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How did you get your art to the status it was? I mean I can draw good on paper but I have trouble with photoshopping or sai-ing

I’ve had my digital drawing tablet and worked with Photoshop for three years now! I still have a long way to go to improve, but I like to think I’ve improved quite a bit already! Continuous practice is really the best thing that I can recommend. If you take a look at my really early art (Here and here), you can see a lot of struggles I’ve had in the past with adjusting to digital. A couple of years ago I had big issues with: using the program, handling digital colors, and drawing in straight lines (<–this one especially!).

Big things that have helped me are:

+Getting comfortable with the program (Knowing how to work with layers, opacity, and figuring out keyboard shortcuts; can be done through simple exploration of the program or Internet tutorials; getting familiar with shortcuts and the program layout especially help to speed up the art-making the process!)

+Utilizing natural, fluid pen strokes (Mostly done with practice–I still struggle with this! A good way to practice is with stress-free doodles in between projects.)

+Knowing basic color theory and learning how to apply it digitally (You can look up color theory basics online if you don’t know them already, along with articles about digital coloring! My coloring still needs a lot of work, but once I learned about color theory last year, I think my art improved a lot!)

I hope this helps! ^ ^ Don’t give up! It’s very frustrating to get used to it at first, but it’s a very continuous learning process and starting is the hardest part. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment! Especially with different styles, brush types/sizes, and color palettes! I wish you all the best with your drawing endeavors!

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how do you make those cool drawings of yours?? give us a tutorial plz

i’m not the greatest at explaining my process but i will try my best!

I use Paint Tool SAI~

mmkay SO first off i start with a sketch! (it doesn’t have to be super clean because you’re just going to be covering it up later) (i personally tend to use a brush or something that resembles a dull pencil and is soft looking rather than a pen with a hard edge– use whatever works best for you!)

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hey hello i love ur art, and i was wondering how u do your shading?

 thank you!!

i just put a layer over the base colors and clip it at the base color layer and the colors i use for shading are usually oranges blues and purples depending on the base color really and then i set it on multiply and lower the opacity until it looks good

i honestly never know what im doing when im shading and im p sure it shows so that’s something i gotta work on

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hi jana!! what are your brush settings for sai? i just got a new computer and want to try out some new brushes on sai :) thank you!

Ok well let me first start of by saying I have no idea what is good for brush settings and I practically wing everything I do (?) so don’t depend on these to be cool lol.

Just use this for sketching, normally I have it set to an opacity (density) of 70-75 but eh

I use my pen for lineart because I like how it looks for that

Base colors normally, sometimes I use it to give hard shades and then blend them together w either my watercolor blush or blur (and rarely my norm brush)

Blendin’ or whatever works w it ???

I’m awful at these kinds of things and I don’t know how to make these images smaller rip me. + these settings are gross send help.

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Fibre in pulpwood is categorized by length due to the different properties it brings to paper making... Generally speaking it would separate into softwoods and *sweats* hardwoods. This is due to the fact softwood gives tensile strength and hardwood determines opacity. There's also *sweats* fluff pulp. Used in diapers, tissue and menstrual products. They are absorbent, cheap and primarily come from softwood that's been chemically processed.

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how do you line art its so hard im gonna die plz

Any Munday questions?

Something about my OCs, or me as the admin of this blog?

(Uh– to be honest I just use my favorite brush for sketching. If I like the sketch and it’s not too messy, I just clean it up, erase unnecessary brushstrokes, fix it up a little. Otherwise I use the same brush because i like how soft its lines look and ink the sketch on a new layer, haha.

I think the most important things to keep in mind the doing the line art is not pushing yourself to keep it all neat if that’s just not your style [personally I really love “messy”/sketchy at styles a lot], probably lower the opacity so it’s not at 100% because it makes the lines look softer. Yeah– ha, that’s pretty much it? It’s all a matter of practice and the right brush settings too.)

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How do you blend the skin its so hard :)

rly short tutorial i did before if u havent seen it already

general tips:

  • if you’re finding it hard at first try cranking down the opacity of the brush so your strokes are more subtle
  • if you’re using sai, make the ‘blending’ value higher (around 50-60%)
  • Make the minimum size of the brush larger so its harder to see individual strokes

 My pet project. This tiling piece will be on the inside covers of beyondthebreach, though without the glowy bits and at a lower opacity. Ya know, filler art.

AFTER the fan book ends I’ll have 11x17″ posters of it that will have a sort of broken glass coating on them (you can see the effect on other peoples pieces over here). Crossing my fingers that it comes out looking as cool in person as it does in my head!