Hi cat! I’m in the middle of making an AU that is both comic form and pixel art. I got bored…so have a dancing Temmey (Flowey’s name in my AU). I hope you like it and that it brightens up your day.

(PS. it gets really funny when you put him to a fast paced song)

- dransnake


this is the only thing i can imagine playing in the background



*Another human arrived. Somehow they seem different than the ones I’ve seen come out of the ruins before. They weren’t stained in dust. That woman was lucky, if it had been any other case, I’m not sure what I would do. But a promise is a promise. We’ll see how things go.

*Things are going smoothly so far. They’ve been kind to Papyrus and I. They haven’t lifted their finger at any of the other monsters. Maybe humans aren’t all the same after all. Still, there’s determination in their eyes like the others that concerns me. They’re powerful, whether they know it or not. I’m just glad that they’re putting that power to good use.

*They even got Undyne to falter and put down her spear. This kid isn’t bad. I guess Papyrus pushed for it and they became friends. Undyne letting a human go, who would have known she’d be capable of something like that?

*Looks like they finally got to hotlands. Still surprised they’ve made it this far remaining a pacifist. Plenty of monsters know that the king needs a last human soul. Everyone is urging to get it to him. 

*Even Alphys’s puzzles aren’t an issue for them. Looks like they get along pretty well too, even when Alphys was lying to them that entire time. I’m excited to see what other feats they’ll be able to pull off. But soon they’ll have to face the king. I don’t know if he can put a kind human soul aside in comparison to all the monsters that have been trapped here for eras.

*The king killed them.

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Suspended Sculptures Create Artistic Shadow Illusions 

Graphic designer Shigeo Fukuda’s iconic 1987 piece “Lunch with a Helmet On” is composed of hundreds of suspended forks, knives, and spoons in the light, which reveal shadow sculpture. By carefully placing the obsolete items at the ideal angle,  Fukuda has managed to create a surreal optical illusion, inspired by M.C. Escher’s 3D illustrations.

Pois Vertigo (minimal) by Not a Knight Rider

This time I feel geometric! I used a “vertigo effect” and some super tele to achieve this sort of optical illusion. 
Note: this is the kind of animation one would do in Processing.
I wonder if Pi-slices, p5art or any other creative coder of Tumblr would like to give it a try (-: