One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 30: Why do you love One Piece?
Trying to explain how much I love One Piece is like trying to 
explain my meaning in life. Exaggerated? True, but compared to
anything that I have watched, One Piece taught me so many
things and made me realize that life is worth living for.
I don't want to hear where the treasure is!
I don't even want to hear whether it exists or not!
I may not know much, but everybody else is risking their
lives at sea without knowing anything!
If the old man tells me anything... I'll quite being a pirate!
If it's a boring adventure, I don't want to do it!

It's because I can't do anything, that I need help!
I'm confident that I wouldn't be able to survive
If other people weren't there to help me!

The ocean is vast. One day, without a doubt...
You'll meet nakama who will protect you!
No one in the world is destined to be alone!

As you are now, you cannot see anything!
You're being consumed by dark clouds of regret and self-blame!
It might be hard for you, but Luffy!
You have to defeat those feelings!
Don't just count everything you've lost!
What is gone, is gone!
But ask yourself this, what remains!?

True, we're not related by blood...
But they're still my family!

I'm not afraid of dying!
Because it's my dream, and that's why I won't mind dying for it