In the Notes of a History Post

The OP who found something cool/interesting/funny that they wanted to post

Thousands of people commenting “OMG this is sooooo funny!!!”

People tagging their friends saying “this is you”

That one skeptic who reblogs it just to say “I doubt this is true” but doesn’t bother to fact check

Someone bitching about white people

People responding to said person by saying how unnecessary their comment was (they may or may not be right)

Even more people jumping on the discourse wagon to earn more Woke Points™

One smart person who isn’t hardcore into history that bothered to fact check. They are drowned out by the distant screams of “fuck white people”

Someone trying to relate it to Hamilton

Obligatory reminder that “these people owned slaves”

People adding on their own anecdotes, all with varying degrees of accuracy

Other people trying to correct OPs post despite the fact that OP was right, but didn’t go into detail

Someone else complaining about eurocentrism, even though the post came from a European history blog

Someone probably ends up talking about George Washington’s dick

People yelling about glorifying slave owners and getting mad at historians

and finally

Actual historians and history blogs desperately trying to do damage control to stop the spread of bullshit with varying degrees of success

I have an eternal grudge against the “Me IRL” twitter bot — and, by extension, the subreddit it draws from — because I am certain that many of the posts are not, in fact, the OP “in real life.” I will brook no lying on the internet for upvotes.

today I learned that in the 1600s the Pasha of Algiers made it a capital offense to remove one’s thumbs from one’s girdle while having an argument, in an attempt to limit brawling. as a result, street fights are reported to have become a combination of shouting vicious insults, headbutting each other, and trying to punch one another with their elbows. i am imagining five or six enraged men furiously trying so hard to kill each other with only their elbows, and i am laughing so hard i am fucking wheezing


“I’ll overcome time, so that someday
I can be proud of that day again.”

@natsumeweek // Day Six:
Favourite OP / ED

so fun fact this is now my fave op tied for first spot with floria! i love the way the scenes changed from being empty to the yokai appearing in them aa
i wanted to do the other shots and the other days for this week
but hoooo boy work has been kicking my butt this week :’)
maybe one day ill do this concept again,,
im sorry i didnt draw u mizuki ur too big

my commissions are open!

The Dastardly, The Bastardly, and the Terrifying: A Guide On How To Not Make A Character Antagonist

Okay, so you’ve finally got your slammin bammin protagonist. You’re pumped to show everyone what they’re made of and you want them to go on some grand adventure. They’ll start to develop and slowly become more interesting as they move on in their character saga.


You’ve got no conflict whatsoever! Where’s the tension? Where’s the excitement? Where’s the opportunity for your protagonist to start facing some serious trials and terrifying obstacles? You’ll never be able to push their limits without any sort of conflict! That’s why you need an ANTAGONIST.

You start working on your antagonist. They’re the worst kind of person you can imagine. They kill babies, rob from orphans, sexually assault nuns, the works. Their abilities are to be feared and they’re practically unstoppable because well, you made them unstoppable. There’s not a speck of good in that rotten scoundrel.


You’re suddenly finding yourself bored with your new antagonist. Maybe your character isn’t catching your interest for very long. Sure, they’re evil, but are they as amazing as you thought they would be? Are your plots not holding very long because you just have nothing to work with? What if I told you that your character may be falling prey to the deadly antagonist sins of writing? Fear not, reader! I may have the solution to your problem! As per usual with all guides, results may vary depending on the writer and what they want to make, but this is some very general rule breaking often seen in writing that ends up coming back to haunt an RPer. There are many kinds of antagonists and they’re just as diverse as protagonists. However, this applies to character versus character conflict that’s most common in RPing.

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especially in early canon, Arthur had so many powerful moments that showed his depth of compassion, nobility, and warmth

he had the courage to stand up to his father, because he wanted to protect every person in his kingdom and beyond—even the Druids Uther condemned just as fiercely as any other magical community 

but he also does awful stuff through the whole series: 

constantly belittling Merlin, and only ever sincerely, openly appreciating him in life-or-death situations; ignoring all the signs & evidence that magic is not inherently evil; disrespecting sacred sites, even after nearly getting killed by a Druid spirit for the same thing, and then vowing to respect Druids…..

and so many of Arthur’s worst actions and decisions are painfully out of character.

Arthur sets aside his pride if it means saving innocent people! he notices when Merlin is upset and tries to help! he has seen benevolent magic! he has been saved by benevolent magic and known it! he has heard countless sorcerers telling the same story of grief and fear! he has heard the story of his birth, and he would not forget it or the horrific implications of the truth! 

Arthur should slowly learn how to trust his own instincts, even while considering other perspectives. slowly begin to see past everything he was taught. slowly let himself show his respect and affection openly. slowly heal, day by day, from the scars his father left on him. 

he should bring a truly new era to the kingdom; one of acceptance, change, new beginnings. one that overhauls Uther’s reign of fear and replaces it with an age of respect and compassion. 

underneath the brashness and distance that Uther wedged between Arthur and the world, that’s the kind of person he is. 

i can’t accept an Arthur who always turns back to Uther’s beliefs or other’s advice, because he has a good heart. he has the courage and strength of will to stand by his own morals in the face of doubt.

the writers couldn’t handle the dynamic complexity Arthur naturally builds for himself, or the story of transformation and redemption he deserves. they designed the pieces, but they had no idea how they fit together.

Honestly, the fact that the Pokémon games refuse to be cumulative is the most frustrating aspect of the franchise. Cool new features are added, only to be taken away in the next game, and maybe pop up again in future ones.

If Gen 8 of had zero new content besides a new region, story, and characters (no new pokémon, no new mechanics, no new gimmicks) and instead boasted being a cumulative Pokémon game with all of the pokémon, mechanics, features, etc of all the previous Pokémon games, I would be thrilled. I’d buy it the moment it went on pre-sale.

that whole mic forgetting hes a teacher comic thing is so fucking funny. the comic itself is really hilarious but also the fact that op drew art of a sidecharacter in an anime, but then over 100k people reblogged it, most of which have NO IDEA that the subject is some nerdy faux-punk 30 yr old dweeb… too muhc

This is my piece regarding “Sand Planet” being Magical Mirai and Miku’s 10th theme song as well as the whole Vocaloid is dying thing. It’s gonna be long so under the cut~~

This year is mark the 10th year birthday for our lovely elextric angel, Hatsune Miku. 10 year may be a short time from adults view, however for a fandom filled with youngsters it is a long time, long enough to turn a baby into a boy/girl a teen into a full fledged adult. It is a happy occasion of course, but the team behind Magical Mirai unexpectedly chose a rather bleak song for the theme, or Is it?

The theme song, Sand Dune/Sand Planet is made by Hachi (Kenshi Yonezu), while the duo task and Utsushita at Minakata Kenkyuujou are in charge of the MV. If you were already in the fandom around 2009-2011, you might remember this combination through Persona Alice, Clockwork Works, World’s End Umberella, Sajou no Yumekui Shoujo, and Wonderland no Hitsuji Uta (plus Koi to Byounetsu if you count their non-vocaloid stuff). A combination that people hadn’t seen for nearly 7 years (6 if you count KnB). If you ask me whether they’re popular back then, the answer is yes. Minaken’s MV was considered really professional looking despite done by mostly 2 guys (Hachi also helped from time to time), coupled with Hachi’s fairy tale like songs, made their works feels like something out of Ghibli movies. Nowadays they’re the combination that usually seen with nostalgic gaze just like many other songs from that era.

Unlike the previous Magical Mirai theme, Sand Planet was bleak, no flashy spotlight, and bubbly happy Mikyu like 39Music or Hand in Hand, just Miku and few hooded people walking on and abandoned desert. The lyrics too, while the previous themes are all about the fun and togetherness in Vocaloid community, Sand Planet is about an end and farewell. Such bleak theme made people wonder why this was chosen as the theme for Miku’s 10th birthday. Some even goes as far as accusing Hachi used Crypton’s good will (for commissioning him to make the theme) to spite the community. But is it really the case?

Vocaloid’s decline has been a long discussed subject, since as early as 2013, and many producers has provided their opinions mostly through their twitter/blog or on bolder side, through song. Many people connected the decline with the change of landscape in the community. The next sections we will go looking back at some little historical tidbits.

In 2013, OwataP (a long time producer, best known for Benzene series and Rin-chan! Nau!) and Mienohito (a long time popular PV maker) uploaded a song called The End, the song expressed his frustation at the change in Vocaloid community, he feels that the nature of Vocaloid commu has been heavily leaned towards commersialization instead of as an outlet to show one’s expressions and talents. Although OwataP didn’t give any clear indication in the lyrics, Mienohito used Jin, whose popularity was unprecedented for a vocaloid producers like charting in Vocaran for months, album charting on oricon, LN adaptation, Manga adaptation, and even anime adaptation! despite his relatively short reporteire, as example that a company (1ST PLACE) backed Jin in order to make their product (IA) popular. Naturally Jin’s fans are unhappy and attacked the two, at some point HobohinichiP (another long timer) made a song to defend them which kinda made the fire bigger, though OwataP and Mienohito later apologised and took down the song (OwataP later reuploaded the song without PV). After that fiasco, Mienohito went on hiatus for few months and OwataP focusing more on his Let’s Play videos (he still upload Vocaloid songs from time to time). During the short time (yes, the drama was actually short…a week or two), there are some producers who indicate that they agreed with the duo about the massive change in Vocaloid community landscape, though not openly express it like HobohinichiP.

in July 2015, an Utaite Kouhey (fairly popular singer known for various HOT BLOODED SCREAMING type of covers) uploaded a video talking about the change and decline. His video was quite long but basically also talking about the change of landscape, similar to OwataP’s, and how it caused people to left the fandom. It caused some people as they noticed there has been some sort of stagnation in the fandom after Jin left. 2 months later, cosMo (very popular and long timer Producer, known for Disappearance series) uploaded the REAL Disappearance of Hatsune Miku, despite the title, this has nothing to do with his previous song. The song is quite different from Kouhey’s and Owata’s. While cosMo acknowledged there are change (and decline/stagnation), through the lyric and some tweets,  he told the listener that it is something to be expected from a fandom (particularly for a creative fandom). A new challange for everyone to tackle in order to survive. He didn’t blame anyone for leaving and pursue their own careers, as he’s aware that he too was using vocaloid as stepping stone.

Now fast forward to 2017, what exactly is Crypton’s reason to use a  song as bleak as Sand Planet as theme song for Miku’s 10th birthday? Or is it really Hachi just spiting at the community?

The answer lies within the 2nd Miku 10th birthday compilation album, Re:START. I’m not talking about the contents as we barely know the contents, rather the title. Re:START is used as the title, and remember Exit Tunes’ Miku 10th birthday album title? Vocalohistory. Unlike the Kaito and Meiko 10th birthday album, the album title neither made allusion on their color or pun on their name (Elegant REcorD/Meikonic and Glorious Blue/Kaitonation) rather they put a contrasting title theme. Vocalohistory was a 4 disc compilation popular Miku songs from 2007 to 2016 plus a new song by cosMo, Ima made mo、kono toki mo、kore kara mo―/Always was, Always is, Always will. The song just like the album is telling about someone’s journey in vocaloid community, mainly cosMo’s own journey (the lyric and parts of melody are full of references to cosMo’s older works) and how he hopes Miku will continue to accompany him. We still don’t know much about Re:Start aside 40mP song which also carries similar message (except with less personal flair and emphasize to the future). Sand Planet is at heart carries similar message, except Hachi emphasize at facing the current reality something that 40mP (he’s not particularly bold type) avoid and cosMo already say his share in different song.

Then let us go back to earlier questions:
Is Vocaloid dying?

More Stagnation than dying. Whether it will actually die is up to the people. You know the drill.

Is Hachi spiting on the community? How the Producers there thinking?

No, the producers are most likely already aware of the situation they already did what they can do but as usual, they cannot do it themselves.

Do crypton know the song will turn dark?

They know, Hachi’s track record in truly happy song is short compared to his darker stuff (to the point I was surprised he got to do BokuHero OP). In fact they intentionally ask him because of that.

What is the theme for this year’s Miku anniversary?
The end and a new beginning… Rebirth.

Is Sand Planet fits the theme?

It fit quite well, a bit too well. Albeit, emphasizing on the current condition so it look bleak.

tl;dr this year’s Miku’s birthday theme is End point &  Re(new)start… Pun intended. It is fine and dandy to look at the past with nostalgic eyes but do not let the past holds you, accept the current reality about how the old era has come to an end and how the community has changed, and move forward and do what you can (both as fan an as creator) to improve the current condition. It is up to you who are still being part of the community to shape the vocaloid fandom, just like how the people from the old era did. Miku and other Vocaloids will always be there.

How to break the stagnation?

As Producers/other content creators: … Just do what you’ve been doing creating contents. Though, following trend is nice, sometimes it’s fine to do something different. But you should still remember to do just whatever you find fun.

As fans: Miku is nice isn’t she? I love her too. But it will be nice to see and support the people behind her songs too. Even if just a simple fav/mylist or leave some comments, I’m sure they’ll be thrilled. Of course, if at some point you like their works enough and have some extra money you can buy their stuff too. Not just the major label stuff, their indie/doujin works are good too.

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Ugh saw "canon lgbt" voltron icons in which of course was ace/aro pidge, ace/aro shiro, lesbian allura, gay Keith, bi klance, pan hunk. It would be cute if not for the fact that op was an anti shaladin/anti kallura klancer. At least they remembered Hunk but poor Coran wasn't even included.

People need to stop telling people the characters are canonically LGBTQ+ bc it’s literally queerbaiting other people. Like these people complain about queerbaiting but they’re deadass the ones queerbaiting others by telling them there are canonically gay/bi/ace/trans characters when it isn’t even canon? Like I don’t think they realise that’s a really shitty thing to do???

Belle is one of the most proactive characters on the canvas...

…and that is what makes this absurd story so ludicrous.

I saw someone reply to an ask about Belle being “inactive” in 6B with the opinion that Belle had been “inactive” for most of her time on the canvas. 


Belle never gets adequate screentime, and she rarely drives the main narrative (THIS SEASON being one of the exceptions), but those two things do not reflect her activity as a character. 

Belle is a character who is almost always taking action, who is almost always problem solving. She NEVER waits around for someone else to take care of a problem, and rarely waits until something awful is threatening her own family (*cough* Heroes™*cough*)

Look at her history: 

  • Tried to save the baby ogre. 
  • Set off on a quest to get back her memories of her mother’s death.
  • Came up with the idea of calling on Rumple for aid against the ogres. (Very likely is the person who actually sent the message, since we saw that Moe was dead set against that plan.)
  • CHOSE to make the deal with Rumple to save her village.
  • Chose to free Robin and then talk Rumple out of killing him. 
  • Encouraged Rumple to open up to her. 
  • Went after the yaoguai by herself.
  • After reuniting with Rumple after the curse, challenged him to open up to her
  • Tried to protect Ruby after George framed her.
  • Tracked down Hook’s boat on her own, rescued Archie, brained Hook with an oar, convinced Rumple to spare him.
  • Was moping a bit in 3A (because she thought Rumple didn’t need her) but immediately rose to the challenge of getting him Pandora’s box, including freeing herself and Ariel, tracking down the Darling brothers, and defeating them–and then telling Ariel to ask Rumple to help them. 
  • Rumple hadn’t been dead 12 hours before she was looking for ways to resurrect him. 
  • Under the second curse, came up with a project to inventory the shop contents and return them to their original owners.
  • Researched and discovered what Zelena’s evil plot was. 
  • Tried to reach Rumple even when he was under Zee’s control.
  • Even in 4A, when she was mostly written out of her own story, Belle did her best to discover where Anna was the moment she learned she was in danger.
  • Found out about the Shattered Sight spell from Rumple, researched possible remedies, and worked with the fairies to defeat the curse.
  • Saved Killy’s worthless life.
  • Researched and figured out how to save the fairies (with the “help” of Killy throwing impotent tantrums).
  • Went to Camelot to help Emma
  • Researched with Regina how to free Merlin.
  • Came up with a spell that Merlin didn’t know!
  • Figured out how to wake Rumple from his coma.
  • Fought the “heroes” and went off to rescue Rumple herself
  • Chose to leave him at the well
  • Chose to COME BACK to him and reunite
  • Fought Zee to protect the Bean, leading to her being dragged into the Underworld.
  • Fought like the devil to save Gaston (even though he didn’t deserve it).
  • Came up with the idea of dosing herself with sleeping curse and went through with it.
  • Chose not to reunite with Rumple on “Morfetus’s” advice.
  • Decided to leave town with the baby, and sent Aladdin and CY to steal from Rumple. (Was this a bad, rash, unjustified decision? You betcha! But it was a proactive one–she was not going to wait around and see what Rumple might do.)
  • Made the decision to send her baby away for his own protection–the decision upon which THIS ENTIRE HALF SEASON is based. 

For better and for worse, the only times Belle isn’t proactive are when she’s emotionally controlled by Moe, kidnapped, chained to a wall, amnesiac, brainwashed, or has her heart stolen…

…UNTIL NOW. When the stakes are higher for her than they have ever been (her child’s life and soul on the line, and likely her husband’s as well), suddenly we’ve got a Belle who is content sitting on the sidelines. Wandering around doing who knows what (except change into snappy outfits) rather than tracking down and talking to her son. BABYSITTING while another person fights HER enemy! (In a, I say again, preposterous plot-induced incident.)  We don’t even get the sop of her having a stack of huge books in front of her, or of telling Rumple she’ll join him in research/go to the library. 

This is a total turnabout for Belle, and frankly insulting to the character and her fans.

ok i have a lot of feelings about Heatwave and after going back and rewatching the entirety of tfp AFTER getting really into rescue bots i feel like i need to make a post abt why Heatwave is a far better Prime candidate than either Bee or Smokescreen

i’m sure people have talked abt this before but rather than highlighting why those two are bad choices i want to go into depth on why Heatwave is the Better candidate.

if u don’t want to read the whole thing it’s basically

1) heatwave has experience leading

2) optimus prime himself thinks that heatwave is a good leader

3) heatwave can recognize that he is not perfect & makes mistakes, and can atone for/fix those mistakes readily, but still has confidence in his ability

4) on post-war cybertron, autobots and decepticons will have to re-integrate and I feel that Heatwave is up to the challenge

more under cut

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