oops time to go present this!!

Savan is a grown man who, years after the fact, should be able to articulate what he means and that he was burned by his and Louis’ creative differences and that it cost him a job. Obviously if that’s his experience he can say it and acknowledge that he underestimated them at the time…nobody is mad at him for that part.

The problem is that the insults he used were very much in the present - just to use one, “He’s not the talented one”…hello??? That’s not an opinion that’s a fucking insult.

That’s gross, that’s unnecessary, he could have made his point 100 times over without that language and I’m not going to coddle a grown industry veteran because he’s still so butthurt 6 years later that he needs to insult Louis to make his point.

I don’t get why this is up for debate lmao?? Why should I accept what Savan had to say given the words he used to say it.

OP: Straw Hat’s crew bad habits

 - Luffy always sneaks off at night looking for food: he doesn’t even do it on purpose - he often sleeps-eats after all - which doesn’t make Sanji so happy about it (but he’s prepared, and if you hear a sudden scream, that’s perfectly normal: the trick worked.)

 - Luffy, Usopp, Franky and Chopper always spend their money on “That super amazing cool thing” than save it for actual important stuff.

 - Zoro sleeps everywhere. Everywhere. So basically he’s always in the way. And when the members of the crew stumbles on him, he doesn’t even wake up. The only one to maybe avoid him is Sanji as he’s often carrying food around – and food must not be wasted.

 - Sometimes Zoro gets even lost on the ship and ends up opening a door on the toilets instead of the kitchen where he was thinking he was going to - certainly looking for alcohol. (Fortunately let’s hope no one was currently using the WC.)

 - Sanji can be distracted from time to time, so he flicks his smoke to get the ash off and and it somehow always end up in Zoro’s hair while he’s napping, which absolutely infuriates him, and no matter where Zoro naps and how careful Sanji is, it must be a curse as Zoro always has ashes in his hair at the end of the day.

 - Usopp always makes excuses up when he doesn’t want to do something, which often ends up with Luffy and Chopper doing the chores instead of him and they don’t even see they’re being fooled – so basically someone else from the crew (very often Nami or Zoro) has to remind Usopp of his real duties and dismiss the Captain and the doctor.

 - Franky’s robotic parts make noises at night, especially when he moves in his sleep. Zoro and Luffy don’t notice it, and the others got used to it. However, Usopp didn’t. As Chopper happens to shapeshift, the snipper uses it to his advantage (when he’s in that big huge fluffy shape) to minimize the noises. It doesn’t work and Franky suddenly wakes up thinking he’s being attacked.

 - Franky and Nami’s hair are always left behind in the shower. At first Luffy was persuaded Vivi was back on the ship and hiding, somehow, because of the hair colour. (It was really hard to convince him.)

 - Nami can’t help herself but always bets about anything with everyone. And she, 99% of the time, wins them: so basically the whole crew is more or less indebted to her - especially Zoro – and therefore they have to make new deals with her which is actually maybe not the best idea ever.

 - Chopper often forgets about his antlers when he is in another shape than his usual one, so when he’s crossing a door in a hurry he might scratch the wood of the walls - but Franky eventually got it fixed.

 - Robin is a woman who very often knows more than what she’s showing - she just never says any thing. If the land is on sight, the archeologist won’t say it until someone asks her, if someone lost something and she knows where it is, she won’t say it if she’s not directly asked about it.

 - When Robin is running out of book to read, her interventions get more and more morbid which scares the hell out of them - and how relieved they are to have a new island in sight.

 - Brook plays a lot of tunes and it gives the Thousand Sunny a very nice atmosphere, but it can come to a point where the trip on the sea until next land takes longer than they thought it would, so the musician runs out of new partitions to play and ends up always playing “Binkusu no sake” ten times a day, awakening some of crew’s members homicidal (or skeletonal?) thoughts.

 - As usual, when one devil fruit user falls into the sea, at least two other devil fruits users jump for them. The rest of the crew have a few seconds left to figure out whether to leave them in there once for good - especially that idiot captain - or who’s going this time.

staytogethersailing  asked:

Hello!! I want to learn Korean. How can I start?? What do you recommend me?? thanks a lot! I love your blog xx💖

안녕하세요! You should start with 한글 (hangeul) the alphabet once you are familiar with it you should stop using romanisation as it won’t be beneficial. Then you can go onto basic things like numbers, self introductions, and basic verbs, you should also study some grammar - present tense conjugation is important and you should also try to familiarise yourself with particles as you will see them all the time and they are important parts of sentences!
(We also have a starting Korean page on our blog you can check out)

Good luck


soul eater sentence starters.
  • "what's good and what's evil is determined by who's in power."
  • "but you... you i actually decided to trust. i put my faith in you."
  • "you can lean on me."
  • "this is fear. that's good, then. i'd forgotten what it felt like."
  • "we might be scared... but that's what makes us stronger."
  • "what's the point in worrying about the past?"
  • "i refuse to let my fear control me anymore."
  • "i'm tired of hating myself all the time."
  • "there's no way i'll ever consider you my father."
  • "if you forget your fear, you become reckless."
  • "you're boring, and you have fat ankles."
  • "you don't understand assassination, do you?"
  • "oops. sorry. my fingers slipped."
  • "i'm not very good at talking with girls. they make me nervous."
  • "let's meet again."
  • "pain in the present can be dealt with."
  • "i'm not afraid of pain, not at all."
  • "the odds are stacked against us."
  • "quit it, will ya?"
  • "you would never betray me."
  • "if i killed a kid, that would give me nightmares."
  • "you're a persistent one, aren't you?"
  • "i am going to fight you. and i'll win!"
  • "bravery's not special."
  • "it looks like it's over at last."
  • "you're the one who decides who you are."
  • "i'll never give up."
  • "the only time i'll lose is when i die."
  • "get your ass moving!"
Teaching Games

This post is intended to discuss some strategies I’ve adopted while teaching game development to students in a community college. They’re also some of the things I use when teaching complicated board games. 

Originally posted by vimeo

Order is King - The order in which you present material is more important than how eloquently you describe it. You typically want to start as uncomplicated as you can and build into the difficult stuff over time. Or you want to describe the general cases the most and hammer on edge cases in order of how important they are. Or you want to purposefully withhold some information until you’ve built up the concepts necessary to discuss it more fully. You don’t want to explain things before they’re relevant, and there’s no benefit in frontloading information that your recipient will just forget - save that stuff until it becomes important (symbology that only appears in a few places or spells that only show up late in the game don’t need to be discussed until they actually show up).

Know Your Material - Seriously, there is no substitute to actually knowing what you’re talking about. If you’re rusty in an area, review it. If it’s not your expertise, study the hell out of it. It’s 100 times easier to talk about something you know than to try and muddle through something you half-know - and once you know it, you’ll find that you get a better feel for the order to present it in or the gotchas that need mentioning.

Originally posted by coeyymarie

Desperately Try to Avoid Mistakes - Nothing derails you or a student faster than looking at one of your carefully crafted examples and going, “Oops, that’s not right. Let me try to work out what I did wrong while you get confused by my process.” Both you and your students will have trouble context switching back and forth between accurate and inaccurate information. Mistakes happen, of course, at which time you recover as fast as you can and move on.

Don’t Assume Any Level of Expertise - I’ve had adult students who don’t know how to operate a ZIP file. I can count on one hand how many people I’ve taught who can find the “|” key. Sometimes seemingly obvious things need to be spelled out. You learn what these are over time, and sometimes you can anticipate them.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Examples, Examples, Examples - Always illustrate what you’re talking about. Even simple things. Build the examples out, start covering more and more. Examples make everything better. I promise.

Save Questions - Save your question answering for an appropriate moment. If someone has a question you’ll get to, just say, “I’ll get that in a bit.” Don’t sideline your teaching every other minute to answer a question - it will interfere with the information you’re actively trying to teach, and everything will end up a jumbled mess of confusion. And that may lead to even more questions, and by the time you’re finished everyone’s forgotten the topic you were actually trying to convey.

Originally posted by flababe

Patience is the Other King - Someone isn’t going to understand something even after you reiterate the concept in three different ways. Someone’s attention is going to drift off no matter how well-meaning they are. Someone is going to be a combative jerk that challenges everything you say. If you get frustrated every time this happens, your teaching will suffer. Just stay on track, try not to get flustered, and push on; you can come back around to these people and individually address their issues.

You Can’t Teach the Unwilling - There’s no replacing study and practice, and you can’t force a student to do either. You can encourage them, you can scold them, you can try to get them on course. But if they’re not putting in their share, at a certain point, you just have to move on and invest your time in those who are. It’s not okay for someone to monopolize your time when they aren’t actually trying.

Originally posted by eminaanimeme

This ended up longer than I thought it would. It spawned from me writing an outline on how to teach Hero’s Crossing ( @hcgame ) and got me thinking on how I teach board games which then got me thinking on how I teach in general. It’s foundation-level type stuff, nothing super profound, but hopefully someone gets some use out of it. Anyway, hope this helps!

me when it was revealed that Keith Kogane™, former Red Paladin™, now Black Paladin™, was 18 years old this whole time:

Friendly Neighbor- Part 8

Dean Winchester has been your neighbor for the last few years. He’s obnoxious and full of himself, and the two of you have done nothing but compete since he moved in.

You hate it.

Until his girlfriend Lisa moves in, and the competition stops.

So why do you miss it? And when you notice Lisa moving out, and don’t see Dean for a couple of weeks after that, why are you so concerned?

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Summary of Part 7: Christmas as a couple.

Word Count: 2100ish

Warning: Smut

“Charlie! That isn’t helping!”

Charlie giggled as she continued to writhe around in the snow, creating a perfect snow angel. “I know. I never said I was going to help. I said I was going to play in the snow!”

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I'm not a trans guy but I'm nonbinary and I work as a cashier. I try to go for a more masculine or androgynous presentation. I don't accomplish that at all most of the time. But today a lady came through my line and said "hi ma'am" then really got a look at me and said "oops I'm sorry sir!" And honestly it was the best feeling like I may not be a guy but it feels great when people do that.

Oh that’s great! - Matt

You knew, as soon as the tiny pebbles started hitting your window, who it was. He always liked to wake you up in the middle of the night- not that you minded, of course. You just wish he’d give you a little warning beforehand- he nearly scared the pants off of you the first few times.

You decided to just let him do his thing for a minute, though. After all, you had to actually wake up- and make yourself look SOMEWHAT presentable. You got up, rubbing the crusty left-overs from your sleep, and went to go fix your god awful bed head.

You were thinking of a new way to get onto your boyfriend, when a very sudden, loud ‘CRASH’ startled you into pulling out a few hairs. That. Didn’t sound good.

You heard a faint ‘oops’, before you turned around- and oh my god. There’s a fucking rock. In your bed room.

He broke your window.

You IMMEDIATELY started going downstairs to yell at him- you’d do so in the window, but with all the glass, you decided against it. As soon as you got out, you could see the guilt all over his face. His ears flicked back, and he threw his hands up. “Okay,” he started, taking a step back, “I know it looks bad. But! I know a guy-”

“You are THIS CLOSE to seeing god himself-” You threaten, already advancing towards him. He lets out a yelp, before jumping on top of your shed.

“Okay! Okay- calm down please- I can fix this! I just need some time-”

“No, I want it done NOW.” You say, crossing your arms. “What were you even thinking! A fucking ROCK?! Are you trying to give me a concussion, or something?!”

“I thought it was a pebble-”

“EVERYTHING is a pebble with your big ass hands!”

You had a feeling this was going to be a VERY long night.

Writing source: werewolfbeans
I just HAD to do this piece. The ficlet was just too adorable to let pass by. <3

Oops (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Woot woot! It’s Bucky’s turn! I’m sorry this is kind of short but I needed time to work on AWTY part 8 so yeah. @pleasecallmecaptain thinks she’s probably going to get second hand embarrassment while reading this fic just like she did while reading Poatte, and she’s probably right…. so enjoy!!

Prompt: Bucky and reader decides to get two sets of gifts, one present appropriate to open in front of the team, and one saved for the bedroom. Guess who mixed up the presents?

word count: 800

Originally posted by annutystan

It was Christmas Eve and you were giddy with excitement as you gathered in the living room with all your friends surrounding you. Presents were laid out underneath the extravagant Christmas tree that Tony had set out. It was brightly lit with so many lights with a beautiful star that sat on top of it. It was the annual Christmas gathering and everybody had blown their money on gifts but you knew that everyone was just as excited to see the person’s face when they opened their present. It was money well spent. This year, you had somewhat of a crazy idea. The only other person in on it was Bucky. Being your boyfriend and all, you decided to be extra nice this year gift him two gifts instead of one. And as promised, Bucky did the same. Though you both agreed that one would be put under the tree and the other one, not so innocent, would be opened later in the evening, alone.

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Hiatus 19 July - 6 August

I should have put this blog a hiatus a week about… oops

The reason for the hiatus is that I’m currently doing an archaeology summer school program and I have no WiFi and very weak signal. But even without these inconveniences, I don’t really have the time to post as I’m very busy (and tired most of the time) and have little to no free time because I have to translate from Italian to English during the afternoon lectures since some of the professors do not speak English. That means that I have to go over the topic + presentation beforehand because my Italian isn’t THAT good … someone plz save me T_T


I plan to not read the upcoming chapter until I’ve gone back home so I can actually focus on it and enjoy it.


[7/100] July 14, 2017

Have I been counting right? Has it been a week? Wow honestly surprising I haven’t given up yet! Today has been a blur not going to lie. 

Chugged an entire cup of coffee at 8 in the morning, programmed for like 4 hours, then went to a mixer and met some grad students wow it’s been a time. After that I went off to the mall to get the present for a friend and only had a *minor* breakdown in public oops. 

But it’s been a long and productive day so, at the end, I’m still happy!

Commander!Fabray || Oneshots

I have decided to write a series of drabbles/oneshots for Commander!Fabray, as I write Quinntana and read Clexa, and I keep accidentally picturing Quinn instead of Clarke… oops! Check out my Quinnclexa tag for some amusing headcanon ramblings from myself and @dreamsaremywords

This is a birthday present for @dreamsaremywords –it was going to just be one long oneshot, but I think lots of snapshots will be better (also I’m just excited and want to post this.

PLEASE JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Any variation of Quinnclexa –I will love you forever if you write something <3 

It had started with a drunken kiss. The month following her two-time thing with Santana, Quinn had found her mind, and often times her eyes, lingering on things they hadn’t before. Lexa was her roommate, and they were more acquaintances than friends. When someone in their block threw a dorm party, they’d ended up spending most of the night together, and Quinn had started to question why they hadn’t bothered getting to know each other before. She was smart, driven and had a natural confidence that drew Quinn deep into conversations she would normally find boring. Like soccer, for example. Quinn had never had the slightest bit of interest in the sport, but Lexa was captain of the team, and the way her body almost buzzed as she spoke of it, made Quinn feel excited too.

As the night drew on, they drank generously and found themselves among the bodies on the makeshift dance floor, which as it turned out, was anywhere that didn’t have furniture. Quinn’s head was fuzzy, and she hadn’t laughed so genuinely for a long time.

When a bunch of rowdy guys crowded around the keg beside them, Lexa was pushed into Quinn –not roughly, but enough to feel their bodies together. Lexa’s hands had reached out for Quinn’s waste, in what was sure to be an attempt to stabilise them, but Quinn had sucked in a sharp breath at the touch, her eyes moving to deep green, immediately. A warmth had built in her stomach, and her heart seemed to have sped. She was vaguely aware of someone shouting, but they were across the room, and her mind was focusing on Lexa alone.

Quinn didn’t know where her sudden confidence appeared from, but she wasn’t upset when her hand pushed through brown locks, and settled at the base of Lexa’s neck. The distance between them closed swiftly, and Quinn was soon lost in the softness of Lexa’s pouty lips. The kiss began gentle but purposeful, and before long, Lexa’s tongue slid across Quinn’s lower lip.

Lexa was pulled deeper as Quinn allowed her entrance, using the hand behind the girl’s neck to show her enthusiasm, whilst Lexa’s hands now fisted her summer dress. After what felt like an age, they finally separated, chests heaving for breath as their eyes remained locked.

“Commander! You’re next on the beer pong!”

Quinn looked over to the guy enthusiastically calling out to her roommate, before looking back to the green eyes that hadn’t moved from her face. She smiled at Lexa, her eyes still wide in lust and excitement. She let her hand slide from around the girl’s neck and cup her chin ever so slightly. Quinn gave a soft peck before leaning back with an arched eyebrow and a playful smirk on her lips.

“It sounds like you’re needed, Commander.”

Part 2 here.

What should the ship name be? 

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Here's a challenge for y'all Spe writers. Choose 1 story u have written and write WHY you enjoy writing their characters

OH BOY OKAY!! Lessee. Almost all of the spe stories I’ve written have a ridiculous amount of characters so like… oops? 

Although, I’m going to pick Flirting 101. It was the first fic I wrote that was totally romance-focused, which was out of my comfort zone at the time (even though it was also humorous which is definitely IN my comfort zone haha!). Also it was for a ship that I had never really explored until then! So thanks @viktvr-nikiforov for asking for it as a birthday present!! 

Anyways, I had so much fun writing the characters in this. First of all, I think my absolute favorite spe character to write for might be Gold. I mean, I’ve always liked him, he’s never been my favorite character but he’s always held a high spot on my list. But the thing is… when I write Gold, nothing is too whacky or unrealistic. Literally I can put anything into the story and Gold makes it work. Plus I can throw in all sorts of really bad humor! Be it puns, corny jokes, or like fun physical humor. 

I also always have a lot of fun writing for Green! Some of my absolute favorite humor is when somebody is put in an absolutely ridiculous situation, and takes it completely seriously (AKA my entire plot for Enter the Fans). And Red trying to “woo” somebody while only getting really terrible advice on how to do it is truly at peak ridiculousness. Also it gives me the opportunity to write a protagonist being a little rude or… not as nice sometimes. Which can be a refresher, especially when writing Red. Silver’s also fun to write since he’s such a contrast to most of the dexholders and is such a complex character. 

I enjoy writing for Red mostly because he’s easy. I love him to bits but he’s totally the generic protag and he’s very predictable and easy to characterize in a believable way! 

Also obligatory Yellow mention; I love Yellow and I love writing her because I can make her tough and awesome and not very shy which is closer to her canon characterization than whatever this dumb fanon version is. Like,,, y’all did you read the Yellow/Crystal arcs?? 

The rest of the characters didn’t show up as much, but to be honest I don’t think there’s a single dexholder I don’t have fun writing for! They’re a wide variety of characters, a motley crew if you will. And each of them is unique enough that I have tons of fun writing for!! 

Answering questions about Kirkmall

So as I totally accidentally published the Christmas at Kirkmall ask (Accident because I like to try and draw stuff for my asks and i just wanted to write down all my thoughts on it to draw then when adding tags it published and i was like oh, thats what that button does, oops hahaha. I figured it only fair that i go in and publish all of them, even if its only with words! (I still want to try and draw everything even still tho haha)

Also! I just want to thank everyone for being so sweet and taking the time to send super rad messages and thoughts and all that <3 And also the likes and reblogs and super hilarious and sweet tags <333 You are all too rad! 

But anyway presenting LONG POST OF TALKING! 

I really need to draw Hawke punching more old people in the face. Like? That would make everyones life so much richer and more fulfilled?? 

Haha probably something to that effect! And then that would go into the whole like hacking social media accounts can get SO DANGER. much like magic??? idk but yeah mages r totally nerds and the templars would b the jock equivalent yes totes

YESSSS. That is coming and in the works! Just everyone hipsters at the mall because yessssss <3 Also for me everyone in Inquisition like, fits a modern au so perfectly 

Oh Hawke definitely is. If anything she is the self proclaimed Champion of Kirkmall because she is vain and enjoys empty titles as much as Admiral Captain Isabela haha however everyone for some reason seems to love her and ask for her help with every stupid problem. No one has any idea why, but she gets the job done so no one really complains and is like omg ok we will call you champion w/e

Yesssssssssssssssss. Just yes. To all of this, so good! So accurate!

Oh of course hahaha omg basically <3 Flemeth just randomly appears everytime Morrigan trynna be cool and is just. So much cooler than her. Also for some reason I really want all of the Origins crew to be in a band, and Flemeth made Morrigan join even though she was like omg mom no they are all losers. (Leliana is like vocals and some hipster ass instrument like the ukelele, Zevran can be handsome sexy guitar, Morrigan can play bass, the Warden can sing and be lead guitar and Alistair can be like, triangle. For it is a hipster band you see. He insists to everyone he plays the drums quite well, Morrigan is like shutup u r triangle loser)

I think he would be a jack of all trades creative writing wise. Varric would try his hand at everything books, comics, EVERY GENRE UNDER THE SUN. Also omg Cullen would totally be in one of those just being a huge noodle haired nerd who is Merediths yes man.  As time goes on and he grows as a person he is less yay Meredith and more like, Imma work in this nerdy ass game store that sells those fancy stone chess sets and all those stupid mind puzzles and Hawke is like, oh my goooooddddd why are you so boring stillllll.

All of these kind messages and thoughtful comments have drastically improved the quality of my life. <3 but like no seriously they totally have and all of you guys are the greatest and so sweet you deserve every happiness :)))))) (that sounds so dumb but like, dude for real you are all collectively the greatest!)


thelilnan  asked:

i suppose that was rude. shift gears into modern Alex being really affectionate on his bf randomly. sneak hugs. random cheek kisses. clinging to him while talking to the rest of the revolutionary set, out of habit. burr is always 1000% embarrassed but alex is so cute he wont tell him to stop.

Alex’s acts of affection start simply: a light touch at Aaron’s wrist when they’re out with the others, while Alex references something he said the night before, saying, “…and then I thought the reallocation of funds would make the company thrive. Right, Aaron?”

Aaron tenses when Alex’s fingers curl around his wrist, snapping his gaze up to Alex’s. What he finds are Alex’s big, brown, keen eyes staring back at him.

“Yes,” Aaron says. “That’s what you said.”

He doesn’t shake away Alex’s grip. Although, he later wishes he did, when Alex intertwines his fingers with his and they hold hands, displayed on the table for all to see.
It’s not that he has a problem with Alex touching him. He likes it a lot — he is his boyfriend, after all — but it’s best in private when it’s just them. Alex has no subtlety, and often gets overly affectionate and handsy in public. Aaron wishes Alex had some semblance of restraint (a futile wish, truly); there are some things that should be kept just between them. It’s exclusive, he shouldn’t have to share it with the world.

He tries to not give it too much attention — it only encourages Alex — but it’s difficult when Alex is hanging on him all the damn time.

Aaron has just about had enough when Alex finds him in the library and pounces on him. Startled, Aaron makes such an undignified yelp and then he hears a familiar chuckle trilling behind him.

“Gotcha,” Alex says in Aaron’s ear, wrapping his arms around Aaron from behind.

“I’m busy,” Aaron hisses.

Alex rests his chin on Aaron’s shoulder, and nuzzles against his face in a way that Aaron likes (it’s unfair, he’s using tactics against him). “Come home. You’ve been here all night, and I miss you.” He pauses. “And I’m hungry and you know I am so awful at cooking that I’d burn water.”

“Alex,” Aaron says through gritted teeth. He will not look away from his laptop screen. He will not turn to look at Alex. He will not lean into his touch. He will not give in.

But then Alex kisses the side of Aaron’s mouth, and Aaron lets out a frustrated sigh. “People can see…”

“What?” Alex’s question is sharp in his ear. “Are you embarrassed?”

“No!” That’s ridiculous. Aaron breaks his promise to himself and looks to his side at Alex. “I just. It's—,” Aaron says, stumbling over his words and proving exactly Alex’s point, because okay, maybe he does feel a little exposed being so vulnerable in front of others.

Of course Alex notices—he notices everything—and Aaron is well acquainted with the grin growing on Alex’s face to know trouble is about to follow.

And that’s how they got kicked out of the library for making out.

“I will never understand you,” Alex says as they rush away. He obviously isn’t mad with Aaron, he’s got his arm linked in Aaron’s and is looking up at Aaron with genuine warmth.

Aaron supposes he’ll allow it. He did shove Alex out of lap when the librarian came over to scold them and, well. It’s hard to deny Alex when he’s looking at him like that.
It doesn’t occur to Aaron until months into their relationship that there could be more to Alex’s public displays of affection than just fondness, or intention to tease him.

He wonders if maybe Alex does it because he thinks if he lets Aaron go, he will disappear, like everyone else in his life.

Aaron understands that.

Alex does not quiet his affections; this time, it’s with the entire crew present — John and Herc and Gilbert and Peggy — and Alex is clinging to Aaron’s side, and then stands on tip-toe to kiss Aaron on the cheek.

Aaron’s face immediately feels hot and he knows everyone else is staring at him—

—but then he decides, go ahead, let them stare, and then he kisses Alex back.