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Me: I may have realized something about my favorite characters.  

Uta no Prince-sama Maji Love Legend Star Bingo

See how many “bingos” you can get in one episode lol

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(This would also work as a drinking game, but I don’t like drinking)

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Could you do Heavens reaction when their best friend or s/o turns into a little kitten?

Sure I can!


Your man had just arrived from work, hoping to be greeted by you at the foyer but he met with an empty house…..except for a little kitten on the table with a notepad covered in sprawling handwriting, similar to that of a toddler’s. He tried to decipher it, meeting the kitten’s gaze before dropping the letter


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“……..impossible…..NO WAY?!” Eiichi cried and you mewed in reply. He stared at you, before rushing for the phone to get all the members from Heavens assembled here.


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“………. *pokes kitty to see if its really true* ……..uh oh.”


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“…. *stares for a second* ne…is it really true?” Nagi inquired and you clung to him in response. He said nothing except pulling out his phone and calling for Kira and Shion. he turned his attention back to you and smiled. “Well lets play till they get here! Nagi will make sure you like being a kitty!” He said the last line with a smirk


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“_________-SAN?!” The fairy tales Eiji once read about were coming true…He stopped for a second before meeting the cat’s face with a determined expression. “I will fix this! Please don’t worry!!”


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“Haha…..well…” He ran his fingers through his hair nervously before reaching out to pick you up. “Let’s see what happens from now? Maybe you’ll turn back?” He laughed, very unsure of his words but he was going to wait. If nothing happened, it mean serious business.


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“WHAT THE HELL?!” Resounded through the hallway which led to Van opening the door, uninvited, only to see Yamato holding you like you were a sack of potatoes. “SOMETHING HAPPENED TO ________! DON’T ASK ME I FOUND THEM LIKE THIS!”


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A shrill sound escaped Shion’s voice box as he stared at you, processing the situation. “REST ASSURED, MY ________! I WILL UNDO THIS CURSE ON YOU!” The platinum blonde affirmed, a violet fire gleaming in his eyes. “I’ll call Nagi and Eiichi…and the rest. They shall advice us.”