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OHOH! (?) 
After a long time I managed to do Ichiji Vinsmoke as a simple costest before to do a complicated cosplay of him which I will do in this year. 
I’m really happy of the result. ç_ç <3 
What do you think? 

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One Piece ワンピース [Totland Arc / Chapter 844] : Captain “Strawhat” Luffy vs Sanji “Black Leg” Vinsmoke

“I’m going on a Hunger Strike!! Come hell or high water! I won’t budge from this spot until you come back! Don’t make me wait long Sanji! Without you I won’t..I can’t..BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!”

Damnnn Oda-sensei, back at it again with the sad emotions!! GUHH this chapter.. so many onions. I DON’T EVEN LIKE VEGETABLES DAMMIT. I hate how the crew keeps splitting up in the recent arcs, they need each other! Marimo woulda cut that crap out instantly, but thats probably why Oda sent him away, our dear 1st mate. Germa66 still garbage, but SANJI-KUN!! #MODOTTE #BAKA 

[ P R I N C E of G E R M A ]

The Third Son of Vinsmoke Family.
“My name. Is Vinsmoke Sanji. I am prince of Germa Kingdom!”
–as long I lived here, wealth, soldiers, servants, it all will be at my beck and call.
(I’m tired of ‘damsel in distress’-Sanji, so I do this. Not even gomen.)
Pose Reference : Vishstudio, deviantArt,

One Piece ワンピース [Yonkō Saga / Totland Arc] : Sir “Thousand Arms” Cracker vs Captain "Strawhat” Luffy 

TBH I’m kind of disappointed how this fight turned out. After seeing Captain Jack “the Drought” I had certain expectations of the Yonkō Commander Captains, but Cracker’s fight quickly turned into a Usopp-esque joke match. Especially after he crawled out of his armor the hype was real!! Only to end in salt. Well I’m sure Oda-sensei has many more exciting fights planned for this arc so w/e let’s move it along! 


After looking through a lot of details between the Vinsmoke Family and Sanji… I just realized something. 

Could it be that the Straw Hats have their own arcs, like Sanji?

It isn’t impossible, considering that the manga is 65% complete prior 2015 (?) or 2016 (?). Though this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone.

Because you know, there are certain Straw Hats who did have an arc where they are the main focus. 

But let’s get down to this weird thoughts of mine.

Roronoa Zoro

We don’t know a single shit about the Roronoa family… aka Zoro.

We know practically nothing about his history, his family, his birthplace. All we know was that part with Kuina, and I think that’s the only major thing we know about his past. 

But I don’t think that’s all there is to it.

I mean, we knew about Sanji’s history relating to Zeff. I believe we all thought that’s all there is to it, but currently we have the Vinsmoke family. Surely almost no one anticipated the revelation of his relationship with a family of assassins. In fact, maybe no one thought that Sanji’s history would have an extension from his time with Zeff until way back from when he was born.

What if Zoro could have the same deep backstory… that may be revealed in the Wano arc? 

Look, Zoro’s childhood, as to how much was shown, is pretty shallow. It was said that he kept challenging dojos to get their signs, or whatever those were. Then he challenged the dojo where Kuina hailed. He couldn’t defeat her, so he became a trainee instead. He did that as a child, not more than 10 years old I guess. I think he was 7 at that time.

Where was his parents at that time? How did he end up alone, as a traveler? I mean, being alone at 7 years old is not normal.

Who are his parents, anyway? 

I have this strong feeling that his family has something to do with Wano. Well, this is just a speculation. There are notable theories about Zoro relating to Wano, like forbidden clans and the like. Check it out. 


Okay, I know we all agree that for Whole Cake Island Arc, Brook is the real MVP. He gets shit done for this arc. 

And you know what? Like Zoro, his history has some loopholes that could use some researching.

This is a common speculation about Brook’s past. He mentioned about being a leader of a battle convoy of a certain kingdom before becoming a pirate. Now, most speculate that this certain kingdom is the Germa 66. I’m not going to lie, this is a good theory. 

Brook reacted differently when hearing the name of the Vinsmokes and the Germa, and knew some facts behind those names.

And this:

The way Brook bowed at confirming about the Vinsmokes was something to note about proving this theory.

Main conclusion is that Brook was involved once with the Germa, learning about his fencing and swordsmanship skills, and somehow ended up being defected from the kingdom and joining the Rumbar Pirates. However, when Brook became a wanted man, the Germa must have looked out for him and annihilated him and his crew, considering that Brook’s crew was poisoned and the Germa is advanced in technology. 

Now, my question here is that: who is ruling Germa back when Brook was there?

Brook was a member of the Rumbar Pirates fifty years before the main storyline. Let’s say he was 38 years old. Where did he spend his childhood, and how did he end up being a battle convoy leader of Germa? Who was ruling Germa as it became the center of an enormous empire spanning the entire North Blue? Was it Judge’s predecessors? Some other Vinsmoke?

Now, I don’t think it was Judge who was ruling at that time, I mean it was 50+ years ago… unless Judge is not technically human

See, I noticed that during the Conquest of Four Nations, which was stated to have have happened some time in the distant past, Judge’s features were the same. Even thirteen years before the storyline, at Sanji’s flashbacks with his shitty family, Judge’s features is still the same as the present one.

It’s like Vinsmoke Judge isn’t aging at all.

Anyways, during the current story arc, The Whole Cake Island arc, Brook has yet to see Judge. If Brook recognizes him and Judge recognizes his name (if ever mentioned, because Brook cannot be recognized as a skeleton duh), then this Brook-has-a-history-with-Germa is confirmed. 

Main point here is that Brook is a potential arc-holder some time in the future. Maybe.

Nami, Usopp, Franky

Well, their backstories are pretty much already narrated, with clear stories of childhood and everything…

I only mentioned them for the sole reason that they have no surnames. Not like it’s a big deal, but I just thought of it. 

I mean… Who is that Straw Hat who didn’t have a surname until it had a great toll with the story? Vinsmoke Sanji.


We know nothing of Nami’s real parents. It’s just said that she was an orphan of an unknown village in a war where Bell-mère, as a Marine, was. We know Franky was abandoned by his parents, but who were they? 

As for Usopp, well… we know his parents. I just had the feeling I had to include him, for some reason.

Monkey D. Luffy

Don’t even get me started. He’s the mainest of the main characters.

Who is his mother? Why is Dragon a revolutionary, and not a Marine like his dad? What is Dragon’s power? 

A lot of mysteries surrounds his parents. If anything, he’s the most well-deserved to have an arc relating to his parents. 

Chopper and Robin has their own arc and clear history. Well, actually, Robin could still have one or two secrets but who knows? 

TDA Character Playlists (3/3)

My personal playlist for each TDA Character

Ty Blackthorn

  1. You’re Not There // Lukas Graham
  2. Moonlight Sonata // Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. Closing In // Ruelle
  4. The Sleeping Beauty (waltz) Op.66 // Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  5. New World Coming // Benjamin Wallfisch & DÌSA
  6. The Piano Sonata No.16 in C Major // Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  7. Writing’s On The Wall // Sam Smith
  8. Let It Be // The Beatles
  9. Happy // Mariana and the Diamonds
  10. Swan Lake Op.20 Act 2 No.10 // Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Livvy Blackthorn

  1. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons
  2. I Lived // OneRepublic
  3. Ocean Wide // The Afters
  4. Yesterday // The Beatles
  5. Riptide // Vance Joy
  6. Polaroid // Imagine Dragons
  7. Every Other Weekend // Annie Rapid
  8. Brave // Sara Bareilles
  9. Best Day Of My Life // American Authors
  10. The Other Side // Ruelle

Kit Herondale

  1. You’re Beautiful // James Blunt
  2. Start Over // Imagine Dragons
  3. Centuries // Fall Out Boy
  4. Bad Dream // Ruelle
  5. Lost Boy // Ruth B
  6. Flaws // Bastille
  7. Just Keep Breathing // We The Kings
  8. Thunder // Imagine Dragons
  9. Where Do We Go From Here? // Ruelle
  10. We Are Young // fun.

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