You Hate Brushes: A Fun Time Not Had In PS

Just some tips for people who have stockpiled brushes and not had a good time yet with them ♥♥ 

You might have: Mush Brush 

Symptoms: Over rendering and smudging when you wanted something crisp like those nifty concept art pictures with visible, scratchy strokes. It’s the part where we scream and mourn the rough brush strokes before rendering. Even the grittiest brushes aren’t helping.


Above all, place your strokes carefully. Don’t scribble with a light hand until everything is smudged! Having trouble? 

Keep your opacity high! I go for ‘scratchy’ more often, and I paint with 100% opacity all the time. It forces you to go bold or bust with every stroke. 

The Sharpen/Sharpen More filters can help further. I think they work best when used only on a few strokes. This involves a new layer > a bit of spaced strokes, barely touching each other > sharpen. Watch the purple here:

Also, work big! My 4000px canvas is going to look sharp as hell when resized to 540px for tumblr. 

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Not to be an asshole, but gifsets don’t just fall out of the sky

It’s hours (days for complicated things) of work. It’s hours of staring at the screen, looking for the scenes you need, trying to make the right coloring, fitting it all together, cutting down frames to fit the gif limit, staring at the damn screen till ur eyes fall out while you’re trying to decide if you’re gonna use 56% or 57% opacity.

And for people to just delete the watermark and repost it as their own gifset instead of reblogging the original is just damn disrespectful. And it makes us want to stop making gifs sometimes. We’re making gifs for your enjoyment but not for you to steal them. It’s not ok, bros, it’s really not ok. Pls just use the reblog button if you want something on your blog that you didn’t make.

anonymous asked:

I was watching speedpaint and i noticed that you use the mixer brush for blending? I've never used it, i prefered lowering opacity to shade but could you give a quick run through on using the mixer brush and settings? Thank you !!

Hey! It’s actually pretty similiar with the blur brush that you can find on SAI, but the settings are different for every kind of brush tip! Here’s the setting for my mixer brush!

Hope this helps <3

derpydjuk  asked:

Ayoo Julia!! I loved your sketches that you made in Japan!! While I was looking at it I noticed that the lips were super well made and when i tried to draw it, it looked like 2 pancakes were stuck together... do you mind maybe enlightening your fans on how you draw lips? Or maybe give us any references you have?

hey thank you so much!! I actually have a lot of trouble with lips (i feel like i need to diversify them more…)

quick tutorial below! 

i usually start by marking where the center of the mouth is (i tend to make it halfway between the nose and chin, but it varies with face shape i think)

then i sketch the outer corners! i tend to think of the center line of the mouth as a really stretched out “w” (i also like to emphasize the corners but again up to you)

then with a lower opacity airbrush or the marker tool on sai, i shade the upper lip and mark the lowest point of the bottom lip; at this point, if it’s just a sketch, i usually end here and continue on

if i’m coloring, i’ll start to shade a little more and blend; i tried addin a couple of different ways you can draw lips also 

blend more idk how to describe LOL…i use the waterbrush tool and blend from the outline of the lips inwards (for example I left a little bit of the lower lip uncolored, and then blended the color surrounding it)

some highlights! if i imagine the person to be wearing lip tint, i’ll exaggerate; if its matte lipstick or no lipstick, less so

black and white version! hope this helps! depending on what i’m looking for, ill either blend more for a softer look, or less for more strong look (and erase the corners for definition)


Followers Gift - Part 5

Hi everyone! Here is the fifth and final part of my Followers Gifts! I’m sorry that it took longer to get out than I anticipated! I would like to dedicate this gift to my lovely friend @emmysimming​ and give her the credit for this gift!

She was talking to me about how the EA eyeliners she was trying to use never truly sat on the eyelid and that there was always this gap between the eyeliner and eye–particularly on monolid presets in the game. I tried to redo some of the basic eyeliners from EA and making them work well with monolids! If you look at the top eyelid in the image below, you can see what I’m talking about:

There are 4 eyeliners, which are described below and will be ordered in number as they they are shown in the preview pictures (from left to right).
There are 8 colors: black, black at 85% opacity, yellow-tinted brown, red-tinted brown, tan, dark gray, navy, and white
It’s for females, teen-elders.
You can also find it for males by unchecking the masculine tag!
It is BGC compatible!

Eyeliner 1: Full liner, small tail
Eyeliner 2: Full liner, with cat eye tail
Eyeliner 3: Cat eye liner
Eyeliner 4: Waterliner

Download [Dropbox] [SimsFileShare]

Credit to EA for the meshes and textures.
Made with Sims4 Studio.

TOU: Please feel free to recolor, just please give me credit since I did edit them. And if you want to tag me if you use it I would love to see your beautiful sims!

And if you have any issues please let me know!

Model by @emmysimming​ thank you for the beautiful sim! <3

I hope you like them! :)

trash  [Theme 72]


Features - —

  • 400px posts only (container theme)
  • up to 6 additional links
  • container image - 600px wide by 600px high
  • background image - automatically centers around container
  • semi-transparent posts - clears post opacity on container hover
  • description on container hover
  • small portrait with title
  • editable font size for - posts/description/date/tags
  • optional show/hide captions
  • customisable colours

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3
DON’T REMOVE CREDIT, a like or reblog would be appreciated!
preview images made by me for demonstration only - please do not take - thank you!
*please make sure to view all available options in the basic editor!

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THANK YOU!! OH MAYBE You have your opacity pressure turned on? YOU CAN TURN IT OFF IN THE BRUSH WINDOW under transfer 

OR On the tool bar on top here:

Similarly to my previous ink, the one of Frisk meeting Papyrus and Sans out in Snowdin, I decided to do my sketch for this one digitally.  I think the orange worked out better for the sketch, only because it didn’t show up nearly as much in the printed version when I started inking–of course, here it’s double the opacity it was on the printed version, so that could be a factor, too.


someone asked to do a step-by-step for my clexa art, wasnt sure which one exactly but I chose this one cause its my fave. 

Anyway I made a quick gif to show the progress and included my base color palettes for the girls (in case anyone wants a quick reference) as well as the the tattoo files i use. (the arm tattoo quality was decreased for some reason idk)

my overall process is the same as in this guide but shuffled around a bit. i’ll highlight a few differences below:

  • For shading I used the base colors directly from each layer and set it to multiply and changed the opacity as desired (i isolated the shading layer above so everyone can get a better look at it)
  • For Lexa’s tattoos I add them in Photoshop CC and use the warp tool to shape it to her arm
  • For the lettering on Clarke’s jacket I used the same process, I used the text tool (the font is called collegiate,not sure where I got it) and rasterized the layer then used the warp tool to shape it to the folds in the jacket. (here’s a helpful tutorial I came across a while ago that focuses on patterns and the warp tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GthPgx4YIMc )

anyway that’s really it. hope this is informative for someone!