op. 64 no. 2

thechosenpumbloom  asked:

Do you have any N64 multiplayer suggestions, apart from the usual ones like Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Smash Bros. etc.?

Yes, actually! 

-Beetle Adventure Racing (Beetle Battle)
-Chameleon Twist (Battle Mode)
-Conker’s Bad Fur Day (Multiple fun/unique modes)
-Cybertiger (Battle Golf = shockingly brilliant)
-Destruction Derby 64 (Bomb Tag)
-Gauntlet Legends (just great co-op)
-Kirby 64 (the multiplayer minigames are trivial, but fun)
-Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 (same deal as Kirby 64)
-Super Bowling (the Citizen Kane of bowling games)

Shuu’s Piano: Lost Eden

I have an entire playlist on SoundCloud dedicated to classical music revolving around Diabolik Lovers, specifically songs that Shuu mentions listening to (yes, I’m obsessed with this pixel bish, can you tell?). I love pretending that he is lending me one of his ear phones as we relax on some random bit of grass or in a hallway skipping class. 

In this case, here is a link to the song he plays on the piano in the most recent game “Lost Eden”. I almost died imagining him playing it for me <3 

Some might have recognized it right away as I did (I grew up playing classical music on my flute), but for those who want to know, here it is: “Nocturne Op.9 by Chopin” 

Incidentally, it seems that the producers of this game love Chopin’s work as they’ve included several of his pieces in prominent scenes and bits of dialogue in drama cd’s. 

One such song is the dark mysterious waltz playing in Subaru’s route in HDB and Carla’s route in Dark Fate (the two most romantic dance scenes I’ve ever read). If curious, here is a link to a wonderful rendition of it:  “Valse du Diese Op.64 No.2″

Watch on usuario9004.tumblr.com

Waltz Op. 64 No. 2
#chopin #piano #music #school #happy

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O que é que eu escuto? - Masterpost de música clássica

Tudo começou com isso:

Well, well, caro anônimo, YOU HAVE RELEASED THE KRAKEN!

Vou dividir a lista por períodos, acho que fica mais fácil pra quem procura músicas de estilos específicos. Aviso: possível overdose de músicas em tom menor, porque eu sou dessas que embarcou nesse mar tempestuoso e melancólico e adora!

(Pra quem não está muito familiarizado com os termos. Uma das divisões da música é pela tonalidade: maior ou menor. As músicas em tom maior são alegres e fofas, borboletas e primaveras, no geral; as músicas em tom menor são mais tristes ou misteriosas. Pode ter música saltitante em tom menor? Claro, e também gosto dessas.)

Continua depois do corte por motivos de: isso é realmente um masterpost!

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and the snowflakes are quite perfect till they begin to melt  
(“The Snow Queen”, H.C. Andersen)

(an instrumental playlist for the loser prince)


Ilan Eshkeri; The King’s Birthday | Aram Khachaturian; Masquerade suite - Mazurka | Frederic Chopin; Prelude No. 15 in D flat, “Raindrop” | Antonio Vivaldi; The Four Seasons; Winter | Dustin O'Halloran; Quintette N.1 | Yuki Kajiura; Flame of Despair | Frederic Chopin; Waltz in C#minor op.64 no.2 | Eugen Doga; Gramophone | Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky; Valse Sentimentale | Ludovico Einaudi & Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Love Is a Mystery | Dario Marianelli; Time for Bed


A Your Lie in April AU for Miraculous Ladybug at the request of @gigiree!! This is kind of a belated birthday gift, but it’s turned into a full fic… so it’s a very big birthday gift :D 

Also, I’ll post a music selection with each chapter that fits the mood or is presented in the chapter. See the link next to the chapter title (: 

Pairing: Adrien/Marinette

Genre: Romance (both the regular kind and the “all about feelings and self discovery, like the Romantic era in music” kind). Also, eventual angst… If you haven’t seen Your Lie in April yet, then go read a synopsis… It will be fluffy, but you might get your heart ripped out… Don’t say I didn’t warn you! And Lots and lots of music! 

Rating: K+   No swearing or anything!

Part 1 / ?

Chapter One: Color    

Music: Waltz, op. 64, No. 2 in C-sharp Minor - Chopin

I met the girl under full-bloomed cherry blossoms

And my fate has begun to change


The springtime in Paris has always been considered the prettiest time of year. The fresh, crisp air cleanses the soul and the blooming cherry blossoms create a magical environment. The light pink and white blooms paint the city with soft lines, the petals often escaping their bind to the tree to float on the wind. It’s the season of romance, enhanced by the lights in the city, the full-blooms, and the stunning views.

A girl walked down the street, her deep blue eyes turned upwards to admire the blooms. The wind whipped her blue-black hair around her face as she swung her violin case. She was full of joy, amazed at how stunning the world was and how happy it made her feel. A grateful smile graced her face, the joy bubbling up inside of her.

She walked across a small side street, stopping in her tracks when she spotted a cat. The black cat stared at her, and she at him. A big grin split her face, and she turned from her path to approach the cat, kneeling down and sticking her hand out, enticing it near to her. The cat took two steps closer, cocked its head, and then turned, sauntering away. The girl’s smile grew larger and she pursued, giving into the chase the cat lead her on. After many attempts to get nearer and a great chase, the cat had brought her to the park, stopping under the cherry blossoms. The girl stopped in her chase, staring at the cat.

She crouched again, sticking her hand out. This time, the cat approached, tickling her fingers with its wet nose. Her hand extended more, brushing into the soft black fur. The girl hummed in contentment. She massaged the cat’s head, her fingers tangling in the ebony coat. Her eyes lit up in wonder, admiring the way the cat moved under her fingers and how it felt. It was stunning; a work of art.

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