Wallerant Vaillant , Maria van Oosterwijck (1630-93). Flower painter, 1671

oil on canvas, 96 × 78 cm (37.8 × 30.7 in), Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Maria van Oosterwijck, also spelled Oosterwyck (August 20, 1630 - November 12, 1693), was a Dutch Baroque painter, specializing in richly detailed still lifes.

She was one of only three significant women artists in Dutch Golden Age painting, of whom Rachel Ruysch was also a flower painter, and Judith Leyster mainly not (the German botanic illustrator Maria Sybille Merian also moved to Amsterdam).

She was born at Nootdorp and was a student of Jan Davidsz de Heem. Van Oosterwijck worked in Delft; moved to Utrecht in 1660, and later to Amsterdam (1675–1689), where she lived opposite the workshop of Willem van Aelst. She was popular with European royalty, including Emperor Leopold, Louis XIV of France and William III of England. Despite this, as a woman, she was not allowed to join the painters’ guild.