brakken asked:

What method do you use on those sheets to get the colour discrepancy? Is that a blending mode layer afterward or some kind of process while painting?

it’s actually pretty simple (and I’m glad you noticed, makes a difference doesn’t it?)

I do these while I’m painting, after I’ve established the base colors and simple shading. Mostly because I want to be able to sample these colors a lot while I’m rendering, it really comes in handy.

On a new layer, with color blending mode, I take any large scatter brush, turn on color dynamics, and push Hue Jitter to 100%

Then I choose a color that is decently saturated, and go to town brushing everywhere.

Then I just turn down the opacity until it looks right.

Of course that’s not all. I’m also using a layer above on Soft Light blending mode. I use this for stains and streaks. 

No special brush for this, just one that has a texture to it and is useful for painting streaks. I’ll color select from the area I want to paint over, so it makes it a little darker and alters the color only a little. Then I lower the opacity a little, and we’re set.


Hello again!

This is the next instalment of my summer project! (Which will be added to my University portfolio.) Sorry it’s late, I’ve been stuck in the outernet at a caravan park with no access to a computer.

As you know I’ve been illustrating Bel Watson’s books, and this time I’ve done a scene from Little Shy Ariel. Bel had a cast for this book but as I was doing a different technique this time around I don’t need to list those.

This illustration was done in Photoshop CS6 on a 210 by 297 canvas at a 300 revolution. The main sketch derived from a basic idea of what I wanted from the final product, which was a dock on a wooded lake.

I started with just shading and simple shapes doodle with a 6 point hard round brush and the just filled with black and reflected at a lower opacity. This gave me a great starting point.

From here I created a new brush preset of a pine tree and then began layering up the tree line. There were six layers in totally, foreground, midground, background being the general idea of things. I adjust the tree size and varied the shades of grey by a factor of about 5 just to keep it all relatively dark.

Next I used a grass brush to add in the bass tones of colour, layering grass between the layers of trees so that it covered all it needed to. I changed the foreground and background tabs to black and a dark grey for the darker area of trees as this ensured the range of colour the brush spat out wouldn’t be too light.

Next came the dock which was probably the simplest. I just free transformed a swatch of wood plank texture and put it into perspective. I then created a layer under everything and filled in the background with a dark grey to lift the image off the background before I used the water brush preset. The water brush was just simply putting down a single click of the brush and then adjusting it to perspective and the correct opacity.

Then I drew some outlines and infilled with black for the people, pretty simple that one, just a hard round brush and a little smudging to create those.

Finally I copied the background, flipped it vertically, brought down the opacity, and warped the image to create the reflection before putting a posterising layer over the top of the whole thing.

I’m pretty sure that covers everything? Pretty simple drawing this time.

This illustration was started at 16:03 on the 02/08/2015 and finished at 18:45 on the 02/08/2015.

Harley and Ariel from Little Shy Ariel, Chapter 17.

Painting Tutorial!

Hi everyone!

I promised you guys a walkthrough on my digital painting process like… a month and a half ago, and things are finally settled enough that I can deliver! This is quick and pretty rough, but I think it might be able to offer some insight into how I work. :) Don’t forget to check out my Resources Post so that you have an idea of where I get my brushes and textures! 

So, without further ado, let’s get started after the jump! 

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Have you ever wanted to draw with your friend(s) online but found that iscribble and/or flockdraw just didn’t do what you needed them to? Did you miss features such as pen pressure and the undo button? Did you need more than three layers?


There’s this one tool that does SO MUCH MORE than either of those websites ever did. 

It’s called drawpile and it is fantastic.

Sure, flockmod actually has an undo feature, but when used it deletes everyone’s progress from a certain amount of time which would cause some issues!

But drawpile has an undo specified to your actions and only yours. So if you’re drawing with anyone else, and you control z the hell outta your drawing, your friend’s art will be completely unaffected! This is the only shared drawing program I have seen that can do this.

And it’s 100% free.


Drawpile supports PEN PRESSURE. Whether it’s for opacity, sizing, or hardness, or a combination of any of those, your tablet pens will work!

You can play around with your strokes to get them wherever you need them to be, much like a normal, individual art program!

And on top of that, you can have way more than just three layers!

You can have so many layers I literally don’t have the patience to try to find the limit. You can also rename them, clear them, make them invisible to you, and delete them as you wish!

ANNND it also has layer settings like normal drawing programs!

It doesn’t have all of the ones some individual programs do, but considering this is completely free and to be used by multiple people at once, this is incredible!

Not to mention you can lock a layer so only you can draw on it!

This is especially helpful to make sure no one accidentally does anything on your layer or any other layer that shouldn’t be touched!

Drawpile also has a paint bucket tool and the ability to open existing pictures in it so you can color pick from things for your art!

You can also mirror the canvas as you work and rotate it any way you need to in order to get your strokes just right!

You can also select certain pieces and rotate/transform/scale/move them as desired, which I never saw available in other group draws.

All you have to do is download the program from the site!

You also have a choice in what sort of session to make, and don’t have to make an account for it!

When you host a session for others to join, you can lock it with a password and give it out to only your friends. If you want it to be public, don’t set a password and check “announce at drawpile.net”.

Your session will then appear in a list for anybody to join!

There aren’t many people on at a time yet it seems, but honestly if you ever use iscribble or flockdraw, I HIGHLY suggest switching to this program. There aren’t any premium features either, from what I’ve seen. Unlike the other aforementioned sites, you don’t have to be a user for a certain amount of time to unlock different privileges.

I’m sure there are other features I haven’t mentioned either, but their site explains far better than I!

Download it here!


 My pet project. This tiling piece will be on the inside covers of beyondthebreach, though without the glowy bits and at a lower opacity. Ya know, filler art.

AFTER the fan book ends I’ll have 11x17″ posters of it that will have a sort of broken glass coating on them (you can see the effect on other peoples pieces over here). Crossing my fingers that it comes out looking as cool in person as it does in my head!


Klari Reis Exploits Science And Chemistry To Create Striking Petri Dish Paintings  

San Fransisco based chemist/artist Klari Reis hand paints a plexiglass petri dish every day in her latest project A Daily Dish.

But it is not just superficial, decorative painting, Reis fills the actual form with different layers of epoxy polymers pigmented with oils, acrylics, powders, and dyes. Manipulating the transparency, opacity, color intensity, size and forms of the different elements, she produces mini abstract ‘paintings’. They are colorful, playful and optimistic-looking examples of how beautifully science and art can exist as one and the same. via:beautifuldecay

Somewhere out there, Sara is sailing the waves with her pirate crew, unaware that she is a princess…