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"I like it when you're proven wrong. You're pouty face is legitimately adorable." - ChloNath

“I like it when you’re proven wrong,” Chloe smirked. “Your pouty face is legitimately adorable.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself,” Nathaniel grumbled. “And I wasn’t proven wrong necessarily.”

“You aren’t really going to do this, are you?”

“Do what?”

“The thing where you don’t want to admit you were wrong so you try to talk your way around it until I’m bored enough to just agree with you,” Chloe sighed, looking at her fingernails.

“First of all, ouch, good to know you’re listening to me when I talk, I love you too, and second, I really do have good reasoning here.”

Chloe tried not to smile and leaned back against the couch cushion, getting comfortable. “Lay it on me, Red.”

“I still think Chat Noir is Adrien and I can tell you why.”

Chloe held up a hand. “And you still want to do this even though we literally just saw Chat Noir and Adrien standing right next to each other?”

“While we were fighting a cloning akuma!” Nathaniel exclaimed, waving his hands. “It’s still possible.

“And which one was the clone?”

Nathaniel frowned. “Well…”

“Because Chat was obviously still Chat and Adrien was very clearly Adrien so?” Chloe prodded smugly.

“Yeah, but–”

“And Chat was with us the entire time and we never saw him get hit with the cloning ray. Even if he had, there would have been two Chats, not a Chat and a whoever Chat is when he isn’t Chat.”

“Well, maybe, but–”

“Besides that,” Chloe continued, “do you really expect me to believe that Adrien Agreste, who is obviously perfect has been out moonlighting as a hero for the past three years and no one has figured it out?” She quirked an eyebrow. “The same Adrien whose picture is all over the place. The same Adrien who travels all the time. That Adrien is the one we see weekly in black leather?”

Nathaniel frowned, shoulders slumping. “When you put it like that…”

Chloe smiled, leaning forward and pinching his bottom lip. “There’s the pouty face I love so much.”

“You take way too much joy in proving me wrong,” he replied dryly, kissing her thumb in fond exasperation.


“You should’ve seen his face,” Queen B laughed, kicking her heels against the bricks as she looked over the city. “He was so sure he had you all figured out.”

Chat Noir chuckled. “You could have let him know he was right, Chlo. I really don’t mind.”

She waved a hand. “Oh, I will at some point, but he does this adorable pouty thing when he’s wrong and I can’t resist.”

Chat Noir shook his head with a grin. “Poor Nath.”

“Oh, please, he’s got it awesome. He’s dating me,” she preened.

He rolled his eyes. “It was a bit of a surreal experience, that’s for sure. Although I’m glad a lot of people were around. Should keep my identity safe for a while longer anyway.”

“Don’t think I didn’t notice how reluctant Ladybug was to do the Cure, Furface. You guys disappeared with your convenient clone a bit too long before that happened, if I remember correctly.”

Chat Noir flushed. “I don’t have any idea what you mean, Queenie.”

“All I’m saying is if we get another one of those cloning things, I’m demanding a turn.”

“You want two Nathaniels?”

“What?! Of course not. As much as I love him, one is more than enough, but the world could definitely use at least two of me. And then I could relax while the other Chloe took care of all the fighting and work and not as much fun stuff.”

Chat Noir held back a laugh as he nudged his shoulder against hers. “Never change, Chloe.”

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june 10, 2017 - handwriting challenge

#ssn june challenge: week 1, day 5

here’s a sample of my handwriting + a mini “about me” section! my brush pen is running out of ink, but i kinda like the semi-dry brush look. :)

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someone like you // blue
adele & troye sivan feat. alex hope
someone like you // blue

i hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited, but without you i am colourblind.


summary: you, a huge bts stan, are teasing the boys about their “boys in luv” cover

request: anon: hi lmao can u do a fake text w the sf9 boys where ur a huge bts stan and ur comparing their cover of boy in luv and teasing them

author’s note: first fake text post woooo! also - this is 100% NO SHADE INTENDED! I honestly love their boys in luv cover! the jokes I made in the texts were just jokes…. nothing more…

+ ALSO - I made a typo but I’m too lazy to fix it oops

here’s a better jervis tetch origin story to consider (my personal canon where he’s got DID and schizophrenia and isn’t reduced to ‘hats’ and ‘alice’):

- grows up in this countryside home. It’s a re-purposed and changed up old church converted into a house and he lives in the top room (basically the attic) and it’s the only room where the window still has stained glass

- both of his parents are still married and the way they make most of their money is through rabbit farming, he’s got two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother & it’s a shitty marriage, they fight, hate each other, abuse him mentally and physically and there are some instances of other things i won’t get into too much detail about, but they’re bad at hiding their problems around jervis because they don’t really care enough to, so he knows a lot about both of them, basically he knows every family secret because he sees all of it and they don’t notice him, generally they divert their problems onto jervis so he gets the worst of it

- pretty much he just reminds them of the time their marriage was closest to breaking because they had his younger brother to try to fix all their problems which shoved jervis aside so now they focus all their positive attention on the younger brother to forget they’re dysfunctional as shit

- they don’t really care what he does most of the time so he walks to school and back home but instead of coming home right after he goes to the library every day. reads really far beyond his age, teaches himself subjects just to have something to do, just reads whatever he can get his hands on

- one day he’s looking for a new book to read and on the bottom shelf of one of the rows he finds this old and crummy-looking dusty copy of Alice in Wonderland

- gets obsessed with it, stops reading anything else, steals it from the library and justifies it to himself as taking it away from a place where nobody cared about it and saving it from being lonely. it’s like his only sense of agency because he can give that book a better home but can’t do it for himself

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