opal crush

Bank Teller: Colonel Lee, of course, come this way! And this is your… son?
Artemis: *pops bubblegum* Unfortunately, dude, yes.
Butler: My son does not communicate well with the rest of the world.

In book 4, Artemis Fowl had to disguise himself as a normal moody gum-chewing teenager who wore hoodies and jeans–not to mention an unkept hair–all for the first time to his horror. He missed his Armani and Zegna suits. But he was dedicated to rob the most secured bank in the world with Butler disguised as his military father. Please protect this boy he doesn’t know how to act like a normal teen! Everyone doesn’t exactly live like an heir to the Fowl Empire.

autumn-sapphic  asked:

My crush is the community outreach person in the dorms we live in and she's so! stinkin! cute!! She's tall & her head is shaved & she has a nose & septum piercing & snake bites & her make up is always so interesting & she always greets me with "hey beautiful"!!! And today I wore a lipstick I knew she liked & a beanie I have in her fave color & she said I looked "extra beautiful today" & after she left I had to sit down & take deep breaths Bc SHE❗️IS❗️SO❗️CUTE❗️IM❗️SO❗️FECKIN❗️GAY❗️❗️❗️