My purpose for being on this earth is to strike poses, eat cheese, cause a ruckus and spread joy! XD


Here it is, my 2014 outfit roundup!!

It’s pretty cool to see what your style looks like from the other side of the lens all put together

I can see that it is definitely true, I do wear a lot of black.

Exceptions to the rule seem to be dark, richer tones {navy, teal, oxblood, mustard} or soft blush tones or an off white {some of those items were once actually white, but I can;t keep them bright through the wash}

Overall, not a bad year in fashion.  nothing I’m totally embarrassed by, which I would count as a win, but defectively things I tried and pushed myself to try. 

here’s hoping I push in the direction I want to be {stylewise} in 2015!



lets be real, finding social media artists and celebrities that look like you is hard as a fat girl, even harder as a fat girl of color. so, im here to help out my fellow chubby bunnies w/ a list of my favorite plus size youtubers and bloggers! they cover everything from fashion, makeup, and hauls to romance, friendship, sex, advice, etc all from the perspective of fat girls! ive found these ladies to be very inspiring and helpful in the journey of self love. i hope its the same for you : )

sarah rae vargas

  • who? my personal favorite! she has such a laid back and warm vibe to her, you really feel like you’re a good friend while watching her videos. 
  • what? what i like i about sarah is that she isn’t chained to one ‘genre’ of youtube videos. there’s tons of hauls, makeup, and other fashion related things but my favorites series of hers are “lets talk about sex” (i learned to be so confident during sex because of this series), “ask sarah” a general faq and inquiry series, and her other chit chat videos
  • where? youtube - instagram - website - @ravingsbyrae 

chanel boateng

  • plus size fashion blogger, youtuber, and model. possibly one of the most adorable human beings in existence. she exudes confidence and unashamed self love!!
  • everything fashion, makeup, and !!! natural hair !!! for us black girls!! she has the occasional q/a, vlog, and random chit chat video. 
  • youtube - instagram - website


  • plus size fashion blogger, wig and weave reviewer, sweeter than pie, unique fashion sense, and absolutely gorgeous
  • she doesn’t upload very often, but where she does its definitely something youll want to watch!! most of her videos are about natural hair, wigs, affordable bundles, and plus size outfits of the day
  • youtube - no instagram or site

ivy dear

  • plus size blogger, hair stylist, ABSOLUTE QUEEN of sew-ins. im serious guys, she’ll slay herself and her clients to the point where you’ll question if its actually weave, even if u saw her installing it. she’s THAT good. im fairly certain she popularized the ‘flip over method’ in the youtube natural hair community, so thats pretty cool!
  • allll you need to know about natural hair, wigs, bundles, sew ins, and everything in-between. her videos are SO thurough and informative, i learned almost everything i know about sew ins from ivey!
  • youtube - instagram - bookings/hair appointments

vanessa manley

  • plus size vlogger, such a kind heart and soft voice, it makes her videos feel very relaxing and personal!!
  • her youtube is almost completely fashion hauls and lookbooks!! lazy day? concert? need bathing suit ideas? vanessa has you covered! her videos are so well thought out and creative!! she has the occasional chit chat and confidence chat as well 
  • youtube - instagram

Question: What is the last thing that haters want to see?
Answer: A chubby/fat/morbidly obese/chunky/overweight person smile and be content with themselves.

 Happy Bir Girl Appreciation Day!!! XDD


devin and i did a little photoshoot the other day to show off the versatility of these skirts!  i am a size 2x and she is a S/M and we are both wearing the exact same skirt!

we only have a few left of each skirt so get them while they’re still in stock!

(and yes, before you ask, it was quite cold! but the photos in my coat just didn’t show the skirts as well!)


Sometimes, there’s a really fine line between Self-Confidence and Conceitedness… XD


To have a day of appreciation for a body that many critique, is a beautiful thing! Never forget that your are a spectacular individual who is worthy of love and kindness! 

HAPPY BIG GIRL APPRECIATION DAY!!! You deserve it, gorgeous! XD