“who cares if teens are posting body posi pics” i do if they’re under 18 and they’re only wearing underwear. yall adults aren’t reblogging it for the same reason they posted it, i know that and you know that. i’m not saying i wanna shove a firework up your ass for being a pedophile and blaming that on a young impressionable girl, but i wanna shove a firework up your ass


Here’s my English cover of the No Game, No Life OP, This Game.
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Original Artist(s): Wakabayashi M. & Suzuki K.
Lyrics by: Sapphire & Y. Chang (http://bit.ly/1Cqn9P2)
Vocals by Sapphire

Big thanks to Y. Chang for writing the chorus for me. It’s fabulous!

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Never going back again to the time when I was lost
What a fool I was
Blindly living in a lie
It always felt so wrong, but now I know what’s right

Somehow the heavens above me
Knew I was destined for glory
Gave me a world I could call mine
It’s my game, it’s my life
I’ll say goodbye to the old days
It’s my way or the highway
The world will soon know my name
‘Cause I’m making history today

There’s only victory
And the future’s as bright as it can be
Our time is now
Let’s turn things back around
Join hand in hand as our dreams go according to plan

Fly into the fight, let’s give ‘em hell
Lead with a rebel yell
Come stand with me
Though odds may turn
Together we can make it one step closer
Win, time to begin
Taking it all, we’ll make the titans fall
The spoils of war are yours to celebrate if you just believe
Yes, all is possible through faith
That’s all we need

if you tell a guy you like him and he does not reciprocate those feelings for you do not keep pursuing him… like please take a hint.. that is so fucking weird and makes everyone uncomfortable and makes you seem creepy af… you are not entitled to his time and you need to take no for an answer and respect his decision… do not try and send him messages do not do anything like that even if you have good intentions its annoying and it completely disregards his feelings and shows you do not think of him as a person and his feelings do not matter to you at all / you blatantly think your feelings are more important than his

The signs from the point of view & personal experience of a slightly salty Taurus
  • Aires:please cease and desist whatever you are doing immediately. Everything you do is loud and annoying
  • Taurus:actually the prettiest sign wtf why do virghoes and lebras get the credit for this shit. You're nice to look at but hard to hang out with tbh
  • Gemini:I solemnly swear not to kick your ass no matter how many times you tell me you're a badass with no emotional needs
  • Cancer:I s2g only like 1/6 of you is an actual precious cinnamon roll the rest of you are pretentious assholes
  • Leo:I know like two Leos and I've only tried to kill one due to a heated argument about something very stupid
  • Virgo:yes, I notice you stalking me. Yes, I'm actively acknowledging your presence. Will you chill for .5 seconds? You're really not as calm and collected as your sign says. Please just get over here and calm down because I'll cover you for support (and ego inflation.)
  • Libra:oh my goooddddddd just because your horoscope says you're pretty and smell nice doesn't mean you can achieve it without soap. Please take your $500 Versace purse and jump in a bath bombed pool. Also, take an art class. Wearing a beret doesn't automatically make you a great painter no matter what the stars say
  • Scorpio:I only want to fight like 2 of you and cuddle the rest
  • Sagittarius:okay you can stop being funnier than me now wtf
  • Capricorn:ugh stop being my mom all the ti-- waIT NO I NEED PARENTING COME BACK
  • Aquarius:you're cool until you get ~*holier than thou*~ and incorrectly philosophical on me
  • Pisces:nice.