anyways harry’s desi and has warm, golden brown skin draco loves kissing all over, after the war he starts to get in touch w his heritage and finds so much peace in it he starts learning hindi and calls draco petnames that he refuses to translate they celebrate the diwali festival of lights together where harry cooks so much food and desserts while draco does the lights with his wand like james once did

And stars don’t care what you wish, and magic don’t make things better, and no one doesn’t get burned who sticks their hand in a fire. If you want to amount to anything as a witch, Magrat Garlick, you got to learn three things. What’s real, what’s not real, and what’s the difference-‘ 

-Granny Weatherwax | Witches Abroad | Terry Pratchett

Inktober Day 24 | India ink and gouache

Okay but imagine a Hunger Games AU
-Aaron is called but Andrew volunteers in his stead
-Neil’s name isn’t picked at random someone is obviously trying to kill him and what better way to do it
-Neil and Andrew form an alliance and they’re unstoppable, what with Andrew’s memory and fighting skills and Neil’s keen eye for places to hide, traps and escape routes
-They’re definitely sent stuff and are fan favorites because lets be real everyone notices that they’re falling in love with each other, everyone except Neil
-At one point Neil gets hurt playing martyr, of course he does, and Andrew kisses him to distract him from the pain (not before asking yes or no)
-Neil is very very confused the poor puppy thought Andrew hated him and only stood by him cause well, he doesn’t even really know (but he likes this new development)
-Good things come to an end though and eventually only the both of them survive and it’s announced that they gotta fight each other to the death and whoever lives wins, well duh
-So they make that one deal where they both eat the poison berries and yeah
-Only in my AU there’s no one saying ‘okay okay you both win’
-So right before they swallow them, Andrew knocks Neil’s berries off his hand, eats his own and says “Goodbye, Abram” while giving his salute
-And yeah he dies so that Neil can win and live and ahh
Sorry this is so vague and a million apologies for that ending xx

Did u kno shadowhunters is actually an acronym? it stands for
Hello Jace!
Downworlders r mean n scary :(
Oh my god Izzy is hot – everyone
Where r u razael
Hot people r everywhere
U need 2 read this
Nobody gives TID the respect it deserves
Tessa grey is the loml
Everyone is gay tbh
Really gay
Super duper gay

I had an epiphany the other night…. Arin’s alter can be called evilraptor

I feel satisfied now that I’ve discovered this.