oozing out

Venus in the Houses

In the 1st: The Knight

You wear your heart on your sleeve not in sensitivity, but with bravery. You come as you are; always ready to fight for what you love.

In the 2nd: Dionysus

The melody in your heart oozes out of you as a siren song, taking pleasure in all you feel in your heart. You let the richness take over your very being.

In the 3rd: The Hummingbird

Ever-flitting, ever-flying; so envied and admired. You move impossibly fast, it takes focus to see your wings oh but we hear the beautiful music they make as you pass us by with your jeweled feathers.

In the 4th: The Envelope

Your lover is your letter, you the envelope. You carry them safely to their destination, recognizing precious words and beauty as the truth. Oh but how easily battered you can be, please bubble-wrap your loving heart.

In the 5th: The Leather Jacket

You wear your heart as a coat, whether worn or new or real or fake. You exist as a symbol of yourself you create out of your own fabric. Expression is your savior, savor it.

In the 6th: The Furrowed Brow

The worrier, the servant, the loyal. You do not let it all show, you stand poised and sure but that one little crease, that only little wrinkle expresses it all. You do not have to stand impossibly tall, sit down. It’s okay.

In the 7th: The Nymph

Either fairy or seductress, you walk lightly and nervously about. You are sweet, whispered nothings in the sunset fields; whether they mean something or not…

In the 8th: The Taxidermist

You sculpt around you in stillness and a resistance to trust and to allowing the world to move around you. Your taboo necromancy is intense and even scary, but if they looked beneath they’d see that you simply create out of what is before you.

In the 9th: The Wanderer

The free spirit full of self-destructive flightiness, unwilling to fully let go for what else is out there? You feel yourself on the precipice, not sure whether to let go and fall down down down into the wind or continue to resist.

In the 10th: The Willow

The wise beauty of movement and stillness wrapped together in harmony with all around you. That surprising snap and wit lurking in your calming vines, it haunts and provides all at once.

In the 11th: The Amphibian

Master of water and land, you can go in and out with ease, but can’t quite seem to choose which you truly want. Perhaps the company around you is enough, but maybe if you dive down deeper or climb up higher you’ll find something better than you recognize.

In the 12th: The Saved

They fall into the hot spring in the middle of the night with you, sipping wine and sharing kisses and admissions of vulnerability that drift into the night. But don’t let them drown, for they so easily can if they are not wary.

If Tamlin tries to marry Feyre again
  • Ianthe: Is there anyone who objects to this wedding?
  • *entire Night Court appears at the back and everyone looks at them*
  • Feyre: *turns back to Tamlin again and smirks* I object.
  • *High Lady tattoo dramatically appears*
  • *Wings and Talons appear, darkness oozes out of her and poofy Spring Court wedding dress transforms into Night Court style*
  • Rhysand: That's my girl. *plus signature smirk because duh it's Rhys*

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to get you involved.”

Klavier (Howl) smiles at inappropriate times. For example, when he’s escorting his acquaintance through a dark alley while he’s being pursued by some mysterious individuals. And even as blob men are oozing out of the walls attempting to trap them in the alley, he’s still smiling, while his poor companion loses his composure.

All Apollo wanted was to visit his sister that day. Unfortunately for him, he encountered the wizard Klavier along the way…


Every time I watch anything this man does, I fall in love XD

This is beautiful and the meaning of music everybody.

You won’t regret watching it

Only other man that can do this is Jamie Foxx, except Gambino is a rapper and Foxx isn’t.

they see you for the first time

S T I L E S :

Stiles had accompanied Lydia and Allison to the mall for dress shopping and little did he know that the stunning girl Lydia ran into would be the one he’d share his first dance with.

“Lydia, who’s that boy over there waving at me?”

“Oh, that’s Stiles. He’s way under your league; trust me.”

“I actually think he’s kinda cute.”

S C O T T :

The first time Scott saw you, you were crying. You were another of the Dread Doctors’ genetic chimera experiments and Scott found you sobbing in the tunnels, with blood oozing nonstop out of your shoulder.

“D-don’t let them take me!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone hurt you. You’re safe now, please, don’t cry.” 

L I A M :

It was kind of hard for him to not notice you the first time he was in your presence, as you were the only girl on the lacrosse team next to Kira and showcasing your extremely outgoing and loud personality didn’t help him much in terms of trying not to be nervous around you.

“Hey, you’re Liam right? How’s it going?”


D E R E K :

When Derek came looking for Scott at Stiles’ house, he was surprised to walk into Stiles’ room to see a girl dancing and singing out loud on the bed. You both made eye contact, and that’s when you fell off the bed; Derek couldn’t stop suppressing the unavoidable smile that came to his face.

“Where the hell are my friends, home alone not agai- ow! Uh, who are you?!”

“I don’t believe we’ve met, I’m Derek Hale.”

“Yeah, Stiles told me about you, you’re the one that never smiles, right?”

I S A A C :

The last thing Isaac expected to see when he came to Derek’s place was Derek being thrown and pinned to the ground by a girl half his size. After you were done, you walked off with a smirk on your face, not taking any note of the curly-haired boy and it took Isaac all of his mental strength to refrain from running up to you and being a nervous dork.

“Derek, who’s that?”

“Uh, my cousin. Why?”

“Cause’, she knocked you out beautifully.”

T H E O :

Malia had brought you to the workout room when she interrogated Theo about keeping secrets. You had heard a lot about him from the rest of the pack, mostly bad, but you never actually saw him, so Malia thought it would be a good idea for you two to get a little familiar. The result? Neither of you could stop staring.

“You must be (Y/N).”


“I gotta say, I definitely wasn’t expecting this.”

“I could say the same to you, Raeken.”

J A C K S O N :

When Jackson took Allison swimming, he wasn’t anticipating another girl to join them. The first word he thought of when he looked at you was: beautiful. Not hot, not cute, like he calls every other girl; but beautiful. And it was at that exact moment he realized that you were the one for him.

“Hey Allison, I was- who’s this…?”

“Jackson, (Y/N). (Y/N), Jackson. She’s in my english class with Scott, Stiles, and I.”

“(Y/N). That’s a beautiful name.”

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man i was walking to work today from the subway and i saw these two businessmen in suits talking, but they were doing that stupid thing where they were standing with like four feet of space between them, like, just screwing with the flow of a sidewalk for no reason? like they’re afraid if they stand a little closer someone’s gonna run up and marry them to each other. anyways, as i was cutting between them i looked over at one of them and our eyes locked just as he was saying, and this is the only thing i heard him say with a creepy grin on his face, “sweater meat.” and i swear i was just like, “eugh!?” and sped up a little. like it’s the grossest thing you could be talking about in the middle of the sidewalk in broad daylight. his face got all creased and shadowed as he said it, it’s like he didn’t even say it, it’s like the words oozed out of his pores like tentacles and tried to get at me. 

is there even a sleazier way to talk about boobs? sweater meat? it’s practically the middle of summer, no one’s wearing sweaters. your creepiness isn’t even seasonally appropriate. i know you’re not from another hemisphere, buddy. it doesn’t even make sense. i wish his friend had been like, “but wait, nick, if boobs are sweater meat because when girls wear sweaters, they’re in them. what about when we wear sweaters? are we the meat inside the sweaters?”

and the first guy gets all defensive and stammers as he wipes at his brow, “what the fuck kind of nonsense are you talking about, huh? how can you and i be sweater meat? we’re nick and david!” he gulps. “to suggest…to suggest that when i wear a sweater i am also meat inside a sweater. i don’t…the meat is the boob, you dumbass! i’m nick! i’m not the boob! i’m not made of m- i’m- when i- i ain’t never wore no sweater in my life! i’ll fuck you up you say that shit to me again!” late that night he’s standing in the dark in his bathroom wearing a sweater, just staring at himself in the mirror.


I don’t know how Tada-nii would react to Hiro dating, because Hiro has never dated.  Huh.  Wonder why.


(little note, I’m not an ask blog and I usually don’t take requests either >.<  This was just a cute ask I had sitting in my inbox for a really long time, and happened to fit well with something I wanted to draw anyway ^ ^; Thanks for understanding! <3)


Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Summary: The Reader has a weakness for Jensen on stage.

Word Count: 1,704

Warnings: Fluff, SMUT

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is ONE of my fics for Smut Appreciation Day! I really hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

Request: @thing-you-do-with-that-thing: Can you do Jensen smut, where she watches him sing on stage and get really turned on by his confidence and voice. When he gets off stage she drags him back to the hotel room before he bare can say goodbye to anyone. So very in charge Reader and with the smut - you just do your thing girl :D

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I look at women and I see a woman. So I remind myself, all women are goddesses.

I look at her and I see a goddess. So I have to remind myself - she is just a girl.

But knowing that she is a goddess first and a girl second…

seeing how her divinity radiates and oozes out of her so effortlessly…and seeing the endless depth of the ocean, with all it’s horrors and wonders behind her eyes…

All that grabs my heart and mind and soul and shakes me down to the marrow of my bones, to the deepest part of my being.

—  Typhoon, looking into the eyes of a goddess.
Cherry Pie

by @chileananderson for the @xfficchallenges dialogue only challenge! This was fun =)

“That waitress has the hots for you, Mulder, I’m telling you. That’s the third time she’s refilled your coffee before being even halfway done with it.”

“She didn’t give you more because you’ve hardly even dented yours.”

“That’s because I prefer my coffee drinkable. I don’t know how you’ve been able to swallow that stuff. I’ve seen black oil oozing out of people’s eyes look more appealing.

“You don’t mean that.”

“You’re right, I don’t. But next time I’m choosing the diner. Somewhere where the coffee is drinkable and the waitresses subtle.”

“You’re wrong you know.”

“About the waitress finding you attractive? I’m not wrong.”

“You are. It’s not me she has the hots for. It’s you.”

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Age: ???? (couple years older than Serif though)

- His eyes always has black ooze leaking out
- When he’s in combat mode, he has an asterisk sign in his right eye.


- Asshole / Mean / Jerk
- Doesn’t give a crap about anyone
- Still jokes but in a insulting way
- Judgemental
- Always picking a fight
- Hates Gaster’s prank and joking around
- Sort of care for Gaster in a way


- can summon Gaster hands
- has the ability to levitate
- can’t summon gaster blaster / but his Gaster hands can shoot light beams


Age: ???? (he’s not dead)

- He lives inside Asterisk’s head
- Can’t travel outside of Asterisk
- Nobody can see him except for Asterisk


- goofy (Goofster lol)
- always positive
- playful
- likes to joke around


- Can also summon Gaster hands

Relationship with Asterisk

- Protective of him
- Likes to mess with him or annoy him
- Make sure he stays positive  by annoying him

All done with Photoshop CC and Cintiq Touch
Artwork done by @spacejacket
Logo design done by @bluerose099
Asterisk and Gaster from Paraverse Tale belongs to @spacejacket and @bluerose099

Undertale © Toby Fox

*Goes up to a beautiful ivory grand piano in the middle of a forest and starts playing a sad, somber piano arrangement of Butterfly by Crazy Town* *Tears stream down my cheeks as I laboriously press the keys, my very essence oozing out of my fingertips and into the music itself*

Glad we met (Dan Howell imagine) Part 1

Here is the new series of writing on this blog! So just like Psycho Dan, there will be more parts for this, so if this ends on a cliffhanger don’t worry!

Y/l/n= Your last name      



“Aren’t you excited?” Louise squealed, as me, Zoe and Carrie bundled into the lift. Today was Vidcon 2017 and to answer Louise’s question, I was so excited, I generally felt like the excitement was going to ooze out of me like syrup on a pancake. This was my second Vidcon so I knew how things worked and what was happening throughout the day. 

Zoe laughed “Quiet chummy, there’s other people in this hotel you know!” we all burst out laughing while Louise went red. “Sorry, I’m just so excited!” 

“Don’t worry, we all are!” Carrie joined in. “I mean imagine how I feel, it’s only my first!” I put my hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, I remember my first and it turned out to be the best experience of my life!”

Before Carrie could respond, the ding of the lift interrupted us, sliding the doors open at the same time. We all rushed out into the lobby where Alfie, Caspar, Jack, Dean, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Naomi and Joe were waiting for us. 

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Purpose (pt. 1)

Summary: You’ve only known one thing your entire life: ending somebody else’s. That is, until you get paired with the infamous Jeon Jungkook for your newest assignment.
Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Genre: Angst/Drama, Assassin!AU, contains violent themes and mature language.
Word Count: 4,541
Requested by: Anonymous
Author’s Note: This is probably the darkest thing I’ve ever written, but I was so excited to get this request—even if I did change it around a little. There will definitely be more parts, so let me know what you guys think!


If it’s not the sudden crack of a shot ringing through the air that alerts the city to his presence, it’s definitely the ragged attempts that follow to hold in the moans and groans of pain. The man clenches tightly onto the wound in his shoulder, desperately trying to stop the blood from oozing out although these efforts prove to be fruitless as he feels the hot liquid seeping through the gaps in his fingers. The bullet is lodged deeply within the blades of his shoulders, he knows that getting it out by himself would be near impossible—but he doesn’t risk the trek to the hospital.

Instead he paces briskly down the sidewalk, his vision turning hazy from the rapid loss of blood, turning sharply down an alleyway and walking in as deep as he could possibly go until the only light source remains at the entrance. He presses himself tightly against the brick wall, sinking down until he reaches the floor. A variety of curse words course through his mind, but the most tangible thought he can make out amongst the mist and befuddled thoughts stay along the lines of: they found me, how did they find me?

His pants only increase in noise despite his previous internal battle to persist in being as quiet as possible, the pain lingering and forcing his head to rest back against the brick of the wall behind him. He longs to call someone, but the risk is too great, the impending dangers of what could follow eating at his skin like bacteria.

“Hello?” A voice calls from the entrance of the alleyway, loud and confident, the lingering shyness and hesitation palpable—a girl, no doubt, much younger than he. “Hello, is anyone in there?”

You seem innocent enough, the man deems—a perfect captive to hold ransom just in case—which is why he drops his guard to croak out: “In here!”

You appear to him like an angel, emerging through the dim street lamps overhead to kneel right in front of him. He misses the hazy, mysterious shadows that cast themselves around your face, only focusing on the opposite rays of light that pool in from the entrance that positively make you glow to him. He misreads the glance you cast to his wound, not seeing the victorious glint that flickers behind eyes like flames cracking, not knowing that your sniping from the building 2 blocks away has forced him into this very position—pathetic, desperate, selfishly clinging onto life when you could just as easily ended it if you swayed your angle just ever so slightly to the right.

It’s perfect. It’s exactly how you want him.

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