#Everyone talks about Klaus’s smile #which was mindblowing of course #but the smile that really made my heart almost stop was Caroline’s #we always knew Klaus loved her #and i expected the “i am the happiest person in the world” smile from him #but not from Caroline too #when she smiled at him so genuinely #it literally broke me #it wasn’t just hate sex #she wasn’t feeling guilty #she wanted this #she wanted this so much #that after she kissed him #she smiled #she was happy #HAPPY WITH KLAUS #overjoyed that he kissed her back #that they would have sex #that she finally gave in #that smile right here #is why this moment meant something to Care #she cares about him #she likes him #really likes him #she looks at him and she is instantly happy #it’s like they shared a secret with their smiles #damn them #i really can’t with those two #i can’t look at their full of happiness and dirty thoughts faces anymore #Klaroline is endgame bitches #cause Care is in love

I wouu;ldd  liikee tos tart by  aski.ing the foorgiveeneess Of htte a ssembly meembers and aall Fedeeraation citizens. WWe me;;an no  diserpsect b takingg  oover thi,,s meettiing.. I  aqm, Lieuutten  nant  Quattt,,r,,o Baje,,eena of thee Anti-Earth Union Grou..p. Thefrre is onne mmorr  e thingg  I ust disclose bfe ore I ssay  what I  caame  to ssa.y.. I have  anothee,r name. i am allso ,thee man whho waws known as Chaar  Aznaable. I h  have comE ot you todaay ass soomeone  whho carries within  himm;;j u,,t he true aspirratio..ns of  Z,eoon.  Do , nk;ot think of me  as   Char of , thee Princ,,ipAliity of Z,eon,  but rather  as the son,, ofs Zeeon Deik  un.. Zeon DDekiun’s legacy has nothing .to d owdith, tthe . evilss aand ha.treed  ,,of the  ZZabi ffamil,,y. Zeon D  ieku,,n ddid ;;not ;; bui,ld the principallityy o,,f Zeoon.!  ;When onne  esess h ow thE Titta.ns  d  as n  they pleasse with,h t,he aarrth Federation  F,orces it becomEs afpparent t..h,,at they aree moroe sdeppraav;ed thennn teh  Zab b,i fammily .ever wwas!
Humanity  ..ewnt  to spa;ce so that the plnaet ,wouuld fnot cuoollapse  under  thhe weight of the  pople On.. i,,t .OnCCe thee.re,  thhey ;;flourished, eexpanding the..i  r l,ivinG sspace as they buiult more,, ,olonniise ,on thei r own! Unnfrtunatel.yr, their s,uccess filleed; theem wi,,th hhubrris  naad .rdeams of glory  creating eevvli,s; like tthe Zabbi family! We m,u/ss;;tn’t repeeat thatm istaa  ke! W;hyy woopn’t ,,people  unnder,,satn dtha;;at moving into ..space willbrooaadden. thheir horizonns!? We bbeli,eve that humanit yshouuld no longer pollutet hee  eaRthh! But the Titnns whose s;oul s are pu,llled dDo,,ownn by gravyity thnik only   o f arvaging it!! Whhyy  is s it so hard fo rppeeoplee tto understandd?;;F rom tthe d awn off hitso;ry,.. mankkind has palyed iin  this rcadlle calel  d “Earth.”  Bu  utt \nnwox huamniity  muss,T leave th.e nurseryy  bbehinnd! Ourr infarnc`y haas comE to ane nd  !
Tlell me why at tt,his tturinnng p,po,int IIn our histo ry wee muust Fight Ammongst eachh othee,r adn  furtthher opllute  thhe Eartth?  T  he Ea,,th shouul/dd jbe  reeTuurned .to its natural state andd All  ofh uumni t y must mak  e, it shomee in outer spc..aee! Oth.erwwise,, Earth willl no  llonger be the,, ,p,,lanet  oof   water. Even tt;;hiis v..er, citzy of Dakkar is slowly beeing, egnlu;fed byy th eddesehrrtt. This iss how e,xhaus;ted  htee/ Earrtt  is’! Rigghht  nnow, evey onee of   us, would likke t o see the Ear th, rEmtain  llivve andb  eautifu.l  If we truly fe.eel thii.s way then we shooul dd'not cliing  tto,,o the Earrtthh a,,s parasits ju.st  to fulffill our selfish ddesirres.
Th eTitans have ,,startde a  batttle idsrega drin  \teh lives aat th,iss  ass..sem,,mby  l.  Seefor yoouurselvse[ the bb,,ruttal.iTy of tthe acctions they take. T.hey place th,emsEllves abbove the kre.gular Eart hFederraattiio,n Focresf and label anyoNe wh opposes them `evil Dooers. But;, thheir,, ownn ar,rogance i,s . the greate  st ev;l;, ,,they  wiilll be tth,,e rruinn of humanity!  Thoose of you whoo w,were wattchingg thee ttelevission must reealiiZee by;; ,noow tha.t this  is how th eeTitaaas ggo  abou,tu thei.ir b,,us,,ine,,ss. I addmitt, it wnas,, wrongg to taek oveR tthis assembly,,  but ..wha tof the Tiitoaans wh.o weerre tryiing  to ed;;sttrOOy it wtih. [thee memberrs still insidde?  Would] tthEy even   d,,estroy thier oown supporterr??!!!!


Originally posted by qrishan

Member: Exo Suho/Junmyeon

Type: Smut

Part 1 Part 2

His mouth pressed against yours gently, savouring the taste of your lips and the way they moved against his. You moaned into his mouth and his hands gripped your hips tigher, sending shivers up your spine. You shimmied into his lap, making him groan as your hips moved against his groin. 

He bit your lip and you whimpered, pulling away as you stared at his pink swollen lips. “We really need to talk about this,” he breathed, stilling your hips with his hands as you tried to grind against him again.

“Five more minutes,” you moaned, trailing your hands under his shirt up his toned stomach to his chest. He gasped at the contact, and let his lips slowly mould against yours as you leaned in for another kiss. 

It had been like this for weeks since the library incident. Lingering touches became wandering hands that tugged and pulled on shirts; the ghosting of lips turned into heated kissing sessions that would never go further. Whenever one of you wanted to talk, the other was just plain horny or didn’t have the time, but it would always end before anything really happened. 

Today was your day to be the ignorant one. You both were in your apartment, sitting on your bed with untouched books strayed around the room. Your exam and project stress had escalated into wanting nothing more than Junmyeon touching and kissing you so you could forget your worries. He sighed into the kiss, his hands leaving your hips to move to your face, gently pulling you away from his lips. 

“I really want to keep going, trust me, but we need to talk about this sooner or later.”

You groaned, pulling your hands out from under his shirt and crossing them oover your chest. Your lips formed a pout as he watched, smiling.

“Okay, talk,” you grumbled, looking away from him. His hands were still on your face, and he turned it so you’d face him again as he spoke. 

“Are you really that mad at me? I mean, if we talk about this now, then we can keep going without interruption,” he grinned, and you felt your face heat up at the thought.

You swallowed and responded, “Or we could just skip the talking part today.” 

“We always skip the talking part.”

Exhaling through your nose, you bent your head down to rest it on Junmyeon’s shoulder, and his arms moved to wrap around your waist comfortingly.

“So…” your voice trailed off, and he cleared his throat before speaking. 

“Are we together? Do you want to be together?”

You did actually, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that Junmyeon was a loving, romantic guy and you weren’t. In all the time you’d known him, he was the kind of guy who got flowers for you way too many times or wanted to dine at fancy restaurants every other night. You just wanted someone who’d binge shows with you and complain with you about everything. 

You wanted the relationship, sure. But it was doomed from the start. 

“Y/N?” he asked again, his nose pressing into the side of your cheek.

You sighed, and began, “I’m not that fuzzy, warm romantic that you are, Junmyeon. You know that. I like you, but even I know this isn’t going to work.”

The room was quiet as you waited for a response. He wasn’t speaking, and you eventually sat up to look at his face. 

His brow was raised in question and he asked, “Is that it?”

You shrugged and nodded, and he scoffed, moving to flick your forehead. You yelped and rubbed at the spot, confused. “Is that all you can say? I’m actually concerned about whether or not we’d make a good couple!”

He laughed this time, his hands moving to intertwine with yours. “You’ll never be with someone exactly like you. Yeah sure, I’d make you dress nice and drag you to a restaurant once in a while and you’d make me eat ramen while watching Netflix but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together. I thought you were smarted than this Y/N.” The smirk stayed plastered onto his face as you glared at him, wanting nothing more than to wipe it off. 

An idea popped into your head and you moved your laced hands behind him, keeping them there as you slowly began grinding against him again. His smirk immediately faltered, and his hands fought yours as you continued moving your hips back and forth as began to feel his arousal underneath you.

“Y/N…” he breathed, his eyes fluttering closed as he began rocking against you. “Please…oh God.” Suddenly his hands push your away, and you feel the world spin for a second before your back lands on your bed and he’s on top of you, glaring down with pick cheeks and intense eyes.

His lips crashed against yours with more force than you’d expected, and you felt erection pressing into your thigh as he kissed you. You threaded one hand in his hair as the other reached down to rub his length through his jeans, making him groan above you. He reached down to grab you hand, and pulled it up above your head along with the other one, pinning them there. You struggled against his grip, moaning as his kisses moved to your neck, quickly turning into harsh nips and bites. 

“You sound so hot,” he murmured against your skin as he stopped to suck harshly at your collarbone. 

You inhaled sharply and moaned, “More…please.” Junmyeon’s lips left your neck as he looked down at your face, watching you try to stabillize your breathing. “Junmyeon, why are you…mmmh,” you mumbled, squeezing your legs together as the wetness pooled between them. 

“How much can I do?”

Your eyes shot open and you stared up at his solemn, questioning face. You felt your face get hot as you looked away and responded, “All of it. Just…fuck me.” You squeaked the last two words, squeezing your eyes shut. 

It was silent for a few moments, and you finally opened an eye to see Junmyeon’s pink face looking down at you, his eyes dark and hungry. One of his hands left yours and moved down to your yoga pants. He slipped inside, letting his fingers trace over your underwear before moving to your clothed core. As soon as his fingers reached the damp cloth he inhaled sharply.

“You’re wet.”

His lips were back on you again and you kissed him eagerly as his hands moved to pull down your pants. You clawed at his shirt which he removed easily before crashing back into you again. 

His fingers rubbed at your clothed center, making you squirm under him. Then he pushed the cloth aside, pushing two fingers in easily and making you roll your hips against his hand. He chuckled above you as he pulled out his fingers, moving to unbutton his jeans as you stripped of your shirt and panties.

As his jeans landed on the floor, you yanked down his boxers and wrapped your fingers around his length, pumping him as precum beaded at the tip. He groaned as your thumb pressed against his slit and his hands grabbed your hips again, positioning himself above you as you released him. 

You felt his tip push into your entrance, filling you up and stretching your walls. 

“Fuck,” he muttered, and you braced yourself as he began thrusting in and out of you. His length scraped your walls and made you moan as you felt yourself build quickly, not wanting to come so soon.

As he spilled into you, your walls clenched around him and you rode your high, closing your eyes and relaxing against your bed. Junmyeon moved to lie down next to you, keeping his arm around your waist as you both caught your breath.

“If we’re together, we could do that more,” breathed Junmyeon, and you chuckled beside him.

“If? I think we are.” 

Send a symbol for a bad idea starter
  • 👹: Sucking on tampons coated in pop rocks
  • 👺: Driving a car that runs on tears instead of gas
  • 💀: Poking holes in their dad’s condoms so someone else can do the dishes
  • 👻: Bringing back the Black Plague
  • 👽: Dying their hair invisible
  • 🤖: Buying an alarm clock that only play lullabies
  • 👍: Mending broken limbs with casts made of cement
  • 👎: Drinking 100% fat milk
  • 👄: Coming out oover social media as being straight
  • 👁: Cracking their phone screen in advance so they won’t be sad when the screen cracks
  • 👀: Going to a tattoo parlour and tell them to “surprise them”
  • 👅: Wearing a raincoat that dissolves in water
  • 💃: Avoiding having to raise their kids by selling it to Satan in exchange for their masters degree
  • 💇: Surprising their barber during a haircut
  • 🕶: Using ketchup flavoured toothpaste
  • 👛: Reusing old condoms because my muse already knows that they work
  • 🎓: Graduating from prison
  • 🦁: Stealing a lion from the local zoo to keep as a pet
  • 🐸: Making sure not to use somebody’s preferred pronouns
  • 🐧: Playing a guitar and a ukulele at the same time
  • 🐋: Buying a paper shredder that makes a digital copy of everything they shred so they can keep a record
  • 🐠: Testing their smoke alarm by setting their house on fire
  • 🐊: Moving into a crocodile exhibit
  • 🌵: Wearing underwear made out of a cactus
  • 🎃: Turning a nursing home into a haunted house
  • 🌝: Mooning their next door neighbor at the crack of dawn
  • 🌚: Making a Donald Trump makeup tutorial
  • 🌞: Rubbing sand in their eyes
  • ⭐️: Driving too fast for speed cameras to take a photo of them
  • ☂️: Using paper as a paperweight
  • 🍎: Throwing actual turtles at other drivers when they want to pass them like in MarioKart
  • 🍘: Cleansing their body of DNA
  • 🍥: Brushing their hair and teeth with the same brush
  • 🌽: Adding salt to instant ramen
  • 🍍: Creating a Chewbacca voice option for GPS
  • 🍼: Touching the inside of the oven to see if it’s hot enough
  • 🍾: Installing clapper lights in a movie theatre
  • 🍻: Killing a stone with two birds
  • ⚽️: Eating Nutella with chopsticks
  • 👾: Going to a bunch of old YouTube music videos and comment “still listening in 2016”
  • 🎹: Going back to their scene phase
  • 🚗: Creating permanent shoes for a lifetime
  • 🚀: Making soup on a stick
  • ⚓️: Playing catch with an anchor
  • ⛩: Starting a riot in every city until that guy called “4Chan” is caught
  • 📀: Making a 48 hour CD with nothing but vaporwave songs
  • 🔮: Creating a law stating all children must be named after the place of their conception
  • 🔪: Tap dancing barefoot in the shower
  • 💊: Using new white sheets while on their period
  • 💉: Injecting cocaine straight into their bloodstream
  • ✏️: Giving Jar Jar Binks his own film
  • ❤️: Making Bing their default search engine
  • ‼️: Making a book written entirely in captchas
  • 🎶: Making a 420 equivalent for heroin and other hard drugs
Love is Blindness

A/N: So, haha, I actually wrote this maybe two weeks ago? I don’t even remember. I basically had a dream that had a sort of flowing plot so I decided to go with it. This is more practice than anything else, but I thought I’d share because I kind of like it XD I think I’ve just been trying to find different situations that make Arthur or Alfred cry, depending on the focus. Crying is not really fun to write, but it’s really interesting and I hope I got it alright :P Anyways, here’s to another Pottertalia oneshot!

Summary: Alfred still has to get used to how all this magical stuff works. Apparently, it’s possible to go temporarily blind due to an impact with a bewitched bludger. While in the infirmary, Alfred makes a new friend who doesn’t turn out to be new at all…


It was quite the trivial accident, really.

A simple mistake, forgivable, if not easily fixed.

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3 yrs na kami ng gf ko. Okay naman lahat except one thing " oras para sa isa't isa. " I understand na very time consuming ang work niya as a resident doctor halos ospital na yung bahay at buhay niya. I trusted her na along the way ma oover come namin to and makakapag adjust kami especially siya. We are in the same town pero wala pa isang beses sa isang linggo kami magkita personal. I loved her so much and as much as possible I don't want to lose her pero nahihirapan na din ako.

Brad. Kapag mahal ng dalawang tao ang isa’t isa, gagawa sila ng paraan para makita at magsama. Kase work is work, love life is love life. Kase para kase sakin, kung lahat ng tao eh may trabaho at busy, edi sana wala nang nag-aasawa ngayon. Get’s mo?

Maybe you should ask, what’s wrong or better na alamin mo ang nag roroll sa utak niya, kung gusto niya pa ba or ititigil niyo na para alam mo din ang standing mo sa buhay niya.

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Anon: whats vld? *sweats* im sorry. im clueless with kids these days.

oover here!

it’s the same as the one that was streamed at a con time ago for the most part, just in better quality!

oh i forgot, vld is voltron legenday defender

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How about The Winchesters and drunk sex in a nice hotel after a wedding?

Okay, so just imagine that one of the Campbell cousins is getting married to some bigwig, maybe a lawyer they saved from a vengeful spirit, and the Winchesters are off to a four star hotel for maybe the second time in their lives.

Dean rolls his eyes through the ceremony and leans over and makes some comment about the amount of beading on the bodice of her dress and Sam just gives him this what the fuck, Dean, are you watching wedding shows or something now look. Sam’s the first one to casually threaten the groom at the reception but it doesn’t work because the groom knows about the Winchesters, the Campbells have told him the stories and he is basically groveling at Sam, just totally fangirling.

The band is great, a mix of romantic ballads and old rock, the bridesmaids are plentiful and pretty and there- look man!- an open bar: the recipe for both Winchesters getting laid tonight. Dean’s the first brother to get out on the dance floor, he has a cut glass of aged scotch in his hand held oover his head, the other arm wrapped around a curvy little brunette that’s already kicked off her heels. He downs the rest of his booze in a gulp before the Macarena so that he can really participate.

Sam is lured onto the floor by a willowy blonde during a cover of AC/DC’s Have A Drink on Me. She passes him a mostly full champagne bottle and he takes a long pull end then another, not pausing for breath or to break eye contact with his lady. She loosens his tie two songs later, and Dean already has his tie around his head like he thinks he is some kind of ninja.

The little brunette laughs and bats the waiter away when he asks Dean if he wants another drink- she squeezes the top of Dean’s thigh and purrs I’ve got other plans for him.

Dean just slings an arm around her shoulders and manages not to slur, thank you very much, whiskey dick ain’t gonna be a problem, sweetheart. They leave before even the bride and groom, leaving the poor girl’s underwear in the elevator, her slick on the button for the sixth floor.

She’s trying to get the door of her room open but Dean’s too busy trying to kiss her up against the door, his breath tasting of alcohol and bacon wrapped shrimp and man. Finally the keycard flashes green and they fall into the room, Dean trying to get his pants off at the same time as her dress and then getting the pants stuck on his shoes, but they laugh and kiss all over and finally they are both naked and falling onto the bed. Dean hops up again and peels back the weird duvet, muttering about hotel germs. She thinks it’s cute and yanks him into the sheets and he’s all lazy hands and slurred compliments, sho pretty, sho soft, love your shkin.

It’s missionary and not super athletic but it is warm and sweet and so very thorough and Dean was right, whiskey dick is the opposite of a problem, if anything he’s lasting longer than normal, just lazily thrusting while he sucks kisses all over her breast abd collarbones and throat.  

Sam and his blonde manage to wait until the bride and groom leave but not by much and then they are in the elevator and wondering about the women’s thong that’s in it. Sam had gotten progressively handsier as the night went on, going so far as to cup her ass under her dress on the dance floor and making it to second base more than once. In the elevator he had her alone and her eyes were dark and by the time it dinged to the eighth floor she had her thighs locked around his waist and his face was down in her cleavage (she’s thankful she smeared deodorant inn there). Getting his door open with an armful of woman is a challenge, especially since he finished three bottles of champagne, but she helps and they make it in eventually.

Just because they do make it into the room does not mean that they make it to the bed. No, it’s the tabletop for them, her panties shredded, his pants opened up only enough to get out his cock. It’s fast and it’s hard, but he helps her undress after and carries her onto the bed, spooning around her, trying to hide his little champagne burps in her hair.

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Chelsie Christmas Challenge

Hello, All!

Two years ago, I started working on an alphabetical list of Chelsie Christmas prompts, but I ended up doing only 5 of 26 letters.  I’m going to try again this year.  I can’t promise any better results than last time, but I’ll try my best.  I’m going to pick up where I left off and try to get through the rest of the alphabet.  You can find my prompt responses on fanfiction.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10863838/1/A-Very-Chelsie-Christmas.  The five chapters from two years ago are already there, but I’ll be adding more throughout December.

I’d like to propose something to all of you: join me - please!  Anyone and everyone.  Writers, artists, crafters, digital photo and video wizards.  I’m including a list of 26 prompts, but please don’t feel as if you need to do every single one.  Take a look through the list and see what inspires you.  The prompts are meant very loosely; they’re intended to spark ideas and not to limit creativity in any way.  If you draw one doodle, delightful!  If you write one drabble, fantastic!  If you manipulate one photo, wonderful!  If you compose one video, great!  Maybe one single prompt will spark a longer story.  Perhaps a few prompts will inspire a series of paintings.  I’m just asking (pleading?), and in my mind, whatever results is a bonus.  I know that this is a busy season for everyone, so if my little invitation yields anything at all, I’ll be grateful.

Also, this challenge is open to folks from other fandoms/ships.  If anyone else would like to take the prompt list and use all or part(s) of it, please do!

And it doesn’t have to be canon.  Period AU, modern AU, a one-shot in an existing AU, anything at all.

I want to be clear: this is just for fun!  I would never want to add to anyone’s stress at this time of year.  So I’ll state explicitly: there are no demands, no rules, no deadlines, no restrictions at all.  Do only what will make you happy.

And let’s use a tag.  If you post something on Tumblr, please tag your contribution #Chelsie Christmas Challenge.  Sound good?  That way we can all find it easily.  Thanks in advance!  You people are the best!

Oh, and even if you don’t plan to participate, I would appreciate your reblogging this post to help spread the word.


December 1 - A

Avent - expectations or preparations for Christmas

December 2 - B

Baking - cookies, cakes, pies, or whatever your sweet tooth is hankering for!

December 3 – C

Cozy Fire - cuddled up by a cozy fire, a house fire, a bonfire, or chestnuts roasting on an open fire - you decide!

December 4 - D

Dashing - through the snow, away with a smoothing iron, or maybe even a dashing hero

December 5 - E

Egg nog - making it, drinking it, sharing it, spilling it, ruining it - take your pick

December 6 - F

Father Christmas - or Santa Claus, or Kris Kringle, or Sinterklaas, or Christkindl, or St. Nick

December 7- G

Gifts - buying, giving, receiving, peeking, accidentally finding - up to you!

December 8 - H

Holly and Ivy - something involving the festive, decorative plants (or two women named Holly and Ivy, if you wish)

December 9 - I

Ice - slipping, sliding, skating, cracking; or for putting in drinks; or for reducing the swelling on bruises, twisted ankles, or sprained wrists - possibly after slipping on ice in the first place - get creative!

December 10 - J

Jingle Bells - sleigh bells, alarm bells, bells in the servants’ hall, church bells …

December 11 - K

Kids - something involving little ones

December 12 - L

Laughter - joyful noise!

December 13 - M

Music - Christmas Carols, church hymns, singing, dancing, playing instruments - whatever suits your fancy!

December 14 - N

Nighttime - what might happen on a cold winter’s night - blankets, cocoa, warm socks and pj’s, reading books by a roaring fire?

December 15 - O

Over the River and Through the Woods - a journey in the snow or ice or just the cold

December 16 - P

Pudding - Christmas pudding, plum pudding, Yorkshire pudding, or any dessert at all

December 17 - Q

Question - someone pops the question - or asks a question, any question

December 18 - R

Reading - could be Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol or Clement C. Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (“‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”) or anything you like

December 19 - S

Stocking(s) - hanging, stuffing, unstuffing …

December 20 - T

Tree - choosing a tree, trimming a tree, or anything about a tree

December 21 - U

Under the Mistletoe - smooching! - or not, if you want to be mean

December 22 - V

Velvet - ribbons, bows, dresses, someone’s voice …

December 23 - W

Weather - “outside is frightful,” or “walking in a winter wonderland,” or it could be ridiculously, unacceptably warm outside

December 24 - X

X-mas Eve - really, what else could I have done with X?

December 25 - Y

Yule - Merry Christmas!

December 26 - Z

Zany - and now we have Z left over for Boxing Day, so go crazy - anything you want!

The Bet pt. 2

WOW! I seriously never thought that this smut one-shot will have such a strong response, I never had so many notes for something that I have written and so many people asking for more. I am very very flattered and happy that all of you liked it.

I really intended for this story to be a one-shot, but as you can see, all of those messages made me weak and I succumbed to the pressure and wrote a second part to it. Please take note that THIS WILL BE THE LAST PART. 

I really hope that this second part is as good as the first and that you’ll like! (I’m really nervous for this sequel so…yeah, hope you like it.)

Thanks for Nicki, oncertwice for editing and helping me working oover some details.

Read and enjoy!

summary: Killian lives in the same apartment building than Emma’s best friend. What happens when he challenges her to prove her wrong about his abilities to please a woman.

Part 1

Killian left later that night after they’d decided to order a pizza and eat it in bed, to regain some of their energy after their intense ‘make-out’ session. Emma didn’t think he would be able to satisfy her the way he did. She really thought that he was all talk, and that he would at least make her reach her climax once, but she didn’t expect him to be so determined and skilled.

For the half hour that followed, she felt exhausted in a way that she never had before. She was unable to walk without holding onto something and she hated it, not only because she felt incapacitated but because of his smugness and she knew that it inflated his ego even more, giving him a reason for those stupid innuendos. Emma wasn’t a sore loser, and she honoured her part of the bet, accepting to go on a date with him the next night.

That night after he left, she went to bed and fell instantly asleep, her body and mind way too tired to think any further of the upcoming date. The next morning was another story. She awoke well rested and sated and forgot for a moment the activities that took place on her bed with a certain arrogant Brit.


The first images that invaded her mind were of him, his touch, his smile, his mouth on hers, the way his tongue swirled around the most sensitive parts of her pink skin, the way he moved inside her as he made her come undone over and over. She groaned in frustration when those thoughts and vivid images were determined to occupy her brain.

How wrong was she to think that he was anything but small and that he was trying to compensate for lacking skills in the bedroom area? He exceeded her expectations and the more she thought about it, she realised that no man, lover, or boyfriend, has ever made her feel that way in bed. As if she was something to be cherished, her pleasure being something worthy of fulfilling.

Well, it was a bet, but still, that’s how it made her feel. A feeling that left her craving more, and wanting to get lost in its addiction. That feeling also made her quite excited for tonight, but she also felt nervousness course through her as she wondered of his true intentions. Was it because he wanted to bed her a couple of more times and then end things with her or did he really want to have a date with her because he might want more? She decided to leave her worries aside and focus on what was about to happen that night and hoping that she could have a taste at him this time.

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Flash: Barry/Reader

hiii ! i would like to request if it’s not too much ? barry allen x reader where the reader is a forensic scientist too and she had to take barry’s place when he was in coma and then when he’s back they have to work together and barry feels very nervous around her and all fluffy eheh thanks, have a good day :*

Hi ! I love your blog 😊😊 could I request a Barry Allen one shot where the reader is a metahuman and she has the same powers as Barry ? Thank u !!! 😊😊

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

I turned on the centrifuge and pushed my away from one counter to another. Realising that the familiar whir didn’t happen, I went over to the centrifuge. The other day it was working fine. Although I have had trouble with it in the past. It definitely isn’t the most cooperative machine in the lab.

I pulled out the weights and vials and turned the machine oover. Then I opend the bottom and quickly grabbed some tools form the other side of the lab. As I began tinkering around with the mechanisms, the vials rolled off the counter. Thankfully, I was fast enough to catch them. Last thing anyone needed was a mess to clean.

Once it was humming away in the background, I filled out paperwork and started on other assignments. There were footsteps approaching as I was running back and forth across the lab putting things into different places. Finished work on one side, half finished in the middle. However, I fell. And I happened to fall as the lab doors were opened. I quickly jumped to my feet and faced Detective West who was standing at the door with someone else.

Barry Allen.

Barry and I used to work together in the crime scene lab. But then there was the incident where he was struck by lightning nine months ago. Ever since, I had been working alone. Well, I ahdn’t actually been working the full nine months. I had to take some time off to recover from an injury I got the same night. But I ended up coming back to work earlier.

Unfortunately, that incident came wit side-effects. And there were perks to it. I mean, I ended up with superspeed for goodness’ sake!

“Oh, hi.” I straightened myself out.

“Hi,” Barry smiled at me and then at Detective West who patted Barry on the back before leaving. I smiled at Barry.

“So, I left the lab in good condition.” I opened my arms out to gesture to the lab behind me. “Believe it or not, but I think it’s tidier than before.”

“It is!” Barry laughed as he walked around. Then he looked at the centrifuge that was beginning to come to a slow stop.

“Is this a new centrifuge?”

“Nope. Same one we’ve had for a while now. I actually fized it before you came in.”

“Wow.” Barry nodded impressed.

“”Thanks. So, do you want to get started today? I-I mean because you just came back?” I looked at the papers that I had started but hadn’t finished. Barry turned around and almost tripped over his feet. Then he crossed his arms over his chest.

Once we had managed to divide the workload, we sat at our desks. I had spoken to Detective West earlier in the morning. He had told me Barry was coming back and I should keep an eye on him. So far, he seemed okay. Aside from the fact that he knocked over my pot of pens when he accidently walked into my desk. Otherwise he seemed okay. And it was kind of amazing that he survived. Most people died after getting struck by lightning. And I was so grateful that he survived. Thankfully, Barry was just more awkward.

“(Y/N)?” Barry asked. I looked up at him.

“What’s up?”

“Are you free after work? I was wondering if you’re staying behind. I’ll stay behind too. I need to catch up on work.”

“I’m free, but I can stay behind. Maybe we can order in?” I suggested. Barry nodded and continued with his work. I smiled and carried on working myself.

As we worked, the breeze outside began picking up. Before, it was a cool breeze that was cooling the lab. Since we’re at the top of the floor, all the heat travelled upwards causing the temperature to rise. Even in the winter. Now, the wind was picking up causing papers to lift up. Some flew off my desk but I quickly grabbed them. Thankfully, Barry didn’t notice. That would be difficult to explain. However, I managed to leave everything under weights.

Then the wind began picking up.

There was a gust that was stronger than before causing a mug to fall. It rolled off the table and on my first instinct, I jumped up. I ran for it and grabbed the mug. But my body collided into something. I fell back with the mug still in my hands. Sitting on the floor across from me, was Barry. And he looked very, very confused.

“What’re you doing?” We asked in unison very quickly.

“Nothing.” I answered rapidly getting to my feet. “How’d you get over here?”

“I- I could ask you the same.”

“Well, obviously this won’t sound crazy, but I have superspeed.” I told him. Barry stared at me. “I assume you do too.”

“Yeah. So, maybe we should talk.” Barry leaned forwards. I smiled.

“Well, I’m free after work today.”

💋Nash Grier Imagine #1💋

“Hey Nash turn around.” Cameron said. I couldn’t wait for him to see me. Nash’s head turned and our eyes locked. I smiled wide.

“Y/N!!!!” He scremed running over to me. He picked me up and spun me around.

“I missed you.” I said hugging him tighter.

“And these are thhe weird best friends that won’t go out with each other!” Shawn exclaimed. He was making a vine.

“Hey!” I pointed my finger at him and bursted into laughter. Shawn was always jealous that Nash and I were so close. But it is what it is.

“Nash, I’m gonna be right back.” I said and kissed his cheek. I nodded towards Cameron to work his magic. I walked out of the dinning hall and made my way up to my hotel room. I quickly unzippered my bag and pulled out my heels and essentials. I took my dress out of the box and got changed.
By the time I was done with my hair and makeup, I had to move quickly to the elevator. Cameron said he was on his way up. I took my heels off since I was a little behind schedule. I ran down the hall to the elevator and then put my heels back on. The elevator came to a stop. The doors opened.

“Shawn?” I questioned.

“Hi. Wow you look… Stunning!” He exclaimed.

“Where’s Nash?” I asked.

“Who? Oh Nash? Why do you want him?” He asked.

“Shawn, this isn’t you. Get the facts straight. I don’t like you like that. It’s always been Nash. I love Nash!” I admitted. Shawn’s eyes widened and he shoved me aside.

“What the hell.” I said turning around to see where he was going. Nash.

Shawn took a punch to Nash.

“Guys no! Stop!!” I yelled. I ran towards them and jumped on Shawn’s back. I was flipped off of him and landed on my back. I got up and ran for the steps. I ran down to the dinning hall. I bursted through the doors.

“I need help. Shawn, Nash, they are fighting!” I screamed and ran out to get back to them. I could here everyone running behind me to help. Tears were streaming down my face. I should have never come.

I was the first one back up there.

“Shawn don’t you dare!!” I screamed. I couldn’t let him do what he was about to do. I ran towards them. I grabbed Shawn by his shoulders and then grabbed Nash. I was pushed and the fencing broke. I thought I was going to die. I had grabbed the fencing on the level below. I held on tight.

“Y/N I’ll be right there hold on!!” Nash yelled.

“I wouldn’t dream of letting go.” I mumbled to myself.
Soon Nash appeared.

“Grab my hand, I’ll pull you up.” He told me. I nodded and let go of one hand and grabbed his. I let go of the hand and grabbbed his other hand. I was pulled up and then I got up and oover the fence. I tripped into Nash’s arms. I was really shaken up so we sat down right there with me in his arms.

“Do you really love me?” Nash asked.

“Yes, I do love you Nash.” I said.

“I love you too.” He smiled.

“Listen, I’m really sorry for what happened tonight. I apologized.

"Y/n it wasn’t your fault. I think this is a little late but what would think if I asked you to be my girlfriend?” He asked.

“I’d say yes.” I smiled.

“So y/n, will you be my girlfriend?” He asked.

“Of course I will be.” I said. He cupped my face and we slowly leaned.

“Love birds look this way!” We heard Cameron say. We rolled our eyes and kissed. Once we stopped kissing, we got up.

“Cameron I’m going to kill you for ruining the moment!!” Nash laughed and ran after Cameron.

“Hey I made that relationship come together! It’s Cam’s magic, It works for everyone!!!” Cameron Laughed and ran faster. I laughed.

“Thank you Cameron!!! Cam’s Magic is a true deal!!” I yelled and laughed. I ran after them.

One Dance ~ Sam Wilk Imagine

Y/N: Your name 

Y/F/N: Your Full Name

 First imagine, hope you guys like it please request!!


 "Grips on your waist front way, back way", I sang and swayed my hips as I pulled out a short sleeveless black dress from my closet.

 "And it won’t stop, oooh" my phone rings Sevyn Streeter’s voice signaling that King Ky is calling me.

 "Hello?“, I answer 

 "Y/N babe, you almost ready?” Kylie asked.

 "Almost ready boo, I gotta do my makeup, take these curlers out my hair and put on my dress" I say putting Kylie on speaker and pulling on my dress.

 "Are you gonna wear that sexy, tight dress that makes your body look so curvy and scrumptious ?“, Ky asked me, making me laugh. 

 You see Kylie and I have been friends for 3 months, but it feels like we’ve known each other for a lifetime.

 "Yes,King Ky! Now let me go finish getting ready”, I say smoothing out my dress, running over to my mirror pulling curlers out my hair. 

“Hurry up babes, I’m outside and ready to party”, Kylie says rushing me then hanging up the phone. I quickly take out the remaining hair curlers, put on my hoop earrings, and apply a light make up. I grab my black Vera Wang clutch, putting my ID, phone, wallet, and keys inside and put on my brand new black giuseppe heels. I look myself one more time in the mirror before heading out, locking the door behind me.

 I walk over to the elevator pressing the button when I get an incoming call from Kylie. 

“Y/F/N, are you ready? I’m about to pull off without your ass”, Kylie says getting aggravated.

 "Yes Mother, I’m getting on the elevator", I say entering the elevator and pushing the lobby button. 

“Hurry up”, She yells hanging up on me. How rude I thought whilst rolling my eyes.  When the elevator opens I run out and rush through the front door. I raced oover to the car and got in. My eyes landed on Kylie, Kendall and Justine who all wore annoyed looks on their faces. 

 "Hey, sorry I’m late", I grin sheepishly.

 "Yeah, yeah, let’s go", Kendall and Justine say at the same time. 

 The ride was smooth as we pull up to “Impulse”, one of the hottest, new, nightclubs in L.A. My girls and I hop out with photographers in our face snapping pictures of us in our sober state. 

We walk in and we spot a big group of guys. Kylie and the rest of the girls head straight in their direction. Seeing that I’m not walking, Ky comes over to me. 

 "Y/N, aren’t you coming?, I want you to meet some people", Kylie asked. 

“Nah, not yet”, I say looking over at Kendall and Justine as they hugged the guys. 

“Why not? I really want you to meet them”, Kylie whined. 

 Just when I was about to reply, I heard a familiar beat, I silently thanked the DJ for playing “One Dance” by Drake and smirked at Kylie before running to the dance floor, watching her greet her friends.

 "Baby, I like your style

Grips on your waist Front way, back way

You know that I don’t play 

Streets not safe

But I never run away 

Even when I’m away

Oti, oti, there’s never much love when we go, oti

I pray to make it back in one piece I pray, I pray"

Drake’s song echoed through the club. I roll my hips and start grinding on the figure behind me and he gripped my wait. I start singing and spin around to see who I was grinding on. 

He had a big smile on his face, showing his perfect dimples. 

“Damn girl, that grinding was sexy as fuck, I’m Sam, Kylie’s friend”, he tells me smirking. Sending a wink to Kylie he then put  his arm around my shoulder. He walked us to V.I.P., where my friends were. 

I look over to Kylie for reassurance, who winks and she raises her glass towards us.

I smirk turning my attention back to Sam.

 "Hey I’m Y/N" …


I hope you guys liked it …

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