1. Dean made Cas watch a Western movie with him, and Cas remembers the lines.
2. Dean dressed up as a cowboy and made Cas do the same so they could “blend in”–which they didn’t because nobody at the crime scene was dressed the same way.
3. Cas walked the walked and talked the talk for Dean because he knows that Dean really likes cowboys.

What we see is not all that happens

I don’t have much time to write something because I gotta go to work and I haven’t been able to rewatch yet. However, I can’t leave without saying some things that were very subtle but I loved anyway. The writers are consistently showing us that what happens in our screens IS DEFINITELY NOT THE ONLY THING THAT HAPPENS in the lives of our boys.

Cas knows dean is an angry sleeper. He knows he reacts like a bear and will use the gun that he keeps under his pillow. This is something that somehow had to remind us of 12x19, the episode in which Cas wanted to return the mixtape Dean gave him as an excuse to steal the Colt that he KNEW Dean would put under his pillow. Dean said in that episode that Cas came into his room and played him. The question is still the same: How does Cas know about Dean’s sleeping or waking up habits?

Dean makes Cas watch movies with him. And we’re not talking about whatever kind of movies. Dean makes Cas watch classical films he’s passionate about. When exactly does that happen?

It was Dean whose first reaction was to hug Cas. It was Dean who welcomed Cas home. It was Dean who said Cas was gone too damn long. It was Dean who said HE needed a big win and that getting Cas back was a pretty damn big win.

Notice that Dean’s learning to use the right pronouns but he’s not quite there yet. “I said I needed a big win. WE got Cas back. That’s pretty damn big win.” The one who needed a big win was Dean. Even though all of them got Cas back, it was textually and subtextually obvious that the person who experienced a big swift in mood was Dean. HE got Cas back. That’s the truth of it all! Sam and Jack got Cas back too, but Dean’s win was that he got what he said out loud that he needed; what he wanted since 13x01 (when the drunk!female angel whose name I don’t remember said Jack could do almost anything but that Cas was all the way dead… meaning Dean’s priority was Cas over all the other losses even though he mentioned them all in his prayer to God). Dean’s win was that he got what he didn’t dare ask Billie in 13x05.

There were many moments from 13x06 that we were not shown. After the brothers picked up Cas, they had to ride to the Bunker. Where did Cas sit? What did they talk about? How did Dean behave? 

After Dean decided they should check the case Jack found, they had to pack and then they had to spend around 4 hours in the car (from Lebanon to Dodge City in Kansas). Did Dean and Cas have a chance to talk privately? What did they all talk about during those 4 hours? 

Then in the scene where Jack woke Dean up, we could hear the crickets outside, but the sun was up and shining when we next saw Dean and Cas together. How long were they together? Did they grab something to eat before or after going to the crime scene? Did Dean just take a cowboy hat lying around in the motel they were staying in and just put it on Cas? What did they talk about before and after they left the crime scene? Were they alone at the motel before Jack and Sam got back?

The fact that we didn’t see any of those scenes doesn’t negate that there are many gaps for the writers to retcon later on.

It’s like the show is trying to prove a point here. Dean and Cas have a relationship besides hunting. Cas has watched Dean sleep enough times to know his reactions, and they have had enough time off screen to have moments like watching movies together. We already knew they usually text; we already knew that Dean gave Cas a mixtape at some point off screen, but apparently THERE’S A LOT ABOUT THEIR RELATIONSHIP WE DON’T SEE ON OUR SCREENS… and the show is trying very hard to prove that much is canon.

I’m sure this is going to be important one day in the foreseeable future. What we see is not all that happens. Keep that in mind, folks!