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Glæ·ður /gläi̯-dur̥/ dark magic. Variant of Glóa (Glower) that can be used offensively or defensively. Summons multiple hieroglyphic eyes that indiscriminately fire glaring beams of light. Coming into contact with a hieroglyph causes it to shatter, damaging anyone in the immediate vicinity.

Alright so here is my Misha photo op from this morning which accounts me and Misha under one umbrella. :’)

I actually really like how it turned out. Misha is just looking GORGEOUS whereas I look like a silly goose. But I didn’t expect anything else so… I am just amazed time and again that in the moment the picture is taken you are just like in such a rush or on such a high that you can’t really like… remember everything that happens. So when I looked at the picture afterwards I was like: He had his hand on my hand? And he had his hand on my shoulder and when the hell did I put my hand on Misha’s hip?! 0_0

Anyway… He was his usual wonderful self and I can just say thank you Misha Collins for existing and making this planet a better planet! And with that I’m off to bed, because I am SO not prepared for the Jensen op tomorrow after seeing the newest pictures of him roaming around Rome. :)