it’s really late so naturally i doodled a bunch of my favorite nerds (everyone is my favorite if im honest)

analulu7 asked:

Why do you like to think members of exo are gay ? They are just good friends. Why people like to made couples between the members ??

first lets look at some examples shall we ??

this last one actually makes me believe everytime

okay the real talk now:  im not necessarily saying any of these  boys are actually gay and/or in love with each other and/or have sexual relationships. i cant guarantee that , none of us ever can unless we hear it from their own mouths. all of these gifs and more can be interpreted as just boys being friends, but then again all of these can mean more than that so we cant be sure.

but the think with shipping is that , you see these little moments, interactions between them, and you cant help but wonder if they are indeed gay or love each other in a more than friendly way. i tried to include a variety of otps’ moments (((more kaisoo since i ship them otl))) bc everyone can believe that different otps are actually real. and some people dont believe any of them are ever real. but like i said we cannot be 100%  sure of anything in this state, and everybody can believe what they want. 

its like believing that blue is a better color than red. it changes according to everyone and you cannot force anyone to believe what u believe. but if someone actually thinks that an otp is real , than u cannot judge them either. its what they see in these little moments, they can see more than you see, and u d never know.

and you can believe that they are just friends and see all these as innocent friendly interactions, im not trying to convert you or anything and nobody should try to convert anybody. im just explaining why ppl ship.

to answer ur question exactly: people believe they are real bc

1. they simply want to

2. they enjoy it

3. they are just thirsty fans and since they cannot have their biases for themselves , they want their biases to have each other

4. they see these little moments, they hear/read the shippers comments, they evaluate and think it’s reaaaally cute and/or reaaaally hot ((bc lets face it, most girls + me are turned on by the gayness)), and they create these scenarios in their heads and eventually fall in love with the love they imagined.

and these may not be the only reasons , these are just the ones i can think of right now, also not everyone needs to have these.

so yeah , nobody can claim that any of them are gay, but everybody believes what they think is real, and nobody can force you to be a shipper , at the end of the day the choice is yours