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Whoops, I know I'll forget when it is fic time, so Im kinda just gonna send it now (sorry Im just ill and sleepy and yeah) But could you maybe do a Jeffermads one with trans jefferson and prompts 5 and 9 from the new list (Im angsty as hell today whoops sorry)

You got it, kiddo! I hope you enjoy waking up to this lil fic! <333 We’re doing a college au where the two boys share an apartment! Children, buckle those angst seatbelts because we are GOING ON A RIDE!!! ;)

“There’s blood on your hands” and “Don’t call me that.” 

Thomas Jefferson had just finished putting on his binder and was pulling his shirt over his head when he heard an awful crash from the other room. He raced out of his and Madison’s bedroom and into the kitchen, where he was pretty certain the noise had come from.

He stopped in the doorway, frozen as he took in the sight of his boyfriend hunched over, frantically picking broken glass up off the floor, muttering something to himself. 

You’re so stupid, James, god. You just ruin things. You can’t even pour a glass of water right…

Thomas couldn’t stand to hear his boyfriend speak so poorly of himself any longer. 

“Baby,” Jefferson said.

Madison whipped his head up, eyes wide and wild as he took in his boyfriend standing in the doorway. “Don’t call me that,” he whispered.

Thomas sighed. He knew why Madison didn’t want to be called baby in that moment, and it wasn’t because the term of endearment bothered him. It was because he felt he didn’t deserve any kind of love or affection. It was because he hated himself, so he assumed Thomas must hate him, too.

Jefferson gasped as he looked closer at Madison. “There’s blood on your hands,” he exclaimed, rushing over to him.

“Just from picking up the glass,” Madison huffed.

“James,” Thomas said, taking both his hands in his. “Let me help. Please.”

Madison looked into Thomas’ eyes long and hard. Jefferson could see the moment he gave in. 

“Okay,” he whispered, hanging his head in shame.

Thomas kissed the tip of his nose then held out cupped hands for the shards of glass Madison had already collected. He poured them into Jefferson’s hands. Jefferson threw them out then got the vacuum, sucking up the smaller bits they couldn’t see, but their feet would most surely feel if they left them there. 

Then, he took Madison by his uninjured hand and led him down the hallway to the bathroom. He wordlessly disinfected and bandaged the cut, which he was relieved to see wasn’t very deep at all, then brought the bandaged hand to his lips and kissed it.

“I love you, James,” Jefferson said. “And one day you’ll love you, too.” He pulled his boyfriend close, letting him bury his face in his shirt. He stroked his hair and kissed the crown of his head.

“You really will love yourself,” he repeated, softer this time. “I promise.”

When your homophobic dad...

…goes on rants about how he agrees with “a degree of homophobia” or that “lesbians just need to find the right man, and they’ll be cured!” and you’re just sitting here on Tumblr browsin’ thru your lesbian ships like… 


i just thought i’d share this with you guys :)


To Seek Comfort (Part 1)

Benny hated the bunker. Just hated it. It felt wrong to him, being closed up like that and no matter how Dean tried to make him feel welcome, he knew he wasn’t really wanted there. The building didn’t want a vampire in it. Sam didn’t want a vampire in it, no matter how he said they were cool.

So after 18 months of trying Benny was done. He wanted to stay for his friend Dean, god knew he didn’t want to leave the man, but he was tired and he felt stretched thin, the magics and wards in the place eating at him. He packed his bags and waited for the boys to come back from a hunt. Benny wouldn’t leave in the dead of night, he would look Dean in the eye as he walked away.

Benny explained to Dean what was going on, how he felt. He hated the look on Dean’s face.

“Benny, this is home.” Dean protested.

“Not for me chief.” Benny said. “I want it to be. I want it to be so bad, you are here, but coming back…this sit around and wait isn’t what I came back for.” 

Dean looked at him. He had an inkling of why Benny came back, but he couldn’t…it wasn’t…he…He sighed. He knew that Benny was unhappy and he hated how sad he had looked. “Where will you go?”

“Wander again I guess.” Benny said. Not like he had a huge plan, or options.

Dean nodded. “I don’t want you to go.”

“I don’t want to leave, but if I stay here, something bad will happen, can feel it, and know you can too.” Benny came close and leaned his head again Dean’s. “Won’t hurt you Dean, not for the world.”

“Nicest fangs ever.” Dean said laughing a little. And the word hit him. Nice. He thought for a minute. “If I told you I had a place for you to wander to, for you to trust me, would you?”

“Of course.” Benny said simply.

The next day he left with a full cooler, a map, and a name.

He took a slow route and got to his destination five days later. Never thought he’d walk into a police station in Minnesota. “Hi I’m looking for Donna?” He asked. A man pointed to a desk.

Donna was pretending to do her paperwork, but mostly doodling stick figures with heads cut off and gushing blood. She heard a cough and looked up.

“Wow.” She said softly, staring at the beard, the shoulders, and the eyes. “I mean um, hi can I help you?”


“You got her!” 

“I’m Benny, Dean Winchester sent me, thought you might be able to help me out.” He held out a hand and Donna shook it.

She smiled, Dean sends the best gifts.

Hey everyone, so in light of the season 2 clips and everything else going on including the rumor about Shiro’s age and all of the hate that is being poured into the tags by anti Sheith shippers, I strongly suggest blocking anyone who posts negative stuff about Sheith,and I say this because I’m extremely concerned for the safety and well-being of the ENTIRE fandom. By blocking it keeps Sheith shippers from facing severe harassment and when you block someone they can’t see your posts and therefore won’t have to see it themselves. This will hopefully keep our fandom from falling into the likes of other extremely toxic fandoms. That being said, make sure to ignore the rude and disrespectful bloggers and simply block them. Do not confront them, because that only stirs up more problems and half the time they won’t listen to reason. So uh, yea! Safe blogging everyone!

PS this can be good for other shippers that want to avoid discourse or simply do not want to see Sheith content or any other ship content. Plus, it’s hell of a lot better than harassing people or facing harassment!