opal sock yarn


I had to have a break for a couple of weeks because I genuinely couldnt decide to fade into a pumpkin orange or a midnight black.

In the end my bank balance decided for me, and im going to use up some Black Opal sock yarn I already have.

The effect is quite cool though, so im still really happy.

I dont know how knitting the remaining half of this sweater is going to feel, i hope it doesnt get boring…i might add a little jack-o-lantern before the hem.

Not that this will be finished in time for Halloween, or even bonfire night lol…but for next year maybe.


I finished my socks! I’m really happy how they turned out. :) Just what I needed this month.

Pattern: Nothing but a k2,p2 ribbing for the cuff, a stripe of garter stitch (knit 1 round, purl 1 round, knit 1 round and then k7,p1 for the rest of the sock, with a 4-stitches garter stitch-edge for the heel flap (ribbing continues all the way down to the heel) on 64sts with 2,0mm needles.

Yarn: Zwerger Opal “Love Story” in the colourway “Moments”


Finally, new socks!

Originaly, these were intended for the man, but he found them a bit to tight … That means, I get to wear them!

Simple k2,p2 socks with a patridge heel flap and a purl row to separate foot and toe (done in the first decreasing round). 64sts on 2,0mm needles.

Yarn: Opal “Romantische Alb” in the colourway “Huetehund” (71g, 330y or 302m)