I wonder what conclusions people are making and how many are going to jump to them, ‘cuz I swear it’s not what it looks like?
*͠҉N̡̛͡E̢͏R͡V̨̛O̶ŲS̷̨͟ ̸͞L͜A͘͟͠UG̡HT̵̴̡E̵̢̛Ŗ̨͢*̸̀̕

Either way…
I hope everyone is having a great holiday season!!

Part 1 - Beginnings
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Sneak Preview

A little something that may or may not have been inspired by certain people and events at last weekend’s Fetish Fair Flea:

I almost didn’t see it at first because the room was so dim, but then Joanie moved the curtain a little and I noticed a subtle reflection from behind a stacking chair nearby.  It was a pocket watch.  

You see bunches of those at hypnosis cons, of course, and there had probably been a several pulled out of pockets that day just in this room, which was used as an informal practice lounge.  But this one was different.

For starters, it was all black.  The metal casing had a satiny sheen to it, as did the equally dark chain and clip.  Embossed in the black metal on the back was a crest comprising a two-headed eagle, a crown or scepter, winding lengths of thorny vine – or perhaps barbed wire? – and the motto potentia regere.  A similar design adorned the front cover.  The effect was striking, looking both regal and vaguely sinister at the same time.  And I felt certain I’d seen it before, but couldn’t quite place where.

“Dave! Are you going to help me or just stare at your hand?”

Joanie’s annoyed voice snapped me out of my fog.  "Sorry,“ I gulped, slipping the watch into my pocket.  "What should I do?”

“Just straighten out the chairs and pick up anything people left on the floor.  Nobody is using the room until tomorrow morning, so we don’t have to stack them or anything.”


The practice lounge was a hotel room with the two queen beds and most other furniture removed and a bunch of standard-issue stacking chairs and ottomans brought in.  The result was a practice space that could seat as many as two dozen people in clusters of typically two to five, and have each cluster sufficiently separate to keep the general din of voices under control.  There had been times during the day when we’d pushed the upper limit; fortunately hypnokinky people tend to be very friendly.

It only took a few minutes to straighten up for the next day.  We collected water bottles and stray cups for the recycling and put the chairs against the walls to make a big open space in the middle, and we were basically done.  Which was good, because I’d been trying all day to work up the courage to ask Joanie for a play date.  Joanie she loves trance and has very few boundaries, which makes her extremely popular during the evening parties; my best chance was to ask her before the party started.

And there she was, holding out the blue recycling can in front of me. “Find anything interesting?” she asked.

“Actually, yeah.”  I dropped the plastic items into the can, took it from her, and set it aside.  "Do you have any idea who this belongs to?“  I fished into my pocket and took out the watch.  Just out of sheer habit, I dangled it from the chain in front of her face.

Joanie’s eyes locked onto the watch instantly with a surprising intensity. Her pupils dilated as her eyes tracked the slight movements of the watch on its chain.  I hadn’t been deliberately swinging it, but the way it captured her attention left no doubt as to where her mind was going.  "Oops,” I said.  "Should I stop holding it like this?“

"No,” her dreamy voice replied.  "Keep going.“

Well, I thought to myself, you were going to ask her; I guess she just asked you instead.  "That’s right,” I heard myself say, and Joanie shuddered a tiny bit at the words.  "It feels so good to look at this beautiful, shiny watch … to notice every detail … the way the light shines off it … the intricate decorations.  But somehow, the more closely you study this watch, the more you can imagine your eyelids getting heavy, drowsy, droopy, sleepy.“  And they were, big-time. Joanie’s bright, sparkling eyes had gone glassy and hazy, blinking heavily and often.  She was losing the battle to hold them open.  

"So sleepy now,” I continued, feeling a confidence that was almost alien to me.  "And the more you struggle to keep those eyes open, the more they just want to close down.  That’s right.  Closing … down … now.“

Joanie shuddered again at the words that’s right, and it wasn’t remotely cold in the room.  Sliding the watch back into my pocket, I deepened her trance while gently guiding her into a nearby chair.  She slumped into it, dropping her shoulders and leaning a little bit forward, and the straight male in me just couldn’t not look down the scooped front of her tank top.  The view was breathtaking, and for a moment or two I just stalled mentally and drank it in.

No guarantees as to when it will be finished, but it’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to share this as a preview.


anonymous asked:

12. 44. 88. - weebabeminami

12. Ultimate fantasy?

Right now? To have Beka tie me up and have his way with me, and not be allowed to do or say anything unless he tells him - for him to have complete and utter control. It’s early, so that might change, and he is tieing me up when I get use of my shoulder back, so… we’ll see what I decide my new one is after that.

44 has already been answered here.

88.  Do you eat ass? Do you like having your ass eaten?

I have not yet, but am not opposed to doing so, but I LOVE having mine. He’s very good at it. (Oops, I probably should have just stopped before that…)