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I just wanted to come here and tell you just how much I loved the latest chapter of Falling. It might very well be my favorite thing you've written so far- and I absolutely adored everything you've posted until now. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me care so much for Viktor (and Yuuri too). Just thank you thank you thank you for sharing your gift with us, it was so worth the wait.

Thank you very, very much! 

Honestly, I think it might be my favorite thing I’ve ever written, too.

And it’s strange because that last scene was so stripped down, and there were so few descriptions or anything else, for that matter. But that was what felt right when I was writing it. Like everything had already been said, and it was just a kind of feeling that was there at the end that didn’t need words to describe.

Maybe that sounds weird, but I was strangely pleased with how sparse and simple that last scene was. It’s not often I like my own writing. Please ignore me this once. :)


now that’s what i call character development:

Yuuri going from panicky refusing to sleep with Viktor to only worrying if the alarm is set to having their beds pushed together

Going on a Road Trip with Peter Parker would include..

- aunt may driving both of y’all headasses

- you thought one of you was driving?

- please

- last time peter had control of a car tony ended up paying 20 thousand in repairs

- he snuck you into headquarters at like 2 am because that seemed like the greatest idea

- ended up having peter back into a wall after stepping on it when he wasn’t supposed to

- story of his life amirite

- aunt may taking both you and peter down to coney island for the weekend

- despite the 40 minute ride its the closest you two get to a road trip

- leaving at the crack of dawn to get to the rides early

- peter having the cutest lil hoodie on with the brightest smile on his face

- but also being unreasonably energetic at 7 in the morning

- ‘(y/n)imsohappythatyou’rehereohmygodarentyouexcited’

- ‘peter i haven’t seen you for five minutes and i already want you to shut up’

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Someone wanted process on FB (there’s not much unfortunately plus there’s that whole weird skip where there was a lot of layering/overlaying/curve using).

kh3 headcanon

Xemnas: Sora, are you finally going to call upon the darkness?

Sora: Fuck off Xemnas, I’m not joining your fucking cult

Ok but how about when humans feel that intense urge to Go home, whether home is a small colony, earth itself, a satellite colony(wrong term but think deep space 9), or that outpost where your friend was sent last year, or that city where your family member moved. Something happens and the human is just hit with a wave where every fiber of you is telling you “that’s enough of that. It’s time to go home.” What if there are aliens who dont have that? That sense of longing for specific place or person(s) who are home. And sometimes humans don’t even understand why they need to go home. Maybe it’s depression. Maybe something’s wrong but they just cant place what’s wrong. Maybe they just had a few ship runs where everything that could go wrong did and their alien peers are ok and rebuilding and moving on like normal but the human is the one who can’t adapt because we can only take so much negative before we cant bounce back like we’re known to and we just need the familiarity ans safety of home. But it’s a magnetic pull that’s more than home sickness. Thoughts?

New still from “Batman and Harley Quinn”! Also, main cast confirmed.

Batman as Batman (oops, I meant Kevin Conroy…)
Loren Lester as Nightwing, coming back to the role for the first time!
Melissa Rauch (TBBT) as Harley Quinn
Paget Brewster (TDKR, JL: Gods and Monsters) as Poison Ivy

Plot details: “Batman, Nightwing and Harley Quinn to try and stop a global catastrophe caused by Poison Ivy and Jason Woodrue, AKA the Plant-Master”

literally based off of this video 

 (cred: arzaylea on snap)

 Summary:Making Cal angry is the best, especially if he’s as on edge as he’s been lately.

 Warning: Smut. Choking. Daddy!kink. Calum. 

I genuinely feel like the biggest warning in this is Calum, because Calum. 


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don't forget allism awareness month is coming up!

What are your strategies for dealing with friends and family affected by allism? What new therapies and potential cures are on the horizon for the tragedy of allism? How do you support and help loved ones overcome this often-tragic condition?

Throughout April, this blog will shine a much-needed spotlight on this little-understood disorder. Join in by sharing your personal experiences here!

HEY PAL CHUMS!!!! You see this, this THING right here? that…my friend, is KAWAII DESU NEE GEORGE MICHAEL SANNNNN!!!! aka ANIME GEORGE MICHAEL. (I know it doesn'’t look much like our lovable lobster pal, but…it is.)  also, don’t ask why he’s shiny, I just draw like that……………..anyway, his favorite anime is the Freeek! video, he only eats ramen (that’s made by ANDREW SENPAI SAMA!!!!!) , he has posters tthat have anime wham (WAMU) and he speaks only google translated Japanese. We will soon be shipping out body pillows that you can buy for 69,000 dollar!!!!!

  • Namjoon: Party at my place, tonight.
  • Yoongi: Ew, I hate parties.
  • Hoseok: Aww, that sucks, I wanted to go with you, Yoongi
  • Hoseok: But I'll still come, Joon!
  • Yoongi: Oops, I meant 'love.' Got confused haha. I meant to say "Ew, I love parties."
  • Hoseok: That's great, Yoongi!!!
  • Namjoon: *skeptically* uh huh