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  • 覚醒エタニティ
  • 宮野真守 (Miyano Mamoru)
  • NEW ORDER - Single

Hey, this post is for jennshaiel ( ˘ ³˘)♥ the cutest follower ever!!

I searched to find cd drama\ other songs of the game but I really didn’t find anything, even not for sail so I don’t think there is any. (at leat for now)

anyway if I will find i will upload ^^ (I think i’ll look again tommorow) and if someone does know something about this then tell me I would love to know and upload (I kinda got the hot for this game too ^^”)

I didn’t know if you have this song (the opening) or not but I really loved it so I upload it anyway, I think all mamo’s fans will love it too ^^

this song is the opening theme song of the mobile game:

“Ayakashi Koigikyoku”

Song Name: Kakusei Etaniti (”Awakening Eternity”)

Sing: Miyano Mamoru-chan ^^ which is the main character of the game, named Akito.

Album: NEW ORDER (single) - have more 2 songs, I will upload them later :)

download link

by the way here’s the pv of the game:


it’s really funny, mamo’s characters looks like ittoki from utapri, and there’s a guy that looks like masa!!!! XDDDD

sorry for not uploading many things today guys, I have the craziest problems with my computer omg.

enjoy!!! :) and wait for later ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) I’ve got LOTS of new things to uoload!!


Yo, on a serious note this is a great video for lazy ass guys who dont want to learn about periods by their dam self.

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Ok not rlly a headcanon but consider Yamaguchi with eczema and him feeling so insecure and hating the way he looks but Tsukki always tells him how beautiful he is and pointing out everything he loves about Yamaguchi right down to his freckles

excuse me while i cry

To Anon 1: I could just tell you to ignore the blog, but then I’d be the one ignoring the real problem here. Why does this blog annoy you? I’m assuming that you’ve probably got some sort of reasons in mind; otherwise you’re just being a downer, and that’s not cool. Given that the purpose of this blog is to make others happy, as well as the fact that all of the admins on this blog work hard to achieve that goal; I’m hoping you’ve got a viable reason for your opinions, otherwise we don’t need your negativity here. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, but I won’t tolerate any senseless bashing on this blog or anywhere else, so please understand that.

To Anon 2: I don’t blame you for being curious considering that’s something I’ve never once brought up on this blog. :) And while I’m totally comfortable with answering (I have nothing to be ashamed of), I’m afraid my answer may or may not disappoint you. The truth is, I’m actually undecided. It’s not that I don’t know what I like, I just don’t think there’s a proper label for it. But I’d have to say the most accurate one for me would be Pansexual. Or maybe even Demisexual. All I can say for sure is that when it comes down to it, character is all that matters to me. <3

To kurokomiyu: Hello! First off, thank you for supporting this blog! :) And of course! I’m not sure about all of the fandoms you’re in, and there’s also no way I can choose JUST 1 haha because there are so many great blogs out there! But I’ll list the first couple that come to mind(that aren’t related to KnB, PoT, and HQ):

onepieceimagines (A scenarios/one-shots blog for One Piece)

op-scenxrios-imxgines (Another great One Piece scenario blog [ilu Kara])

eternalsummerscenarios (A scenario/headcanons blog for Free!)

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theotakulifechoseme (A multi-fandom Scenario/Headcanons blog)

That’s all I have time to write out right now! If you have any specific fandoms you’re looking for though, then let me know and I’ll be glad to dig stuff up for you! :) Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day!

~Admin Kei

I have this idea that Jar Jar Binks was so fraught with guilt after the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire, that he was changed fundamentally as a person and he threw himself into the rebellion.

Like prequel Jar Jar Binks was this idiot teenager in the wrong place at the right time, but after he was easily manipulated into essentially giving Palpatine the tools to become a relentless dictator, Jar Jar matured and became this badass rebel leader and helped fight the Empire as a representative of Naboo.

He continues to be the bumbling senator but secretly he delegates a bunch of classified rebel ops and becomes a key player in the Galactic Civil War. Nobody suspects a thing and he’s in such deep cover that only a handful of people know how essential he is to the rebellion.

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*sees post of "Are You Nasty?" bootyshorts* Megatron totally gave those to Optimus. Like, when they're still totally fighting and shit, Megatron just keeps low-key leaving OP more and more inappropriate 'presents'. Optimus finding carefully wrapped presents labeled "to: little prime" and opening them to find frilly panties and collars and shit. Despite being embarrassed, OP keeps every single present (thoughtfully hidden).

hhfhjdf klj o M GGG omg
and then in battle op gets rly flustered while megs acts like nothing is out of the ordinary

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I'll make an deal with you give me your hat and I give you all the berries in the world

“That deal is dumb!” 

“No way!” 


My 2 Week Post Top Surgery with Mr Kneeshaw update. Liposuction procedure.


Op naar de Everglades, voor een tour bij captain Jack, onze booking is niet goed doorgekomen, maar we krijgen een boot bij Jeremy een enorme grote Amerikaanse gast. Een uur scheuren we door het mangrovebos . Gaaf ! Daarna nog naar een dierenpark om krokodillen van dichtbij te zien en te knuffelen!?
Een gast laat ons nog wat krokodillentrucs zien en vertelt nog veel.
Hierna verder naar ons eindhotel op Key Largo, waar we nog 6 nachten blijven.

So I just watched the first episode of Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace… oh. Ohhh dear, that was not good. The designs were bland, the characters were unlikable, the pacing was weird, the dialog felt stale… it was bad. Like… I thought the op was alright, but that’s about it. I might watch the second episode but I’m probably just going to drop this one. ¯\_( -_ -)_/¯