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How does Silver feel about his father's relationship with Cyrus? Do they get along?

Oow well, silver was about to give a damn and start to act like the litte asshole he is, until he saw cyrus’ weavile, and silver was like hey your weavile looks strong and cyrus started to explain how he trains him and then they had a little battle and silver was like wow teach me the arts of weavile! And of fucking course he show him the arts of the little rascals. And all was weavile this and weavile that and they both completely ignored giovanni that day… and many other days. So yeah, they are weavile buddies :> (silver gets along better with cyrus than gio, and he gets so fucking jealous)


Part 1
More doodles from my other fantasy au i did for fun ~ 

Drawing 1: There was a big argument at a bar about Victor being an imposter but Yuuri just left and sat outside on a bench where a masked men followed him and asked what he personally thought.
Like i already said,Yuuri still isn’t convinced that Victor fooled them all.(just like Phichit and more)

D2: The man visits him again for some reason??

D3: It’s a world where you should never ever trust someone who’s masked, I promise it ends to 83% deadly.

D4: Yuuri doesn’t have much time until he has to move to layer 4 (because he has not enough money anymore), a place even worse than where he lives now already.There will be almost no freedom.

D5: Just like Victor, Yuuri is secretly a skilled fighter and could do great things to make the empire a little better but yeah, he lacks confidence…

Sex Sound (AmeriPan)
  • Alfred: *giggle*
  • Alfred: Hey...
  • Kiku: ?
  • Alfred: *holds Kiku's hand*
  • Kiku: What are y--
  • Alfred: *counts fingers one by one in each word*
  • Alfred: This
  • Alfred: Is
  • Alfred: Your
  • Alfred: Sex
  • Alfred: Sound!
  • Alfred: *pulls Kiku's pinky backward*
  • Kiku: A-ah~!
  • Kiku: O-oow~!
  • Alfred:
  • Kiku: *cheeks turn red*
  • Kiku: Why did you do that~?
  • Alfred:
  • Alfred:
  • Alfred: *nosebleeds the fuck out*
Mapping out the relationships on The Good Place
  • Writer: Alright so we got Eleanor, Tahani, and Chidi all having various confusing feelings for each other, now what are we gonna do about Jason
  • Other writer: We could put him with Micheal
  • Writer: No, that would get to weird with the plot twist
  • Other other writer: We could just stick him with whos ever left over from the love triangle thing
  • Writer: Maybe bu-
  • A different writer: Janet
  • Ow: excuse me?
  • ADW: We will put him with Janet
  • Writer: Okay... so how would we set that up though?
  • ADW: We wouldn't. They just randomly get married late in the season
  • OOW: That's.... that's fucking hilarious
  • OW: Oh. my. god. just think about Michael's reaction
  • Writer: How would they even have sex? No, you know what? This is going in the show, we're fucking doing this.
  • ADW: Excellent

Old and New on display at the Ohio Ordnance Works booth; an original Colt manufactured 1918 and the companies new Heavy Counter Assault Rifle. Let me tell you the amount of weight they managed to drop from the original weapon is astounding. The model with optic, suppressor and bipod is still lighter than the bare bones original and if you strip the HCAR down to just a red dot you have a devastating weapon that is no heavy than most AR-10s. 

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Alex : *to Umesh* I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with...

“Oow mon amour…” *va te préparer une bonne boisson chaude, te l’apporte, t’enroule dans une couverture et te cajole dans ses bras*

“Je suis là pour toi ma chère et tendre ~”

irene: *is alive* *texts sherlock to signal her continued availability* 

john: so how are we feeling about that?

sherlock: *tunes his violin in great Angst* *looks out the window into the distance* happy new year john…

john: do you think you’ll be seeing her again?

sherlock: *won’t look at john* *starts to play angsty violin*

john: w o  o oow he is so in love with her what the fuck what the fuck?? je su s