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Almost seven years have passed when I made a pact with myselfI will be the best version of myself.

But you know, I still have not reached that point. Until now I am searching for that self. There have been so many bad days, unbearable pains, consistent rejections that came to the point where I pitied myself, lost my self-respect, and hated my life. Wasted it all! Then a moment came when I realized I am tired of being not okay since I am still surviving, breathing. I am here, blessed, so I know God is giving me a chance. I got back with my standpoint in life then and I must say, it is indeed every day that is a start of something new. 💖💖💖

From a week well-spent with my loved ones straight to this, I had a super great headstart to open my vision once again. I believe that it is when you are tired when you feel like resting, it is when you are sad when you value those smiles, it is when you are drowning when you wanted to breathe, it is when you are drained when you pray to be filled, it is when you are having a breakdown when you realize deeper things, it is when you are down so you will be lifted up, it is in unexpected memories like this that make one’s existence a forever experience. Hooray for my meditation! Cheers to a more nurturing mind, thoughtful heart, amazing body, and beautiful soul! Woohoo for the best! 🎉💖

To be honest, everything is just so fine these days I can’t say anything more. Hihi. Well I guess, I can assure myself now. I am that motivated already! Hopefully, be disciplined as the time goes by too. Heehee. I have to continually put my goals in my heart and mind and offer my whole soul to G. I know far more than ever, it is loving God that makes one love him/herself and other people. I already let go. So next will be letting God no matter what. It is only with Him when I can achieve my lifetime goal, to change and be my best version. Ooh, just thinking about it makes me giddy! Hihihi. I know life would be hard but I will not let him knock me down again. I have God with me, duh! 💖

Yuh yuh yuh yuh yuh, you may have always heard me saying the quote, Start of Something New. What can I do? I am just so overwhelmed with it! Because to tell you now, this is really it. The realest start of something new has come! I know the product will still not be seen but, I will try to live my now’s with this vision. I promise to love myself again. Like its first rate version! And be that someone God destined me to be. I must learn to stop all my wishful thinking and just began doing. I am committed to improving myself now. So into self-love this time! Well, I think I am in love again.

For the last time in this post… Start of Something New! Every day. Everyday. Errday. Forever! This is really really really is ittt! This could be the start of something new. 🙌💖


I rarely used this chambray (denim styled polo), I thought it was boring to be wearing the same piece of clothing with everyone else. Well then I realized one thing by accident, that chambray actually isn’t really out of style, it’s just a matter of how you wear it differently.

This chambray is a little big on me that’s why I decided to wear it tucked while having one side of the polo over the other. I knew that if I tie the ends of the polo it would look off. If you imagine what I mean. Lol! I kept everything plain to highlight the chambray and the country look. I wore this to school on our wash day, I know it’s more of casual but it fits my age.

Style Reference: Button down - American Eagle; Tank Top - Urban Outfitters; Shoes - Human