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10 cool rocks you probably didn’t know about

1) lepidolite

lepidolite is a variety of mica and is typically pink or lavender colored. when tumbled it is extremely glittery – pictures don’t do it justice!

2) ulexite

ulexite is also called “tv rock” and has a super unique optical effect – when placed over something it displays that image onto the top of the rock. it’s not merely opaque – the fibers within the mineral literally project an image onto the surface of the stone.

3) pietersite

pietersite has chatoyancy – much like tiger’s eye – that creates movement and shine through the surface of the stone. however, unlike tiger’s eye, pietersite’s chatoyancy is in swirls instead of straight lines. it’s incredible to behold – i recommend looking up pietersite on youtube and checking out videos of it under good lighting.

4) optical calcite/iceland spar

this type of calcite is actually completely clear, but refracts the light going through it in ways that create rainbows and other neat optical effects. isaac newton himself actually studied this rock to help better understand the nature of light itself & the phenomenon of optical illusions.

5) alexandrite

alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl that exhibits a color change! it changes from a greenish hue to a brilliant red depending on the type of light and the source. the color changes in alexandrite are phenomenal and rarely seen in other stones.

6) spectrolite

don’t let the image fool you – this stone is actually pure black. the brilliant colors it exhibits are just a flash (it’s actually called labradorescence, which is what the stone labradorite is named for). spectrolite is an uncommon form of labradorite mined only from finland. some varieties of high quality labradorite from madagascar can show a spectrolite play, but nothing is as dark with as brilliant a flash as spectrolite.

7) specular hematite

specular hematite is a variety of hematite that has a beautiful, glimmering surface especially when polished. much like lepidolite, the shimmer of specular hematite is caused by mica.

8) boulder opal

boulder opal is ironstone with cracks of brilliant natural opal running through it. these formations are entirely natural. opal has the most brilliant and vibrantly colored flash of any other stone.

9) enhydro quartz

enhydro quartz is a variety of quartz that was formed with naturally occuring water & air bubbles within them! in some specimens the water bubbles will actually move underneath the surface of the crystal.

10) fire agate

fire agate is actually a form of chalcedony, and is well known for having a beautiful rainbow effect caused by schiller, rather than flash or labradorescence. 



Meet Boulder Opal

A fusion between Lapis and Dravite, she’s the ultimate terraformer, able to raise oceans and mold the Earth to her will with the wave of a hand if she weren’t so tired all the time. Water constantly flows from her mouth like an open faucet, so she keeps it closed and never speaks. 

She also happened to fit @gemsona-hq  ‘s January Prompt, and i finished her just before the deadline

A gift for @rolling-flash I had said I’d make over 3 months ago. I finally got around to it after trying to figure out what I wanted to make for them and procrastinating even more so. I admit I had the most fun with Boulder, but Rolling Flash just looks so impressive with scale and details. Original size sprites and individual ones below the cut.

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I made it on time! I participated in @gemsona-hq‘s monthly gem challenge and designed a Boulder Opal. I made rough renders along with a painted illustration (because I haven’t painted in a long time and I need to get back into that). I suppose I like taking my designs literally and made them a boulder-like gem LOL. 

Boulder Opals are now discontinued assistant and guard gems normally assigned to aristocrat gems. Devoted to their masters, they will serve them without question. This Boulder Opal was ordered by their owner to wait for them to return. Thousands of years later, they’re still waiting, even when moss and flowers grow on them. 

Other MGCs: Boulder Opal |  HackmaniteHeinrichite | Cacoxenite

Alphabetically arranged list of popular precious and semiprecious stones by their magickal intentions.

Anaphrodisiac (Opposite of Aphrodisiac): Onyx

Aphrodisiac: Pearl

Animals: Boulder matrix opal (to access one’s animal guides), cat’s eye (for all spellwork relating to cats), cylindrite, faustite, ganophyllite, horneblende (for communicating with the physical and spiritual animal worlds), stibnite (a totem stone for the wolf), and tiger’s eye.

Astral Projection/Astral Travel: Agate (Brazilian), alexandrite, ametrine, angelite, apophyllite, astrophyllite, azulicite, benitoite, calcite, caledonite, celestite, florencite, geode, iolite, jasper, kyanite, lepidocrocite, lepidolite, linarite, lodestone, milarite, mohawkite, obsidian (blue or electric-blue sheen), petalite, quartz crystal (espesially double terminated and quartz penetrated by black tourmaline crystals), ramsdellite, richterite, rutile, sapphire (blue), spinel (dark blue), tellurium, tephroite, tunnellite (to strengthen the silver cord), and turquoise.

Banishing Evil Spirits: Diamond, emerald, jasper, and jet.

Bravery: Agate (tawny), amethyst, aquamarine, beryl, bloodstone, carnelian, diamond, garnet, lapis lazuli, sard, sardonyx, tiger’s eye, tourmaline (red), and turquoise.

Clairvoyance: See Psychic Powers.

Divination: Azurite, emerald, flint, hematite, jet, lamprophyllite, mica, moonstone, mosandrite, obsidian, opal, palermoite (stimulates the ability for palmistry), sapphire, and tiger’s eye.

Dreams: Amethyst, augelite, azurite, beta quartz, Chinese writing rock, dickite, garnet, jade, jasper (red), kyanite, lapis lazuli, manganosite, moonstone, opal, peridot, quartz crystal, rhonite, ruby, sapphire (green), and tourmaline (blue). See also Prophetic Dreams

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Did I ever show my off Gem OCs? Because they’re so pretty and glittery.

Unfused Opals naturally glitter and shimmer under light and because of these eye-catching qualities they are dancers at heart, these gems are commonly seen in courts as groups to entertain guests. However, unlike pearls these gems are only used for entertaining purposes and have no other use whatsoever, despite this they can become extremely protective of their masters and will risk their lives to protect those they value.

When fused together Pacific Opal and Fire Opal create Boulder Opal.

anonymous asked:

I know other people have probably asked this, but what's fusion like? And how does emotion affect fusion?

Uhh well.. I feel like it’s pretty different for everyone, but for me, I think fusion is basically like a walk and talk with a close friend I can count on.

We become this whole other person on one hand, but on the other it’s really just a long conversation. It’s like how you change when you’re with someone that makes you feel comfortable. When you feel like you don’t have to hide what you really think and who you really are.

Emotions play a pretty big role, obviously, but mostly the unstable ones, like a sudden shift in mood, and well, it’s pretty much always my fault. Sometimes anxiety gets the better of me, Flash really hates that, and we all just fall apart then. If it weren’t for Sunny to reassure me every time I would’ve given up a long time ago, to be honest.

To summarise, a good fusion is a really beautiful feeling. Bad emotions can make it fall apart, but when your fusion is good, the other part of it will always help you back up. 

It really feels like home.