opal yarn

Proper Order (KilixReader)

Words: 809 || Characters: Kili x Reader x Clueless Bookstore Manager || Genre: Friendly/romantic Fluff, Humor || fic request jepenner


“You there! Let me show you what you did wrong last night.”

What a way to start a conversation. As you sheepishly approached your boss, you didn’t know why you were surprised by the rudeness.

It was like this every morning. When you closed the bookstore with a different manager in the evenings, this guy opened up the business in the morning. And not too happily, either.

Good thing Kili was coming by later, after the morning roundtable with his uncle, King Thorin, his brother Fili and other members of the court. He had a way of making you feel wonderful, despite the circumstances.

Once you were by your manager’s side, he pointed to the shelf.

“See the problem?” he asked, tapping his foot, his arms folded.

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Picking sock yarns from the stash for a new pair of socks when suddenly:

“Oh look. Didn’t know I had a theme.”

(from left to right: Opal Love Story in the colourway “Momente” (moments), Gamercrafting’s Pokemon themed hand dyed sock yarn in the colourway “Clefairy Dust”, Opal Sweet and Spicy 2 in the colourway “Chilli“)