30 DAY ONE PIECE CHALLENGE: Day 5 - Favourite island

Sabaody Archipelago - Yes technically NOT an island but wiki says it is XP

This place is full of bubbles …. BUBBLES PEOPLE!!!!! BUBBLES YOU CAN FLOAT AROUND IN!!!!!!!!!!!! (ahem) Anyway, you also meet a lot of fantastic new characters. KidLaw was born AND we got to meet old man Rayleigh >w<

Ok and a couple of bad things happened … Strawhats got separated, Zoro nearly died (again) and we first heard about Ace's execution :(

BUT we got to see Luffy punch a Celestial Dragon <3  


30 DAY ONE PIECE CHALLENGE: Day 4 - Favourite arc and why

Punk Hazard I think :) Where to begin … Sanji in Nami’s body nearly killed me, my baby Law came back :3 and a  LawLu alliance <3 

Plus the faces Law makes after he realises maybe joining them wasn’t the smartest idea he ever had XD 

Anyway, the Punk Hazard arc kept me entertained from start to finish while many of the others seemed to go on forever :P