Studies conducted: Men make up approximately half of all rape and sexual assault victims

Some women: False.

Study: No seriously, it’s fact

Some women: No it’s not

Study: But it-

Some women: But this study that defines rape as penetration says it’s much lower!!

Study: We know, but-

Some women: You fucking MRAs are crazy. You’re ruining the world. How dare you try to empower each other when there’s women in third world countries get acid thrown on them

MRAs: We know there is, but men’s rights activism is focused on the issues faced by-

Some women: FUCKING ACID.

I just wanted to clarify something: If you are an MRA and acknowledges the existence of radical MRAs but doesn’t say a word against them whatsoever,you ARE part of the problem. Basically,you’re just as bad as they are.