TMGS3 Premium new CG - How to get them

So I received some asks asking me how to get them, and here’s some from what I gotten. (I haven’t gotten all, so once I got them, I will update this post!)

If anyone has any info or there’s any errors, feel free to reblog and add on.

Affection: :D and above (? possibly (: will work too)
Trigger: Use Student Council command a lot and it will trigger automatically
Time: Summer-Autumn (I think there might be a spring-winter version too)
I unlocked this CG on summer, after using the Student Council command a lot. It happens after school automatically so you don’t need to do much. I also have Tamao at XD when I unlocked this. (but i’m sure it can be lower than this)

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: Date him at the Karaoke
Time: I don’t think it matters
I got it by dating him at the Karaoke when he’s at :| and when he first appeared which would still be Spring. I don’t think it matters which season you date him.

Affection: :| and above
Trigger: You must had seen the conversation between Shitara & Ruka when you go out shopping alone (the one where Shitara tells Ruka that his mom is worried about him). A few days/weeks later, Oosako-sensei will say there’s extra lessons at the Zoo on the Sunday. Choose to go.
Time: Spring-Winter (I think there’s a Summer-Autumn version too)
This also gives you a new ADV for Shitara, where he talks about how he’s actually jealous of the Sakurai brothers relationship.

Affection: :) and above
Trigger: Automatic
Time: Sports festival
I got this CG when Arashi was at (:, and I wasn’t using the sports command or Judo command that much, so I assume this is automatic as long as you got the right affection.

Affection: :D and above (?)
Trigger: Choose to walk home with him (don’t go for tea)
Time: Summer-Autumn
I only triggered him when he’s at XD, and this event didn’t happened to me when I have him at (: at the other file, so I assume it has to be :D or higher. This also unlocks his new ADV which shows a more teenage side to Kouichi X3

Below the cut are the ones which I haven’t unlocked yet –

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anonymous asked:

hi hi! i might be late but i recently started playing tokimeki again. and was wondering if oosako-sensei is available for the PSP version? or is it just for DS? i read that you'll get a remedial with him but i failed all my test (1st year) and there's none? it'll honestly be sad for my if he's not available for PSP ;A;

Hi anon ♥
It is possible ! I played his route on the PSP version.

There are two kinds of failure, “Ugh, not quite good.” and “No ! This is too bad…”
To get a remedial session, you have to really fail, and get three “No ! This is too bad…”