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sapphic-wonder  asked:

So...did Arin officially come out as bisexual in today's LP? He said that he "goes both ways" in the OoT playthrough, like at 8:39 min in. I know it's not cool to speculate on people's sexualities, but more bisexual representation would be awesome!

Ah. Yeah. This is a can of worms I’m really hesitant to touch because, like you said, it’s not cool to speculate on people’s sexualities. And I won’t.

I caught that comment while watching today’s OoT and decided not to post about it for a few reasons, the primary of which being that you’d think I’m some super hardcore GG fan who knows everyone’s stats and birthdays and stuff but I’m really, really not. What these entertainers do in their own lives is beyond me. I watch GG twice a day and then I’m pretty much outta here lol. I don’t follow their personal social media accounts or really “keep tabs” on any of their personal lives at all. (Not that if I did I’d be any more qualified to speak about their personal lives, I still pretty much wouldn’t be.)

So, was Arin’s comment a passing jest? Was it a subtle reveal of his identity, and GG is how he chose to reveal that? That’s only up to one person to answer, and that’s Arin.

But, I think the one really great moment from that exchange between Arin and Danny, is when Danny made a very innocent comment about just assuming Arin’s first kiss was a girl, and Arin asked “Why would you assume that?” And now, more than ever, it’s important to not raise assumptions about others without knowing their experiences firsthand, and I think that was a cool lesson to be reminded of.

Thanks for the ask buddy, I hope you’re having a great night :)