Here's a thought..

Fusion gems can summon their weapons separately and combine them (e.g opal can summon amethysts whip and pearls spear separately and then combine them to form her bow) Does this mean that Alexanderite can summon Sardonyx’s Warhammer, Sugilite’s flail or Opal’s Bow by only combining two of the gems weapons rather than all three? Or since gems can summon multiple weapons does it mean that she can have all three AT ONCE (one for each pair of arms)? THATS SO OP!!


One Piece time-lapse video of the kaidou vs 4 supernovae fan art with some self-made fan commentary

I love catching hypocritical douchebros in lies. When dumbass guys say how much “attitude,” and “personality” “turns them on.” That is such bull shit. I love when they say shit like that because then I ask them, “who’s your celebrity crush?” It’s always some super skinny, or super curvy actress. What’s makes it even better is when they start calling out key physical features that will “make me hard in a second.” Douchebros are so fucking dumb. Like you seriously gonna say that shit, seconds after telling me what turns you is “attitude,” and “personality.” Drink bleach.