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1.    Favorite drink? I love orange juice.
2.    Your shoe size? 8 and a half. Pretty average, I think.
4.    If you could go on one date with your bias, where would you go? Oh my God, thank you for this question. But how to answer? Uh… I think we’d go have a really big Korean-style meal, like barbecue or shabu shabu (I love food), and then walk together under the blossoming cherry trees talking and holding hands. And then I’d tell him to give up women and go be with Eli and he’d agree.
5.    Why are you following me? U-KISS love. <3
6.    If you could be any animal, what would you be? Cat. For sure.
7.    Life long dream? To become a published writer.
8.    How you started tumblr? Some of my friends were talking about it so I figured I’d try it out. Then I was like, “There’s K-pop and Korean drama stuff on here?” and never went back.
9.    Craziest fan girl thing you’ve done. I think staying up until 3:30 am two Wednesdays in a row to stream M-Countdown would qualify. Also, there may be an Elvin fanfiction I’m in the middle of writing… Like, a dirty one. A really dirty one. >_> … <_<…
10.    Have you met anyone that’s close to your ideal type? His name was Forest. He was quiet and deep and thoughtful and slender and beautiful (and Asian) and creative and eccentric and he could write and act and liked intellectual science fiction and nature and astronomy and anthropology and tea and akbfdkiyrhebfbkjkghigksfbgkb. But then I got caught up in other stuff in college and never really went after him/as if I would know how to even do that akfkshfwlorylgnhgslsl. *sigh* Regret… At the very least I could’ve found out if he was gay or not. >_<
11.    One thing you would change about yourself. I tend to be really slow to try new things and make decisions, which I think holds me back. If I weren’t so afraid of not being perfect at something I think I would be able to function slightly more normally in the world…

Questions for you:
1.    What is your newest obsession?
2.    Do you have any pets? (If not, would you like one?)
3.    What is your favorite song right now?
4.    Favorite stuffed animal?
5.    If your life were a Korean drama, what would it be called?
6.    What time zone do you live in?
7.    Favorite color?
8.    If you could choose, what would you be in your next life?
9.    A time when you scared yourself with your fangirl/fanboying?
10.    A band you like without knowing why?
11.    What is the meaning of life?

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