Ok but during the clocktower scene where Axel has three ice creams and Saix grabs one and goes “You can’t eat all this,” I could totally see Axel snatching it back, shouting “WATCH ME, BITCH” and then shoving all of them into his mouth at once

what even IS that buff nick valentine lookin guy from uhhh the game where leon is there. r. ye. zonbie. anyway is he like also a zombie or what what’s his deal

i remember that one time when i was 10 years old i asked how to become an emo girl on yahoo answers and someone replied with “you cant become an emo you have to be born that way” and i still think about it sometimes. assigned emo at birth

OMG, LAW’S GOING TO BE IN THE FILM STAMPEDE MOVIE??? OH GOSH, since Law’s my second favorite character in the entire series (right after Donquixote “Corazon” Rocinante), I just want to say this: ABOUT GODDAMN TIME!! I’m positively thrilled that he’s going to have a role (limited as it may be) in this movie!!

Also, two more comments I want to add:

1. I’m pretty damn fond of his outfit!! At first, I was somewhat underwhelmed since it wasn’t as immediately impressive as some of his other outfits (such as his Thousand Sunny outfit), but then after looking at it again for a while, I realized that his outfit is actually pretty awesome. It follows the same overall scheme and has the same appeal as his other outfits: hipster, sleek, and simple but with definite pops of personality. I mean, just look at it–it’s an overall simple jacket, but combined with his characteristic jeans, the Jolly Roger on the front and back, the stripes at the pocket openings, and the furred ruff?? NICE and visually CATCHY. And I adore how his outfit–and the attitude he displays in this image–has the same somber, dark, and fairly edgy mood that made me fall in love with him in the first place~!! Now, the only thing left is seeing his color scheme…

2. I wonder what kind of role Law’s going to play in the movie?? Honestly, as of right now, I think that he might play the same role in this movie as he did in the 2018 Tokyo Tower exclusive episode, but who knows, tbh. Either way, I hope that this movie will show more of Law’s interactions and relationship with his crew. I really, really hope that this movie will let the Heart Pirates shine at least a little bit, since Oda honestly neglects them to the point that it seems like he forgot that they are an integral part of the Ninja-Pirate-Samurai-Mink Alliance and that they even exist in the manga proper

okay so if i was the kind of fairytale creature who was good at math and i wanted to be a math teacher would it be better to get my math degrees then my teaching degree? or to get the teaching degree first then study for math degree while teaching?