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Jamie Benn - Easy

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Anon: Can you do a Jamie benn imagine where you’re married and have 4 kids and since it’s summer Jamie has been spending a lot of quality time with his children. He’s been making them pancakes for breakfast, taking them to the beach, practicing hockey in the backyard, having movie nights. One summer night Jamie surprises you with your patio lit up with lights and candles and a romantic dinner.

A/N: i hope you enjoy loves xx

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Family Bonding (Family Vacation, Part 1)

The next in my Nesta saga.  I can’t really call it a Nessian as Cassian is MIA while Mor and Nesta have an issue.  No smut in this one, sorry!  Will make more sense if you’ve read the rest: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Nesta was stretched out on the couch, flipping through a book, trying to snatch another hour of peace before the rest of the family arrived.  Cassian had brought her here a day early, since he had to inspect a nearby training camp and wanted them have a night to enjoy the cabin before everyone else arrived for a few days of forced bonding.  Enjoy it they had, which was probably a good thing since there were only two bedrooms and as far as she knew there would be eight people sharing.  She debated whether she wanted to go outside and read on the porch, but settled for staring out the window at the lake, daydreaming about flying over it with Cassian, swooping through the air with the waterfowl that were currently dabbling at the water’s edge.   Her reverie was broken by Mor banging through the door, clearly brimming with news.  She pulled up abruptly when she realized Nesta was the only occupant.  “Where is everyone?”

Nesta gave an insolent shrug, pretending to be engrossed in the story.  “Not here.”

“Thanks,” Mor said in a voice dripping with venom.

“Forgive me, Miss Morrigan.  Cassian is at some camp doing an inspection and nobody else has arrived.”

Mor slumped in a chair facing Nesta, arms crossed, eyes narrowed.  “What the fuck is your problem?”  Cool gray-blue eyes looked levelly into golden brown ones for a moment, then returned to the book.  Mor sighed.  “I love your sisters, you know.”

Nesta turned the page, focusing on maintaining her nonchalance as she replied, “Everyone loves my sisters.”

“Your sisters love me, too.”

Nesta stuck her finger in her book and closed it.  She could feel her pulse increasing; the last thing she wanted to do was get into a fight, especially when the two of them were here alone.  “What do you want me to say?”

“I want to know why you treat me with such disdain.”

“I treat everyone with disdain, it’s not just you.”

“You don’t treat Cassian with disdain,” Mor snarled.

“You don’t know what we do behind closed doors.”

Mor huffed and tossed her hands in the air before standing abruptly.  “I give up.  I give up!  I have tried and tried to be friends with you, for Feyre’s sake.  But it’s hopeless.  Utterly hopeless.”

Nesta put her book down and slowly sat up, tucking her feet underneath her.  If she wanted to have it out, fine.  “You’ve been trying to be friends with me?  When?  I must have blinked and missed it.”

“Oh, get over yourself,” Mor snapped.  “Everyone dances around you like you’re some dangerous creature, some mighty queen whose favor we have to curry, but you’re nothing but a petty little bitch.  And that’s fine, I don’t care what you think you deserve, but when you drag Cassian into your ridiculous drama-“  

“Why would you give a shit about Cassian now?” Nesta interrupted hotly.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

Nesta leaned in, pressing a hand against the coffee table between them, the movement predatory.  “You got what you needed from him all those years ago, but what have you ever done for him?  You let Rhys beat the shit out of him -“

“I was in no condition to stop that -“

“-and what have you done for him since?  He’s been tormented by what went on for the past five hundred years.  He thinks he failed you, even as he saved you.  Have you ever spared a thought for what he risked?”  Mor was shaking her head slowly, eyes blazing, hands clenched, but Nesta plowed on.  “He risked the trust of his brothers, hell, he risked his life once your family found out, but what have you ever risked for him?”  She gave a mirthless laugh.  “No, you’ve just kept using him.  First you used him to save yourself, now you use him as a buffer to prevent everyone from knowing what you really are, isn’t that right?”  

“And what would that be?” Mor’s voice was cold, vicious, the voice of the Queen of the Hewn City, but Nesta could hear a note of fear behind it and went in for the kill.

“A liar who uses her friends as a mask.  A coward who can’t admit who she is, even to people who will love her no matter what.”  

“What are you talking about?”  Mor queried, the tone implying Nesta’s sanity was in question, but she couldn’t hide the slight tremor in her hands.  Nesta sat back again, crossing her arms, raising her chin in that haughty way she knew drove Mor insane.

“Are you ever going to tell them that you prefer females, or are you going to continue to fuck Helion and whoever else crosses your path to keep up this ridiculous facade?”

Mor sank back into her chair, grasping the arms, eyes wide in shock.  “Feyre,” she said tremulously, “Feyre told you?”

“Feyre?  No.”  Nesta made a disgusted noise.  “Like Feyre would ever sell you out.”

“Then how?”

Nesta shrugged.  “When we were at Rita’s for your birthday, some female came up and asked me if I’d introduce her to you, and I just…realized.”  Mor’s hands covered her mouth and nose as Nesta went on.  “I’d been trying to figure out why you kept pushing between Cassian and me, especially during the war.  It almost worked, you know.”  She shook her head.  “I thought you still cared for him at first, that he cared too.  But it was never about him, you just didn’t want to lose your cover.”  She sat back and made to return to her book, pressing down on the guilt that pricked her at the devastation she could see on Mor’s face.

“Does he know?” Mor whispered, not denying the truth of Nesta’s words.


“Why…why did you tell him?”

“I didn’t.  Why would I bother?  It’s not my concern, you can be with anyone you want.  But I’m pretty sure he knows anyway.  You’re a terrible liar.”

“And you are a bitch of the first order,”  Mor snapped, partially recovering her composure.

“Well, that’s a relief.  I’d hate to be a bitch of the second order,” Nesta retorted.

Mor’s mouth quirked into an involuntary smile. “Don’t make me start liking you, Nesta,” she warned.

“Is that what I’m doing?  Good to know, I’ll stop.”

“Gah!  I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.”

“That sounds like a personal problem,”  Nesta parried, trying but failing to swallow her chuckle.  Mor stared at her in disbelief.  

“You…You have a sense of humor.”

“And you are spectacularly unobservant if you’re just figuring this out now.”

Mor burst out laughing, falling helplessly against the back of her chair while Nesta watched her, smile playing on her lips.  Slowly, Mor regained control and met Nesta’s steady gaze.  “Does Cassian get to see this side of you?”

“Of course.  Why else would he put up with me?”  A kernel of truth, embedded in the joke.

Mor shrugged her elegant shoulders.  “I just figured it was the sex.”

“Well, naturally.  But sometimes we need to take breaks to eat and I like to keep him entertained.”

“Speaking of which…”  A box of pastries appeared on the low table between them.  “Help yourself.”

Nesta leaned forward and selected one, a delicate flaky concoction with chocolate oozing from the center.  Mor grabbed one and vanished the box, then settled back into her chair, taking a huge bite of her fruit-filled square of dough and studying her adversary while she chewed.  Nesta nibbled daintily on a corner of her own, pretending not to notice Mor’s assessment even as she could feel heat spread up her neck.  “Can I ask you something?” Mor’s tone had gentled so much that Nesta bristled internally, anticipating the knife wound of sympathy that would no doubt accompany that change.

“If you must.”

“Why haven’t you acknowledged the mating bond?” Mor asked softly.

Nesta kept her eyes down, fighting the burning in them, until she trusted her control enough to hold Mor’s gaze.  “There is no mating bond.”

An incredulous snort.  “What do you mean?  We were all there, we saw you pull him from the Cauldron’s path.  Hell, we can all smell it!”

Biting her lip hard enough to taste blood, Nesta shook her head.  “I can’t feel it, can’t find it.”  She had never admitted this to anyone except Cassian.  “I know he thinks there’s something, he tries to pull on it, but there’s just…nothing on my end.  Like he’s knocking on the door of an empty house.”

“It took Feyre a year to recognize it,” Mor reminded her gently.  “Sometimes it just takes time.”

“And sometimes we want something so badly we can fool ourselves into thinking it’s there.”

“Are you referring to Cassian or yourself?”  Nesta shrugged again, looking away, unable to meet Mor’s eyes as she asked the inevitable next question.  “Do you love him?”  

Nesta didn’t answer for so long Mor stood and walked into the kitchen, pouring herself a glass of water and standing at the sink, looking out the window.  Nesta pulled her knees to her chest and rested her chin on them, hugging her shins, trying to find that distance she relied on, that ice that had always protected her.  But hadn’t she forced Mor’s hand?  Wasn’t it only fair that she give her a truth of her own?  Yet only Fae ears would have heard her as she breathed, “Yes.  Yes, I love him.”  She couldn’t keep the pain from her voice.  Mor turned back to her, fresh tears in her eyes, then walked over and brushed a hand over her arm before sitting on the couch at her feet.

“That’s enough, you know,” Mor reassured her.  “Love…love is enough.”

They sat in silence for a while before Mor suddenly remembered something from the beginning of their conversation.  “What did you say to her?”

Nesta came out of her reverie and blinked at her, confused.  “To who?”

“To that female at Rita’s, who asked you to introduce us.  You obviously never did, so what did you say?”

A smile tugged at Nesta’s mouth, but her voice was flat as she replied, “I told her to go introduce herself.”

“Did you say it like that?”

“Pretty much.”

“Huh.”  Mor’s face was contemplative.  “I never considered ‘introduce’ as a substitute for ‘fuck’ until now.”

Nesta’s smile turned wicked.  “Many words can have similar meanings, you know.  It’s all in how you say them.  Inflection is important.”

“So I see,” Mor grinned.  “I can’t wait to try that one out on Cassian the next time he pisses me off.”

“Try it on Rhys instead.  Or Lucien.  It may not work on Cassian at this point, at least not how you intend.”

Mor rested her head against the back of the couch for a moment, staring without really seeing the mantel Feyre had painted.  “Why did you get me that necklace?” she asked abruptly, turning to face her.  Hurt flickered across Nesta’s features and Mor must have recognized it because she added, “Don’t get me wrong, I love it.  It’s probably my favorite piece of jewelry, to be honest.  It’s just…I hadn’t…earned it.”

“I guess I wanted you to know that I wasn’t…angry.”  Why were words so hard?  “About how things are between us.  We’re not that different, you know.  I think I wanted to let you know that I understood.”

“Understood what?”

“What it’s like to wear a mask all the time.”

“But I thought you didn’t figure it out until that night?”

Nesta propped her elbow on the back of the couch and rested her face on her hand.  “I only figured out what you were hiding that night.  But it’s pretty easy when you’ve always worn a mask to recognize it in someone else.”  

Mor rolled her head back and studied the ceiling.  “What am I going to say to them?” she murmured.  

“You don’t have to actually say anything, you know.”  Nesta’s voice was uncharacteristically gentle.  “There doesn’t need to be some grand announcement.  You could just stop lying, stop hiding.”

“I suppose. It’s just -“

Voices and footsteps sounded outside.  They could hear Rhys and Feyre bickering about something, then Lucien’s barking laugh.  A glance out the window showed the group of them - the whole family except Cassian and Amren - crossing the yard, Willow squirming in Elain’s arms.  Both females smiled at the sight.

Mor tilted her head to look at Nesta.  “I still hate you, you know.”

“And I still don’t care,” Nesta replied, opening her book once again as her hair slid down, blocking her expression as she pulled her mask back on.

for @dannymillersthighs, who prompted a fic where aaron and robert were looking at silly facebook videos in bed! this got a bit soppy, but i hope you enjoy all the same.

white picket fences

Aaron settled back against his pillows, shifting so he was pressed close to Robert’s side as they lay in bed, unwinding after a long day. Robert had picked up the new book he’d bought in Hotten that afternoon as soon as his arse had hit the mattress, his shower soft hair messy and oh-so inviting as he focused on whatever sci-fi novel he’d been excitedly talking about all through tea.

It was endearing, how into reading Robert was. Aaron had never known about it during the affair, not really - a brief mention, or a book sitting on Robert’s desk at home farm the only indication of his favourite hobby.

Sometimes, he couldn’t quite believe just how domestic and settled the two of them were. There was always the nights that they’d fall into bed, unable to keep their hands off each other (god, he hoped they’d never lose that) but Aaron always enjoyed these quiet sort of evenings, when he’d be scrolling through Facebook on his phone, Robert engrossed in a book, the two of them doing nothing more than just enjoying each others company after a long day.

Aaron snorted as he noticed a video on his timeline, nudging Robert in the side to make him look. “That’s you,” he grinned, gesturing at the video, a dog jumping up and down on the screen.

Holding his place in the book, Robert angled Aaron’s phone so he could get a better look. “When he looks at his phone instead of you….” he rolled his eyes, laughing at the dog as it jumped in and out of view excitedly. “You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“You love it,” Aaron shrugged, continuing his scroll through Facebook, leaning a little more heavily on Robert now, the familiar scent of his shower gel practically assaulting Aaron’s senses.

He’d always bang on about how it was a waste of money, but Aaron loved how it smelled on his fiancé’s skin, the lemon scent clinging to his skin, his hair, his pyjamas. It was one of those little Robert things that always made him smile, the expensive branded bottle sitting next to Aaron’s cheap shower gel in the shower caddy.

Hitting play on another video, a screeching sound filled their otherwise quiet bedroom.

“What is that?” Robert scrunched up his nose, wincing at the noise.

Aaron grinned. “A baby otter,” he showed Robert the video, playing for the second time through now.

“You know, you make fun of Victoria for sharing all those cute animal videos, but you’re as bad,” Robert teased, shoving a bookmark into his book, setting it down on his bedside locker. He shoved at Aaron’s side, forcing him to sit up for a second so he could manoeuvre himself behind Aaron, an arm slung around his back.

Aaron settled back against Robert, the way his fiancé would cuddle him close like still a novelty, even after all this time. He could feel the steady rise and fall of Robert’s chest as they laid together, duvet tugged up around their waists. “Baby animals are always cute,” he defended, flicking past a few posts from his friends, Belle having had shared some video about a hairstyle to Liv’s timeline.

He loved that his little sister was a Dingle now, through and through, all of them having had taken Liv under their wing, Belle most of all. Liv needed that, she needed a family around her, needed more than just Aaron and Robert on her side.

“Wait, play that one,” Robert interrupted his train of though, pointing to a video Victoria had liked. “Are those stuffed cookies?”

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Dumb genius

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: Tony starts to hate his additional pounds which leads to starving and self hatred and feeling unworthy of dating a person like Steve. Luckily, Steve knows better

length: 1 243 words

warnings: body acceptance fic with chubby!Tony, mentions of alcoholism

a/n: filling in more prompts! this fic is a bit on the sad side, but has a happy ending. hope you like it!


Dumb genius

Tony groaned, doing his best to suck his stomach in. Almost, almost there… Done! He managed to pull the zipper up and even button the black slacks. He looked in the mirror, turning around. Not bad. He just couldn’t breathe. That was a minor discomfort. He also noticed that the material clung around his hips and butt. Nothing a long jacket wouldn’t fix. If only the jacket would fit too, that was…

Giving up, Tony groaned louder, sliding a hand down his face. When did it happen that he stopped fitting in his own pants? He noticed that he had gained a bit of weight, but didn’t realize that it was that bad. Damn sweatpants with elastic. They mislead him as the material was stretching with his growing waist, and he didn’t think that it was so bad.

“Babe, are you ready?!”

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some-dumb-ghoul  asked:

(NYOOMS IN) HI I SEE OPEN REQUESTS AND I BRING YOU: very popular boy got lots of chocolate on valentines day, plus bought a lot of discount chocolate. starts eating it but when he feels full he realizes how good it feels and doesnt stop until hes finished it all, so hes sitting there with a belly full to bursting of chocolate, super turned on, rubbing it and moaning in pain and pleasure

(Ooh, great idea! Love the idea of someone being driven crazy by lust of eating! Anyway, heres the story!)

Cody entered through the school gates whistling the latest tune he was listening to through his headphones. It was Valentine’s Day, a day which Cody enjoyed quite a bit. Cody was a super popular student at Aerith High. He wasn’t on any sports team or anything. He was just popular for being a nice, easy going and loveable guy.  He looked out for other students by helping them in class and giving the homework answers if they were needed. This made everyone swoon over him. Also, his good looks had a huge hand in that. Cody had silky short blonde hair which resembled an angel. Rosy cheeks with very sharp cheek bones and a very strong jaw line. Girls would stare and daydream over him, each day every day. Cody took nothing from it, he just wanted to focus on himself.

Cody approached his locker when he found a number of presents sitting just in front. He bent down and picked them up. There were five square shaped presents, all wrapped in love heart wrapping paper with bows and ribbons. They were clearly chocolates. Cody smirked. Chocolates were his favorite. Cody opened his locker and grabbed his textbooks. He placed the presents in, locked the locker and started to walk towards his homeroom.

There were a number of students handing out gifts and cards all over the classroom. Cody entered and targeted his desk. He went to sit down but found four more presents on his desk, all of which were wrapped in the same love heart wrapping paper and bows. ‘More chocolates’ thought Cody as he analyzed the shapes of the presents.

‘Happy Valentine’s Day Cody!’ Cody jumped at the sudden noise and looked up to see Kacie. ‘I’ve got you some gifts!’ She handed over a large box and a few cards. More chocolates.

‘Thanks Kacie, I really appreciate it’ Cody smiled which made Kacie swoon.

Over the course of the day, Cody got more and more presents. Some were mugs, comics, new shoes, but most of them were Chocolate. At the end of the day, Cody must have got at least twelve boxes of chocolates. Cody grabbed all his presents and placed them into some bags and left for home.

On the way home, Cody stopped off at the local store to get some drinks and the latest movie which he had saved up for. Cody walked down the many aisles, but one caught his eye. Down one aisle was huge amount of discounted chocolates. At first Cody didn’t bother, but the thought played on his mind. Why not buy some more? They are discounted as well. After consideration, Cody gave in and walked down the aisle. There were loads, from plain chocolate bars to large boxes to continental chocolates. Cody picked up six large chocolate bars which were all buy one get two free. He also picked up two boxes of Belgian truffles and headed for the cashier.

Cody entered his house with bags full of chocolates and struggled to close the door behind him. His mom stepped out of the office door and gave Cody the usual warm smile he had grown up with. ‘Hey sweetie, how was school?’

‘Yeah it was good’ Cody raised the bags full of chocolates ‘Found out I was quite a lot of people valentines’

‘You lucky boy’ Smiled his Mom ‘Don’t go eating them all, you won’t eat your dinner otherwise’

‘I wont’ laughed Cody as he climbed the stairs, the bags being dragged behind him. Cody walked through his door and placed the chocolate bulging bags on the floor next to his closet. He threw his schoolbag down and decided to watch his new movie. Cody put in the DVD and sat on his bed.

After thirty minutes into the film, Cody’s belly rumbled. Cody knew exactly what to eat. He jumped of his bed and grabbed some of his presents and sat back on his bed. He read the cards which were strapped to the presents. They were all the same ‘Love you’ and ‘From Anonymous’ cards which he grown to get every year. He started to unwrap the presents, and yes, they were all chocolates. After unwrapping some of the presents, Cody decided to open a box of caramel chocolates which he knew were from Anne as he recognized the handwriting on the card. As he opened the box, the sweet chocolate aroma hit Cody’s nose. He licked his lips as he picked up a chocolate and threw it in his mouth. The rich caramel taste hit his tongue and Cody moaned. That taste. That taste. Cody continue to enjoy the taste of the chocolate, moving it around his mouth to get the full flavor. With a large gulp, the chocolate was gone. But within a millisecond, another was in Cody’s mouth to be enjoyed and eaten. Then another, and another until the whole box was gone. Cody smiled as he licked the chocolate residue from his fingers. That was good. Too good. Cody ripped open another box, this time it was cream filled chocolates, and threw two in his mouth at once. The cream oozed out of the chocolate and onto Cody’s taste buds, which made Cody moan in pleasure. Without finishing the first few chocolates, Cody put another two chocolates into his mouth. Cody moaned again. These were nice.

Cody swallowed the last chocolate and licked his lips. Fuck. Cody placed a hand on his bloated belly, which now stuck out and made his shirt ride up a little, revealing a little bit of skin from underneath. Cody had eaten six boxes of chocolates with ease. But Cody didn’t feel sick or embarrassed or gluttonous. He felt, good. Like, sex good. Until now, he hadn’t realized how good it felt to eat and stuff himself silly. The feeling of food in his mouth, the flavors dancing around his mouth and the feeling of being stuffed. This was amazing. Cody moaned as he rubbed his taunt full belly. He wanted more. He wanted to eat more and taste the amazing tastes of chocolate in his mouth even though he was full and stuffed. He sat up, feeling a little heavier than before, with his belly sticking out a little. He got up and grabbed the other bags. He pulled out the number of presents and unwrapped them all with a quick rip. He needed to eat. He needed to stuff himself of chocolate. He needed it. He ripped open a box and shoved a handful into his mouth. He moaned. The chocolate melted in his mouth, which sent Cody into a frenzy. More, more. Another handful of the chocolates went into his mouth, completely filling it. Cody groaned as he swallowed the chocolates, rubbing his belly in the process. With lust, Cody attacked a chocolate bar her brought at the store, shoveling the broken pieces into his mouth. Within seconds the bar was gone. More. Cody grabbed another box and quickly ripped open a box, sending the chocolates all over the bed. He needed more. He needed to eat.

Cody moaned with huge pleasure. He was laying on his back with his top off. His face was covered in chocolate residue. His lips were parted and short pleasured pants escaped them. Cody’s eyes were slightly opened, his eyelashes slightly touching. Cody let out a loud moan. He had manage to eat every last piece of chocolate. Every box, every bar, they were all demolished in a fit of lust and sexual pleasure. Cody placed a hand on his bloated belly. His belly was near bursting point. Before Cody started, he had a little belly, but now it was huge. The belly stuck up and was full beyond belief. Cody placed a hand on his belly, which sent a wave of ecstasy across his body. Cody moaned and continued to rub. His hands ran softly across his stuffed belly, feeling the softness beneath his fingers and sent Cody crazy. He loved this, it was amazing and super sexy. Cody felt so turned on by his efforts. He kept rubbing his full body with moans and groans leaving his lips, getting louder and louder. It may hurt, but it felt so fucking good. Cody wanted more. More chocolate. He needed it.

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11, FS?

11) things you said when you were drunk

There were times when Jemma Simmons wished that her best friend didn’t have quite so perfect a memory, and tonight was one of them.

‘Do you want me to remind you what you said that night? Do you?’

‘Urgh.’ She pulls a face as she follows Fitz into his living room from the bedroom. ‘Not particularly.’

But Fitz is already in the kitchen, clattering plates about and opening cupboards, and if he hears her then he pays her no heed.

Oh, Fitz,’ he calls over his shoulder in a god-awful impression of her accent, ‘keep going. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Not even for a condom…

Jemma rolls her eyes and falls backwards onto the sofa. Kicking her feet up to rest on the cushions, her hands skim the slow growing bump of her belly.

‘I might have been quite drunk that night,’ she admits. ‘But I was sober enough to know that I never said that.’

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BLUE VELVET CAKE 🎂 Tag someone that would love this 👇| 🎥 @cupcakesallib

Heartbroken Part 7

Request: Hi Tori! You’re like my favorite author ever. Could you maybe write one where Bucky cheats on the reader, of course she’s heartbroken and when he realizes what he’s done he does everything to get her back? With happy or sad ending, whatever you prefer

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: probs super short and I’m sorry in advance, pls don’t attack me

A/N: Tomorrow I’m writing the happy ending and Friday I’m writing the sad ending and then this series will be dooonneeee. P.s. I’ll fix any mistakes in the mornin’.

Another month passes. You and Bucky hang out occasionally. He’s put his all into gaining your trust back. You’ve went out for lunch some more, he would send you flowers from time to time and anytime he was around you, he did his all to make you laugh. The whole team noticed how hard Bucky was working to win you back (as you can tell, word travels around fast in that building).

Bucky was planning the ultimate level up. He noticed how calm you were around him; how comfortable you were. It was almost as if you two had never broken up (not that you kissed or went further than that).

“Don’t do this man.” Steve tells his best friend.

“Why not?” Bucky questioned.

“This is huge, it might scare her off. She may say yes to being your girlfriend, hell, she’ll most definitely say yes to being your friend again but I don’t think she’ll say yes to being your wife.” he says and Bucky frowned.

He had been planning on asking you to marry him. I know, risky as fuck but he was confident that you’d say yes. Even so, he’d still spend the rest of his life making it up to you for what happened nearly 4 months ago.

“I just don’t want you to be heartbroken when she says no, Buck.” Steve sighed.

Bucky nods his head little by little before speaking. “Yeah, you’re right. It was a stupid idea. I’m lucky enough to even talk to her without it getting all awkward and weird.”

Natasha watched Bucky fiddle with his fingers, a frown set upon his lips which made her frown. “Dude.. I-” she paused for a moment. Did she really want to tell him? Should she even tell him? Screw it. “Y/N still loves you.”

This catches both Steve and Bucky off guard. “What?”

Natasha nods. “A couple of days ago she told me she still loved you. I don’t know if the love is strong enough for marriage but you won’t know until you try.”

Steve turns to Natasha with a very angry look but she pays no attention to him. 

“Really? She said she still loves me?” the hope gleaming in Bucky’s eyes were prominent.

Natasha nods. Bucky pauses for a moment before a smile makes its way to his lips. “Wish me luck, I’m going through with this.”

Bucky turned away and practically ran over to his room to call you.

“Bucky wait!” Steve had shouted but his friend did not stop. Steve then turned to Natasha, clearly pissed. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

The red heads eyebrows knit together. “What?”

“You told Bucky to go and ask Y/N to marry him. Are you out of your damn mind?” Steve replied.

“She loves him, he loves her, I don’t see the problem.” she shook her head.

“The problem is that there’s a possibility she’ll say no and when she does, Bucky will be heartbroken and he won’t come out of his room, he won’t eat, he won’t shower.” Steve rambled. “He’s better off just being friends with her rather than risking their whole relationship.”

“And there’s a possibility that she’ll say yes. Steve, Y/N still loves him and I believe she’ll say yes.” Natasha replied. “Yes he fucked up but over these four months haven’t you seen how hard he was working on gaining her trust back? He was patient, he wasn’t pushing her to get back together, he did everything he possibly could to keep her happy and it worked. I think this will turn out fine.”

Steve took a step closer to Natasha and pointed his finger at her. “You’re giving him false hope. I refuse to see my best friend sad!”

“But there is a chance that she’ll say yes and he’ll be happy, Steve!” she exclaimed. “You can’t always base things off of the ‘what if’s’. Sometimes you just have to be a little risky. This risk may lead to his happiness - or heartbreak but that’s for him to figure out.”

Steve sighed.

“I know you’re trying to look out for him, but he’s a grown man. He can take care of himself. Let him take the risk.” she added, placing her hand on his shoulder.

Steve sighed. “Fine but you’re the one who’s gonna take care of him when he refuses to come out of his room.”

When Bucky got to his room, he immediately called you.

“Bucky! To what do I owe this pleasure?” you spoke after answering the call.

Bucky smiled. “Hey, I was just wondering if you’d maybe want to get dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow night.. Hmm..” you respond. “Sorry Bucky but tomorrow night I’m going out to dinner with Manny, my coworker.”

At this, Bucky frowns. Manny, that son of a bitch. He had been trying to get with you since he started working with you. Constantly flirting with you, touching you whenever he had the chance. It aggravated Bucky. He had told him to back off countless of times but Manny was a adamant about getting with you. And for clearly the wrong reasons.

You had sat through his silence, trying your hardest not to laugh. You knew Bucky disliked Manny and thought that this would be pretty funny, and it was. Deciding that enough was enough, you cleared your throat.

“I was joking, Bucky.” you say and almost instantly, you hear him sigh.

“Oh thank god.” he breathed out. “You know he just wants to have sex with you right?”

“He makes it very obvious and I also make it very obvious that I’m not interested.” you respond.

“He irks me.” Bucky huffed.

You let out a small laugh. “So tomorrow night?”

“Yep. You there or am I gonna be eating alone?” he questioned.

“Are you gonna pay for dinner?” you ask, making a face even though he couldn’t see you.

“Yes, I’m paying for dinner.” he laughed.

“Free food then I’m there.” you beam. “What time should I be ready by?”

“Eight thirty.” Bucky responds.

“You got it dude. See you - Wait, what’s the dress code?”

“Put on your most fanciest dress and your most expensive heels. We’re eating like royalty tomorrow.” he spoke and you let out a high pitched squee.

“You’ve just made a bad decision, James. I’m ordering everything on the menu. I’ll be at your bank accounts funeral.” you say, causing Bucky to laugh.

“Order whatever you want, it’s on Tony.” Bucky replied.

“He agreed to pay? Wow.” you say.

“Pfft. As if.” Bucky scoffed. “Took some credit cards from him. That dude has a lot, it’s crazy.”

You hum. “I’m beginning to see the resemblance between you and Natasha.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, thank you.” he spoke, making you laugh. “Okay so eight thirty pm. Be ready.”

“You got it, soldier.”

Even though Steve wanted to look out for Bucky, Natasha was right. He can take care of himself. Which was why he was in Bucky’s room, helping him get ready for tonight.

“What about a suit? A tux?” Steve threw out suggestions and Bucky scoffed.

“What, am I getting married tonight?” he let out a chuckle.

“No but it’s quite close Bucky.” Steve responds.

“I just don’t want it to seem like I’m trying too hard.” he says, looking through his drawers.

Steve moved around his clothes that were hanging until he came across a simple black button up. He pulled it out and showed it to his friend.

“What about this?” he questioned.

Bucky turned around and started at it for a while before nodding. “Yeah, I’ll wear that and some black jeans.”

“I’ll get you some dress shoes.” Steve spoke, exiting Bucky’s room.

He took this time to get dressed, nervously buttoning up the shirt and tugging his pants up his legs. Bucky put his hair in a bun, pieces of hair falling out in the front due to how short it was compared to the back. Steve came back with dress shoes and Bucky put them on before looking at himself in the mirror.

“This is all wrong.” he spoke. “It’s not perfect.”

He goes to rip the shirt open but Steve stopped him. “No! You’re not doing this again!”

They both looked to the floor where ripped shirts were scattered everywhere. Bucky had tried on many outfits but didn’t like any of them, resulting in him literally ripping them off because he had to look perfect. Bucky frowned.

“I need new shirts.”

Bucky had knocked on your apartment door at 8:00 sharp. You were finishing your makeup when you opened the door, surprised to see Bucky standing there.

“I’m here.” he smiled with his hands in his pockets.

“You’re early.” you state. “I still have thirty minutes to get ready.”

“But I’m hungry now.” he whined like a kid.

At his words, your stomach grumbled. “Now I’m hungry too.” you also whine like a kid.

“It’s contagious.”

You playfully roll your eyes before walking back to the bathroom. “Thirty minutes!”

Bucky steps in and checks the time. “Actually twenty-eight!”

“Shut up!”

Bucky laughs and sits down on your couch as he waited for you. As if Winter sensed he was there, the bunny came hopping out of your room and over to Bucky.

“Hey Winter.” Bucky grinned, picking him up. He pet the bunny while you finished getting ready and when you were done, you put Winter in his new bought cage (so that he wouldn’t… Make a mess.) before leaving.

You don’t know how but Bucky had gotten a really nice table. Everything was going great, the wine was great, the food was great, and you’re pretty sure the dessert was great even though you had barely ordered it.

Bucky was freaking out, his palms were clammy and he was pretty sure he was visibly sweating. His heart was about to pop out of his chest and onto the empty plate in front of him. The waiter comes out with your dessert and Bucky gulps. It was time.

You had ordered not one, but two molten lava cakes along with a to go box. One for you and one you were going to bring home to Natasha. She was a sucker for molten lava cakes.

“I love these.” you say, grabbing your spoon after boxing up Natasha’s cake.

Bucky was starting to get uncomfortably hot. You dug your spoon into the mess of chocolate, frowning when there was no extra chocolate oozing out of it.

“What the? Bucky, I think the waiter messed up-” you stop mid sentence when you discovered a shiny object inside of it. With your thumb and index finger, you pull it out only to see a ring. Confused, you look up at Bucky only to see that he was now kneeling down in front of you.

“Y/N I love you and I know that I messed up really badly four months ago and you should really not forgive me for what happened but I. Love. You. The past four years we’ve been together have been the best years of my life. I loved waking up to your face when we’d spend the night with each other and how you sing along with every song in Burlesque. I love the way your nose scrunches up when you laugh or when you refuse to believe that you have freckles on your left shoulder-”

“Because I don’t.” you interject and Bucky chuckles. 

“I love when you don’t wear makeup because you’re beautiful without it and I love that you’re so kind and loving and caring. Y/N you’re the best thing to ever happen to me and I know I should just let you go and date other people because trying to keep you to myself is a selfish move in the situation that I’m in but I don’t care. You’re the one for me and I’m sorry that I fucked up and made you think otherwise. I will always hate myself for what I did to you.” he then paused. “I am hopelessly, irretrievably in love with you Y/N.”

Bucky then grabs the ring from your fingers and looks up at you again. “Will you marry me?”

A/N: Shit man 2 more parts and it’s done + this wasn’t as short as I thought it would be, disregard what the warning said.


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that’s got to hurt - part 5- S.M

part 4 here.

I know I said I wouldn’t post for another couple of days but I like this chapter.

“you get my name after the cupcakes are made” I smiled up at him and he leant down, picked me up and sat me on the bench.

“what if I can make you tell me your name?” he said with a shit-eating grin on his face.

“you could try” I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him closer till his hands stopped him and were placed on the bench on either side of me.

“is that a challenge, stranger?” he said leaning forward.

“it I-” before I could finish my sentence he captured my lips in his own.  My hands went to his neck and part of my fingers went into the hair at his neck. My legs crossed themselves around his waist so he had absolute no chance of leaving. his hand came up to hold my face in his hand and I leant my head in it just a bit. I opened my mouth to his and today I didn’t care if he won that battle of dominance or not. All I cared for was how his touch was making my skin buzz and feel electrified. His tongue moved into my mouth, so softly. Our tongues danced to the beat of our hearts.  And when he pulled back for breath and rested his forehead against mine. I decided to be smug.

“you still don’t have a name Mendes” I said. As soon as I said that I knew I shouldn’t have, his smile turned sinister and feverish. His eyes twinkled with mischief. And part of his mouth twitched as if he was fighting a smirk. “shouldn’t have said that, should I?” I questioned curiously.

“oh, baby girl you are in for it” his voice rasped out. my body buzzed. His arms wrapped around his back and grabbed my ankles, ensuring they were wrapped firmly there. His hands so softly, treating my skin delicately danced up my ankles, up my legs, past my thighs. And before his arms went further he lifted me off the bench and carried me to another room, I couldn’t help it I started giggling. He laid me down on a soft couch and he started kissing up my leg through my leather pants. My body whirled and electrified at the contact. His lips began to get dangerously close to my inner thighs. When he stopped, and skipped it going straight to my hip bone and continued his trail of kisses up my stomach to my neck. The whole time I bit back my moans, and let my body squirm before him instead.  He nipped and sucked on my neck leaving little marks and it was simply too much to protest.

“name?” he said against my collarbone.

“not yet Mendes” each word was an effort as a knock built up I’m stomach and I wanted him to undo it. He didn’t reply and nipped my ear and ran his teeth along the shell of it, before he moved down to my stomach and placed kisses all along my abdomen.

“Ell-” my name came to my lips and his kissed became a lit bit more heated as if I’d back down. My hands went to his hair and got tangled amongst the strands. “Elentiya” I breathed out and as soon as my name was out and he stopped, I whimpered in response wanting to feel his touch again.

“now that wasn’t hard was it” he rested his head on my chest. Both our heart where beating like a drum in our chests. He sat up a little bit, I got up on my knees and waddled over to him and laid my hand on his chest and pushed. He fell back on the couch and I straddled his lap.

“your turn” I said mischievously.

“not today princess, we have cupcakes to make” he said grabbing my wrist and using his strength to pull me up.

“fine, but can I get into something else then?” I huffed.

“come on princess” he gave me his hand to help me up but as soon as I took it, he threw me over his shoulder and took me to the only room I knew the correct location of. His bedroom.

He dumped me on his bed not even the littlest gently.

“was the really necessary?” I ask laying on the bed not moving.

“probably not, but it was fun” he yelled from in his cupboard.

“say that to my ovaries” I murmured out grabbing one of his pillows to lay on.

“what was that?” he yelled out clearly not hearing me the first time.

“nothing” I called back.

“okay so clearly I don’t have girls’ clothes, but we got a shirt and I don’t know if you want boxers or trackies.” He asked hurling a grey shirt at me. I got up of the bed and he just kind of stood there.

“excuse me privacy please” I said with wide eyes.

“Right my bad” he quickly walked back into the cupboard to find pants. “you good” he yelled 2 minutes later.

“I can’t get theses pants off” I yelled to him falling back onto the bed. He walked back out laughing. “what if I was naked?” I yelled back. I had gotten the lacey shirt off I just couldn’t get the pants off at all.

“it would be unfortunate” he laughed. He walked over to the bed and grabbed one pant leg and pulled it off with a bit of struggle. “how did you even get them on?” he laughed going for the other one.

“with great difficulty” I said through gritted teeth getting the other one off. Finally, he got the last one off but it caused him to stumble and fall. I lost my shit laughing on the bed whilst he laid sprawled across the floor. He started laughing to. The laughter stopped when my belly growled and I instantly locked my arms around my stomach.

“hungry, are we?” he said sitting up.

“I just want muffins” I sulked out.

he started laughing again. And I realised how much I loved his laugh, like hot oozing chocolate rolling off a spoon onto ice-cream.

“come on Elle” he said pulling me off the bed to the muffins we go.

“I want muffin socks first” I raised my eyebrows at him innocently and he threw a pair at me. I quickly put them on and then I ran for it. I ran past him calling out.

“last one there is a rotten egg” and I ran harder when I heard him run after me.

He beat me. Only because I slid past the table and he pushed me away the second time.  

I munched and munched on the muffins until there were none left and Shawn stared at me wide eyed.

“what?” I said curious.

“I have never seen a girl eat that much” he said shaking his head.

“I want more” I whinged.

“guess we get to make more than, what flavour do you want?” he asked walking to the cupboard.

“is that even a question?” I asked hands on hips.

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You crouched by the fire, it’s warm light and soft heat making you smile.

“Want to make s’mores?”

Jaehyun crouched beside you, warming his hands as he gazed into the inviting fire.
Smiling in response you gave a small nod.

You held the skewer over the fire, watching the bloated marshmallow tan. You glanced at Jaehyun as he broke the chocolate bar into separate pieces. His soft hair ruffled in the wind, his dimple showing as his lips spread into a thin line in concentration.
A low whine escaped you as your marshmallow caught ablaze. Withdrawing it from the fire, you frantically blew on it, Jaehyun coming to your aid instantly.
He offered a gram cracker, pulling the oozing marshmallow from the skewer with another.
His deep chuckle sounded through the night, his warm brown eyes mirroring the molten chocolate that oozed onto your finger.

Gently, he grasped your hand, guiding it to his lips.
His warm lips wrapped around your finger, his soft gaze holding you captive. You dropped the s’more your other hand held, your lips parting in astonishment. He drew back, mumbling a complaint as he watched ants crawl over the forlorn sandwich.

Shouts echoed through the forest as the eccentric troop emerged, strobing their flashlights obnoxiously.

Blankets were laid atop the damp grass, pillows carelessly thrown.
Murmurs quieted, the sounds of nature taking over the silence. All eyes focused on the stars above, their brilliant lights twinkling in the dark abyss.

Close your eyes

Continuing staring  

Going DoNUTS

FINALLY, after 10,000 years, here it is. My writer’s block finally let up enough so I could finish this! 

Request for @queenofdragons6 – solo original Sans stuffing, with a heavy focus on belly size and rubbing. 

I’ve been sitting on this little scenario idea for a while now, so I decided to use it for this. Who was the culprit? Hmm, we’ll never know… 

Not sure how well I did with the size descriptions, buuuut I tried. And I apologize to everyone who isn’t a backwards American like me, because my frame of reference is the Imperial system, and everything is measured in inches here. 

Further requests are closed.  

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Clara Cakes: Potato Chip Blondies

Have you ever had a blondie? Have you ever had a blondie withpotato chips?  These babies are crispy just on the outer edge and gooey on the inside with chocolate oozing onto a potato chip piece. Everything you want in a cookie bar but MORE with added crunch and salt satisfaction thanks to the potato chips.

I’m going to walk you through how to make these, and you’ll learn a little bit how vegan baking works. Baking, traditionally, uses lots of butter, milk, and eggs, but we can easily swap ‘em out for plant based ingredients! 

Now let’s get to ittttt!

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[looking to buy a plain chocolate cake or cake mix at the store]

“chocolate chip fudge”
“super double chocolate fudge”
“chocolate chip chocolate now with 500% more chocolate chips”
“super double chocolate fudge with fudge chunks and chocolate chips. molten chocolate syrup oozes from every pore. it bleeds when pierced”

i never thought i’d say this but i just want the normal amount of chocolate guys