(No but seriously I don’t really take this as a ship-thing, I just thought it was hilarious that he said that because I picture the Cas haters hearing that and getting all ruffled and bitching that he’s erasing Sam and Dean’s relationship when clearly he was talking about friendships outside of the core brother duo.)

I hope that Parrish ends up being a Phoenix for no real reason other than for Stiles to have a snarkastic lil field day with it like:

  • Asking how often he molts
  • Asking if he can just “flame on” at will so he can roast marshmallows off of him and make S’mores.
  • Asking Parrish if he ever gets scared, does his “Fire or Flight” response kick in.
  •  Sending anonymous packages filled with bird seed and toys to his desk at the station.
  • Stiles calling Derek on speakerphone in front of Parrish saying, “Hey Derbear, no need to pick us up a turkey for Thanksgiving, I’ve found a bird that’s self-cooking.”

          **Parrish subsequently complaining about Stiles’ antics and Derek responding, “Take a deep breath, Jordan. Don’t let him ruffle your feathers.” Parrish groaning because, oh no Stiles rubbed off on Derek.

The greatest love story (n)ever told

Or: Why I firmly believe SQ is going to happen [or is endgame, depending which term strikes your fancy]

In the past year and whatnot that I’ve been in this fandom, I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs with this ship. I’ve seen moments that made me seriously doubt SQ would go anywhere, and moments where I can’t see it not going with SQ because it’s just so obviously there.

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