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✯ ✰ ★ How to flirt with your crush 101 ✯ ✰ ★
                 Even Bech Næsheim style

1. Appear out of nowhere like a ninja
2. Suggest to go to some party together
3. And then also suggest to ditch the party together
4. Cycle down until you see a random house with a random pool from a random mate back in elementary
5. Break in to the pool because why not
6. Tease them about how they care about their hair and wait for them to push you in
7. Propose a challenge underwater but play cheat and fake strangle them
8. THEN, plant a kiss on their lips 
9. Rematch AGAIN and wait for them to plant a kiss back
10. Dramatically float up and kiss the shit out of each other

↬ remember to: ooze charms while doing steps 1-10

(gifs: skamyou, trans: shametv)

 how to flirt with your crush manual   |   how to impress your crush manual

On January 18, 1904, a child was born and he was called Archibald Alexander Leach. It was this child who, in later years, will change his name that will be on the lips of every fans and moviegoers.

But there’s more to Cary Grant than his lady-killer smile, his beautiful brown eyes, his tanned skin, his odd but sexy voice, his graceful walk, his elegance, his style, and his oozing charm…

He was a man who transformed himself from a working-class Archie Leach to the world-class Cary Grant. And to borrow the words of Howard Hawks: “He was so far the best that there isn’t anybody to be compared to him.” 💜

Happy Birthday to you dear Cary!
Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to my life 😘

  • Atem: Not so fast, aibou! I activate Mirror Force. *sexy smirk* Looks like I managed to completely entrap you. *oozing charm* If you aren't careful, I'll entice you into a... rather reckless move. ;)
  • Yuugi: Haha, guess I'd better be more careful. I'm not going to just hand you a win... Though if you play your cards right, we might both get to enjoy the spoils of victory. :)
  • Atem:
  • Atem:
  • Yuugi: ........Atem?
  • Atem:
  • Atem: *frozen stiff as his face goes blood red*
  • Atem: *falls out of his chair*
  • Yuugi: -mou hitori no boku, come on. That's flattering, but it wasn't THAT good a line.
  • Atem: *dead*
Imagine Jim trying to stop you from going on a mission.

No idea where this came from. 

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“You are beyond belief Kirk! I just told you that I will not allow you to pass me off! I can do this and you know it!”

You moved to leave the conference room, but your anger got the best of you so you turned around.

“And you know what? You are a selfish son of a bitch. This was my project that I researched and delegated for months. And now you decide you want to take the lead?”

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✯ ✰ ★ How to flirt with your crush 101 ✯ ✰ ★
Even Bech Næsheim style

1. take all the napkins from the dispenser 
2.  ask bluntly if they need one when they eye you weirdly
3. proceed to take one from the trash and hand over
↬ remember to: ooze charms while doing steps 1-3

adsom headcanon (kind of a spoiler for acol):

-kell and lila end up having a son and it’s not exactly planned bc lila didn’t want kids but they end up rolling with it

-his name is holland barron and it was a hard fought battle that kell eventually won at much risk to his own life and lila only managed to semi agree and had to settle for his middle name being barron (and she would have gotten her way but she felt slightly guilty bc…u kno)

-holland has heterochromia and one eye is brown and the other is green (bc it is okay)

-he can also wield fire but it’s his only element

-rhy and alucard basically adopt holland as well and rhy decides that holland should be his heir bc “he just oozes charm like me” and no one can say anything against it bc technically he is royal since kell is a prince

-so holland basically has three dads and a badass mom

-fun fact: rhy calls holland holly berry bc he can (and he gets away with it. alucard tries and kell almost punches him while rhy claims that no one else can call holland that cause it’s his special nickname)

-whenever holland makes friends everyone is semi wary but he’s so damn charming that they forget that he’s their crown prince and they just wanna be his friend

-but forever in the bg his parents are all ready to fight™ if anything happens to their son

-rhy is fricken king he has a crap ton of power ready at any time and he could talk someone into totally destroying themselves with just his words no need for magic

-this is the only time kell and alucard would ever 100% agree on something (because even on rhy they only agree sometimes) but both of them are so ready to fight for holland they would honestly wreak havoc

-unfortunately for these three they won’t ever get to do anything bc not only has lila made sure her boy can take care of himself, but she’s even scarier than the three put together and if someone was stupid enough to try and cross rhy and kell and alucard…well they have lila bard to deal with

-holland also travels a lot with lila and kell and sees a lot of the world and rhy makes sure he does bc he doesn’t want holland to stay cooped up all of his life

-unfortunately for kell, holland absolutely loves to sail and alucard is more than happy to teach him some ways

-kell is jealous and tells alucard to stop filling his son’s mind with pirate fantasies and lila comes and smacks kell and tells him to let their son learn

-sometimes holland has fears that he can’t live up to be the great prince/king that rhy is and his fear runs deeper than his parents know because he’s been surrounding by greatness but he’s not sure he can do it and he’s afraid he’s going to do things wrong

-rhy is the one who actually finds out about this and sits down and talks with holland about how he felt having no magic and how he felt he wasn’t good enough and they both sit down and talk for a long time

-holland’s fears aren’t totally gone but they’re better and then later he gets to hear the story of how holland (antari) saved them and how he’s one of the reasons why they survived and holland then feels better about himself bc his namesake fucked up a lot but in the end he was the reason why they’re all there

-basically holland has an incredibly loving family lmao


✯ ✰ ★ How to flirt with your crush 101 ✯ ✰ ★
Even Bech Næsheim style

1. try to be on the same bus as them looking gorgeous
2. agree when they ask you to help them buy beer (or other stuffs)
3. tell them you forgot your ID (doesn’t matter if you actually have it)
4. ask them to join you back home to get it
5. BAM YOU’RE BACK HOME (hopefully to an empty house)
6. Apologize cuz you can’t find your ID but,
7. bribe em with a joint 

↬ remember to: ooze charms while doing steps 1-7

part 1, 

(gifs: skamyou, trans: shametv)

Apodyopsis (Charles Xavier x reader)

Apodyopsis - act of mentally undressing someone

So yeah, my first drabble ever. Please don’t be harsh people :’)

               You remember meeting Charles as if it were yesterday. The man just oozed with this boyish charm that easily caught your heart. It’s been a few months now that you have been living in the Xavier mansion and the things started being a little more complicated. Long story short, you have fallen head over heels for Charles Xavier and you knew you were basically doomed to one-sided love.

You were lying in your bed going through the afternoon’s training over and over again. Charles touching your hand gently, encouraging you to do your best, locking his baby blue eyes with you, smiling happily… You sighed turning in your bed and hiding your face in the pillow just to scream silently.  Damn you, Charles Xavier, you life ruiner! On top of that, his today’s lilac V-neck sweater literally knocked you off your feet. It just suited him so well! You couldn’t help but steal glances of his neck, his chest, his stomach, his… STOP, you’re making things even worse. You furrowed your brows as Charles’ image couldn’t just leave your head. You took a deep breath as your mind took you further than you had actually wanted. You started pulling this damn sweater up in your head, revealing his slim body. You traced a finger down his collarbone admiring each and every milimetre of his pale skin. Your hand went down caressing his flat stomach and feeling his well-developed muscles. You smirked to yourself as you reached to his belt…

And then you heard someone clearing his throat. You jumped out of your bed squinting your eyes to see anything in darkness.

-          May I ask you what you are doing, love?


-          N-nothing – you stuttered trying to collect your thoughts. – What are YOU doing here in the middle of the night? Knocking would also be quite nice of you as well, Charles.

-          I knocked but you were in a different dimension, I believe – you heard a soft chuckle. – I tried to fall asleep but your mind is just so loud.

-          W-what do you mean? – your cheeks were literally on fire right now.

-          Basically, you were screaming, screaming in my mind. And the things I saw… - Charles lowered his voice sending shivers down your spine. – Well, I must admit they were quite enjoyable to witness.

You held your breath as you heard his wheelchair coming in your direction. You didn’t have to wait long to see his face and eyes investigating you thoroughly. Damn, you were completely screwed. He knew. You lost your closest friend just because of these silly feelings you had towards him.

Charles titled his head as his lips contorted into a crooked smile.

-          (Y/N), darling, would you please start breathing? I don’t want you to pass out in a moment like this.

-          I.. I mean… Yeah… I suppose so – you couldn’t look at him anymore so you averted your eyes to the wall behind him. – Charles… I… Darn it. I am so sorry. I know…

-          No, you don’t. You don’t know anything, love. Look at me, please.

You blinked but did as he asked.  His face had this serious look, which made you freeze in spot unable to do or say anything. In this very moment Charles reached to his shoulders and pulled his sweater off and threw it on the floor. You gasped as he took your hand and put it on his chest. You started caressing his skin just as you imagined but the feeling was different. You smiled softly when you heard his heart was beating as fast as yours.

-          The truth is, love, I adore you – Charles sounded pretty determined. – I don’t know if you accept a man that I am now, but I can promise I will do everything in my powers to make you happy. You made me your slave, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).

You were not able to say a word. Instead, you chose to sit on his lap and hug him as tight as humanly possible. You breathed in his gentle scent of books and cologne. Then, you pulled away a bit and kissed him with all the passion that you have gathered since you met him. When you two broke off, neither of you could catch a breath. Charles put some of your hair behind your ear and cupped your cheek.

-          I take it as a yes – he said finally.

-          I have always belonged to you, Charles Xavier – you whispered.

-          So have I to you, love. Now… That being said, may I ask you for something?

-          Anything – you answered without hesitation and watched him smirk.

-          Before I came, your mind made a couple of interesting pictures. Care to explore the subject? – Charles winked making the butterflies in your belly even more restless.

-          I guess I can show you some pretty, little tricks, sir – you winked back and pecked him on a cheek.

-          That’s my girl.

You know, one thing I really do love is how much interaction Helga gets with multiple social classes and stations… and how amazingly well she adapts to them.

She can speak on par with lower-class people commoners because, well, she tends to hang around them in her daily post-Atlantis life. Anything higher would draw attention.

She knows how the middle class works and thinks, and her espionage training allows her to meld in with them.

Her social station growing up, despite her preference for the more rough-and-tumble life, primed her well to interact and fit in with the upper crust. She can appeal to Lords and princess by oozing charm and sophistication because of it.

My beautiful adaptable damaged bean -hugs muse-

Big Hero 6 Headcannons
  • The older Hiro gets, the sassier he becomes.  Staring down the barrel of a bad guy’s gun brings it out.
  • Hiro sometimes uses his sass to distract the bad guys because that’s what awesome heroes do. They sass the bad guys so their buddies can get the drop on them.
  • As a 14 year old kid, Hiro played the cute and innocent angle when conning people.  At 17, that doesn’t work very well any more.  However, now he has superhero muscles and oozes Hamada charm.  He’ll happily flirt with someone to con them into believing something.
  • None of his friends are particularly impressed with his new con angle.
  • Hiro totally has a Keurig K-cup brewer in his lab for all this caffeine needs.  
  • Honey Lemon has been known to steal all Hiro’s caffeinated coffee when Hiro is on work binge.

These headcannons and more are some of the things that I’ve come up/decided on while working on my current Big Hero 6 fanfiction…yeah, I just thought I’d share ‘em.

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How dare you crawl into my heart with that beautiful BillFord fic of yours. How dar e

is this for real???? :D :D :D ahhhhhhhh! 

it continues, the fic. I’m writing the next chapter now. here’s an excerpt of the next chapter for being so lovely. 


Changing the subject, Willow turned to fix Bill in her sights, assessing her ‘date’ for the evening. “So you - tall, dark, silent and sulky. What’s your deal? Are you one of Stanford’s nerd friends?”

Bill seemed almost affronted at first that she was addressing him so casually, but after squinting at her for a few seconds more, he realised that antagonising someone who could ‘snap him like a twig’ wasn’t the best idea, so he instead decided to ooze charm, in his own, charming Bill Cipher way™.

“You’re telling me he has more than one?” Bill put his hand on his chest, feigning shock. “Gee, Sixer, who would have guessed!”

Yes clearly Bill was the epitome of charm.

Ford shot an irritated look at Bill, but was interrupted by Willow watching Bill wryly.

“That’s a surprise. I thought for sure the reason Stanford’s here describing you as anti-social is because you’re one of those holed up in the basement science types.”

“I was practically born in that basement.” Bill said solemnly, enjoying the way Ford’s eye twitched at that.

“Figures.” Willow grunted. “See, that’s what I don’t get. Why hole up in the basement when you’ve got all this beautiful fresh air and outdoors here in Gravity Falls? Swim in the lake, go for a hike! You shut in’s make no sense to me.”

“Yeah, but you should see the size of his basement.” Bill countered, breaking out a rakish grin that stopped Ford’s ire short, if only due to how startlingly pretty the grin was. Ford found himself oddly struck by that observation. He was supposed to be spending this date disavowing his attraction to Bill, but it just kept slapping him in the face.

“Not that size really matters, if we’re talking arbitrary abstractions of spacial dimensions.” Bill noticed Ford staring and winked at him. Ford almost double took, the wink and the pseudo-innuendo throwing him. Bill wasn’t flirting with him, he probably didn’t even know what he was saying. Ford mentally berated himself. He certainly wasn’t saying that to appeal to you.

“Called it. You totally are a big nerd.” Willow smirked at Bill, drawing his attention back to her, giving Stanford a few moments to catch up with his heartbeat.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ does Bill make a friend? Does Stanford enjoy his date with Lazy Susan? What happens to Wendy’s mom? Why does Manly Dan punch trees? All will be answered!~ Thank you so much for reading and enjoying my fic. 

Gabe Goodman from Next to Normal
by Rebecca
requested by @killiansdonnelly
Note: As Gabe is really only within Diana’s mind, his typing is very different from many others and is based off his interactions with Diana and how she percieves him.

Extraverted Feeling (Fe)
“I am what you want me to be, and I’m your worst fear, you’ll find it in me.”
Gabe, despite really only interacting with Diana for most of the show, reveals that he is perhaps the most manipulative character of all. He oozes charm, and has become the perfect son in Diana’s eyes, which allows him to bend her in whatever way he sees fit. He is able to bring her to his side in “I Am The One” and “There’s A World”, as well as in a variety of other situations. Gabe shows how Fe is used to control the feelings others in a way that ends up being destructive, showing the darker side of the function usually seen as kind and affable.

Introverted Intuition (Ni)
“The memories will wane, the aftershocks remain.”
Gabe always seems to be focused on underlying meanings and what comes next. Throughout his songs, he tends to use a variety of metaphors that symbolize the greater meaning that is just under the surface and often is able to adjust himself to fit into many different roles in Diana’s eyes. He also tends to focus on the future, speaking of how he sees that the “Aftershocks” will end up fading away and Diana will come back to his side in the end. Gabe doesn’t look back to what happened when he was a baby, and thus Diana does not either.

Extraverted Sensing (Se)
“For just another day, for another stolen hour, when the world will feel my power and obey.”
When he wants to be, Gabe is able to slip into the moment and go along with whatever he needs to end up on top. He does not end up shying away from opportunities that present themselves to let him gain further control of Diana and seems to enjoy the thrill of everything he does. Combined with his high Fe and Ni, Gabe is able to adapt himself to just about any situation within Diana’s mind. However, he doesn’t usually take things at face value, and instead ends up using Ni to look at it all on a deeper level.

Introverted Thinking (Ti)
“They removed me from your memory, I’m still there in your soul.”
Gabe, clearly, does not have much inner control - instead, he ends up changing himself to fit whatever Diana needs at the moment, as he truly only exists within her mind. Without Diana’s emotions providing the basis for what he does, Gabe does not have much independence. He hardly ever uses logical means to his ends, and usually relies on emotion to convince Diana to do what he wants. When she ends up “forgetting” him, he does not cease to exist as he eventually comes back, but he is not an independent entity.

Gregzilla’s Thoughts On: Rhythm Heaven Megamix

Rhythm Heaven was my personal favorite game on the Nintendo DS.  It oozed the surreal charm and goofiness of the Wario Ware games with a wonderfully energetic musical twist.  I never played the Wii iteration or the Japan-only GBA original, so when I heard the 3DS was going to get a new Rhythm Heaven that served as both a sequel AND a collection of tons of previous minigames, I was in.  So how did it fare?  …This’ll be a quick one.







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I am always happy to talk headcanons for Fen!

13. What gets them flustered

Well, for cute flustered, Act 1 Fenris gets very flustered with Hawke’s flirtations because Hawke is so ridiculous. Most of the time Garrett Hawke is silver-tongued and charismatic, oozing charm, but he’s so thrown off by how fast he’s fallen for this incredible, beautiful elf that he kind of stumbles over his tongue with epic moments such as, “So you like ripping hearts out? Here, have mine. I’ll give it to you on a silver platter. Want to come kill slavers with me? I’ll give you all the slavers to kill! Hey, hey, Fenris, I pulled this ring off a dead guy! It’s pretty like you’re pretty, so here, have it.”

Fenris doesn’t really know how to respond to this, since he’s not used to attentions from people who aren’t trying to use him, so he gets very flustered indeed.

For not so cute flustered, Fenris gets very agitated by raised voices, not having a wall at his back, not being able to keep his eyes on all exits, weak points, and open spots at all times, the feel of magic brushing against his lyrium-marked skin, and Hawke putting himself at too much risk either in politics or in combat.

Thank you for the ask! ❤️

“Hannibal” shouldn’t pass into history without a final nod to Mikkelsen, and what he accomplished in taking a role so indelibly associated with Anthony Hopkins and making it his own. “What a cunning boy you are,” he said to Will in one of their exchanges, simultaneously oozing menace and charm.
—  Variety

fuck……………..I’m watching hwanhee on king of mask singer n to be honest its soooo obvious its him lmao !!! like any hwanhee fan would know its him he wears some hoppang man mask but his movements n the subtle way he breaths just oozes with his charm. his voice is a clear indication that its him but the way his body moves is hwang yoon suk….I love him n he dances to bangtan blood sweat n tears because jimin is in the panel n hes such a hoe. then people are ‘surprised’ hwanhee can dance but if you LOVED HIM you would know that he danced n sung for all his solo albums n he would b-boy n fucking break his spine to give all you fuckers a good show. how did you guys repay him ????? sleep on him n not appreciate his existence n comment on his plastic surgery time after time…no offense but I’m going to kill every single one of you.

carrie fisher is the prettiest white like im sorry but ? libra with a scorpio midheaven, venus in virgo with mars in pisces and capricorn ascendant????? like as a libra sun she’s oozing charm and like… sort of bland beauty no offence but its true libra is ruled by venus and it gives us beauty but its always a very Generic “beautiful to everyone” type thing but its spiced up w her capricorn rising (which gives her great bone structure) and scorpio midheaven (which grants her sex appeal but also makes her talk publicly about taboo topics such as her mental illness) i really.. just… wanna be her friend