Hey guys :)
I’m Emily, 14, and I’m from New Zealand. I have been told that I am cute like a bubblebee.
I am Phil trash, and Dan is my favourite meme. 

The Squad:
slimetights : Lex 
phxngxrll : Aliza 
lestergoesrawr​ : Tiff 
jetattendstoujours​ : Zohreh
lucyisuncool​ : Lucy
bubblejpg​ : Ray 

I hunger and tire to consume the pain

to drink ice fire that feeds the rain

Should a thorn thicket rise before the tree

and beyond the Elm linger to beckon thee

with blossoms that tease beyond layers of thorns

Would you prick your thumb for a petal forlorn

shedding blood so cold, small as a grain

a crimson that can only be washed by the rain


Hey, I never showed you guys that environment I modeled for my 3D Modeling Environments & FX class, did I? Had to throw it into Unity and make it playable, and though it’s not the best thing in the world, I was really proud of how it turned out in the end.

obsessed-is-an-understatment asked:

Hey Jing, how's things?

holaaaa, things are okay, dadthings arent that great but when are they, spark will meet my fave tomorrow and im so excited holy frick? i live for this nerd but i should stop talking about one piece oops, umm, we went to the beach yesterday :0, my hair is super fluffy today -boops hair- otherwise im just chilling here in spain, crying over fictional characters, but in spain  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
thanks for asking :0 how you holdin up :00