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18 and Zack please? You're my favourite blog- sending massive hugs! X

“What are we? 15?” Zack jokes as he plops himself down beside you on Alex’s couch. You, along with the rest of the boys and some other drunken party goers, are gathered around Alex’s living room, playing a rather juvenile game of truth or dare.

“Shh,” Jack hushes the muscular boy, his eyes focused on Alex as he reaches over and gives an empty beer bottle a significant spin in the middle of the coffee-table. You let out a small laugh as Zack rolls his eyes.

The bottle lands on a girl Zack’s never seen before in his life. She chooses truth and the circle is immediately booing but she refuses to change her choice, having to answer some overtly sexual question which causes her to flush bright red. 

“Wow, this is dumb,” Zack mumbles under his breath, only audible enough for you to hear, although you were sure that wasn’t his intent. You turn to him with a smirk and he chuckles a little, raising his brows at you to challenge him. 

“Here,” you say, grabbing a full bottle of beer off the table and placing the cold glass in Zack’s large hand. He grasps it firmly, a smile toying at his lips. You grab the closest bottle opener and pop the cap off it, smiling smugly at him as you tip the bottom of the glass up towards his lips. “Have a drink, relax, become less boring,” you tease with a smile, watching as his lips curl upwards into a smirk at the neck of the bottle.

If you insist,” he mutters, taking a long pull from the drink. You watch him and as he pulls back he looks at you for approval, cocking a brow at you. You nod, satisfied and turn back to the game which has continued without the pair of you.

The girl, having successfully completed her turn, now reaches over to spin the bottle in one quick, fluid motion. It comes to a slow stop, the neck pointing directly at an already groaning Zack. You let out a giggle, biting your lower lip in an attempt to smother your laughter. He shoots you a glare whilst Jack practically lunges out of his seat. “I dare you to streak!” he suggests, excitement foaming in his expression.

“I didn’t even choose truth or-” Zack begins to argue, but the group are already cheering and hollering at the suggestion, a smug smile plastering across Jack’s face. “I’m not streaking,” Zack mumbles adamantly, taking another sip from his beer as he shakes his head.

You’re unsure as to how Jack had managed to convince Zack to go fully nude and run up and down Alex’s street, but in front of you stood a very much naked, flushed red with embarrassment and cold, Zack Merrick. You’re laughing, holding a pile of Zack’s clothing in your arms, as Jack explains the rules to the muscular, rather impressively built man. “Okay, okay, I’m fuckin’ freezing, let’s just do this,” Zack mumbles, bouncing on his feet, cupping his intimate parts with both hands, preserving absolutely no heat.

You’d seen Zack shirtless plenty of times, in fact, probably more often than not, but it was always a welcomed sight. His well defined abs, his broad shoulders, his toned arms. You’d never seen this much of him before, however, and you can’t stop your eyes from travelling lower. Inspecting the ridges of his V-line, the clear outline of his calf muscles, his wide thighs that could easily crush your skull with little to no effort. “Okay, go!” Jack exclaims, waving his arm as if this is the beginning of a race. 

Zack takes off as if he’s on fire, which is quite the opposite. You’re surrounded by laughter as you, and your friends, all watch his tanlined butt jiggle as he runs at a speed you’d never seen him move before, desperate to get this over with.

You’re all laughing and clapping wildly as he sprints back to Alex’s front door, almost slamming into the crowd that’s formed at the doorway as he charges inside, needing the warmth - or lack there of. “Good job!” Rian chuckles, slapping Zack’s wind-stung back hard, leaving a white handprint in his now red skin. He winces as people disperse, heading back to the living area. 

Zack’s panting, clearly winded - not from the running, you suspect, but from the breathtaking chill in the air. He slips into the tiny bathroom beneath the stairs. “Hey, Y/N? My clothes?” he speaks, his voice ragged as he tries to even his breathing. 

“Oh,” you mumble, finally snapping out of your thoughts. You open the bathroom door and step inside without even thinking and Zack immediately jumps back, covering himself. He raises his brows at you and you feel a blush light up your cheeks, a gulp slipping down your throat, but a smile twitches at your lips. “Hmm, cold out there?” you tease. You hadn’t actually seen much, but you wouldn’t deny an opportunity to make him squirm.

He lets out a fake laugh, narrowing his eyes at you. But you see that little spark of uncertainty, the nervous croak in his tone, the nibbling of his lips. You inch closer to him and he seems lost for a moment, captivated by the small movement which, had his nerves not been set alight, he probably wouldn’t have noticed. “Fuck you,” he scoffs, looking down with a light blush creeping up his neck. He turns a little, avoiding your gaze and shuffling his feet.

You keep your eyes on him, reading his responses as you move closer and closer to him, until your close enough for your breath to tickle his skin, warming him up. He turns to you now and the pair of you are pressed flush against eachother, eyes locked in an empty conversation. There’s a magnetic force between you and your lips are slowly pulled together. You drop his clothes from your hands and that motion is enough to push him further, confident sparking in him.

If you insist,” you respond, your voice sultry and smooth, like silk encasing him and causing a growl to burn in his throat as his hands reach for the sides of your face, pulling you roughly towards him and pressing his lips to yours valiantly, the pressure enough to coax a moan from your smothered lips. 

Your hands tangle into his hair in an almost aggressive manor as he hitches you up onto the sink, reaching over to lock the door as you wrap your legs around his bare hips, your heels digging into him as you pull him as close as possible, kissing him with such force and need that the pair of you are completely blindsided, lost in the fleeting moment.


so, I was doing some google image searching and  happened to stumble upon those super cute phone covers by @saisai-chan, and imagined inko having them… only if I had an iphone….

(here’s also the original artwork!)


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Ran into the lovely @yukipri at Katsucon! *O* I’m so glad I chased you down for a business card haha xD She was the sparkliest Yuuri ever (the lights omggggg how *A*) So stunning!! I too must learn how to make gorgeous toxic glowing blue roses for another time~! 💕


If you listen closely you can hear the sound of the Seijou third years laughing at Oikawa

(shoutout to @letsbetrashcans who noticed the wristband in my last kyoken post - I might headcanon the dog as as far out of the closet as they get, yes)

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Listen. Listen. I got an amazing Voltron AU headcanon idea for you but you CAN'T GO RUNNING WITH IT MISS ONIONS I KNOW HOW YOU DO THINGS. From me to you: a Star Wars AU.

Predictably………..this is the longest one.

(I SCREAMED when this showed up in my inbox. Thank you for this gift, my friend. I hope you enjoy.)

(As a thank you to my followers for 100+, I took a handful of AU prompts in celebration! Prompts are quite closed, and I’m proud to present the culminating and final piece of this milestone series. Thank you all for choosing me on your dash!)


00. Lance has wanted to be a Jedi his entire life.

It’s his deepest, most sincere and heartfelt desire.

A Jedi is belonging.

A Jedi has purpose, a path and a place in life. A Jedi looks after others; a Jedi takes care of people. A Jedi is a protector of the galaxy. It’s a longing and a calling Lance has always aspired to.

A Jedi is great, and a Jedi is kind. A Jedi is a keeper of the peace. A Jedi has the Force, wide open and beckoning, bright and true. Lance has loved the Force and the Light for as long as he can remember.

A Jedi looks out for others. A Jedi looks outs for their own.

A Jedi belongs.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

Little Lance, a handful of years old and toddling on tiptoes in the creche, pudgy face smushed against the transparisteel of the creche window. Stubby fingers leave messy prints, watching all the ships come and go in the distant hustle and bustle of Coruscant night traffic. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, older, peeking out from amongst his crechemates as they travel the halls. He watches the robes of the great Jedi Knights swishing about their ankles, Padawans rushing to catch up. That’ll be me someday.

Little Lance, sneaking out to the Temple Gardens late at night to watch the waterfall play, closing his eyes and listening to the Force gurgle over rocks, splash onto stones. The soft breeze of the Force through the grass, the flowers, the trees. The Force is everywhere. A pair of Jedi sit in the grass nearby, quiet, heads bowed in meditation. The Force swirls around them gently, a stream in its own right. Lance hides by his waterfall and observes, content. That’ll be me someday.

Lance, even older. Finally a Padawan himself, following at the heels of his Master as they head down to the hangars for their first mission assignment. Looking over his shoulder at all the other Jedi embarking on ships, returning from missions of their own. A hub of galactic peace, in and out, busy keeping the galaxy safe.

That’ll be me someday.

Lance, at the conclusion of his Trials.

Jedi protect.

Jedi belong.

Lance is going to be a Jedi.

01. Lance and Hunk have been best friends since the days of the creche.

“Are we getting anywhere?” Lance asks, leaning on the engine. The sleeve of his robe swings down and nearly smacks Hunk in the face.

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