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“Just sit still for a few minutes.” with Gabriel and Toddler!Adrien please? :3

“Just sit still for a few minutes,” Gabriel begged, holding onto Adrien’s arm with one hand and his sketchbook with the other. “Daddy just needs to finish this and then I promise we’ll go play.”

“Wed fiah twuck,” Adrien replied proudly, holding up his favorite toy.

Gabriel smiled. “Yes, we’ll play with the red fire truck together later, but I need you to stay put for just a few minutes so I can finish this, okay?”

Adrien blinked up at him with big green eyes and Gabriel breathed a sigh of relief, releasing his hold. He looked back down at his sketchbook and frowned, chewing on the end of his pencil. Something with the jacket wasn’t working with the rest of the ensemble. If he could only put his finger on it–

There was a crash and Gabriel’s eyes shot down to realize Adrien was no longer sitting by his desk chair. He found him in the corner, preparing to knock another vase off a low shelf.

“Adrien, no!”

Adrien jumped and stepped back, face crumpling and tears welling in his eyes. “Wed fiah twuck,” he whispered.

Gabriel shook his head and nudged Adrien away from the mess in irritation so he could clean up. Adrien fell to the ground behind him, large tears falling down his cheeks. “All I wanted was some time to work on my designs,” Gabriel grumbled as he tossed the ceramic vase shards into the small trash can. “ I only have so much time to get these right and I don’t see why you have to destroy everything.”

He looked at the shelf for any shards he may have missed when a flash of red caught his eye. Adrien’s toy fire truck had rolled to the back of the shelf. Gabriel reached for it and settled back on his haunches with a frown. “You were just trying to reach this, weren’t you?” he asked quietly. He turned to look at his son whose bottom lip was trembling as tears continued to track down his cheeks. 

“Wed fiah twuck,” Adrien repeated, voice broken. 

Gabriel turned so he could pull his son into his lap, handing him the truck. Adrien smiled as he took it in his small hands, content to be where he was. “Your hair is getting long,” Gabriel noted, brushing the blonde locks out of Adrien’s eyes. “You’ve been growing so fast. I can hardly believe it.”

He looked back to his desk and waiting sketchbook for a moment before returning his attention to his son. “My designs aren’t the only things that don’t have much time left, are they?” He hugged Adrien close to his chest and the toddler squirmed, making sounds of protest. Gabriel chuckled, releasing him and Adrien moved just enough away to still be close by but out of arm’s reach. 

“You’re the best thing I’ll ever create,” Gabriel sighed, watching the small red fire truck roll across the carpet.

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“So I bet you’re all wondering how I’m still alive.” OT4

“So I bet you’re all wondering how I’m still alive,” Chat Noir quipped, ducking his head sheepishly as he limped towards them.

Carapace reached his side first, supporting his weight as Chat Noir slumped against him. “You’re hurt.”

“I might be leaking a little,” he winced. “Queenie’s got the akuma though. She said she’ll bring it by later for Ladybug.”

Rena Rouge joined them, face pained. “Let’s get you home, Chat.”


Marinette hobbled to the balcony doors, heavy cast thumping along with every step. “What happened?”

“Just a scratch, my Lady,” Chat Noir grimaced as Carapace walked him to their couch. 

“More than a scratch,” Nino muttered as his transformation dropped. “We need to get a look at it, Adrien.”

“I’ll get the first aid kit.” Alya moved past them into the bathroom.

Marinette slowly made her way to the couch and sat down on the edge of it by Adrien’s feet. Plagg was an exhausted lump on the cushion by his head and the side of his shirt was already soaking through with blood. Alya was placing temporary stitches in Marinette’s hand before she had to ask and Nino was gently rolling Adrien over onto his uninjured side.

“I have got to get this stupid boot off,” Marinette swore as she pushed up his shirt and cleaned away the blood. “You guys need me out there. This is deep, Kitty.”

“The akuma was a bitch,” he groaned, twitching away from her touch as she spread the numbing agent around the area. 

“You can’t keep being so reckless, dude.” Nino sat on the arm of the couch and pulled Adrien’s hair back so it wouldn’t fall in his eyes. 

“It was divide and conquer. Our divide just ended up being a little less conquer.”

“I’m about to start,” Marinette warned. “Was Chloe injured?”

“A few scratches and bruises, nothing too bad.”

Marinette quirked an eyebrow. “Small scratches or your definition of scratches?”

“She’s fine,” Adrien gritted out as Marinette finished the first stitch.

“Are you not numb?”

“Not completely.”

“Adrien! Why didn’t you say anything?”

Alya settled down on the floor by Adrien’s face. “Concentrate on me, okay?”

He swallowed hard and nodded. Nino began to weave his fingers into Adrien’s hair as Alya leaned in closer, pressing her lips against Adrien’s. Marinette glanced at them before continuing her work, going as swiftly but efficiently as she could while stitching the skin together. Adrien tensed under her touch but relaxed again as Alya’s lips moved against his and Nino’s fingers combed through his hair. 

By the time, Marinette finished, her shoulders were aching from the tension and her fingers felt numb. She leaned back and stood shakily, picking up the dirtied items around her. Nino moved off the arm of the couch and took them from her. “Sit and rest,” he instructed, kissing her head.

Alya pressed one last kiss to Adrien’s lips and then stood and stretched. “What are we going to do with the two of you? Marinette can’t go down a flight of stairs without breaking her foot in two places and Adrien is determined to get himself killed in battle.” Something vulnerable flashed across her face and she shook her head, causing it to vanish. “Come on, let’s get you guys to bed.”

She took Marinette’s arm and escorted her to their bedroom as Nino came behind her. “Would it be easier for you to stay out here, man?”

“Please don’t leave me alone,” Adrien answered quietly.

Nino bent down and picked him up best he could, wobbling slightly as he got them to their bedroom and gently set Adrien down beside Marinette. They were both curled around each other and asleep within moments.

“I swear they’re turning my hair gray,” Alya grumbled once they had moved into the bathroom. She picked up her toothbrush and waved it back towards the bedroom. “Stuff like this can’t keep happening, Nino. I can’t take it!”

“Love is kinda the worst, huh?” he agreed, squeezing toothpaste onto his brush.

Alya smiled tiredly at his reflection and he winked at her. “Yeah, the absolute worst.”

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pick up line series! woojin

author’s note! wowowow as a newbie, i didn’t expect a number of likes so quickly and it honestly means a lot to me so thank you for those who are liking my content - you make my heart all fluffy ;;

so i actually have plot prompts for the rest of the wanna one members regarding this series but i will have to venture away from this every now and then simply because i don’t want to bombard you nor bore you with it. so this might be the last one i’ll make for now but i will continue with the series if you wish and please let me know which member you want next :’)) thank you again for all the likes and reblogs < 33 

member: park woojin 
genres: high school!au, fluff, romance
pick up line series: yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park woojin | more soon(?)

the ideal student and perfect role model yet still relatable and ever-so friendly, you were produce high’s girl-next-door for a reason; your million dollar smile matched your down-to-earth and sweet personality that the teachers love you, the seniors adore you and the juniors look up to you. 

there was never a bad remark about you but even so, he remained in doubt. he disregarded his friends and their words on how he would be swept off his feet once he crosses paths with you, as he would always reply with the same words: “well, i’ll just have to see it to believe it.” 

it wasn’t until the start of the school year when everything changed; the teacher assigned him to sit right next to you and the very moment he sat down was when he saw you send a smile that caught him off guard and caused his heart to palpitate. “park woojin,” his heart did a double take as his name smoothly rolled off your tongue, “nice to meet you, seat mate. the name’s y/n, hopefully we get along well!”

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a reply, discretely making his tie loose whilst he wondered why the room got hot all of a sudden. 

sitting next to you causes him to silently curse his friends on a daily basis for being right; you truly had a magnetic charm that drew him in as he sat next to you day by day and every moment he shared with you allowed your friendship to bloom. eventually, he started falling for you.

hence here you guys were; a few metres away from each other as you were walking to your home and him following suit. feeling a presence, you turn only to come to a flustered woojin as he sees your wide grin, “oh! park woojin!” you call out to him, waving as he lightly jogs over to you. 

you both walk side by side in comforting silence which is broken by your curiosity, “i didn’t know you lived around here. we could have been travel buddies since i’m always by myself.” you state as you nudge him lightly. 

woojin looks straight ahead with his hands shoved in his pockets, “i don’t, actually.” he confesses as he halts his tracks causing you to do the same as you let out a sound of confusion. 

he then remembers the conversation he once had with you regarding one another’s dreams and passions and out of a spontaneous confidence, woojin looks at you straight in the eye; his stare completely melting you and the next few words you hear escape from his lips makes your knees close to giving way.

“but my mom always told me to follow my dreams.”  

despite the dark shade of red creeping up your cheeks, you let out a soft laugh at how cheesy (yet effective) his words were, “well, your mom’s right. follow your dreams and those dreams in return might come true.” you shyly say to him. 

woojin’s eyes widen as he tries to say a word yet only to return into a fumbling, stuttering mess and immediately stops to admire the sweet smile you send to him as you tiptoe to ruffle his hair the same way he constantly does to you whenever he finds you cute (which is like every second of the day), freezing him in his spot. “see you tomorrow, park woojin. get home safely.” 

woojin, still in his spot, watches your figure disappear into the distance. he stands there for another minute, “wasn’t it suppose to be the other way around…? she should be standing here and i should have been the one to ruffle her hair and coolly walk away.” he says to no one in particular before burying his face into his hands, “i shouldn’t have listened to jisung hyung and his kdrama ideas.” 

yet a wide smile paints his face - his snaggletooth appearing as he recalls your words in his head while he begins to walk to the opposite direction, the smile plastered on his face becoming bigger and brighter. 

“i have a chance.”