zurneus asked:

To that person you're replying...wow. I'm so upset I made plans with a ton of friends and we were all excited to see Panic. I'm so upset right now. Why did they think this would be funny? Now I have to go tell everyone some idiot 13 year old lied about everything and I'm going to look like a dumb ass for believing it. I loved your reply to them though.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. She’s 19, btw. Lying seems to be what she does. It’s a sign of many different personality disorders, so I couldn’t just pinpoint which she has without looking into her other posts more closely, and I really don’t think she deserves a second of anyone’s time.

I’m SO glad you got to have a laugh, Jennifer! You made a whole hell of a lot of people excited and then deeply upset, while in the process making yourself an outcast and universally disliked by the entire FOB and PATD fanbase just for a laugh! Awesome work, girl!

Looking at your posts on your Tumblr about how it’s ‘made your night’ to see so many people believed your fake Tweet and so many people are upset about it, just makes me nauseous. The fact that there are people in this world like you who do insanely selfish and pathetically stupid things just to make themselves laugh, SOLELY to harm others who’ve done absolutely NOTHING to them makes me want to scream. It’s abhorrent behavior and utterly disgraceful.

People like you should not exist. Period. Judging by the way you’ve acted and continue to act about this, I can clearly see you have had a great deal of mental health issues in your life and abuse of one kind or another and that saddens me. No one deserves to be treated like shit when they’re young, and you could deny that if you want but I’m educated enough on the subject to know the signs of abuse and mental illness when I see them. Maybe you don’t even remember the abuse happening, but it did. In one form or another. 

I urge you to please seek counseling  and if you’re already in it, look for a better therapist. Hurting people who’ve done nothing to you is not acceptable at any point in time. Doing so just for your own, selfish gain is even worse.

No one in the Panic! or FOB fandoms want anything to do with you now. Good job at making everyone hate you. I’m sure the universe will look kindly upon you and give you tons of great Karma for being so great! Awesome!

Grow up. You say you’re 19 years old? You’re acting more like the age you lied about (lying again, I see that’s a trend.) You truly do act like a 13 year old child. Anyone with the kind of attitude and emotional troubles you display is going to have a harder time in life, so I truly hope you can get the help you need and deserve to make yourself better. You deserve that. 

Good luck, and I’m so sorry, hatsunemacaroni and anyone else who  bought tickets to a show or made plans for something that’s not happening.


Stop being an unbearable human-being, Jennifer.

I punched Oscar. of course I’m not okay with it. I honestly don’t know what triggered it. But I probably didn’t have a reason to throw a fist at him. I really feel awful. I’m usually the happy drunk. But I had too much to drink last night. It is killing me because I’m not a violent person. I mean, it wasn’t a hard punch, but I still did it.

Theres a difference between joking and saying right away its a joke and going to the point where you let so many people get excited and happy just do be like oh by the way that wasn’t true. its not funny to most people. So why bother? 

ten facts.

1. i’m five feet tall

2. i’m a geek

3. i like movies

4. i’m 20 years old

5. i have a zelda belt buckle that i wear everywhere

6. sometimes (a lot of times) i have such bad social anxiety i just stay home and watch netflix instead of doing things 

7. i have a pink cell phone

8. i try to volunteer once a week at a charity organization

9. i’m a brony

10. i try to learn something new everyday