Hellooo..! how are my beloved followers ??
I ain’t back on Tumblr, but I came by to remind you that I’m still incredibly active (well, I do what I can!) on Pinterest … & at the moment, I’m particularly concentrating on lovely spring outfits !

Did you know that you could find so much inspiration, if you just pass by my Pinterest page? omg, you don’t even know how much. & you can participate, too! write me a message, if you want to know how.

Are you a kawaii girl, who loves mini skirts & sporty looks? well, Taobao is the place for you.
Are you mad about pastels & stripes? oh, Ciaa has some ideas for you!
Or are you better a flowery, in-love-with-prints kind of girl? well here’s some lovely inspiration by Nordstrom.

whatever your style is,
I’m still hee for you.



April 20, 2015

Dress: Modcloth

Blouse: Modcloth

Tights: Lane Bryant

Boots: XOXO, via Famous Footwear

Earrings: Target

Lips: L’Oreal Colour Riche Lipgloss in Blushing Harmony, from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection

Sorry for the long absence!  My tripod setup is less than ideal, and I’ve been busier than I anticipated – but today’s outfit was just too cute to go undocumented.  Got kind of a quirky vibe going on, although this dress is pretty much the worst thing ever to wear on a windy day.  My apologies if anyone at the Dillons at 31st & Seneca saw more of my bum than they really wanted.

Starting Wednesday, I’ll be back to posting here regularly.  I’ve missed this space so much!


Here it is, my 2014 outfit roundup!!

It’s pretty cool to see what your style looks like from the other side of the lens all put together

I can see that it is definitely true, I do wear a lot of black.

Exceptions to the rule seem to be dark, richer tones {navy, teal, oxblood, mustard} or soft blush tones or an off white {some of those items were once actually white, but I can;t keep them bright through the wash}

Overall, not a bad year in fashion.  nothing I’m totally embarrassed by, which I would count as a win, but defectively things I tried and pushed myself to try. 

here’s hoping I push in the direction I want to be {stylewise} in 2015!