oops why did i delete this

  • taemin: just a quick reminder to everyone that (most) would say this sunday is p much one of the most important dates in all of history.
  • taemin: if u have to ask why, ur deleted.

my favourite concept is when harry or louis do something that shows they dont hate larry and antis have to scramble to find reasons for why they did the thing

Drabble Masterpost

Last week, I opened up my ask box for prompts for this post, and holy crap, I got waaaaaay more than I thought i would. I was apparently alone in this, as @evil–isnt–born was convinced I would get all 150. I feel she might not be entirely wrong. 

Anyway, I’m not accepting anymore of these right now because I still have a bunch to write, but I’m putting them all in one place and will update as I finish more of them. Thanks for playing! I wish I had enough time in the day to write one for everyone. 


8. The floor is lava 

32. I thought you didn’t like cats?

43. Pick up lines only work when I’m drunk. 

48. I bet you can’t go three days without cussing.

53. Take off your shirt.

54. Why is there a pregnancy test in the trash?

56. I found the candles, we’ll be alright

76. I think you need stitches 

85. If you die, I’m going to kill you.

100. I’m sorry, but that was adorable. 

101. You don’t hate me, quit lying to yourself.

111. Delete it. Now. 

117. She’s six. How can she scare you?

136. Did you enjoy yourself last night?

Today, I fucked up... by lying about my phone browsing history to my girlfriend

I am in deep doodoo here.

Anyways, I come home from work (I work graveyard), and my girlfriend sometimes uses my phone while hers is charging. I have nothing to hide, and I’m usually very open about everything, except the night before I happened to stumble upon a porn site and a dating website (I clicked through an email for the dating site). Side note: my girlfriend and I actually met through this dating website, but I still get the email.

I clicked it out of pure curiosity, but as I was looking, I felt guilty and closed everything. I didn’t delete my history because I usually don’t think about that. Oh and as for the porn, I happened to click on a link from one of those nsfw subreddits, but felt awkward about it and closed it (haha).

Anyways, I get home yesterday, and as all graveshifters do, I go on to bed. I wake up, and I realize that something is off as she’s making dinner. Now, she’s still talking to me at this point, but it doesn’t feel right. At that moment, I realize, ‘oh my god, my browser history.’ I grabbed my phone and deleted it.

As the night wore on, I just kept feeling I was getting the cold treatment. I mean she was still talking to me. She retired to bed, and looked at me, and said “babe, why were you looking at porn?” I told her the truth and then I said it was a link from reddit (oops big mistake).

Then she asked to see my phone, and asked “umm why did you delete your web history?” This is where I fucked up and lied and said “there’s something going on with my phone.”

“Are you sure you don’t wanna tell me anything else?” I looked at her and said, “no” (another lie). She scoffs, and turns around. “You’re a fucking liar.” She proceeds to get up out of bed and disappears for an hour.

When my girlfriend comes back, I try my best to come clean and explain myself, but she told me to leave her alone and she said, as I quote, “I don’t fucking love you”. Oh and I forgot, “I hate your fucking apologies.”

I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know what to feel or what to do. I’m kinda just stuck. I hope she comes around and talks to me, but I understand how huge this is, and I get she may never trust me again.

by  MurseAnt

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What makes the visored blush?

[Previously - blushing espada and blushing shinigami!]

Well…dang. I didn’t realize I had a separate list for the blushing visored. Rose and Shinji were sort of included in the shinigami list. Ah, well. They get to reappear! Anyway, let’s talk about what makes each of the visored blush!

1. Shinji: Accidentally calling Hinamori “Aizen”

Shinji: Yo! Aizen! Do you have the -




Shinji: Yeah…..that happened.

2. Rose: Kira singing beautifully

Rose: My stars! Your angelic voice is causing my face to glow as red as morning sky that brings fear to sailors!


Kira: Captain, why do you talk like that?


3. Hachigen: People remembering his birthday

Hachigen: O-oh my goodness! Inoue-san sent me this little cupcake! It’s pink!

Hiyori: Why’d she do a stupid thing like that?


Hachigen: No reason.

4. Mashiro: Kensei’s browser history

Mashiro: Kensei!!! Your perverted browser history makes a lady like me blush bright red!


5. Kensei: Mashiro’s browser history


6. Hiyori: Various shoe malfunctions

Shinji: Yo, idiot. Did you know there’s a youtube video of your flipflop strap breaking causing you to fall on your face?

Shinji: 397 views!



Shinji: Oops it was just deleted.

7. Love: OTP feels


Rose: Dude! No spoilers!

8. Ichigo: Naked ladies

Yoruichi: Yo! Ichigo! I’m back!


9. Lisa: Bats wearing hats

Kensei: Lemme get this straight.

Kensei: You can read the hardest of hardcore porn with a totally straight face, but bats wearing hats cause you to fucking lose it?

Lisa: I am a complicated person.

Never again? (Part two)

A/n: I write everything on my phone so excuse the mistakes or what evers. Uhm enjoy! Oh and this time is in p.o.vs sorry :/

*three years later*

Cameron’s p.o.v

“Morgan, babe you listening?” I asked for the third time. “Hmm yeah,yeah course I love you” she mumbled staring off into the distance. I turn to see what she was looking at. It was a dude, not any dude though it was Matt! She dose this all the time! “Babe I gotta go” I say pissed as hell.

It’s been three years and she is still a major bitch, she acts like she’s still single and stares at any living thing with a dick!

I walked all the way home, still fuming as hell. I walked in the door and my pocket buzzed. I check my phone and read:

From: Nashty!
Hey, dude guess what!!

I never changed his name after (y/n) left, I don’t know why.

To: Nashty!

I walk to my room, lay down and switch on the tv. I was stuffed. My eyes slowly started to flutter closed. Till my phone buzzed! “Shit!” I whisper yell.

From: Nashty!
Dude, she’s coming home!

So shocked, I no longer feel tired. I stand and pace the room, the room we once shared. The room I had wished to be holding her in. Ever since she left, I have been so so lost. She was my anchor and I let her go! I am so stupid!

My hand buzzed, scaring me abit.

From: Nashty!

Oh shit I didn’t reply. Oops.

To: Nashty!

Nash was the only one who knew I loved her. Yes I know what I did was wrong. And yes I didn’t say ‘still loved’, why?, because I stopped loving her. This will sound so cheesy but you really don’t know what you had until you loose it.

Your p.o.v

I picked up my beautiful baby girl and bounced her on my hip. ” Emma you hungry?” I asked the two year old. “No, moma” she replied squeezing her teddy.

You see after I left I kept very close contact with Nash. I just couldn’t delete his number. And well the teddy was a gift from him to her.

I was currently standing in the airport, in Cali. Yeah so I came back, who cares it’s a big place he probs won’t see me anyway.

‘Bzzz,bzzz’ I picked my phone out of my pocket, while holding Emma, the luggage and my purse.

“Hello?” I asked
“Hey, (y/n) what are you doing?” Nash asked in a happy voice.
“Oh, uhh, weelll..” I trail off. “Mom who’s that?” My little angle asked. “Uncle Nash” I reply sweetly. “(Y/n) WHAT?!” He asks rather harsh. “Huh?! Oh uhm I’m at the airport” I say calmly. “You are?!” He basically screams through the phone, causing me and Emma to cover her ears. “I’m coming to pick you up right now!” He rushes, then hangs up in
My ear.

*twenty mins later*
“(Y/n)!!” I hear Nash yell. I drop my stuff and walk to him, embracing him in a killer hug. “Long time no see” I mumble into his shoulder. He replys with a chuckle. The next thing we hear “uncle nana!”. Emma can’t quite say his name.
“Hey squirt!” He replays pulling away from me and picking her up.

I walked into the apartment Nash was currently living in. “I like your place Nashty!” I say in a weird voice. He laughed and placed Emma down. “Nashty washy, I need to talk to you” I said walking weird into the kitchen. I always used to acted like this. He walks in and motions me to talk. “Uhm I’m moving back, and just for a while I need a place to crash.” He nods and signals to carry on. ” for a while Emma is staying with my mum, it’s all sorted, so it’s just me!” I laugh. He just nods his head. And straight away I know he’s hiding something.

“Bye mom I love you” I said giving my mum one last kiss. “ now you be a good girl for grandma okay?” I said to my little girl. “ promise” she answered giving me one last kiss. I walk back to Nash’s car. “ Nash I know you are hiding something” I say eyeing him. “ nope” is all he says and starts to drive.

I skipped out of the car and up to his apartment. Opened the door and tripped, I sat on the floor when I heard “hello (y/n)” omg! No no no no no “h-h-hi Cameron”….

DA DA DAHH! If I get enough notes I’ll post more!
I know it sucks but I have never written in p.o.vs before so be nice! Please? Peace✌️
Love Minnika xx

The sign of something...

Okay so we didn’t see the part where John was actually asking Mary to be his wife but we saw Sherlock getting asked ….

John waiting for Sherlock’s answer 

Sherlock having a hard time writing vows oops! my bad , I mean ‘best man speech’

We didn’t see the happy couple getting dressed for the wedding but

We saw Sherlock actually planning the wedding 

while the other two 

Sherlock getting cold feet 

Sherlock nervous at the wedding 

while they were

We saw Sherlock making vows in front of everyone while they deleted John&Mary’s

He even practiced his dance before and during the wedding 

Here’s Sherlock dancing with John