oozells square

Birmingham - From Oozells Square the rear of the old Presbyterian church that became a church of Scientology and is now a nightclub called Flares. In front of it towers the Jurys Inn Hotel, one of the largest structures on Broad street it was originally an office block called Chamberlain tower and is in the *Brutalist* concrete design.


Birmingham - The Ikon Gallery in Oozells Square was opened in 1997, saving the building which was built in 1877 from Demolition , originally a Council run School it had fallen into dereliction after many years as a storage warehouse. The tower was rebuilt in the 90’s having been partly demolished in the late 70’s. It now houses the Ikon modern art gallery.

Across from the Ikon Gallery on the other side of the water garden designed by Paul de Monchaux is the new RBS building.