if I went deeper with the synthetic gem theme then I probably would’ve had a lot to choose from lmao

  • Dragon’s Breath/Mexican Glass - an opalesque glass made in the 1990’s and used for victorian stage costumes
  • Moldavite - a naturally forming glass possibly created from a meteorite impact
  • Lead Crystal Glass - a kind of glass made by adding lead oxide to the quartz/chalk/soda/potassium mix, known to have a higher index of refraction as compared to regular glass

Happy Rockbreaker’s Ceremony everyone! In honor of this lovely gem-studded holiday, we’re holding our traditional kickoff giveaway - with a little twist!

One winner will receive:

  1. 180 Deepearth Geodes
  2. An Unhatched Earth Egg
  3. An Opalesque accent, a Living Vein skin, and an accent/skin of your choice!

To enter, reblog with your username, ID number, and which skin/accent you’d like! Likes don’t count, you don’t have to be following me, etc., etc. This ends today (11/22/15) at 21:00 site time.

Have fun and good luck!