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Heroes Die Here (1/?)

Summary: Gavin and Dan grow up closer than brothers, in a bad town full of bad people, clinging to their ambitions of making a change - until fate and circumstance pull them apart.

Both think the other is gone forever, so the last thing they expect is to reunite on opposite sides of the law. And with the Fake AH Crew about to pull the heist of the century, it’s the worst time possible for Gavin’s past to come breathing down his neck.

(GTA AU OT6, platonic danvin)


America fucking sucked.

Dan had been here one damn day and already none of his charging cords worked, he’d offended numerous people on the way from the airport to the taxi to his apartment building by not tipping them properly, and now – to top things off – he was half an hour late on his first bloody day of work.

“Nice of you to finally join us, Gruchy,” the man at the head of the board room growled when he finally, rather sheepishly slunk into the conference room of the Achievement City FBI Precinct, juggling a briefcase in one hand and a half-finished coffee in the other.

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i’ll be the courage you lack ;

At least when he was asleep, he wasn’t shaking. That was what Jay told himself, sprawled out on the couch with Roy sprawled out—next to him? On top of him? They were a tangle of limbs he didn’t quite understand and didn’t quite care to understand. His fingers traced absent shapes on Roy’s upper arm, his thick-framed glasses perched on his nose as he flipped lazily through The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins

Still, his mind wasn’t focused on the words on the page. Rather, his gaze kept getting draw to Roy, just to make sure he was still breathing, that he was still doing okay. He found himself staring at Roy more than a few times, blinking slowly before he realized what he was doing and went back to the book. In an hour, he couldn’t have read more than ten pages of this book—which really, wasn’t all that difficult to read, anyway. He bit down on his lower lip, his eyes flicking to Roy again.

Feeling a surge of paranoia in his chest, something inexplicably tightening, he just shifted his hand to wrap around Roy’s upper arm, squeezing lightly. “Roy? Roy, you still alive?”


Music Shop AU


It’s my twin and I working today while Axel’s fiance, Roxas, is at our two bedroom apartment with the day off. Today has been exhausting, not cause it’s been only us, but because he and I have had the most complicated customers in existence today. One, who just finished yelling at us for wanting to return some strings she got without a receipt or the box they were suppose to come in. She storms out of the building as Axel and I glance to each other in confusion. “If I get anymore customs like that, I’m going home and cuddling with Roxas” Axel mentions. I add “I’m leavin too…and watchin porn….” “Ew, Reno. I don’t want to know what you do with your free time.” I say with the straightest face I could conjure “Monkey porn.” “EW!” He’s about to back hand me, but I burst out laughing and grab his hand before he has a chance. “Oop! Too slow!” “I’ll make a move to your groin!” I laugh to that knowing he won’t out in the open like this where anyone could walk in.