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Could you write a passionate kiss into this episode like idc what scene it just was something they completely dropped and you're an amazing writer.

Ok so I kind of got carried away with this and it got smutty oops anyways thank you you’re amazing!

Of course Alex had gone to confront Emily, to talk to Emily, because Alex was Alex and Alex protects the people she loved. But Maggie knew, knew she didn’t deserve Alex’s love and care and wholehearted sacrifice because Maggie had cheated and Maggie knew she was a bad person, and now Alex did too.

Maggie takes a few deep breaths as she sits down on Alex’s couch, wondering if it’d be the last time she’d let herself into her girlfriend’s apartment, the last  time she’d get to call Alex her girlfriend because she’d messed up, she’d cheated. Sure it was years and years ago but Alex was good and Alex was amazing and she didn’t deserve such a screw up.

Alex walks over to Maggie, holding the two glasses of bourbon, a steely look on her face, but her heart breaking for the woman in front of her. She wasn’t mad, she was just upset. Hurt. That Maggie thinks she has to keep these things from Alex, that she doesn’t think that she deserves to be forgiven for mistakes she’s made, for the times she’s been hurt and hurt others in her past and Alex just wants to tell her. That’s it’s ok, it’s all ok.

Alex sits next to her girlfriend slowly, steeling herself for the words to come because she knows they’re going to bring up some bad memories for Maggie, but she needs to say them because she needs Maggie to know that she’s here and she’s not going anywhere, she’s never going anywhere again. Because, sure, Maggie had made some mistakes, Maggie had cheated, but everyone makes mistakes. Alex had made enough in her past to keep her inner demons howling at her. But Maggie? Maggie was the light in Alex’s darkness, the will to get out of bed in the morning, and the joy in rainy days. She was the one person she could truly breathe around, could truly let in and not push away. She was the one, the only one. So she needed Maggie to know that come hell or high water she wasn’t going anywhere.

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Happy birthday, luckiedee!! Jurassic World Crisscolfer (kinda) uwu. Surprise!

'A Crowded Couch' (SNK; EreJeanMarco)

Happy JEM Week! Too bad I’m only getting this posted during the last thirty minutes of the week, but between hospitals stays and family holidays, it’s been a crazy one for me. Anyway…

This set of drabbles is set in the ‘Give Thanks’ universe, and expands on that by showing what a handful of Christmas seasons were like for the JEM boys. (I just did all the prompts in one go, oops!) Hope you guys enjoy REALLY sugary fluff with your OT3…

Also, this drabble set is dedicated to the wonderful yolownly, whose birthday I missed by a mile, but whom I loved dearly & wish all the best for in the coming year. <3

Enjoy the holiday JEMs. :)

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Didn’t work out today, oops! Want to know why? My body didn’t feel too hot. Instead of ignoring my body and going to the gym anyway, I did some laps in the pool and sat out in the sun. Guess what else? I had a piece of a gooey chocolate chip cookie pie, and enjoyed every bite.

It seems like just yesterday I was in a bad spot, exercising every time I consumed any sort of food for myself and never cutting myself a break.

Be good to yourself, love yourself, always.