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Episode 104: Her Rival is an Idol! A Spark of Love! Suzume’s Victory??

That one episode that can cause a shipping war. I remember being a part of this war, but I matured and accepted both KiyomaroxMegumi and KiyomaroxSuzume since both couples made sense. I forever say that Kiyomaro would choose Megumi in the end, but I wouldn’t mind him getting together with Suzume. Although, Suzume needs to get over that ditzy, clumsy personality first or her future with Kiyomaro can be ruined.

I sometimes think that they should have stuck to the manga instead… Having Tio note Megumi’s jealous side would show some character development.  I still want to ask Raiku Makoto who he thought Kiyomaro should have been with. The manga showed a lot more moments with Megumi, but even more with Suzume…