Well, he’s technically your boyfriend…

For those who do not speak German, Johann says “Who is this dirty person? Ah, stay away from me!“ I don’t know how to translate the word “Schmutzfink” in English. It literally means “dirt finch“. :3

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frick I can’t draw backgrounds or proper anatomy

Ok so a certain fic dragged me into terumob hell… and that’s @uncannycookie‘s awesome fic And Nearly Letting Go.  I was tricked by the Mogami angst and now I’m a shipper oops… (I rarely ship anything but terumob is so cute).

But anyways, this thing here is from Mob being a bit of a dumby and going out in a snow storm with no shoes. Like dude, people lose toes that way.

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I didn't recruit ms. I love Alm. Do I regret it? No. Is it just me or is the game quite easy on hard mode? Am I the only on who didn't recruit Faye?

You want me to be honest about Faye? I’m about to say something that’s gonna piss people off. 

Celica’s affection for Alm is just about the same or worse, as is Alm’s affection for Celica.

I’m a bit sketchy on the exact dating of the prologue and how long Celica lived in ram, but given some of the flashbacks I’d generously give it a year, max. 

After 7 years of separation from him, based off a promise he made when he was 10 years old, he’s still the primary motivator (or at least one of) in her mind. She has far less reason than Faye beyond “it’s destiny.”  Her reaction to seeing Alm again was heartwarming in its jubilance but if you consider it for more than two seconds it’s dramatically over the top, and she learns very quickly once they get into an argument that they are no longer the same people they were (obviously, they were 10 years old!!!!) yet she still pines for him and the only reason it’s different than Faye’s is that the game pushes it super hard. The writing around their romance is very poor in general, I’ve found. Celica is still a faaaaaaaaar better character than Faye since she gets time devoted to other things as well and more interactions with characters. But the romance writing there isn’t any better. 

And Alm… don’t get me started about the Alm side of Alm/Celica. That was sunk the moment he yelled “She NEEDS me!!!!!” in the prologue and hasn’t really redeemed itself much. 

clair’s the only character w/affection for alm that actually has it done well tbh, it’s cute and complements her character, at least from what i’ve seen and her supports with alm are cute oops i might secretly ship alm/clair

Ecstasy (X Men x reader) Part 3

Part 1 Part 2

SERIES WARNINGS: Strip club, language, sexual assault, angst, mentions of abuse, eventual fluff, eventual smut, underage drinking, underage sex, possible trigger warnings.

THIS PART WARNINGS: Breakdowns, Fluff, Peter being a cheeky little shit, oh and language now I guesss. Oops.

Platonic Ships - Charles x reader, Jean x reader, Erik x reader, Raven x reader, Ororo x reader, Moira x reader.
Non-Platonic Ships ;) - Hank x reader, Scott x reader, Peter x reader, Jubilee x reader, Warren x reader, mentioned Alex x reader, Jean x Scott, Moira x Charles.

A.N -  Got this idea from a post by @goawayimreadingbeach you can find the post here. Please tell me what you think! This is my first series so don’t be afraid to be too critical!

Words: 1480

A/N - Sorry this has been such a long time coming! To be honest I kind of hated the last part and I’m considering re-doing it at some point but hopefully, I’ve done better with this chapter, it’s a little longer, not by much, but it is. Also if anyone saw the AU prompt list, I would love some requests to write on the side of this series! Also also if you would like to be tagged just message me and I will gladly do it! That’ll be all from me, enjoy!

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