I’ve been meaning to post about one of my favorite eyeshadows ever and @zynab1929‘s post about Fyrinnae eyeshadows has inspired me to do so! 

I’m wearing Fyrinnae loose eyeshadow in Mephisto over brown and black eyeshadow (you can’t quite tell, just adds a little more depth.) It’s technically not a pressure sensitive eyeshadow though it somewhat acts like one. I love to blend the hell out of it for the muddy, coppery duochrome look, then pack it on in the crease to show off the true opacity of the matte blue base and red sheen.

It’s really glowy and amazing in person and I highly recommend it if you like bruisey colors. Serendipity is also worth checking out - it’s like Mephisto but without the blue base and it looks great layered over anything.

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hey is it cool to ask for your brush settings? if not, thank you anyway and have a wonderful day!

Hello!! Brush settings that I use in photoshop? I don’t really use anything special, besides the default brush + change the hardness or opacity from time to time! 

/ 3 \ I’m pretty basic. 

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messy hair mini review: nyx liquid suede cream lipstick

I’ve been craving a lavender lipstick to rock some tone-on-tone with my hair and been wanting to try one of those liquid-to-matte lippies that are all the rage these days, so I picked this one up at Target. I love it! Formula is really nice…it dries to matte in just a minute or so, and it feels nice on the lips. You can definitely feel the difference in texture but it’s not sticky or drying. Awesome opacity with a single application for such a pastel color, and it’s cheap too! I’ll definitely be picking up more of these.

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What brushes do you use? Specifically for your lineart and sketches. Thank you!

Hello! I pretty much only use Photoshop (CS6) defaults, actually. The standard chalk brush with opacity and size set to pen pressure is my go-to for painting, and I use either that or the round brush with opacity turned off for lineart. I am pretty uncomplicated when it comes to brushes!

I do also recommend Kyle Webster’s ink brush set for fun effects, but I rarely use those. My main from that set is the opaque ink one for messy lineart, as seen in my dragon skull series.

Still have to find a good flat brush but procreate doesnt handle angle for brush shape’s orientation, it works only for size and opacity :x.


🌠 innerstellar theme (1)

hey whats up i decided to try to figure out how to code tumblr themes and see how they’re put together and stuff and this was the fruit of my efforts

live preview | code

you can edit the heck out of it, use it as a base code, just like keep credit somewhere that would be real swell. 

check out these cool features under the cut:

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Light House Gianni Botsford Architects

The orientation of the site runs almost east-west and is heavily overlooked and overshadowed on the south and west elevations. The key challenge of the project was to maintain privacy whilst at the same time optimize daylight and sunlight penetration into the house.

Our starting point was to represent the empty volume of the site as a 3D grid of data points, each with a range of varying attributes. As a result, the section became inverted, placing the bedrooms on the ground floor and the living spaces on the first floor. Terraces and gardens create internal courtyard volumes into which the surrounding spaces face. The inward looking nature of the site in conjunction with the inverted section led to the development of a completely glazed roof which functions as an environmental moderator, filtering sunlight and daylight through layers of transparency and opacity.

Images and text via Gianni Botsford Architects

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sorry if you've been asked this before, but what are your brush settings?

haha i have, but i dont think ive tagged them properly so i dont mind answering again, besides ive changed some since last time so:

i like usin that brush for both sketch and lineart (all i do is change the opacity)

i occasionally use these two for sketch but usually they’re for lineart

and theres my normal pen settings, i use this for most(if not all) of my coloring, i use the ink pen for lineart, its the same settings but i usually have its individual stabilizer set anywhere from 15 to s-3, depends on what im trying to do and how difficult the line is being

outside of that i usually have my overall stabilizer set to either 6 or 10 (usually 10)

Rollei brochure cover, 1960.
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We are continually surprised about how little the idea of some kind of
shadow is able to please contemporary anarchists, the ones that don’t want to resign themselves, wait or build mass organisations.
We used to be proud of it:
We would put all on all to make the swamp of social conflictuality extend and so make it impossible for the forces of repression and recuperation to penetrate. We didn’t go searching for the spotlight, or for the glory of the warrior: in the shadow, at the dark side of society we contributed to the disturbance of normality, to the anonymous destruction of structures of control and repression, to the ‘liberation’ of time and space through sabotage so that the social revolt could continue. And we used to diffuse our ideas proudly, in an autonomous way, without making use of the echoes of the media, far away from the political spectacle including the ‘oppositional’ one. An agitation which was not striving to be filmed, recognized, but which tried to fuel rebellion everywhere and forge ties with other rebels in the shared revolt.
—  Letter To The Anarchist Galaxy

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i've noticed that you've been using some kind of texture in your art (witchsona pic and team Arnick pic), is it the same process you use for your HOI comic or something different?

Hohoho! Lately I’ve been going nuts using color halftone. It’s a pretty simple process but since I’m doing colored pics, it is a bit different than with black/white HOI.


First I finish the pic. With halftone pics, I leave lots of white around.


Time to apply halftones. Since this is going to be colored, I need to copy paste the pic in different document, and turn it into grayscale pic. (photoshop: image -> mode -> grayscale)


I apply the color halftone effect! (filter -> pixelate -> color halftone)


I copy paste the black/white halftone pic ABOVE everything in my colored pic, set the layer “multiply” with around 25% opacity


My fave part, I make an overlay layer above everything and SLAP tons of different shades with a very soft brush. Don’t be afraid with this part. I’ve slapped yellow, pink, blue, purple and green all around this pic.

And that’s about it! Like I’ve said, I’ve liked this style a lot lately so you can expect lots of pics in this style in future :’)