both viktor and yuuri are such gentle romantic souls……and they have each other to be gentle and romantic with……much goals. much blessed…


This is the cause of my absolute joy yesterday.

First of all, I love getting mail. Like, LOVE it. But it’s even better when it’s something I have been looking forward to as much as I was looking forward to this package!! 

I have been hyped af about these since @stonesandsigils started telling me about this idea she had. Are you ready for this??

Cleansing tarot bags. Fuck. Yes. 

She makes these gorgeous, hand stitched (with lots of love, I have watched her make them, I can attest to this!) bags with a lining that has this magical (divine smelling) cleansing mix that she makes by hand. So that way, when you put your deck (or crystals or runes or whatever you want, really!) in them, it cleanses them while the rest. 

Like????? I fucking love these so much.

Never once have I see tarot bags and been like “I need one of those” until these, because this is a brilliant thing. And come on– they are literally hand stitched. Yes. 

Anyway, I had three in the package – two for myself (one for my Rider-Waite, one for my Linestrider) and one for my giveaway! Additionally I have a photo of the turquoise tree pendent (she makes and sells these in her shop too!) that I received as a gift for Christmas that I absolutely adore! (I love it so much, I’ve put it on my key chain so that I can have it with me all the time – also this texture and bead movement are really helpful to me personally with my anxiety, being able to fidget with it is so helpful.)

These bags go for $12.50 USD and the tree of life pendents go for $15 USD on her shop. I recommend these both so much, I can’t say it enough. 


the storm has been going on for hours. it’s something else that wakes remus in the middle of the night - the feeling of being stared at. he blinks up into the darkness of the dorm.
a silhouette looming over him causes a second of fright - then the whisper of a familiar voice stills it.
“sorry for waking you.”
“’s okay. you okay, pads?” he manages, sleep-slurred.
“i don’t like storms.”
a beat of silence.
feet padding closer, softly.
“you mind if i - can i -”
“yeah, of course.” he drags his sleep-heavy body to the side.
the rustling of blankets as sirius crawls in next to him.
his outline in the dark, his breath, the warmth of his body, close.
they fall asleep again, side by side. and if they wake up a little closer, limbs a little more entangled, then surely it can be blamed on the storm.

Special Asks Announcement! Yoongi Edition

Hello friends I have awoken. Just wanted to say thank you! Glad you guys liked the last comic :’)

But anyway as for asks, you guys have been sending a lot of encouraging ones which I really appreciate and will answer to today! I’m taking a day off from drawing today ‘cause my shoulder is sore so both yay and nay :’)

But for actual asks for Joonie, I actually don’t have that many! (I’m holding off on some because plot things so sorry I haven’t gotten to that!) But yeah, I encourage people to send some more!! That way I have more ideas for silly things in the future~

⭐️⭐️⭐️As for special asks, It’s Yoongi’s birthday soon and I wanted to open the asks to be in his perspective for a bit (Nams doesn’t have to be involved for me to answer it.) I will choose around 2-3 that he will answer. So if you’re curious about anything from this au Yoongi, get on the ask box yo.

Edit: Yoongi asks will be open until his birthday!