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What do you mean, he didn't ask me to marry him? (My conversation with Tomoya)

So, I have to write about the M&G first, because it’s fresh and amazing. I’ll write about the other boys in my concert write-up, but this bit is just Tomoya’s, because I love him and I said so and you have to wait. 

(The entire conversation was in Japanese, but I won’t type it here because most of you can’t read it and it’s tedious to type it twice in two languages.)

*gets to Tomoya after Toru*

Me: Uh, oh, I’m suddenly really nervous!
Tomoya: *laughs* It’s ok, it’s ok. *smiles and looks right in my eyeballs*
Me: *hyperventilates but only on the inside* Ah, I forgot my question! Sorry sorry!
Tomoya: *laughs again and puts his arms out for a hug* It’s okay, anything is fine.
Me: *hugs Tomoya while trying not to die from feels* Oh! I remember! The tattoo on your back, what is it?
Tomoya: Do you know Ganesha? The god?
Me: Yes, from Hinduism? Yeah, he’s good.
Tomoya: Yeah, he’s a good god, so I got a picture of him. To be with me.
Me: He’s a good one. He grants wishes and things, so you made a good choice. 
Tomoya: *laughs* Thank you. Did you like the show?
Me: Yeah, it was really great. Thanks for coming to America. Please come here again, okay?
Security Guard: Come on guys, come on, let’s go blah blah blah
Me: Thank you!
Tomoya: *smiles and moves on to next person*

And that’s the story we’ll tell our children about the first time momma and papa met.