remember when luhan saved ur life nd sang open arms

83 is the magic bipoly number

I just realized something completely nerdy:

So you know the <83 symbol that’s basically <3 with an infinity symbol in the middle?

Well, the element bismuth’s abbreviation is Bi… like bisexuality. And guess what its atomic number is?

That’s right! 83!

So yeah, 83 is apparently my new lucky number.

Harrison Ford is 72 and his wife is 50
Michael Douglas is 70 and his wife is 45
Johnny Depp is 51 and his wife is 29

If you’re not dating anyone, don’t worry about it.
Maybe she wasn’t born yet…

I have been washing my hair wrong all the time

follow these simple steps and you won’t believe the results!

-get into the shower

- smash bananar in hair

- “OOH” as loud as you can

- keep smashin banan

- donkey kong is there now

How To Know If Your Tumblr Crush Doesn’t Fuck With You.

Do they respond to your asks publicly?

Does it take them 3 years to reply to a one line message?

Do they only reblog you when its their selfies or original posts?

Do they “never see” your tags and/or mentions?

Does jet fuel melt steel beams???

If any of these questions apply to you then I have sad news. Coming from someone who speaks from experience, your tumblr crush does not, and will not ever fuck with you. This has been a best-seen-in-snow PSA.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask what's happening in the last picture of the photo that you commented "uh oh this is some next level gay" on?

If you are talking about the content of the pic then it´s just me wanting to try draw some sad stuff (I´m all about the happy stuff so variation is nice sometimes)

but if you are asking why Sanji has long hair in this pic then I really need to explain some stuff because I just realized I haven´t talked about the proportional laws of nebulae here yet and I´m so sorry.

Alright, so like I´ve said all space beings have their own qualities and abilities and with nebulae it´s the fact that they are not solid beings. They are able to transform themselves, thought the transformations are limited by their mass. Another rule is that they can´t transform their dress. The hem length of their dress/jacket is a presentation of their lifeline (this applies to every being except comets). They can transform it a little but it isn´t wise (Zoro is a good example of being kind of reckless) if the hem is shorter than knee length you are pretty much going to die and very soon too)

Even though nebulae are limited by their mass, they can gain mass by growing their hair long. All nebulae initial forms are simple: no jewelry or other accessories etc. So Sanji grew their hair long so they could have heels and earrings.

Here are some examples of Zoro´s and Sanji´s forms: