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miladyknits  asked:

Top 5 Riza Hawkeye moments xx

OH MY GOD CATE THIS ONE IS TOO HARD. AHSDGKJhasgdkjhs. These aren’t in order because how can I even???

1. The conversation she has with Roy after the war, when she tells him why she wants to stay in the military even after the atrocities they saw/committed. It’s such an important scene in understanding her character and motivations. The quote: “If the ways of this world are based on equivalent exchange, as alchemy says, then in order to allow for a new generation to enjoy good fortune, the price that we must pay is to carry the bodies of the dead across a river of blood.” is so chilling. 

2. The scene in Episode 19 where she has a meltdown because damn. I have so much appreciation for Riza’s writing and the subtleties in her character arc and I really think Arakawa explained so much about her drive in that scene. While it was jarring to see a character who has thus far been presented as stoic and unbreakable fall apart like that, it was also extremely fascinating to know that she does have a breaking point and how her goals and journey toward the future define her. 

3. The amazing “When it’s just us, the Colonel calls me by my first name: Riza.” “So you two are that close?” “I lied.” *shoots Envy* It’s just. So badass. XD

4. This scene is in the manga buT GODDAMN IF IT’S NOT ONE OF THE BEST RIZA SCENES. Where’s she’s blacking out on the battle field and slaps herself to stay focused because Roy needs her to be his eyes and Amestris needs them to fight. This scene in conjunction with the entirety of what Riza went through on the Promised Day exemplifies her resolve and determination. What an inspiration. She nearly died. Literally was as good as dead until May patched her up right before saying, “Yo, I stopped the bleeding but…she’s still not in good shape. She needs a doctor.” Roy asked Riza if she could fight and despite losing a fairly dangerous amount of blood, despite barely being able to stand on her own, despite people telling her it’s a Bad Idea to get back up and fight, she says yes. She never showed fear, even as she lay dying while Roy OP-and-Fearless Mustang stared at her in abject terror. Instead she said, “I’m not going to die. I’m under orders not to die.” I swear. I just.

5. When she figures out Pride’s identity because 1) my brilliant wife, and 2) THE INTENSITY OF THAT SCENE. How she’s visibly terrified while Pride has her wrapped in his shadows, but she still manages to speak to him with a level-head. “You can’t kill your hostage,” she says with a smirk while also sweating bECAUSE THE FIRST HOMUNCULUS LITERALLY HAS HER TRAPPED IN HIS CLUTCHES. And how she’s so brilliant about how she delivers that information to Roy and SKDJghsjdghjhkjsd. 

Also, honorable mention to every scene she interacts with Ed, Al or Winry because My Heart. 

anyway i love riza hawkeye more than i love breathing

ask me my “top 5/top 10″ anything <3

synaesthetic  asked:

hi!! i just found your blog and am currently sobbing over your artwork. its breathtaking! youre really talented, and im so glad you love our military dorks as much as the rest of us. if this intrigues or inspires you, would you consider drawing roy and riza meeting for the first time? if not, i completely understand, just food for thought! have a wonderful day, and thank you again for your gorgeous art!

wifeofchrishemsworth  asked:

heeyyy Bi)) it's me. long time no see. How are u so perfect artist knowing what ur folowers need in current moment? Young Royai is so cute. And tthat's so fresh to see them not burdened with their bad memories. Thank u for a smile on my face C:

Awww… HELLO LIS!!! Thank you for the compliments and for being such a good friend in general. This message put an even bigger smile on my face, just to let you know.

Also, since this is long overdue (lol), let me take this as an opportunity to present your request:

“ Sooo… I have fairy-tale-like plot hahaha Riza is a charmed princess turned to a magic bird that was found by Roy somewhere in woods or near the sea. Roy is a prince or a king. Guess it doesn’t matter really. Riza can transform back to a human  for the one day of a year. And guess he see his beloved pet as a human is kind of shocked. “

anonymous asked:

Hi, I hope you are having a nice day. If you are interested, could you maybe draw flower-crowned Roy or Riza? I think the flower crown trend's so cute, and I really wanna see your interpretation on it! Thank you :)

I might’ve gotten carried away a little bit. The flower crowns were done by my talented friend @cosplayreject