if you like the band twenty one pilots, buckle up.

twenty one pilots. twenty. one. 21 times two nerds equals 42. 42. the answer to life. the universe. everything. these are 3 themes. 3 like the 3 branches of government. what was that? government. could it be the same government tyler is mad at? the same government from tear in my heart? who appeared in the tear in my heart video? one super hot babe. no not that one. there we go. now look closer. a triangle. what else is in the shape of a triangle. the top of the aye in the burry face twitter handle. what was that? Top of the aye. Top. Top like twenty one pilots. what does the the twenty one pilots logo look like? thats right. the U.S. government seal. a seal not much different than this very guilty looking seal. what is this seal hiding? the answers to all your twenty pilots questions. we must find this seal.

So here’s a thing that’s always bothered me, and it’s the comeback when you utter anything at all about the struggles of being a woman, like cramps and unequal pay, and you get the response “Oh, poor you being a woman and getting free drinks

Yes, the good fortune that I get offered free drinks makes up for all the rest! Drinks that I don’t dare drink because someone probably roofied them! And if I do drink them and it is a roofie in it and I get raped, then it was probably my own fault because I should’ve known better than to drink something offered by a stranger.

But yeah, you’re right. What do I have to complain about when I get free drinks…

loving you meant hating myself.
and i tried.
oh god did i try to hold on to you;

the all consuming fire burning through my veins,
the glowing warmth, the scorching pull.

but fire feeds on oxygen and i was chocking.

so i hated my lungs for not being stronger.

and my veins for being too small.
breathe. breathe. breathe.

loving myself - undoubtedly vital;
loving you- unfortunately not.

—  i put it out, but the ashes are still in my bloodstream; d.m
Polycule Update

So N has been talking to a girl he met online (let’s call her W). I talked to her a bit, and she seems pretty nice. She makes him happy, and I’m super thrilled about that.

I’ve been feeling a lot of compersion, but also a twinge of jealousy/insecurity. She lives much closer to him and their dynamic is different from ours, part of which is the NRE. I have to remind myself that just because their dynamic is different doesn’t mean I’m being replaced, it just means that it’s something different. It’s something I’ll work through with N.

W hasn’t been in a poly relationship before, and I tried to impress upon her the importance of brutally honest communication. She seemed pretty receptive, but I feel like it’s kinda difficult to give advice like that without being sanctimonious about it. Overall, I think things are going pretty well.

Poster on campus: "Stop violence against men"

A friend and I saw this poster, nodded, and commented how pleased we were that someone had put this up and it remained without being defaced. We saw it as an advancement in dialogue.

Behind us, we heard two female voices:

Girl A: “Why does it say violence against men?”
Girl B: “It should just say violence against humans. That’s so sexist.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen and others, is why we need men’s rights activism.