today I learned that in the 1600s the Pasha of Algiers made it a capital offense to remove one’s thumbs from one’s girdle while having an argument, in an attempt to limit brawling. as a result, street fights are reported to have become a combination of shouting vicious insults, headbutting each other, and trying to punch one another with their elbows. i am imagining five or six enraged men furiously trying so hard to kill each other with only their elbows, and i am laughing so hard i am fucking wheezing


Darren was on the host committee for Jenna’s event.

"The host committee helps plan, set-up, and pay for the event. The host committee invites their individual contacts, friends, and colleagues to the event. They use their network to raise dollars from people otherwise unable to be reached."

people throwing their weight around like “i’ve been reading comics since x year” makes their opinions more valid

Dramatic-tic, I don’t think I can stop, I don’t want to stop. Turning and turning, the flashbacks are all filled with smiles. We’re searching - - we’re summer-ing!