“Dream Scene”
This is 376 photos merged into one image using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, advancedstacker.com
I also faded in the first 19 photos using 5% increments of the layer opacity.
Next up is the time slice photo (maybe a few different versions) I’ll add a link to the timelapse video in the description.

SYSTEMAX releases technical preview for Easy Paint Tool SAI 2 (English)

Here is what’s now available in SAI2. This will be a long post.

Download link: https://www.systemax.jp/en/sai/devdept.html

A new shape layer type is introduced. It has the same functions as the linework layer. You can also write text but with very simple options (which may be perfect for simple comic artists). 

You can now change the colour of the canvas (much like Photoshop) to better differentiate transparency in layers. You cannot, however, save it as a PNG.

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I’m actually really thrilled with how this came out even if it is kind of a silly gag. Photoshop is like 50% picking the right pictures to slap together, 40% fiddling around with the opacity of your mask layer, and 10% actual photoshop talent tbh.

Illustration for my article on Mad Max: Fury Road and sublime landscape painting. The pictures are the sandstorm from Mad Max, obviously, and Turner’s Hannibal Crossing the Alps


Say what you will about Kim K’s politics, personality, penchant for scandal or style, but she knows how to rock sheer, and has inspired a whole crop of celebrities to forego linings, bras, and opacity themselves. 

On the left, Kim mastering the sheer jumpsuit, with a pregnant belly to boot. On the right, Jessica Stam, in an awkward length dress that wouldn’t even work if it were opaque, and cheap lace trimmed panties that had to be on the 7 for $25 table at Victoria’s Secret. 

anonymous asked:

How do u get ur sims hair to not blend in with the window when u take pics??

do you mean to not make it have a bunch of annoying little holes? :p I use the blur tool in Photoshop (but I’m sure any other editing program would work) and I just turn the opacity to 100%. then I just blur in the hair. but if it’s a pretty big gap I just fill it in with the paint tool.

Have you ever wanted to draw with your friend(s) online but found that iscribble and/or flockdraw just didn’t do what you needed them to? Did you miss features such as pen pressure and the undo button? Did you need more than three layers?


There’s this one tool that does SO MUCH MORE than either of those websites ever did. 

It’s called drawpile and it is fantastic.

Sure, flockmod actually has an undo feature, but when used it deletes everyone’s progress from a certain amount of time which would cause some issues!

But drawpile has an undo specified to your actions and only yours. So if you’re drawing with anyone else, and you control z the hell outta your drawing, your friend’s art will be completely unaffected! This is the only shared drawing program I have seen that can do this.

And it’s 100% free.


Drawpile supports PEN PRESSURE. Whether it’s for opacity, sizing, or hardness, or a combination of any of those, your tablet pens will work!

You can play around with your strokes to get them wherever you need them to be, much like a normal, individual art program!

And on top of that, you can have way more than just three layers!

You can have so many layers I literally don’t have the patience to try to find the limit. You can also rename them, clear them, make them invisible to you, and delete them as you wish!

ANNND it also has layer settings like normal drawing programs!

It doesn’t have all of the ones some individual programs do, but considering this is completely free and to be used by multiple people at once, this is incredible!

Not to mention you can lock a layer so only you can draw on it!

This is especially helpful to make sure no one accidentally does anything on your layer or any other layer that shouldn’t be touched!

Drawpile also has a paint bucket tool and the ability to open existing pictures in it so you can color pick from things for your art!

You can also mirror the canvas as you work and rotate it any way you need to in order to get your strokes just right!

You can also select certain pieces and rotate/transform/scale/move them as desired, which I never saw available in other group draws.

All you have to do is download the program from the site!

You also have a choice in what sort of session to make, and don’t have to make an account for it!

When you host a session for others to join, you can lock it with a password and give it out to only your friends. If you want it to be public, don’t set a password and check “announce at drawpile.net”.

Your session will then appear in a list for anybody to join!

There aren’t many people on at a time yet it seems, but honestly if you ever use iscribble or flockdraw, I HIGHLY suggest switching to this program. There aren’t any premium features either, from what I’ve seen. Unlike the other aforementioned sites, you don’t have to be a user for a certain amount of time to unlock different privileges.

I’m sure there are other features I haven’t mentioned either, but their site explains far better than I!

Download it here!


 My pet project. This tiling piece will be on the inside covers of beyondthebreach, though without the glowy bits and at a lower opacity. Ya know, filler art.

AFTER the fan book ends I’ll have 11x17″ posters of it that will have a sort of broken glass coating on them (you can see the effect on other peoples pieces over here). Crossing my fingers that it comes out looking as cool in person as it does in my head!


Birthday kisses from the boyfriend.