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New Orleans: a neighbourhood guide

From the pretty French Quarter to the hip Marigny district, each of New Orleans’ neighbourhoods jive to their own funky beat – learn all about them with our in-the-know guide.


The charming, walkable Quarter is full of step-back in-time architecture and venerable dining institutions that speak to its status as New Orleans’ oldest neighbourhood, but it’s also home to exciting, new foodie spots…


Photo by CC-By-SA-3.0 on Wiki Commons 

For more than a hundred years, Galatoire’s has been serving trout meuniere (trout with a flour-based sauce), soufflé potatoes and champagne to the New Orleans elite in its mirrored, tiled dining room. The French 75 bar at Arnaud’s, has an eccentric museum of vintage Mardi Gras costumes hidden upstairs.


Built in 1886, the Hotel Monteleone breathes old New Orleans character, from its elegant Beaux Arts architecture to its many reported ghost sightings.


Preservation Hall faithfully presents traditional jazz each night, just like when it was launched in 1961, with musicians who were there when the genre was born in the early twentieth century. Expect intimate, late-night concerts with contemporary artists like Elvis Costello and Angelique Kidjo.


Just downriver of the French Quarter, the bohemian Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods have become a centre for hip, laid-back art, music and cuisine.


Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans on Wiki Commons

Grab a bottle at tiny, jewel-like wine shop Bacchanal, then drink it in the expansive, magically lit garden where live bands provide the soundtrack. In New Orleans, there are gigs 365 nights of the year meaning your toes will always be kept tapping.  A block from the Press Street train tracks in Bywater, the aptly named Junction features Louisana’s finest craft brews and gourmet burgers.


The cute Balcony Guest House oozes Creole charm with its pretty characterful rooms. Its eponymous balcony provides a wonderful vantage point to admire the area’s rainbow-coloured tiny ‘shotgun’ houses, and see Marigny’s creative types ambling through the streets.


Photo by Robbie Mendelson on Wiki Commons

At Euclid Records and the Louisiana Music Factory, stock up on sounds to remember your visit to the cradle of American music. Crescent Park runs for two miles on the edge of Marigny and Bywater, and has breathtaking river vistas, as well as running and biking paths.


A few blocks uptown of the French Quarter, this neighbourhood is packed with galleries, plus stylish hotels and restaurants.


The latest from celeb chef John Besh’s team is Willa Jean, an expansive, corner space specializing in delectable bakery items, and brunch accompanied by lemony frozen rosé. Grab a seat on the raw bar at the award-winning Peche, for the best seafood in the Gulf.  In 2016, New Orleans had the most James Beard award nominees per capita over any American city, so come hungry.


The old Roosevelt Hotel epitomises grandeur, with a Guerlain spa and its historic Blue Room, where Louis Armstrong once performed.


Photo by Infrogmation of New Orleans on Wiki Commons

Stop by the Ogden Museum and browse its collection of contemporary and classic Southern art. On Thursday nights, local musicians play in its soaring atrium. The National World War Two Museum houses an extraordinary multimedia collection dedicated to telling the story of the conflict that shaped the twentieth century.


Live oaks and magnolias provide lush natural canopies over some of the city’s most impressive architecture


Photo by Pexels on Pixabay

The relatively new Freret Street cultural district is home to a handful of laid-back, innovative bars and restaurants, from the home-style Southern cooking at High Hat Café to next-level cocktails at Cure. Hidden away on a residential street, Clancy’s where generations have enjoyed fried oysters with Brie and lemon icebox pie.  


The Avenue Plaza Resort, is home to locals’ favourite Mr. John’s Steakhouse which serves up prime beef just steps away from oak-lined St. Charles Avenue, where streetcars rumble by.


Tipitina’s, founded in the 1970s to give rhythm-and-blues piano man Professor Longhair a place to play, brings in both major touring bands and local luminaries. Magazine Street offers brilliant shopping for miles, including handcrafted jewellery inspired by the history of South Louisiana at Mignon Faget’s 

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Written by Alison Fensterstock

Bygones of the Sun | 01 (M)

Originally posted by hobismole

Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 10.4k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

01 | 02  

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sir are you interested in this cup product?? Is that what’s going on here???? could you please decide whether you’re looking over here or looking downward is this some kinda weird morse code sir I don't understandddd and my face is burning sir please


Draco x slytherin weasley!reader

Request: draco is secretly dating a Wesley (red head, hand me downs, very obvious except shes a slytherin) and her sister and Hermione are the only ones who know and it accidently gets spilled to her brothers and how they react and all that junk if you wouldn’t mind?! Id love if you did!

note: you gave me a prompt and i wrote waaaay more surrounding the story than anyone ever asked of me so idk here you go lol


Draco bit his lip. Clearly you were a Weasley, with the bright ginger hair and moth eaten hand me down cloak, yet he couldn’t deny you were certainly attractive. More than attractive, if he were being honest. It was rather unfortunate, he felt, that such a wonder could be lost to such a dumb family.
He’d watched you from afar for years, but today felt different. Today he wanted to talk to you.

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anonymous asked:

Viktor is a barista at a coffee shop near where Yuuri works. Yuuri stops in each morning and they obviously notice each other -- there are jokes about spelling Yuuri's name wrong etc. But one morning Yuuri walks up to order and Viktor already knows his standard order and that makes Yuuri super anxious because he doesn't like people remembering him since it feels like a lot of attention so he stops going to the coffee shop in the morning... take it away :D

Yuri or Yuuri?

length: 1.6k; rating: all ages;

“So the barista is…”

Attractive, Yuuri’s mind finishes automatically. The barista is off-putting in simultaneously the best and worst possible ways. He’s off-putting in the best way because he’s gorgeous, silver-haired and blue-eyed and everything that Yuuri’s wildest dreams couldn’t even come up with. But he’s also off-putting in the worst way because the barista’s aforementioned attractiveness makes Yuuri’s words come out in awkward, pieced-together chunks that make him appear to be an idiot.

“…nice,” Phichit finishes his phrase, smiling knowingly at Yuuri.

“He’s nice,” Yuuri agrees, dismissing the topic with a wave of his hand. He takes another sip of his drink.

Phichit takes the cup out of his hand, and Yuuri tries to grab it back, but his friend is squinting at the name written on it. Yuri. “He spells your name wrong.”

“Plenty of people do.”

“There’s no line right now. Why don’t I go correct him?”

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  • Atem: Not so fast, aibou! I activate Mirror Force. *sexy smirk* Looks like I managed to completely entrap you. *oozing charm* If you aren't careful, I'll entice you into a... rather reckless move. ;)
  • Yuugi: Haha, guess I'd better be more careful. I'm not going to just hand you a win... Though if you play your cards right, we might both get to enjoy the spoils of victory. :)
  • Atem:
  • Atem:
  • Yuugi: ........Atem?
  • Atem:
  • Atem: *frozen stiff as his face goes blood red*
  • Atem: *falls out of his chair*
  • Yuugi: -mou hitori no boku, come on. That's flattering, but it wasn't THAT good a line.
  • Atem: *dead*
Strong as Steel

Hey! :) (Your writing is great tbh). Could you please do a one shot where Bucky likes you but is scared cause he has the metal arm? And you end up showing him YOUR metal arm, even if you’re insecure about it? If they get together at the end, that’d be great, feel free to add anything else.

Word Count: 2712

Warnings: none

A/N: I know, I know, I haven’t posted in weeks. I’m sooo sorry but I’ve been struggling so much with motivation to write. I can’t even begin to tell you guys how long it took me to finish this one shot and it’s not even that good. Anyways, I’m sorry, hopefully I can get more one shots/fics/writings out soon. I’ll do my best for you guys

Originally posted by you-didnt-see-that-cuming

You’d always been insecure about the metal appendage that had replaced your flesh right arm. How could you not be? It was foreign, a silvery object not of your body, given to you by HYDRA when you were under their control. This was why you’d kept it covered up all the time. You wore long sleeve shirts and gloves at all times, even when it as hot. And when you met the Winter Soldier for the first time, you’d hoped you and him could be friends, as if the both of you having metal arms and being prisoners of HYDRA made you friends somehow. But he never spoke to you despite the few missions you’d gone on with him, the meetings you’d sat through stealing glances of him. He was hot, you weren’t gonna lie about that but his eyes always looked everywhere but you. He spoke easily with Steve, Sam and Natasha, but every time he looked at you, it was like he felt nothing but intense hate for you and that only made you hate him too.

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Captain Black

Request: “Can you do a Pirate AU with Sirius Black where you’re on a ship and it sinks and he saves you?? Or something else if that idea was horrid.”

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: violence n stuff


Originally posted by pioggiadiricordi

Life on the open waters was rough. Literally and emotionally. Being an explorer of the new world required many months at sea, and currently you were sailing along the Western coast of Africa; prime pirate territory. You had warned the captain of your ship that these waters were too treacherous, that cargo ships taking the shortcut back to England were excellent targets for those vile creatures called pirates. But he had waved you off, muttering something about how you were lucky to be on board because you’re a “disrespectful woman who had no business being on his ship”.

So you had bunkered down, a permanent scowl on your face as the other shipmates gave you hungry looks. At least if you survived taking this shorter route you would be home sooner, meaning no more sleeping while clutching a knife under you pillow. You had no other choice but to accept your companions, since no other ships would accept a female adventurer. You wished that the Kraken would come up and swallow them all whole.

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My opinion on the signs, ranked from who I get along with the best to not at all

1. Taurus - Simply the best, hands down. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Determination, extreme focus and goal attainment are all part of this sign’s personality. Once a Taurus sets his/her mind to doing something, there is nothing in the universe that can stop them. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached – even if this comes at great personal sacrifice (health, relationships, etc). They’re determined, stable, they prefer simplicity, and they’re goal driven They have a thing for beauty. Creative and talented. They don’t complain and they’re not precious or delicate. The women generally are good with finances, independent, intelligent, and have an undeniable but reserved earthy femininity and sensuality. Definitely much more a fan of the males than the females, though. The men are my kryptonite. My thirst is real for Taurus men. The men are very protective of me and strong. Generally don’t like to start or have arguments. Equanimous. Sexy as hell. Tough, hard-hearted, extremely helpful, forgiving. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t fuck with them. EVER. Protect at all costs. Logical. Stable. Steady as a rock…there’s just something about them that makes me feel safe and secure. No bullshit with them. Taurus guys are earthy, lusty, manly, sensual, affectionate, and ooze sexuality. They’re also charming, magnetic, independent, genuine, great listeners, sexy, charismatic. Taurus men tend to be gentle and tolerant of others, with a strong sense of honour and integrity. They’re honest, communicative (but not annoyingly so), expressive both verbally and physically. The men are emotionally and mentally stable and smart. They’re possessive but not jealous. They are also rather dominant but mostly in the bedroom. Taurus men are the epitome of what I find truly sexy in a man. They’re practical and have an above average level of common sense. They’re about action, not words, and I love that about them. You could throw anything at them and they’ll handle it with strength, intellect, and class. They’re kind-hearted, generous to those they care about, and extremely focused. They love deeply and completely and are highly successful in business and financial ventures. My best friend, a couple of my very very close friends as well as my father happen to be Taureans. They really make me feel special, so seriously thanks to all the Taurus men for being who they are. Lovely, lovely guys. My favourite earth sign.

2. Aquarius - Cool, detached, aloof, and cerebral, just like me. The geniuses of the zodiac, by far. Visionaries. Impartial and original. Objective. Independent and individualistic. At peace with themselves. Weird. Frequently labeled “cold”, although I love it. Their adaptability and humanitarianism is admirable. They take all sorts of people as they are and I love this about them. Curious. Charismatic. God-complex. Unconventional. Loyal people. Open-minded. Rational. Not precious or delicate. Leaders. Some of the kindest people I know. Its not a smothering kind that freaks one out,its a pure, no silly intention type of kindness that is so soft, but still leaves a mark. And to me, they’re easy to understand - they care, but they also want their own separate lives. It’s lovely. There’s an Aqua girl I used to work with; she’s a really smart girl and everything that comes out of her mouth is interesting and hilarious. Although I liked her, it was usually from a distance because I could never tell if she really liked me as a potential friend. Yet there were times when I was the indirect target (by a Leo) in our meetings, and the Aqua always came by and subtly let me know in various ways that she cared. It was weird, but it was like she never wanted me to feel alone or bad, and I always appreciated that. It’s like we can’t say more than a few words to one another without quickly going back into our “own” space, and I’m thinking that’s maybe because we possibly felt our individuality would be threatened in some way if we got too close, and also maybe we retreated because we both were/are sensitive to the other, but we supported each other on a deeper and more emotional level. It’s hard to explain, but yeah, that’s been my experience. My older brother, whom I love more than anything, is one. More than a few of my favourite associates are Aquarians. What’s not to like? Hands down my favourite air sign.

3. Capricorn - They’re the hardest workers, they have high standards, and they’re pretty engaging; extremely intelligent and have an interesting way of drawing you in. Regal. Never loses their cool unless there’s a valid reason. Witty. I’m totally in love with their ambition. Have been labelled as “mean” or “loners”, but I have a general respect for them, even if I don’t like some of them. Quiet leaders. Untrusting like me. Also equanimous. Patient and calm. They’re bosses. Thinks in advance. Not to be fucked with. Doesn’t let get things get under their skin, very classy and tough like that. Sensible. Pragmatic and practical, but also can be a bit fanciful. The females are very feminine and have great taste in clothing. The men are in control and more often than not, CEOs. The men also make me feel so protected. Two very good friends are Caps. The Cap girls I know are really selective over their friends; they won’t talk to everyone for the sake of it…if they don’t like you or find you interesting then they probably won’t say a word to you or look at you. But they’re all funny, classy, and grounded and I love that. They possess winner’s minds; look at the late David Bowie: classic example of why Capricorns are the shit.

4. Sagittarius - You’re assholes, but you’re my kind of assholes; you’re blunt, you don’t sugar-coat the truth and you people are just brilliant. Absolutely hilarious. Funniest sign in the zodiac. Love having fun with them because their confidence is infectious and inspiring. Not gonna kiss your ass. Brutal. Insensitive. Sometimes downright inhumane. Sociable. Go-getters. They’re about their freedom and their power. It’s onward and upward with these folks and I respect that. Tends not to hold grudges (something I need to work on). They use their asshole-ism for good and for things that make sense (instead of evil and general bullshit like Scorpios do). Will speak their mind even (and especially) if it hurts your feelings. I love it. A couple of very good acquaintances are Sags. The only fire sign that I can stand.

5. Libra - Also protect at all costs. Love, love, love. Complete cinnamon rolls and are diplomatic, charming and fair. Tendency to be lookers. Great friends. Terrible flirts. Intellectual savages. Great personalities. Fun. Love getting guys with these ladies. When we choose to go out, we shut it down in a club and all eyes are on us. Also love how peaceful and easygoing they can be. Warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul. They tend to be a doormat at times, tend to enjoy being volatile shit-starters on occasion (especially the females), and tend to be liars as well. Usually have good intentions. Indecisive, just like Pisces, but unlike Pisces, their indecisiveness is in a charming, yet slightly maddening way. More often than not, a pleasure to deal with. Another close friend and a few dear acquaintances are Libras. My kind of folks.

6. Gemini - Paraphrasing from Joni Mitchell’s song “Help Me”: “[They] love their lovin’/ But not like they love their freedom”…engaging and usually intelligent conversationalists. An ex-roommate is one. Charming, if not a bit fake, flighty, and two-faced. On the other hand, Stevie Nicks. Marilyn. Fetty Wap. I like that they keep things light and hate dealing with too much emotion, although their “lightness” tends to border on the superficial and shallow. Adventurous. Craves variety. Batshit crazy. Liars. Fucked up when drunk. The children of the zodiac, by far. I mean, bipolar creatures; their mood swings make them excellent case studies. Totally schizophrenic, they specialize in mind games and are the best players, hands down. Flaky. Thirsty as hell. Desperate for attention. These people have issues. Sociable and tend to be very popular for whatever reason. No slouches for sure, they’re definitely entertaining if nothing else.

7. Leo - They remind me of the famous line that Jareth said to Sarah in Labyrinth: “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” LOL. Overrated. Unconscionably selfish. Some of them are cool, but for the most part, I’m not impressed. A cousin that I used to be close with is one, we don’t really talk as much anymore, since I’ve outgrown her due, in part, to her tendency to be a bit jejune and silly as well as a drama queen. On the other hand, J. Lo. Jackie O. Kate Bush. They’re sexy, stylish and entertaining, but they’re just short-term/one-night stand material to me; they’re quite pretentious, have delusions of grandeur, and a bit sensitive for me (can’t take criticism, too dramatic, etc.) and as such, there’s nothing of real substance there with them. Tend to be liars. Animated and melodramatic (there’s a reason why most of the best actors are Leos)…they’re overgrown babies in the sense that they have a pathological need to have their asses kissed, they’re bossy, temperamental, and have a tendency to be arrogant and disrespectful (but don’t be this way to them, though, lmaooo). Very childish. Have a tendency to be something they’re not and truly believe that they’re more than what they actually are or ever will be, which is slightly amusing.

8. Scorpio - Ah, the sociopaths of the zodiac. I guess this would be my favourite water sign, if that’s possible. Not a fan of water signs in general, tbh…but out of all of them, you people are the only ones I can somewhat stand, for some strange reason. Probably because my mum is one, with whom I have a love-hate relationship (the only complicated relationship that I’m willing to have ever), as well as an ex-boyfriend. I’m a lot like them in the sense that there’s no room for ambiguity, either people hate you or they love you; regardless, you are who you are and that’s the way it is. As well as the fact that everything’s a state secret with them. However, if one wants brutal honesty, then like the good old Sags, these people are good for that, if nothing else. Opportunistic. Impossibly sexy. Bad to the bone. I’m a sucker for these men; most of the men I’ve “known”, whether we were in a relationship or not (including my current one) are Scorpios. Where we part ways: they (mainly the females, who are just unnecessary cunts, for the most part) are jealous, obsessive, love to be as negative as possible, have a crab-in-the-barrel mentality, and tend to be miserable and like making everyone else miserable as well. Tends to like having their asses kissed. Like all water signs, to me, life’s too short to really deal with them.

9. Cancer - Again, not a fan of water signs and Cancers are some of the reason why. A bit too moody, sensitive, temperamental, and clingy for my taste. Passive-aggressive. Possessive and needy. The females seem to be quite jealous of other females for some odd reason. The men tend to be kinda wishy-washy childish mama’s boys. Protective of those they love and care about, which is nice. Homebodies. Home. Like all water signs, they tend to think they’re billy badasses more than they are and their insecurity drives them to bully folks just to feel good about themselves, which is quite pathetic. These guys are crazy, but they have great music taste, good with money, and are kind of manipulative…the ones born in July tend to be temperamental as fuck. I’ve not gotten along with one ever (which is curious, since I am one), my associate’s boyfriend is one, and he’s a bitch; I have an older half-sister who’s one. To put it succinctly, we no longer speak. But, on the other hand, you guys tend to fly under the radar a bit, so I guess a scant few of them all are actually alright.

10. Virgo - Don’t really get the big deal about these people. I respect their propensity to be analytical, attention to detail and hard working natures, but other than that, you guys are completely irritating; a couple of colleagues are Virgos. They tend to be more sensitive than they like to let on (hence their moodiness), when jealous or self-conscious, they tend to act childish by getting angry and saying things they don’t mean. High maintenance. Self-serving. Also quite opportunistic. Martyr complex. Loves intellectual hair-splitting. Too much insecurity and bullshitting around with you all. Prides themselves on being harshly critical of everything and everyone, but if you tell them about their bullshit then they want to play victim and can’t handle it. People who can’t take their own medicine I don’t respect. Fussy and persnickety as hell; nitpicks everything and are often impossible to please and cowardly. They think the world should stop for them. Liars. Sneaky and shady as fuck. Doesn’t breathe unless it’s planned out thoroughly in advance. Tries too hard to be perfect and omnipotent. I’m sure OCD runs rampant in this sign as well. Control freaks, just like Scorpio. They will self-obsess over their imperfections (and are very quick to point out others’) and think they’re right all the time. Especially applies to those born in September.

11. Pisces -  Again, I truly don’t get the big deal about these people either. At all. Emotionally exhausting. Victim complex. Very artistic and musical, however. Creative. An ex-roommate and former friend are this sign. The main reason why water signs repel me. Evil as hell because they’re disasters who always project their own insecurities onto everyone. Like all water signs, they start drama and then expect you to feel sorry for them. Manipulative. They never take responsibility for their actions, and hide behind gullible people. Spineless. Feels the need to test people (like Scorpios and Aries) and be quarrelsome, then loves to turn around and play the victim (which they do exceptionally well), which is completely pathetic. Indecisive. Indirect. Adores getting offended, just like Virgos. Very passive-aggressive. Easily led. Disingenuous. Emotions/moodiness > logic. They live in a dream world, thinking everything revolves around them. They just annoy the crap out of me. Too co-dependent and (possibly due to low self-esteem) likes to suck the strength from others to validate themselves because they have none of their own. Tend to be harsh in order to overcompensate for how hypersensitive they actually are, which is exasperating. Tends to overreact and are way too emotional, reactive, and sensitive for me to deal with. February Pisceans = barely tolerable (I love you Rihanna); March Pisceans= pieces of shit.

12. Aries - Stay in your lane perhaps? Get some therapy maybe? These people see everything as a fight or an issue, and they need to chill. A boss and a couple of co-workers are this sign. Lack of foresight. Also reactive, loves confrontations just for the sake of having confrontations. Lives for being combative. Very ram-like. Fighters. Malcontents just like Scorpios and Virgos. One of the most ignorant signs.They tend to be outgoing and extroverted generally. I associate them with the colour orange or fluorescent yellow or some other grating colour. Very fast. Very bold. Courageous. Ultra-competitive. Energetic. Dynamic. Loud. Not one to mess with. Always has the need to be right. Downright rude and childish. When volatility, rage and anger is your default emotion (Leo, ARIES, SCORPIO), I dismiss it and completely have no respect for it, since that’s the way you are, so what’s to take personally, really; I have extreme distaste for grown-ass people that insist on acting their shoe size. Quit being so fucking aggressive and pushy all the time. It’s obnoxious.

The bully

College. A fresh start. A time to forget who you were in high school and live the life that you wanted for yourself. Colin couldn’t wait. He’d worked hard to get here and he was damn well going to enjoy it. He’d had all of his supplies packed for weeks and arrived at the dorm early, determined to make a good impression with all the people he would be living with; not to mention his room-mate. Colin had received no information about them like he thought he would have.

He set up his belongings in one half of the room and cleaned the place up a bit ready for his room-mate, for when he arrived. Colin was hoping for someone who was a bit of a nerd, like him. Preferably into video games and epic fantasy novels; but that was probably a bit too much to hope for.

Colin waved his parents off before most of the other students had arrived. He’d been up since 4am and driving here since 5am. The adrenaline of the day was finally starting to wear off and he found himself dosing on his bed, only to be woken by the sound of his room-mate crashing through the door. Colin rubbed his eyes sleepily, determined to be perky and charming to make a good first impression.

‘Fuck me’ said the stunned guy at the door. Even before his eyes had focused, Colin realised with dread that he recognised the sound of that voice. As Colin stood up, he realised he was right. It was Oscar Jennings; his high school nemesis standing in the door with bags surrounding him, ready to move in to Colin’s room.

Oscar was the high school stud. He arrived from England two years before the end of high school, already tall and muscular, with dashing good looks, thick blonde curly hair that always looked perfect, and a killer smile. He was the rich kid who never really had to try hard. He was naturally very intelligent and someone who guys and girls wanted to like them. He oozed charm when he wanted to and made someone’s life hell if he didn’t like them. Unfortunately, Colin fitted into the latter category.

Average height and slim framed, Colin was never going to win any friends on the football field. He had no interest in sports and even less interest in dating hot girls. Oscar seemed to be able to pick out every single weakness of Colin’s and exploit it to make fun of him in front of other people. Colin hated him with a passion, but mostly because, despite everything, he still found him the most attractive guy he had ever seen.

‘Is this a joke or something?’ said Oscar, looking as if for hidden cameras. ‘I’m sharing with the dweeb?’

Oh, how Colin had rejoiced at the end of high school, not having to hear that name in Oscar’s deep British accent any more. More than anything, Oscar liked to pick on Colin for his skinny, weak body. Colin reasoned in his head that not everyone could have the genetics to be a large, strapping guy like Oscar at the age of 18. It was just the hand he was dealt.

‘It seems so’ sighed Colin, bitterly disappointed. ‘Room 36?’

Oscar showed him the paper with his information on, seemingly desperate for an error that would send him to share with another football jock, where he belonged. But no, he was stuck with Colin, ‘the dweeb’.

Colin spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to sort out the problem, leaving Oscar and his family to set up his room. The college dorms were all taken, so there was no chance of a swap until students started to drop out in a few weeks time. Colin was advised to hang on until then.

And so, he retreated back to his room. He turned the key to find his room was a loud social gathering. Oscar had most of the dorm block in there, with music playing out of Colin’s stereo. About eight people were sat or spread across Colin’s bed, some with their dirty shoes on his nice clean sheets. He had to remember to make a good impression, he told himself.

Oscar caught sight of him straight away, with a loud cheer he called out ‘It’s the dweeb! Dweeby – dweeby!’ He chanted with his deep, masculine voice. Colin tried not to rise to it and smiled politely at everyone in the room, none of whom looked interested to talk to him. Just like high school, they all wanted to be friends with Oscar, when they saw that Oscar didn’t like Colin, they knew to stay away or risk social suicide. Colin stayed five minutes and made a silent exit, without anyone even noticing. His college dreams had just melted before his eyes.

He took himself off for a walk around the town, sitting in a burger joint a short distance away from the dorm. He ate and waited patiently until a safe amount of time had passed and then returned to his dorm. By that time, the party had clearly moved on and Colin was left with the mess. He was just grateful to be able to be alone again at last. He wasn’t sure how long he would be able to put up with Oscar and his new crowd of worshippers.

Colin and Oscar managed to ignore each other for the first few days. Colin managed to make some friends who were on his course, so life became a little less isolating than it had been that first day. Maybe he could last a few weeks until he was found a new room.

Oscar was a messy roommate however, he left his stuff all over the place and seemed to leave dirty socks and underwear everywhere, like a deliberate attempt to mark his territory. Despite everything, the sight of Oscar’s dirty underwear and jock straps still made Colin’s stomach fill with butterflies. Why did he have to be attracted to Oscar?

‘Dweeb…’ called Oscar throwing a dirty sock at him to wake him up that morning. He had his phone in his hand; ‘I’ve got a date with Jenny tonight now – I’ve just arranged it. I need the room for when I bring her back. You’ll have to go somewhere else.’

Irritated at the way he had been woken up, Colin snapped. ‘No, I’m not going anywhere, this is my room too. If you want to have sex with some girl, you go somewhere else’.

‘Listen dweeb, I can make your life so much harder if you piss me off. Just be out of here by half 9 tonight. Nothing puts a girl off more than a skinny little runt like you, reading his book in the corner’

‘Fuck off’ spat Colin turning over as if to go back to sleep.

Oscar huffed. ‘Fine then you little prick – take that then. Some cash to spend while you’re out of the room. But just make sure you’re not back before midnight.’

Typical rich kid, thought Colin, looking at the $20 that had been thrown down in front of his face. Well, he wasn’t about to throw away cash for just being out of the room for two and a half hours.

‘Fine’ he spat back, scrunching the note into his palm before Oscar might decide to take it back.

It made Colin sick to see Oscar turn on the charm in front of the girls. His British accent seemed to make him look so mature and intelligent. Oscar had a way of commanding a room he was in. He was generally taller and more built than most guys so they seemed to look up to him just as much as the girls admired him. Just like high school, Oscar was sailing through life with minimum effort and a healthy amount of his parents’ cash to give him a good lifestyle.

Colin took himself off to the burger bar to kill the time he was supposed to be out of the room. He’d already eaten that night, but a meal paid for by Oscar was too difficult to pass by. He ordered the deluxe meal and cheerfully handed over Oscar’s note. Thanks Oscar, Colin thought happily to himself.

Things were working out with Jenny and Oscar, so Colin found he was bribed to leave the room at least four times a week. Each time he would take himself off to the burger joint. The arrangement was working out well for him, so he didn’t return to the accommodation office to request a change. Each night he chowed down on a delicious deluxe meal, paid for by Oscar. He took his laptop and textbooks with him and managed to use the time wisely enough to do pretty well on his course. Colin did notice with slight irritation that the arrangement was starting to have a bit of an effect on his waistline, as he struggled to button up his jeans one morning. It had to be the freshers’ 15; not entirely unexpected.Thankfully, he still had plenty of cash left over from Oscar’s bribes to buy new clothes and maybe, now he was less skinny, Oscar might have to think of a new nickname for him.

As the weeks progressed, Colin felt his body changing. He carried a lot of the weight in his ass for some reason. Probably another genetic curse that Oscar would never fall prey to. He felt his nipples start to jiggle when he ran and his legs also started to jiggle more. A few more weeks and Colin saw, looking in the mirror, that he had a proper doughy stomach on him. He made sure to hide his body from Oscar, certain that he would delight in making fun of the fat gut he was getting on him. Colin had been 135lbs when he arrived at college but he was now sitting at 160lbs. He’d gained 25lbs in the first semester!

The Christmas holidays came and went. Colin ate merrily at home, his parents seemingly delighted that he had finally developed a ‘proper appetite’ while he had been away at college. As such, Colin returned to the dorm a further 5lbs heavier.

Colin showered and returned to the room, not expecting to see Oscar until tomorrow. He dropped his towel and walked over to the wardrobe, completely naked looking for something to wear.

‘Fucking hell’ laughed Oscar, who had been sat on his bed. He must have arrived back whilst Colin was in the shower. Colin jumped and tried to hide behind the open wardrobe door.

‘When did you get back?’ he croaked, red faced.

‘Someone’s been eating well over the holidays, haven’t they?’ said Oscar, standing up and trying to manoeuvre the wardrobe door so he could get another peek at Colin’s body. ‘You’ve got a right fat ass on you now!’

‘Fuck off!’ shouted Colin as he lost the battle of the wardrobe door and had to use his hands to cover his penis instead, as Oscar surveyed his body.

‘I mean, I saw you were putting on a little weight, but hell, you’ve even got a belly on you!’ Oscar was grinning from ear to ear. He probably hadn’t picked on someone the whole holiday season and was making up for lost time. Colin had no choice but to stand there and take it. ‘That ass though, fucking hell, it’s round as fuck. It looks almost like Laura’s sexy ass upstairs’. He reached his hand out and cupped Colin’s butt, giving it a brief jiggle whilst he laughed. ‘It even feels like Laura’s ass. But shhh, don’t tell Jenny that I know that!’

Oscar laughed some more as he left to catch up with his friends around the dorm. Finally he closed the door behind him and Colin felt safe again.

Colin was dazed. Had Oscar seriously just touched his ass? He didn’t care that Oscar was making fun of him, the fact remained that he had placed his big, masculine hand over the round ass Colin now had. It was, to be frank, the hottest moment of Colin’s life so far. And it was also something that Colin wanted to happen again.

Jenny was dumped and a new, equally hot, girlfriend arrived to take her place. Oscar must have found her more attractive as he was literally bribing Colin every night to be out of their room. He’d arrive back to find them curled up together in bed; the explosion of their clothes around the room the only remaining evidence of their passionate sex.

Colin started to walk around without a shirt on a little more, hoping that Oscar would catch him again, but Oscar never seemed to be about when Colin wanted him. Finally, one Wednesday afternoon, Oscar arrived back from football practice covered in mud and sweat. Colin was relaxing on his bed in only his underwear.

‘Just a second!’ he shouted as Oscar marched through the door, taking his muddy shirt off to reveal his pumped up physique underneath. ‘Wahey!’ cheered Oscar mockingly as he saw Colin run for the shelter of the wardrobe. Colin pretended to be looking for clothes so he turned his back to Oscar leaving his ass exposed for Oscar to inspect.

‘I was telling the guys about your fat ass just the other day. They didn’t believe me when I said it looked like Laura’s ass upstairs, all fat and plump.’ He moved in closer, standing right behind Colin. ‘Do you even realise that I can see half your fucking ass crack in those underpants? They’re too fucking tight for that fat ass.’

Oscar placed finger under each ass cheek, jiggling it up and down and making a jiggly noise with his mouth, laughing at his joke like he was a comedian.

‘Seriously though, mate. Your ass is fat as butter. You need new underpants. I don’t want to see that ass crack every time I walk into my room’

He went into his drawer and fished out a load of his own underwear. ‘Here, I’m a large, these’ll do you for now’.

Oscar removed the rest of his outfit and strutted off to the showers. Colin’s strategy had worked out even better than he’d imagined, and he stood there, holding Oscar’s old underwear in his hand, picturing the memory of Oscar touching his ass for the second time, as he came everywhere in front of the wardrobe.

Colin continued to overeat and gain weight. He felt consumed by his lust for Oscar and making an opportunity for his ass to be touched again. He overate as often as he could and savoured the mocking words Oscar used to describe his body each time he saw him.

A few weeks later, Oscar was hanging out drinking with some of his football buddies in another room, allowing Colin the rare opportunity for an early night. Around half 11, Colin heard the door creep open and not one, but three pairs of footsteps walk into the room, trying not to laugh or wake him up.

‘Shh, you have to see it’ he heard a drunken Oscar say; two fellow footballers tried clumsily not to laugh. Colin’s heartbeat increased as he lay there naked under the sheets, pretending to be fast asleep. Colin felt his duvet being lifted up to his lower back as he lay on his front. One of the guys had his cell phone out and was using the light to shine on Colin’s ass.

‘See I told you!’ whispered Oscar, ‘it’s just like Laura’s ass! Big and fat and round looking!’

The guys laughed seeming to appreciate what Oscar meant. ‘Nah, it’s too fat to be Laura’s ass. I think it looks more like that Denise’s ass’

The guys collectively laughed, too hard and too long, showing how incredibly drunk they all were. Colin pretended to still be fast asleep. ‘He was a right skinny little runt in school as well. That ass has all been grown this year in college’ stated Oscar.

The guys laughed and Colin felt the duvet being lowered back down on to his ass followed by the sounds of the guys trying to leave the room quietly. Once the door was closed, he had to jack off once more. What was the matter with him?

Colin made no apologises for being half dressed in the dorm room any more. Sometimes, Oscar would comment and sometimes he would pretend not to even notice.

‘You’ve been a good sport this year, taking off when I need the room’ said Oscar in a moment of genuine consideration.

‘Well, you do pay me, Oscar’ said Colin, guarding himself against any potential punchline Oscar could be building up to.

‘Yeah, but you didn’t have to take it. I mean it, I’m grateful. I don’t think many room-mates would have been so accommodating’

Colin tried not to feel creeped out that Oscar was being so nice to him. ‘Where is it you go anyway, when I pay you to leave the room?’

Colin just shrugged his shoulders ‘just the burger bar down the road usually’ he sighed.

‘Well, we only have 4 more nights here before the summer. I’m taking you there for some food this evening’

‘Alright’ said Colin, trying not to sound in any way excited.

‘Good man’ said Oscar, patting him on the back.

Colin and Oscar arrived at the burger place at about half 9, just a little earlier than Colin would usually arrive in the evening.

‘What do you want then?’ asked Oscar with his wallet out ready.

‘I usually have the deluxe meal and a side order of large fries’ recited Colin, forgetting how much food that appeared to ordinary people now. Oscar’s eyes bulged at the order.

‘No fucking wonder…’ he muttered under his breath.

They sat down together, Oscar eating his small burger and then continuing to watch Colin tuck in to the rest of his feast.

‘Are you going to miss this place then this summer? Whilst you’re back at home? This is pretty much like your second home now’

Colin looked around at the place thoughtfully. ‘Yeah’ he commented, ‘but I’m actually hoping to stay here this summer. I should hear about a summer placement tomorrow. I may not even have to move out of the dorm.’

‘Oh really? That sounds pretty sweet’ said Oscar with interest.

Colin told him some more about the placement whilst he continued to get the rest of the meal down him. He wasn’t even full after it and simply stood up, carrying on the conversation with Oscar as they walked back to the dorm room. He was surprised at how well they were both getting on.

They were still talking as they reached the room, Colin walking past the mirror and spotting a trail of mayonnaise and sauce staining his pants.

‘Shit’ he said. ‘I wanted to wear these tomorrow for the summer placement interview’. He whipped them off quickly, noticing that it had also spilt on his shirt. He laid both items on his bed, turning his back to Oscar, more concerned with saving his clothes than talking right now.

The conversation had died; Oscar was too busy checking out Colin’s fat ass to say a word, even to mock him. Colin’s love handles had bloomed significantly over the last couple of months. Even in his new extra-large underwear they rolled over the sides of the waistband.

Colin suddenly realised that he was almost naked in front of Oscar. Embarrassed, he turned around.

‘Sorry, I know you hate seeing me without a shirt on’ he offered, not wanting to ruin their pleasant evening by inviting mockery from Oscar.

‘I don’t hate it’ said Oscar, spreading his thick thighs to reveal a large bulge in his groin.

He readjusted himself and headed out of the room to catch up with his current girlfriend, called Fran.

Had Colin really witnessed that? Had he really given Oscar a boner, standing there naked in front of him? Suddenly the realisation that this arrangement, sharing with Oscar, was coming to an end, saddened Colin. He headed to bed, trying to get his mind off what had happened earlier.

Oscar stumbled in with Fran an hour after Colin had fallen asleep.

‘Don’t worry’ he heard Oscar whisper. ‘He never wakes up.’

Colin heard the pair of them getting it on. Oscar’s bedside light was still on, so Colin could even peek if he wanted to.

Oscar had Fran on all fours, fucking her from behind. Oscar pushed her head down into the pillow as he pounded her more forcefully than Colin would have anticipated. He tried to see through his narrowed eyes, but when Oscar pulled out his thick cock for a short moment to readjust, Colin’s eyelids flew open. Oscar saw him looking.

Colin felt nervous; what would Oscar do being spied on like this? He’d paid a small fortune this year to avoid exactly this situation. But instead, Oscar held the eye contact with Colin as he thrust his cock back in to Fran, fucking her as he made eye contact with Colin.

Colin didn’t know what possessed him at that moment, but he slowly pulled the duvet off himself quietly so as not to attract the attention of Fran who was facing the wall. Oscar’s eyes followed as more and more of Colin’s flesh was revealed. Colin smiled, seeing the effect his body was having on Oscar who began to breathe heavier. Then Colin grabbed a roll of his fat belly and began to jiggle it in different places as Oscar fucked Fran harder and faster, watching the fat jiggle before coming explosively, making a loud grunt that made Colin cover himself back up, in case Fran were to look and see if he had woken up.

Fran was dumped the next morning.

‘Hey, guess what fat ass. Looks like you won’t be the only one staying here this summer. I managed to get a last minute placement with my department as well. And I can’t wait to get started…’ cheered Oscar, gazing down at Colin’s chubby ass and giving it a pat. ‘Nope, I can’t wait to get started.’

adsom headcanon (kind of a spoiler for acol):

-kell and lila end up having a son and it’s not exactly planned bc lila didn’t want kids but they end up rolling with it

-his name is holland barron and it was a hard fought battle that kell eventually won at much risk to his own life and lila only managed to semi agree and had to settle for his middle name being barron (and she would have gotten her way but she felt slightly guilty bc…u kno)

-holland has heterochromia and one eye is brown and the other is green (bc it is okay)

-he can also wield fire but it’s his only element

-rhy and alucard basically adopt holland as well and rhy decides that holland should be his heir bc “he just oozes charm like me” and no one can say anything against it bc technically he is royal since kell is a prince

-so holland basically has three dads and a badass mom

-fun fact: rhy calls holland holly berry bc he can (and he gets away with it. alucard tries and kell almost punches him while rhy claims that no one else can call holland that cause it’s his special nickname)

-whenever holland makes friends everyone is semi wary but he’s so damn charming that they forget that he’s their crown prince and they just wanna be his friend

-but forever in the bg his parents are all ready to fight™ if anything happens to their son

-rhy is fricken king he has a crap ton of power ready at any time and he could talk someone into totally destroying themselves with just his words no need for magic

-this is the only time kell and alucard would ever 100% agree on something (because even on rhy they only agree sometimes) but both of them are so ready to fight for holland they would honestly wreak havoc

-unfortunately for these three they won’t ever get to do anything bc not only has lila made sure her boy can take care of himself, but she’s even scarier than the three put together and if someone was stupid enough to try and cross rhy and kell and alucard…well they have lila bard to deal with

-holland also travels a lot with lila and kell and sees a lot of the world and rhy makes sure he does bc he doesn’t want holland to stay cooped up all of his life

-unfortunately for kell, holland absolutely loves to sail and alucard is more than happy to teach him some ways

-kell is jealous and tells alucard to stop filling his son’s mind with pirate fantasies and lila comes and smacks kell and tells him to let their son learn

-sometimes holland has fears that he can’t live up to be the great prince/king that rhy is and his fear runs deeper than his parents know because he’s been surrounded by greatness but he’s not sure he can do it and he’s afraid he’s going to do things wrong

-rhy is the one who actually finds out about this and sits down and talks with holland about how he felt having no magic and how he felt he wasn’t good enough and they both sit down and talk for a long time

-holland’s fears aren’t totally gone but they’re better and then later he gets to hear the story of how holland (antari) saved them and how he’s one of the reasons why they survived and holland then feels better about himself bc his namesake fucked up a lot but in the end he was the reason why they’re all there

-basically holland has an incredibly loving family lmao

(Request) Make You Remember

Title: Make You Remember

Characters: Negan x Kate

Requested by: @worlds-forever-apart

Something where the reader is one of his wives but tends to ignore him so one day he finally has enough and asks you to his room and they have rough sex. (Also beardless Negan would be preferable)

Warnings: NSFW

Note: Long overdue request! Ahhh hate how my inspiration’s been running away lately. I hope this came out okay and not mediocre omg. I’ve written and re-written this countless of times because it’s just never okay. Again, I’m so sorry for taking so long! Hope you enjoy this, Kate! And I’m sorry if this didn’t live up to your expectations!!!

Kate was in the commissary looking around for things when she heard the familiar whistling of Negan from afar. She froze on the spot at the realization that there was no one else in the room but her. The last thing she wanted was to be stuck with her husband, with no way out. She began grabbing stuff as fast as she could, not wanting to have any sort of confrontation with Negan.

Kate had been ignoring him after all.

The whistling stopped and when no sound followed after a couple of seconds, Kate heaved out a sigh of relief and finally decided to head out before Negan could even enter the room. Much to her dismay, the door slammed open, revealing a clean-shaven Negan with Lucille propped on his shoulder. His lips curled into a smirk as he sauntered inside the commissary, kicking the door behind him as he approached his wife.

“Hello there, wifey.” He greeted with his usual playful tone.

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Okay, but can we talk about Hoseok freestyling?

I feel like this isn’t talked about enough but when Hoseok dances freestyle it’s so amazing and not (just) because of the moves but because of the emotions.

As soon as he is asked to dance freestyle, even if he’s a bit shy, his face instantly breaks into a big smile because this is what he can. This is what he loves. He doesn’t need to think. He doesn’t need to remember choreo. He can just…feel the music and his body starts moving.

While he is more concentrated during Bangtan’s choreographies obviously, you can see that him and his body are just feeling the music during freestyle and it reveals so much emotion and love for dancing. 

You can see how relaxed he is, how his smile never leaves his face. He oozes confidence and charm and joy and it’s breathtaking to watch. 

Freestyle is his world. 

markhamillz  asked:

Pidgance Superhero AU!

hehehe here ya go:

Lance has a bad habit of being where he shouldn’t.

“I thought I told you to get to safety!” Pidge yells when she finds him cowering behind a car, that blasted camera around his neck.  The bank they’re across from has gone up in flames after her fight with Hex, and Pidge is doing her best to control the damage until the fire department arrives.

“I am safe,” Lance replies.  “I’m over here, and the explosion is over there.”

As if on cue, the lamppost behind him gives way.  Pidge reacts perhaps more violently than she should—her hands come up of their own accord, wrenching the giant metal pole about to crush her friend out of the air and sending it flying toward the burning building instead, where it shatters even more glass.

Lance looks at the building, looks back at her, and gapes.  “Uh.”

If he had a superpower, Pidge decides, it’d probably be sheer dumb luck.

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About Yoi ep 1 (while knowing what happened at ep 10,11,12)

EDIT: Added more things thanks to the last eps! 

All of this has spoilers so read with caution.

Hello everyone! Let’s talk about the chronological events of Yuri on Ice because we now know that Viktor was in love with Yuuri since the GPF gala everything in the anime has a new way to be seen. All of this is what information the episode one has given to us.

First, the order of dates in the chart are based on the actual figure skate season (of this season irl in specific) and dates told inside the anime. This in order to have a better idea on when each event is happening.

Thanks to Yuuri’s very brief and concise explanation of things we get what happened in his skate season till March (the day he got back to Hasetsu).

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anonymous asked:

boyfriend era prompt 😄 “You, Me, Order In, Netflix… waddya say?”

Aaron’s nursing a pint at a corner table, when Robert slides into the seat across from him, looking windswept and altogether happy with himself, a bright grin on his face. “Hiya,” he greeted, unable to keep the tiredness from his voice. It had been a long day, Aaron singlehanded up at the scrapyard, Adam and Victoria on a long weekend away.

“You alright?” Robert was immediately concerned, able to read Aaron like a book, like all it was ever going to take was a few weeks of dating for him to know him, get him  the way he always had during the affair.

“Tired,” Aaron admitted, swirling the remnants of his pint around the glass. “I just need a quiet night.”

“Then I’ve got you covered,” Robert was grinning again, leaning forward on his elbows. “You, me, Netflix and some takeaway. What do you say?”

Aaron had to admit it sounded better than his original plan for the evening of stealing a pie from Marlon in the kitchen, and heading to bed early with a pint. Liv was over at Gabby’s, and out of his hair for the evening, and Robert had said he’d be in Leeds late for meetings.


His boyfriend was supposed to be in Leeds, not sitting with him in the Woolpack.

“How did your meetings go?” Aaron asked, confused. “I thought you were going to be late.”

Robert shrugged, reaching up to unbutton the top of his shirt. “I got the contract signed early,” he explained, leaning back in his chair. “I wanted to come back and spend some time with you, I feel like I’ve barely see you this week.”

It had been a busy week, a busy week at the scrapyard, a busy week with Liv.

“Didn’t you have to wine and dine them?” Aaron inquired, wondering why he hadn’t come back oozing his usual charm, too worked up over his success to turn it off.

“Yeah, but I’d rather spend my Friday evening with you,” Robert said, as if it were the more normal thing in the world.

Well, it was normal, Aaron supposed, to want to spend time with your boyfriend, but he wasn’t exactly used to being Robert’s first choice, being the person Robert wanted to spend all his Tuesday mornings and Friday evenings (and every day in between) with.

“So what do you say?” Robert nudged, Aaron clearly having been lost in his thoughts for longer than he’d realised. “Adam and Victoria are away, we’ve got the house to ourselves - no Liv. It could be a proper night in, slobbing out on the couch, watching a film.”

It sounded like heaven, if he was honest. A quiet house, some greasy Chinese food, a trashy film, and his boyfriend all to himself - well, it took everything Aaron had not to jump out of his seat and head for Keepers, there and then.

“It’s a Friday night,” Aaron decided to question him one last time, wonder if he’d rather go for a meal. “Don’t you want to go out?”

“I told you,” Robert rolled his eyes. “I want to be with you, spend some time with you - no distractions.”

“Thinking with your dick then,” Aaron teased, not wanting to give away how much Robert’s words had affected him. He could be affected by it now, melt into Robert’s touch and have the whole pub know how in love he was, but old habits died hard, he supposed, and a part of him was still on the lookout for Chrissie.

Robert waggled his eyebrows, a childish expression that made him look absolutely ridiculous, and not in the least bit sexy. “Maybe I am,” he grinned. “It’s not my fault you’re ridiculously hot, is it?”

Aaron grinned, and downed his pint in one, jerking his head toward the door. “Go on then, it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do.”

They ate too much, in the end, to even want to have sex, a family deal from Dominos demolished by the two of them (cookies and ice cream and all, because go big or go home, Robert had decided, phone in hand as he’d ordered them in some pizza), and they’d ended up spending the evening sprawled on Victoria’s violently pink couch, making jokes about the bad acting and the fake explosions of whatever action film they’d shoved on Netflix, Aaron settled between Robert’s legs, the two of them the picture of domesticity.

If this was what loving Robert Sugden, really loving him, no affair, no hiding in barns and falling in love in dark corners, was going to feel like, well, Aaron could happily spend the rest of his Friday evenings with his boyfriend.

Melt // Kara x Reader

Request: You should maybe do a supergirl Smut where you’re like I dunno one of her best friends and she’s had these big feelings for you and she finally expresses them (Female Reader also)

Warnings: oml this is so long and gets kinda steamy wow lemme go cOOL DOWN. Went into detail with both reader’s and Kara’s feelings oops 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Fictional Character Analysis: ENTP

SUBMITTED by anonymous

I have had the privilege of growing up with an ENTP firend since I was 5 so I feel like I have decent insight into this type. (Cue replies after this entry “You don’t know us (them) at all!” because such is the nature of things when you try to make over-encompassing observations about a whole group of people, I get it.) I feel like many fictional characters in fiction are mistyped as ENTP because they have crude, sarcastic, witty humor. This kinda irks me because while I do consider it as a calling card of the ENTP, I believe every type is capable of sharp humoristic spins in their observations. It makes it sound as though the other 15 types are incapable of poking fun at perceived illogical fallacies. But yes, perhaps ENTPs are slightly better at it.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Unlike the ENFP who’s dominant Ne makes them appear as bubbly and constantly wandering around in a dream like state*, the ENTP’s Ne is more “dissecting.” ENTPs in fiction and everyday life have a natural tendency to harshly question everything they hear and see and more often then not, turn it on it’s head. So how does this translate in fiction? Well, if your ENTP is a villain that automatically makes him/her a chaos seeker. Chances are, they are not even sure why they do the things they do, it’s just fun. This is why your typical rival of the ENTP villain will be a IXTJ because they represent order and control for a better tomorrow: everything your ENTP villain challenges. If the ENTP is a protagonist (or sidekick to the latter) expect Ne to come in the form of clever observations and witty remarks. But you can’t just have an ENTP protagonist sit around and just makes observations, they will have to leap into action which may look like Se, but generally this is a little bit more awkward and slightly more off-beat than your typical ESxP protagonist. 

Introverted Thinking (Ti): this is usually the function that allows the ENTP fictional or real to make off-collar, borderline offensive comments. The ENTP is not only unafraid to point out logical inconsistencies in a harsh manner, but often actively seeks to do so. In real life, this can be a pain sometimes but in fiction it’s welcomed as comedic relief.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): But what would these biting quips be if they didn’t have an audience for it, amirite? Hence the fictional ENTP is often depicted as someone whom oozes effortless charm, they very often become the “Love to hate them/hate to love them” characters. I find personally that the ESTP tends to be more people-centric/socially keen than the ENTP despite sharing the same Ti/Fe axis, but because the ENTP might be a little bit more off at social interactions, it adds to their charm. When the fictional ENTP is comfortable around people they often because the lightning rod for hilarious comments. 

Introverted Sensing (Si): I find clear cut examples of Inferior Si in fiction hard to pinpoint. Usually it’s simply implied in their desire to constantly challenge the status quo and long accepted social protocol. But there is always the Joker from The Dark Knight whose infamous story of how he got those scars literally changes from one interaction to another and his overall blurry/non-existent origins. Deliberate move to mess with people’s heads or actual poor (I don’t really give a crap about how it happened) Inferior Si? We will never know and that’s kinda of the beauty of it.

* ENFP Mod note: … wut? This better be about fictional ENFPs, because no one has ever called me ‘bubbly’ or ‘dream-like’ in my entire life. :P