Ship Showcase - Elise and Raeger

Week of love continues here with another ship showcase, and we’re going to Story of Seasons once again with Elise and Raeger. Let’s get real, if these two became a couple they’d be pretty insufferable to be around. I’m just kidding, but really these two as a ship! Basically, in my opinion, Raeger is such a bland character you can ship him with just about anyone and have it make sense, so sure these two work. (I broke my new years resolution of being nice to Raeger. Oops) But honestly… Not my favorite ship. I don’t think they have any personality traits that complement each other. The only thing that makes sense is he is hardworking, and she is a spoiled rich girl? Even that doesn’t work because Elise still does work for her farm. This isn’t as left field as the Doug Xiao Pai ship, but I don’t know, it’s just such a vanilla ship. But again, they’d probably be okay together. They might even have some humor because Elise is an entertaining character, and Raeger would kind of resist changing his life completely to fit her, wouldn’t want to live the rich life, but she wouldn’t want to just drop everything and live at the restaurant either. So they’d have to compromise.

So how they get together, is she would taste his food. So say her private chef is out sick because let’s get real, Elise has a private chef. So she figures why not go try out that cute little restaurant in town? So she goes, and boom, there’s Raeger. Like seemingly every other girl in town and Fritz (I’ve written so many ship showcases of Raeger), she’s instantly drawn to him. She doesn’t have many friends in town because all of her friends are higher class, live in other areas, but she finds herself getting along with him. And he finds her to be nice, someone fun to talk to. After they get to know each other a bit, she keeps visiting. He notices her coming by more often but doesn’t mind because it’s someone new to talk to. He starts talking to her about all the amazing things he’s wanted to try cooking that’s he’s read about. When his birthday comes along, Elise comes by the restaurant after closing, with a box of expensive, but great ingredients. He fanboys a bit over the stuff (because trust me, chefs LOVE good ingredients) and then he cooks for her. They spend the entire evening together. When he walks her home he kisses her, and thanks her for the wonderful birthday gift.

I don’t know, it kind of made sense in my head. But yes, these two are not one of my favorite ships. Are they bad? No not particularly. Just not my personal favorite. But I do think they work, and I think someone who likes these characters more than I do could write a great story with both of them. But maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I need to ease up on Raeger hate and let him have his rich princess girlfriend.

If you have any ship showcases send them to my askbox. Thanks for reading!


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