Percival is completely calm, just letting it happen cement her opinion. She grudgingly approves of Percival, mainly because Newt loves him, and so do the creatures.

How do they apologies after an argument?

  • They are both really bad at apologizing after a fight. The biggest one they had was about how illegal Newt’s creatures were, and Percival tried to confiscate them. This caused Newt to almost flee the country. The only reason Percival knew he was leaving was because Tina stormed into his office, screaming about stupid men, and Graves had better not let Newt leave. Percival had apparated down to the docks, stopping Newt in the nick of time.
  • Other than that one big fight, they don’t have arguments very often. Maybe arguments about how dangerous the creatures are, or if one of them gets hurt. Those apologies are usually unspoken. The two will lay in bed for hours at a time, gently taking in every bruise, every scrape.

What would they be like as parents?

  • I don’t really see them as parents, at least not to a human kid. They already have like 20 kids, all of Newt’s creatures. They love all of the creatures and really treat them like they are their children.
  • Newt is that mom who is just unsurprised with their kids actions at this point, and Percival is the dad who is constantly doing a face palm.·         
  • Newt can sense it when the creatures are trying to cause trouble, and Percival is the one who sneaks them treats, whispering, “Don’t tell mummy”. Newt knows about the treats, but he lets it slide.

Who is the better cook? 

  • Percival definitely. Percival lived alone for a long time, so he had to learn how to cook for himself. Queenie and he will have lots of conversation about the best way to cook, about swapping family recipes, and making holiday meals together.
  • Newt is awful at cooking. He’s really only good at making up food for his creatures, but none of what he cooks is really meant for human consumption. Percival tires to teach him how to cook, but it’s pretty much a lost cause.

Who is more romantic? 

  • Percival is, no contest. He’s a total flirt, and is an expert at seducing people. Percival is the one to come up with the romantic dates, and they anniversary celebrations, while Newt is lucky if he remembers the day of the week. Percival doesn’t mind. He’s the organized one, and Newt is the one who is the definition of organized chaos.

What sort of gifts do they get for each other? 

  • Percival will get Newt creatures. Whenever there is a confiscated beast, or egg, he will give it to Newt as a gift. Once he gave Newt a dragon egg that had been taken from smugglers, it was an Antipodean Opaleye. He managed to raise the dragon and then release her. Sometimes he and Percival go and visit her, because they raised her, she sees them as her parent’s and will always go to her parent’s aide when they need her.

Who gets jealous easiest?

  • The creatures do. When Percival first starts dating Newt, the creatures are extremely jealous. They don’t want to share their Mummy; they feel like they need to scare Percival away. They think that Percival will either try to take them away from Newt or make Newt want to leave them. Once they realize that Percival is actually a good guy, they do everything to make sure that the two will stay together. Niffler starts stealing wedding rings and leaving them with Percival. The Occamy chicks will hide in Percival’s pockets and hiss at anyone who tries to flirt with him. The Nundu and even Dougal have literally chased people away from Percival. I totally think that all of the creatures would get super jealous of Percival. They know that Newt won’t leave them, they just need to make sure that no one will steal their new Daddy

Who gets more excited for events e.g.. Birthdays, Christmas?

  • Newt. Percival is all about work, and he used to always work on the holidays because he never had anyone to spend them with, but Newt loves the holidays. It was always a big thing at his house and he loves to give his creatures gifts for Christmas. When Newt finds out that Percival hasn’t celebrated Christmas in almost 10 years, he is appalled. He makes it his mission to show Percival just magical Christmas and Birthdays can be when surrounded by people who love you.

Who is the most adventurous? 

  • They are both really adventurous. Newt is more recklessly adventurous and Percival is a calculated adventurer. Percival is used to going into dangerous situations, he thrives in them, but they are all planned out. He never goes into a fight without at least three backup plans.
  • Newt will run after any creature that need his help. The most he will do is make sure that he or anyone he is with won’t get hurt, like when he gave Jacob the protective gear, but other than that he doesn’t plan much. I mean he went out and just started wandering around New York City just hoping to stumble across his creatures. If a creature is in danger he has been known to step in front of a hex, taking the spell meant for the creature.

Who is the most protective? 

  • I feel like they would both be really protective of the creatures and of each other. Percival will set up wards, and protective spells all around Newt. He’s desperate to make sure that if Grindelwald ever tried to impersonate him again, Newt will be safe. Percival is the first one and the only one that Newt will let get between him and a creature.
  • Newt is extremely protective of Percival and his creatures. He will do anything to protect his creatures, to make sure that they are safe from people who don’t understand them. Newt will also fight to protect Percival. When Percival was first found, it was Newt who helped rehabilitate him, who made sure that the other Aurors would leave Percival alone. He makes sure that when Percival gets all of the care he needs, makes sure that Percival feels safe. Newt might seem like a meek guy, but he will become vicious if Percival is threatened, or if he’s having a panic attack.

What would they have been like as childhood sweethearts?

  • I feel like they already knew each other when they were younger. Theseus and Percival were pen pals when they were in school, and Theseus constantly talked about his little brother Newt. Eventually Percival traveled over to England after he graduated to see how the Ministry of Magic worked. Theseus would of course bring his little brother to work with him, and Percival would finally meet Newt.
  • The kid would immediately be smitten with Percival; the confident man would be one of the few people to actually listen to Newt ramble about his creatures. Percival would start writing letters to Newt and Theseus, keeping in contact throughout the years. Newt would have sent Percival a letter to tell him that he was coming to America, so when he arrived and Percival didn’t recognize him, Newt immediately knew that something was wrong.
  • When Percival is found in an enchanted pocket watch, Newt is the only one who Percival won’t attack when approached. Newt is the one to get him to the hospital, to take care of him as he heals. The two grow closer than ever, and start dating once Percival is all healed. Of course they go through the awkward denial stage, where they think that the other is better off with someone else. They would eventually come to their senses, and get together, much to the delight of everyone.
  • Theseus would have to visit. He would have to makes sure that his best friend is okay, and that his little brother is happy.


Headcanon in which Newt gives Charlie Weasley his suitcase when he is too old to properly care for his creatures. With the help of Hermione (who is good when it comes to magical bags and international wizarding law) and Newt himself, Charlie sets up habitats for endangered and injured dragons alongside the other residents. Newt visits almost daily. The Antipodean Opaleye often steals his cane to use as a chewtoy, which he finds deeply amusing. Pickett the bowtruckle, slightly more brown and brittle than he once was, is too nervous in the presence of fire-breathing beasts to leave Newt’s collar.

The Captive Dragon - Part 2

So Muspelheim is one of the 9 realms, it’s considered the Land of Fire. If you have any ideas on what you want to happen, send it to my inbox!! I’ll need some ideas for what happens!!


You hum softly, watching from your position on the floor as King Nicholas Fury and The Avengers walk into the Great Hall.

Leonora stands up, sweeping her arms out wide, “Welcome, King Fury! I welcome you and yours to my home”

King Fury isn’t a large man, and even though he only has one eye, it seems like he can see right into your soul, “Thank you for agreeing to see me, Queen Leonora”

Leonora smirks, taking in the armor-clad knights, “The pleasure was all mine. Even after so many years it is a pleasure to show-off my pet”

“Ah yes, your pet dragon. Where is the beast anyway?”

“She is right here” Leonora yanks on your chain, causing you to fall forward onto your hands and knees at her feet. Immediately several of the Avengers reach for their weapons, Leonora only smirks. “Y/N, change”

She forces magic through you, making the transformation into a dragon agonizingly painful. Your scream morphs into a roar, your body grows to curl behind Leonora’s throne, your large head rearing high over the humans.

One of the knights step forward, and pulling off his helmet he gazes up at you, “An Antipodean Opaleye, one of the most beautiful dragons in existence. Hello, Dragon” the Knight bows, “I am Prince Thor of Asgard, it is an honor to meet Dragon Royalty.”

Leonora face goes red, “She is not the royalty that you should be greeting, Prince Thor”

“Of course, My Lady. It is an honor to meet the Queen of Muspelheim, Land of Fire” Thor bows low, and takes the Queen’s hand, pressing a kiss to it.

You lay your head onto the ground, quietly watching as everyone approaches the Queen and introduces themselves. Leonora jerks slightly when Lady Natasha kisses her hand, and when James Barnes, who has an enchanted metal arm, approaches her. Leonora looks like she is going to fain when Prince Anthony “Please call me Tony” of Stark steps out of his enchanted armor. When Sir Barton and Rodgers approach, they seem to be the most normal of the group. And then there is Sir Banner, who can turn into what Prince Anthony calls “A giant, green rage monster”.

“You have quite an interesting group of knights, King Fury. I wonder how you were able to acquire such an assortment of people.”

“When my kingdom needed heroes, they stepped up and fought. Unfortunately, my kingdom is in need again. Thanos has cast a curse on my land, and the only one who can undo it is Prince Thor’s brother Loki. The Avengers have been tasked with finding Loki and bringing him back to Midgard so he can undo this curse.”

“And why, pray tell, would that lead you here? I do not have extraordinary soldiers, or assassins in my ranks. Surely these Knights could find this sorcerer on their own” Leonora casually pulls on your collar, making it difficult to breath, “Unless there is something here that no other Kingdom can offer, let us say … a dragon”

Fury huffs and steps forward, “I would greatly appreciate it if we could continue this discussion in private. The Avengers are weary from their travels and would appreciate a place to rest.”

Leonora waves her hand and several servants step forward, “Take these Knights to the guest wing, makes sure that all of their needs are met, and let the chef know that we have guests. Y/N” This time she touches the gem around her neck and magic wraps around your mind, “Go back to your nest. You are not to leave it until I come for you.”

Yes, my Queen

“She can speak!” Thor immediately steps forward and open his mouth as is to engage you in a conversation. The last time a guest spoke to you, Leonora had you punished.

“Of course she can speak. My pet knows all of the languages of all of the lands, and I am the only one who speaks to her. You will do well to remember that, Prince.”

Thor bows, but he still doesn’t take his eyes off of you. “I apologize, these travels must have made me lose my manners. Perhaps after some rest I will be able to think clearly”

Leonora huffs and turns away from the prince, “Nicholas, I do believe that you wanted to speak with me in private?”

“Yes, Leonora. Lead the way”

As soon as Leonora steps away the chain that binds you to the throne dissolves into gold dust. You quickly slip back into your human form, tuning away from the Knights and servants to head back to the dungeon.

“Dragon! Wait!”

“I apologize for my departure, however I cannot disobey the queen. Please let me leave in peace”

Sir Steven Rogers places one hand on your shoulder, “I’m sorry for the way you are treated here. I knew a shifter growing up, you aren’t a common pet, you are meant to be free.”

You whip around, facing off against all of the Avengers, “I gave up my freedom in order to save my sister. If I hadn’t someone much younger than me would have been here to greet you. I live as a prisoner so she can fly free.” Letting out a soft growl you rake your fingers through your hair, “I have to go now. The queen will not be happy that I spoke to you”

Thor steps forward, his large frame seeming to dwarf Sir Rogers, “What will happen to you?”

“The queen will sentence a punishment. I have been subjected to many throughout the years, so I do not know which one. Now please, let me go”

“I am truly sorry that we are the cause of your future pain”

You give the Knights a sad smile, “There is nothing you could have done. I would have been punished for one transgression or another. Goodnight, Avengers. I hope you sleep well and I wish you luck on your journey.”

After setting all of their belongings in their respective room and changing into more comfortable cloths, the Avengers gather in Steve’s room.

“You think Fury will get the queen bitch to let us take her dragon?”

Natasha punches Clint in the arm, “Don’t talk about her like that. It’s not like Y/N chose to be her dragon”

Clint waves off her words, “I was kinda hoping that Y/N would just toast her, Leonora would have deserved it”

Thor hums, clasping both Clint and Natasha’s shoulders, “Did you not see the necklace that Queen Leonora wore? And the collar that Y/N wore? Magic forces the dragon to submit to Leonora, it prevents Y/N from hurting her.”

Steve hums, sitting on the couch with Tony and Bruce, “Is there any way to get the collar off of her? Tony?”

“Bruce and I can’t remove the collar until the magic is removed”

Steve sighs, “I hate that she’s a prisoner here. We’re supposed to fight bullies, but here we are begging one for help”

Thor lets out a contemplative hum, “Perhaps when we find Loki he will be able to help us free her. My brother has always had a soft spot for dragon kind.”

“Maybe we can use her to convince Loki to undo the curse”

“That’s a possibility, Clint. Loki owes us nothing. If we try to convince him to help, he will most likely refuse” Steve sits back further into the couch, letting out a tired groan, “Right now though, I need some sleep. We call all talk about this again tomorrow, once Fury can give us some insight on how to handle Leonora”

“A fine idea, Steven. I do believe that I will take a walk before I retire, acquaint myself a little more with the castle”

Natasha chuckles, “You’re going to try and find, Y/N’s nest. Don’t lie to us”

“Yeah, Thor. Don’t lie to us. If you need any help, just shout. The Other Guy will hear you” Bruce stands up and quietly begins ushering everyone out of Steve’s room and into their own.

“I will do my best not to get into trouble, my friends”

Finding a dragon’s nest is not supposed to be an easy job, however there are only so many places in a castle where a dragon can live. You hear someone coming down the steps to the platform. There is no tingle of magic letting you know that Leonora is near, and no one else dares to come down here.

“Dragon? Are you down here?”

You raise you head up so you are looking down on the platform, “Prince Thor?

He gives you a blinding smile, “I knew that I would find you!” He looks around, taking in the damp walls, and the chilled air, “This is where she keeps you? Alone in the dark?”

This is the only place away from everyone else … or so I’m told” You wings flutter slightly as you stand up, quietly changing form and landing on the platform. “Why are you here? Leonora ordered you not to talk to me”

Thor lets out a booming laugh, “Your queen has no right to order anything of me or my comrades.”

You roll your eyes but can’t help smiling at his remark, “You did not answer my question, prince. Why have you sought out my nest? I have no eggs for you to take, or scales to give away, the queen takes all of them to make them into jewelry”

“Please, call me Thor”

“Then you will call me Y/N”

“Very well, Y/N. I cannot help but feel drawn to you. I cannot help but want to steal you away from here” he admits.

You sit down on the edge of the platform, letting your legs dangle over the edge. “I’d go with you if I could, in a heartbeat. I would rather trust a group of deadly strangers than stay here for one more day.”

“Let us leave then! We can escape into the night! Leonora holds no power over you if you cannot feel her magic”

You snort, “Do you think I haven’t thought of that? I tried, early in my captivity, to escape. This collar binds me to the life-force of whoever is wearing the Infinity stone around Leonora’s neck. That also means that it doesn’t matter how far I go, the magic will always have ahold of me. I don’t know who made this collar, but Leonora has no magic, she isn’t the one who controls me, that stone is.”

“I see”

“Yeah, it sucks, but such is life”

Thor finally sits next to you, “Do you miss it? Do you miss being free?”

“Yes, but I wouldn’t change what I did” You turn to look at the prince, “Would you have done this for your brother? Faced life-long imprisonment and torture in order to make sure that he was free?”

“I would, in an instant”

“Then you know what my decision was. Either let my little sister, only a hatchling, become a prisoner, or become one myself.” You take a deep breath and decide to change the topic, “How did you know that I was royalty?”

Thor chuckles, his blue eyes twinkling in the low light, “Only the royals have purple eyes. Did you know that you have a ring of purple around your iris even as a human?”

“You’re probably the first human to notice that. Then again even Leonora doesn’t get his close to me when I am a human. She is only ever interested in me when I am a dragon.”

“Her loss then. It is … refreshing … to speak to someone who is not concerned about my title.”

“I’m glad to be of service, Thor”

He reaches out, gently brushing your hair behind your ear, his large hand cupping your face with a tenderness that you haven’t felt in years, “I will do everything in my power to help you, Y/N. I swear on my kingdom that you I will free you.”

You lean into his hand, savoring the contact, “Don’t make promises that you can’t keep”

Thor’s thumb brushes along your cheek, “I always keep my promises, Y/N. Now,” he stands up, helping you to your feet, “it is time for us both to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will bring good news to us both”

“I like your optimism”

He chuckles, “Goodnight, Y/N”

Steeling yourself you lean forward and press a gentle kiss to Thor’s cheek, “Goodnight, Thor”

Before he can say anything else you quickly shift back into a dragon and curl into your nest. Thor stands there for another minute before he slowly makes his way back up the stair. You can’t help but feel hope at the princes promise. Perhaps one day you will no longer be a captive dragon, perhaps one day you will finally be free.


Part 3 … ?

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Could you describe the eggs of the 13 canon dragons? I know you've done a short description on some of them and if You don't wanna do those then it's fine :)

Of course I can do these! If you’d asked for all of the dragons this a) would have taken ages b) never got done because I would have looked at it and gone oh no or c) made my brain go ablooglewoogleWHAT and then spend a whole day in google image search. But this is a perfectly acceptable number I can do - not too many it’s daunting, not so few it seems pointless. Just perfect. 

Also, thirteen is my lucky number, so. Here you go!

Antipodean Opaleye - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:Opaleye eggs are pale grey and may be mistaken for fossils by unwary Muggles.” I would cite Jim Kay’s drawing here, I think it works:


Catalonian Fireball - The eggs of Catalonian Fireballs are green and amber in colour, specifically a yellowish through to gold amber, rather like some specimens of Moss Agate. Amber sections become progressively more translucent as the egg nears hatching, allowing one to see the dragonet within.


Chinese Fireball - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “Eggs are a vivid crimson speckled with gold”. Nonetheless, I do not wholly agree with Jim Kay’s drawing, in this case, but I shall include both reference images for completeness. I imagine the eggs as being smoother, almost round, and speckled in a - if one looks carefully - repeating pattern.

[jimkay / image / alt]

Common Welsh Green - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “The Welsh Green’s eggs are an earthy brown, flecked with green”. I’ll be honest, I quite like Jim Kay’s rendering but I imagine the eggs as being more rounded, less pointed, rather as Wonderbook: Book of Spells shows them as.

[jimkay / image]

Hebridean Black - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of what the eggs of these dragons look like. I personally imagine them as roughly edged dark things, perhaps with some grey or purple tints to the shell. I shall include Jim Kay’s image for reference as well.

[jimkay / image]

Hungarian Horntail -  To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “eggs are cement-coloured and particularly hard-shelled”. Again, this is a case where I pretty much agree with canon and with Jim Kay’s depiction.


Norwegian Ridgeback - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “Ridgeback eggs are black”. Yeah, pretty much, Glossy black, discoloured black, plain black. I think they start plain black and grow glossier and begin to discolour as they harden and then, when heated up to hatching, discolour hugely. I like the film image, the Pottermore image, and the Jim Kay image so:

[jimkay / image / alt]

Peruvian Vipertooth - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being rounded and coppery like the dragons are, with some eggs being more or less discoloured depending on how much they move and damage the coppery overlay of the egg. Jim Kay, however, depicts them as being blue?? As ever, I’ll include both images.

[jimkay / image]

Portuguese Long-Snout - You ever seen a Cassowary egg? They can be bright bright green, it’s kind of amazing. That is what the eggs of these babies looks like.


Romanian Longhorn - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being big and darkly forest green with hints of gold to them, sometimes in fascinating patterns - like with Chinese Fireball eggs, more often than not these patterns are, if you look close, repeating.

[jimkay / image]

Snallygaster Dragon - While Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them asserts that Snallygasters are, while dragonish, actually a cousin to the Occamy, we here at The Monster Blog of Monsters know Occamys and Dragons to be related (most notably by way of the Occamy Dragon). Thus, they are included here. Snallygaster Dragons’ eggs are odd, tarry things, dark and somewhat lumpy, hardening into multi-hued rough ovals the day before hatching.

[image / alt]   

Swedish Short-Snout -  Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being blue and silver, speckled and kind of shimmery in the right light, as though rimed with ice.

[jimkay / image]

Ukrainian Ironbelly - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being pearlescent with a slightly grey tint, or with streaks of blue or grey.

[jimkay / image / alt / alt2]

Harry potter dragons

Hungarian Horntail

Harry Potter faced a Hungarian Horntail during the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire, armed with only his wand and the broom he beckoned with the Summoning Charm.

Hungarian Horntails can shoot fire at quite a range; as far as 50 feet. Horntails are especially dangerous, with yellow eyes, black scales, bronze horns and spikey tails.

Norwegian Ridgeback

The egg Hagrid wins from a hooded stranger in Philosopher’s Stone hatches into Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, a baby dragon with spiny wings and a long snout. We eventually learn in Deathly Hallows that Norbert was actually a female dragon which, according to Charlie Weasley, are more vicious.They’ve been known to feed on water-dwelling creatures. For instance, in 1802 a Norwegian Ridgeback supposedly took a whale calf right off the coast of Norway.

Antipodean Opaleye

The Antipodean Opaleye is one of the most beautiful dragons; with shimmering scales, pupil-less, multi-coloured eyes. It produces a very vivid scarlet flame.

It’s native to New Zealand but has been known to migrate to Australia, where a male was once attributed to a series of kangaroo killings in the 1970s.

Chinese Fireball

This red beast is named for the mushroom-shaped flame that comes from its nostrils when angered. Viktor Krum faced one of these dragons in the Triwizard Tournament.

The Chinese Fireball is also sometimes called ‘Liondragon’ and has a slew of golden spikes on the periphery of its snub-snouted face. The dragon’s eggs are crimson and specked with gold, and their shells are cherished among Chinese wizards.

Common Welsh Green

These green dragons are typically not as dangerous, preferring to feed on sheep instead of humans. Fleur Delacour faced one in the Triwizard Tournament, escaping unscathed.

In 1932 a rogue Common Welsh Green flew onto a beach of sunbathing Muggles. Their memories were subsequently wiped by a vacationing family of wizards who were fortuitously at the scene. The Welsh Green blends in well with grass and dwells mostly on a mountain-based reservation established for its preservation.

Swedish Short-Snout

Cedric Diggory bravely battled a Swedish Short-Snout in the Triwizard Tournament. This blueish-grey dragon has silvery skin that is used to make protective gloves and shields. It’s known for the blue flame that shoots from its nostrils.

Peruvian Vipertooth

These copper-coloured dragons have smooth scales and dangerously venomous fangs. While they’re the smallest known dragons, the breed has a taste for humans. In the late nineteenth century the International Confederation of Wizards was forced to send in exterminators to reduce their numbers.

Romanian Longhorn

These dragons are named for their long, golden horns that they use to stab prey. Their horns are so widely sought after that the breed started to reduce in numbers, prompting a breeding programme.

Their native Romania has become the location where wizards from around the world study dragons of all breeds.

Hebridean Black

Named for the Hebrides, the islands off the west coast of Scotland, these dragons can be up to 30 feet in length. The Hebridean Black is covered in rough scales and sharp ridges on its back. It has purple eyes, an arrow-shaped spike on its tail and bat-like wings.


BTS Dragons 🐉 for anon
•Namjoon as a Ukrainian Ironbelly ⚔️
•Yoongi as a Chinese Fireball 🔥
•Jungkook as an Herbidean Black 💜
•Jin as an Antipodean Opaleye 🐚
•Hobi as a Common Welsh Green 🐲
•Taehyung as a Hungarian Horntail 🖤
•Jimin as a Swedish Short Snout 💙

🌸~Admin Shannon

The Signs as Fantastic Beasts (& Where to Find Them)
  • Aries: Ashwinder. These beasts emerge from magical fires and only live for 24 hours. In that time they slither into the woods to lay their eggs and then turn to ash. Their eggs are extremely valuable to Love Potions. Ashwinders take the form of pale-grey serpents with glowing red eyes. They are found worldwide.
  • Taurus: Bowtruckle. A Bowtruckle is tree guardian found mainly in German, English and Scandinavian forests. They are extremely small and very hard to see as they blend in with the trees they protect. They appear to be made of bark and twigs and have two small brown eyes. They are peaceful creatures until their tree is threatened, in which case they will gouge out the attackers eyes with their claws.
  • Gemini: Demiguise. There isn't much information known about Demiguise creatures because they are very shy and have the ability to make themselves invisible when they feel threatened. They take the form of graceful apes and they are especially known for their silvery hair which can be spun into invisibility cloaks. They are often found in the Far East. 
  • Cancer: Antipodean Opaleye. These creatures are actually very small dragons and considered to be the most beautiful out of all the dragon species. They are known for their iridescent, pearl coloured scales and their multi-coloured eyes. Even though they produce magnificent scarlet flames, Opaleyes are the least aggressive dragons and will only kill if they are hungry or extremely frightened. They are typically found in New Zealand. 
  • Leo: Fwooper. These magical birds are commonly found in Africa and are famous for their exceedingly vivid plumage. Their feathers range from fire-orange, bright pink, lime green and golden yellow. They are extremely dangerous creatures because their songs (though beautiful) can drive the listener to insanity. 
  • Virgo: Kneazle. Kneazles are small cat-like creatures with spotted fur, overly large ears and the tail of a lion. They are extremely intelligent and just as independent but can become aggressive if they don't trust someone. They have the uncanny ability to detect suspicious characters and can always be relied on to take their friends to safety if they are lost. They are often found in Britain.
  • Libra: Nundu. This creature is arguably the most dangerous creature in the wizarding world. Resembling an enormous leopard, these beasts are often over-looked by Muggles. However, a single breath from a Nundu can create such a virulent disease that it can wipe out an entire village in one fell swoop. It is hard to track Nundus as they are so silent and are incredible at remaining unseen. They are mostly found in Africa.
  • Scorpio: Lethifold. Lethifolds take on the shape of a thick black cloak. They glide along forest floors looking for prey and if something is unlucky enough to meet one, the Lethifold will quickly glide over its prey and suffocate it to death. It then digests its prey on the spot and leaves no trace of its victim behind. The only way to repel one is a Patronus charm. They are extremely rare and are only found in tropical climates.
  • Sagittarius: Pixie. These creatures are described as being tiny, electric blue humanoids. They delight in tricks and are very mischievous. It is still a mystery as to how they are able to fly (they have no wings) but they use this to their advantage as it helps them pull of more complicated jokes. Their voices are said to sound like high pitched jabbering to human ears. They are found in England. 
  • Capricorn: Manticore. This creature is a class XXXXX, meaning it is highly dangerous and should never be approached, trained, or domesticated. It has the head of a man, body of a lion and tail of a scorpion and is reported to lure its prey in with soft coos and songs. Once it has sight of its prey, it devours it whole. A sting from a Manticore's tail is instantly fatal. It is also nearly impossible to kill as its hide repels all known charms. It is found in Greece.
  • Aquarius: Grindylow. These creatures are quite frightening and are commonly found in lakes in Britain and Ireland. Taking the form of pale-green water demons, Grindylows generally feed on raw fish and are extremely aggressive towards both Muggles and Wizards. They are often seen around merpeople and were the reason Fluer Delacor had to forfeit during the second challenge of the Triwizard Tournament. 
  • Pisces: Mooncalf. These creatures are intensely shy and only emerge from their burrows during a full moon. They are described as having pale grey skin, large eyes and four spindly legs with large flat paws. They perform extremely complicated dances in the moonlight and if a wizard were to collect their silvery dung and spread it on their herb or flower beds, the plants would grow very fast and become uncommonly strong. These creatures are found worldwide. 
  • Information from: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander. (Can be checked out of the library at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy)

Ah, yes, because dragons are famous for being calm, peaceful and easy to control.

The fact that Dumbledore doesn’t immediately say no to this is a sign of

  1. how much worse the idea of using dementors as guards was, and
  2. how hard Hogwarts fails at student security.

In fact, Hogwarts fails so much at student security that you just know that, if they had done this, they wouldn’t have picked the least aggressive breed of dragons, like the Common Welsh Green or the Antipodean Opaleye. They probably wouldn’t even have picked Hungarian Horntails.

Nope, this is Hogwarts. What breed would they have chosen? The Peruvian Vipertooth, which

Because go hard or go home.

Never Short of Love

Request: “Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Newt imagine where the reader is really short and it stresses Newt out cause she’s always getting bumped into and lost in crowds? You’re an amazing writer 😊 thank you!”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1819

Warnings: None

“Newt!” You called out, pushing your body up as far as you could, but only receiving a cramp in your arm as a result.

“Yes, darling?” Newt rounded the corner, book in hand. When he saw your predicament, he leant on the doorway, chuckling softly. “Can’t reach the coffee tin again?”

“Why do you always put it on the top shelf?”

“Because,” he came over, grabbing the tin and handing it to you. “I like it when you have to ask me for help.”

You frowned at him. You were quite the independent person, so you absolutely hated it when you had to call upon others to help you with simple tasks. One day, you had in fact attempted to get the coffee tin on your own. Newt had come into the kitchen that day, after hearing a loud thump. You had fallen to the ground and received a broken ankle. After that day, Newt made you promise to him that you’d always ask for assistance when needed. You did, but you still loathed to do so.

“What are you reading?” You asked, continuing to make your coffee.

“How to Live with House Elves.” He replied showing the cover of the small brown book. “Thought it might come in handy, since you know, you’re about as tall as one.”

You opened your mouth in playful shock, grabbing a nearby tea towel and hitting him on the arm with it.

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anonymous asked:

Good Morning . Can you suggest some fics where D literally worships H's body? Like passionate lovemaking and he constantly tells her how much he adores her ? Thank you.

Hello! Ok so let me just take a moment to say that I absolutely love stories that have Draco as this passionate man who loves Hermione. That saying I love you doesn’t seem adequate enough for how he feels about her.

 Alright that’s enough fangirling let me answer your ask!

Here are some of my suggestions. First off Colubrina is a amazing writer and I absolutely love all of her stories. Her Theo is adorable.

Fairy Stone by Colubrina

Rating: M

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Completion: Complete, 4 chapters

Words:  13,827

Summary:  Draco is sentenced to one year in Azkaban, release contingent upon someone willing to vouch for his good behavior. Hermione does. “Oh, I want you,” he said. “You, just you, always you. You forever and you for always and you until the bloody sun explodes.” Dramione. COMPLETE.

The Die by Colubrina

Rating: M

Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Completion: Complete, 36 chapters

Words:  65,024

Summary: Years after the war is over Hermione sees Draco alone in a pub. When she invites him back to her flat the die is cast and it becomes possible that two very damaged people might, eventually, find peace. “You know me dark, you know me cruel, you know me shaking in the night and you’re still here.” Dramoine. COMPLETE

I can’t list everything by this author because the list would just be too long.


All of her stories with a Dramione pairing are well written and she categorizes them as a very loving couple that have a very healthy sex life. So head over to her page and take a look.

La Cerise: The Sweetest Cherry by RZZMG

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama

Completion: Complete, 16 chapters

Words: 148,516

Summary: Draco Malfoy visits a Masked Gentlemen’s Club and meets a new courtesan making her debut - a beauty known only as The Princess. She’s up for auction to the highest bidder, and Draco’s determined to win her! Regency Era A/U. Draco x Hermione/Dramione. Story nominated and multiple wins at the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards-see profile for details. COMPLETE.

Opaleye: A Dragon’s Love by RZZMG

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama

Completion: Complete, 3 chapters

Words: 28,861

Summary: A rare Opaleye dragon has set-up a lair in the ruins of Malfoy Manor. Hermione Granger is dispatched to check it out. Not all is as it seems though. A dragon’s love is forever. Post-Hogwarts. Drama/Romance/Mystery/HOT SHAGGING. Draco x Hermione. Story won 1st Place for “BEST STORY TWIST” at the 2010 Winter Round of the HP Fanfic Fan Poll Awards-see profile for details. COMPLETE

The Mirror Series: Forbidden Desire by RZZMG

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama

Completion: Complete, 5 chapters

Words: 16,797

Summary: Booking an appointment with the famous sex practitioner, Draco Malfoy, was not the sanest idea Hermione Granger ever had, but maybe now she’ll finally get the answers she’s waited 10 years for. Mystery/Romance/Hot shagging-DMxHG. FIC CHALLENGE! COMPLETE!

He Doesn’t Love Me by persistentillusion, Rating: T, two shot, words:  1,508

Summary: When she married it was not for love, the marriage law was passed- and she was essentially bought by the highest bidder.

 My Insides are Copper by realjane

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Drama, depression, PTSD

Completion: WIP

Words:  62,725

Summary: When her childhood nemesis comes to her rescue, Hermione is forced to confront past trauma–and the consequences of a war with no clear winners. The “Brightest Witch” no longer, Hermione finds herself immersed in a crisis of purpose, which is both hindered and healed by the presence of Draco Malfoy.When he sees her for the first time in ten long years, Draco is forced to reckon with past deeds he has long worked to forget. Despite having one foot planted firmly in the muggle world, and a tarnished heart, Draco finds something in Hermione that has evaded him his entire life: hope.Ten years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Hermione and Draco meet by chance in Muggle London. Mutual curiosity sparks an unlikely magnetism between them, but neither of them are the children that they once were. The nasty boy is gone, and in his place is a man left almost passionless. The passionate girl has been culled by the isolation of infamy, and in her place is a woman without much left to give. They’re both missing an essential piece: an anchor.

Boggart by orphan_account

Rating: Explicit

Genre: hurt/comfort, Romance

Completion: Complete, 12 chapters

Words: 13,112

Summary: You know they’ve all got to be messed up by the war, but especially Draco.

Sighs and Sacrifice: A Wizarding Romance by UnseenLibrarian, rating: M, two shot, words: 13,980

Summary: Mix a sly Slytherin, a rule-loving Gryffindor, an unspoken mutual attraction, and a wizarding romance novel; suddenly Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are trapped by the written word. Will they find their own happy ending?

Ok those are my suggestions for a passionate Draco that basically worships Hermione’s body/everything. Kind of went a little crazy.

Any of the other admins have any suggestions?


A Very Sick Bowtruckle

Originally posted by newt-and-pickett

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: “The Bowtruckle Pickett falls sick, and when Newt sees you caring for him he realizes how much he loves you.”

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my first Newt fic! I hope I kept him in character. Personally, I feel kind of close to Newt because his personality is very close to mine (a little shy and awkward, prefers animals, but around the right people is very confident and happy). So… please tell me what you guys think! I’d love any comments or pointers. Thank you for reading! :D

You made your way through the forest of trees, keeping the bucket of food in your hands out of the way of branches. You were on your way to the Bowtruckle tree for their afternoon feeding.

You exited the forest, coming right up to the twisted trunk of the Bowtruckle tree. The tiny green Bowtruckles recognized the silver bucket of food immediately, coming out of crevices and crowding at the end of branches. They all reached their stick-like arms out, clamoring for a bit of food. You chuckled, giving them the woodlice from the bucket carefully. You were very aware of their aggressive tendencies, having been scratched more than once when feeding them.

“Step back a bit,” you said, waving a hand toward the impatient Bowtruckles. “You’ll all get some, be patient.”

You drew out another small woodlice, tossing it toward a Bowtruckle right at the end of the branch. He caught it, devouring it quickly. You paused with the next woodlice, however, when you saw a small Bowtruckle curled up alone on another branch right next to the trunk of the tree. You frowned, setting down the woodlice bucket a safe distance away from the tree. A couple of the Bowtruckles let out small squeals when they saw you leave the food behind.

“Just give me a moment,” you said, turning to the shaking Bowtruckle. It lifted its head when you bent down to eye level with it.

“Oh, Pickett,” you said, recognizing the Bowtruckle immediately. The small creature usually stayed with Newt, but Newt was off with the Erumpents and he didn’t want to put Pickett in danger.

You reached out a hand, picking up the creature. He settled against your palm, still shivering considerably. He was very, very cold.

“Erm, Newt!” You called, straightening up with the Bowtruckle safely tucked in your hands.

“Yes?” Newt appeared from around a tree, his shirt untucked and his hair wild. He must’ve just finished with the Erumpents.

“I think Pickett is sick again,” you said, showing Newt the Bowtruckle. Newt sighed, reaching for the creature.

“He is, poor thing,” Newt murmured. He drew a kerchief from his pocket, wrapping it gently around Pickett. “It’s worse than before.”

“Will he be okay?” You asked anxiously.

Newt gave you a tight smile. “I’m not sure. But he’s pulled through before.”

You nodded, turning back to finish feeding the other Bowtruckles. Newt left, holding the sick Pickett to chest and muttering quiet comforting words. You quickly finished up the feeding and hurried back to the shed where Newt had gone. He had put Pickett in a nest of warm cloths and scraps of material while he sorted through the various bottles and herbs he had.

“What does he need?” you asked.

“Just some warmth and a couple drops of this potion,” Newt explained. You helped him give Pickett the medicine, the Bowtruckle protesting with every drop.

“I’m sorry, Pickett,” Newt murmured, wincing with every squeak the Bowtruckle gave. “But this will make you feel better.”

You gave Newt a comforting smile as he stepped back, wiping his forehead.

“I hope that will be enough. I’ve never seen him this sick.” Newt said shakily.

“I’m sure it will be,” you said, giving him a tight hug. Newt rested his head on your shoulder, sighing.

“I’d better stay up with him, just to make sure,” Newt said. You shook your head.

“I can look after him,” you promised. “You’re exhausted, and staying up all night won’t do you any good.”

Newt hesitated for a moment, glancing over at Pickett. He nodded, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Thank you.”

He left to his bed while you settled down in a chair next to Pickett. He was sleeping now, curled up in a tight ball under a woolen cloth. Through the night, he would sometimes wake up in a violent wave of shivers. You would put a hand over him, whispering words of encouragement to him.

In the middle of the night, Newt was pulled from his sleep by the sound of a soft voice. He sat up in his bed, seeing you bent over Pickett and murmuring to him. The light from a candle nearby lit up your face perfectly, casting a shuddering shadow over you. He smiled as you stroked a finger down Pickett’s body gently, telling him in a soft voice that he’d feel better soon. He trusted you wholly with his creatures now, something he felt very rarely with people.

He had met you a while ago as an enthusiastic biologist in Romania studying the migration patterns of Antipodean Opaleye dragons, and you had come along with him to help him write his book. Seeing you care so lovingly for the sick Pickett made his heart swell with a feeling he couldn’t place right away. But when you turned to him, giving him a soft smile, he realized it was love.

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Acacia and Antipodean Opaleye Heartstring. 12’, reasonably springy.

Acacia and Antipodean both seek the subtle, even as Dragon Heartstring adds such considerable power to this wand’s owner’s hands. The length and flexibility here speak of reasonable confidence and adaptability, which will only serve to aid the subtlety present here.

This is a subtle wand of subtle power, one which is not obvious in what it does or seeks to do and would very much seek someone similar. But this subtlety hides power well and mayhaps the one this wand seeks wishes to hide their power for maybe they are scared of it or maybe they seek to hide it to give themselves power of another sort; that of being underestimated. The thoroughly middling confidence here speaks to me of someone who may perhaps tend towards scheming as they become more confident, or may simply lack the confidence to be open about their abilities.

(Originally posted here during Asexual Awareness Week 2015 for #AAWFC.)

Zabini’s Masquerade

The annual Halloween masquerade at the Zabini estate was the stuff of legend. They had begun before Mrs. Zabini ever married. Now, several decades and seven husbands later, it was the most highly sought after invitation of the year.

Rumors ran wild about what went on at the party. Those who attended never spoke of it and refused to confirm or deny whether Mrs. Zabini actually had an adolescent Antipodean Opaleye that never left her side, even as she moved through the ballroom greeting guests.

Wixen tried everything they could think of to get an invite. Lavish gifts, personal favors, political bribes, even offers of a very discreet but very sexual nature, all of which meant nothing when it came to the masquerade. No one could figure out how Zabini created her guest list. There were all manner of people who attended: rich, poor, muggleborn, pureblood, homemakers, shop owners, celebrities, politicians. Some even travelled great distances, crossing oceans and needing five or more portkey transfers. Some couples and triads came, but most wixen attended alone as the invitation did not allow for plus ones. The list made no sense to outsiders, and again, the guests weren’t going to talk.

One witch had managed to catch a glimpse of the invitation (before it burst into purple rose petals in her sister’s hands). All she knew for sure was that dress robes and masks were required, and all must come in the party colors of black, gray, white, and purple. She thought it all rather ill-suited to a Halloween party, but she wouldn’t dare say that out loud. She wanted her sister to put in a good word for her in the hopes of finding herself on the guest list next year.

Yes, absolutely everyone wanted to attend Mrs. Zabini’s Halloween masquerade. Few would ever receive the pleasure of doing so.

Never Be [Newt x Reader]

what is uP my dudes !! this is actually my first time posting an imagine on tumblr so bear w me here. i actually haven’t really spot checked this so my apologies if the grammar is terrible. also bad at formatting so this is just one big block of text oops

word count;; 1307

You practically saw the tension in the air when they met. She was there, out of a job and desperate to prove herself, and he was there with you, having gotten himself into trouble, again. It just so happened that she was there when he was there. As if everything was meant to be. You’d like to believe that you two were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but your current predicament proved otherwise. Glancing over at the couch, you could see Newt and Tina chattering animatedly, with the latter constantly giggling at every other thing that came out of your companion’s mouth. Not so sure he’s my companion anymore, you thought. Sure you and Newt had travelled together previously, but it didn’t seem like the ‘stop’ he had decided to make here in New York was going to end anytime soon. This past month you’ve done nothing productive, if anything it almost felt like a vacation. Eyes trailing back up to the sofa, however, you noted that the only thing bothering you was how close Newt and Tina seemed to be. You were aware of your feelings for him, of course, but you had decided not to act on them. Once, in Ukraine, when you pointed out a girl that was clearly interested in him, he had quickly sputtered out how it was “nonsense” and he “didn’t need that in his life.” You’d taken that as a hint that he simply was not interested in a romantic relationship. Now, however, you supposed he had changed his mind. Sighing at the ever so loud couple, you stood up and shuffled off to your bedroom, not noticing Newt’s lingering gaze on your form. Inside the guest room where you and Newt stayed, you clicked open the worn leather case that was left atop his bed. Climbing down into what was your home for the past 3 years, you glanced nostalgically at the trinkets that were adorned along the walls. Ever since you had started traveling with Newt, he had insisted that it was necessary to keep a souvenir for every place you ever visited. “Memories with you,” was all he said when you questioned him. You weren’t quite sure what he meant by that, but he had refused to further explain. Breaking your train of thought, you headed to the various dwellings where the creatures resided. They had all already been fed and care for previously by Newt, so you had nothing to worry about. You were glad the creatures still held a higher priority than Tina, selfish as it sounds. They meant everything to the both of you and you didn’t like the idea of someone else taking the spot in Newt’s heart. Resignedly, you made your way to a newer, recently added habitat. It was a tropical paradise, green fauna abundantly spread over a large valley. Inhaling, you closed your eyes and let yourself soak up the warm atmosphere. When you peeked through your eyelids, a glimmering white snout was there to greet you. “Hey there Naya,” You smiled. Naya was an Antipodean Opaleye, a dragon you had befriended long ago. You and Newt were in New Zealand purely for pleasure, when a small, white baby dragon had stumbled its way into the town you were staying at. There was a huge risk of being exposed as numerous muggles resided there, so you had hastily took in the baby and hoped it would turn out well. And here you were now, with an amazing beast to boast. Newt found it incredible how well you were able to bond with the dragon, a species long known to have been simply untamable. “Guess I’m just special,” You had teased, noting the slight envy in his eyes. Humming as you ran your hand across Naya’s scales, you relaxed and sat down in between her front two claws. Content as you seemed on the outside, you were exhausted within. Naya seemed to notice your discomfort and nudged you, snorting as she did so. You chuckled before retiring into a slouch, a frown slowly etching itself on your face. “Sorry, I’m just a bit tired.” You muttered, curling up even more against your scaly friend. Naya only draped her wings over you, allowing you to get some much needed rest.


You woke up, feeling slightly better than before. As you blearily rubbed your eyes, you quietly yawned and looked around. Naya’s wings were still wrapped protectively around you, however you noticed that she was also growling lowly. Before you could open your mouth to ask what was wrong, Newt’s voice beat you to the chase. “I’m not here to hurt you, Naya…” He stated softly. You could hear the soft crunch of his footsteps as he tried to approach, though only irritating Naya more as she snarled once again. Nervous about the current situation, you quickly jumped up and placed a hand on Naya’s snout, alerting both her and Newt of your presence. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” You murmured, assuring the dragon that you were fine with Newt. You knew that had you not interfered, Naya surely would’ve lashed out; although you appreciated her want to protect you, you also appreciated Newt being alive and well. Turning around, you gave Newt a tired smile. “Sorry about that, she-” You began, before Newt hurriedly ran over to you. Naya huffed exasperatedly at the wizard, but allowed him closer nonetheless. “Oh Merlin, (Name), are you okay? What happened? Did something go wrong?” He rambled, bringing his calloused hands up to your face. You leaned into his touch, enjoying the contact, though you were confused. “What?” You inquired. “I don’t know, you disappeared and when I came down Naya wouldn’t let me approach you, you seemed upset before but I wasn’t sure what to do so I waited a bit but I wanted to give you time to yourself so I tended to the creatures again and I lost track, and I was just..really concerned…” He trailed off, noticing your amused look. “Is there something on my face?” Newt scrunched up his nose, puzzled. You blinked, realizing that you were staring. “No, you’re just cute when you ramble.” You giggled, covering your mouth with you hand. “Oh- well I- uh, I guess,” He mumbled, scratching his head sheepishly. The corner of your lips quirked up again into a grin, happy to see that things between you and Newt hadn’t changed despite these past few weeks. “Are you okay, though?” Newt questioned seriously. “Yes, Newt, I’m fine,” You affirmed. “Sorry if I’m being annoying, I understand if you feel I’m overbearing-” You shushed him, shaking your head. “No, Newt, you’re not. I know it’s because you care, it’s okay, I promise.” He slowly nodded, shooting you a grateful smile. “Guess you’re just special,” He laughed, echoing the little joke you had made so long ago. You snickered along with him, taking in the beautiful sound that was his voice. “You know, (Name), I actually wanted to-” Newt started, before a loud voice pierced the comfortable atmosphere. “Newt?” It called. You recognized the voice as Tina. Of course she had to butt in, it seemed that was all she’d done recently. “Yes Tina?” Newt answered, almost with an undertone of annoyance. You disregarded that however, it was probably just your imagination. “Can you help me with something? I can’t seem to get this- but I think you’d be able to,” Tina shouted from outside the case. Newt sighed and looked at you guiltily, but you only gave him a tight lipped smile in return. “Go, go. I’ll be here. As always,” You whispered the last part, dismissing him with a wave. Newt frowned before nodding and trudging away, leaving you feeling lonely once again.

Guess you weren’t as special as you thought.

might do a part 2