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2 cool Karamatsus for 24/02


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: 2/5 favourite male characters - percy jackson

My name is Percy Jackson. I’m twelve years old. Until a few months ago, I was a boarding student at Yancy Academy, a private school for troubled kids in upstate New York. Am I a troubled kidYeah. You could say that.


Testing out that HD dog skin by Brinwood. The top is with EA’s skin, and the bottom is with Brinwood’s default replacement. I really like the body on the HD skin as well as the overlay details (the tongue and lips especially), but it makes Sully’s face appear SO bright! He almost glows in game, lol. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it. I think it probably looks better on pups with darker fur, but Sully is my favorite sim dog so if it doesn’t work for him it’s of no use to me. I’m tempted to make a blend of it, actually, but that seems like a lot of effort. Maybe later. XD

I can’t believe I’ve never drawn those nerds before

captbuccaneer  asked:

molly, consider,,,, the briggs bunch when they're sick. GO!!


  • Buc is the biggest baby about it like “Miles I can’t move bring me soup” and “can I have tea with honey and lemon” and “can you bring me more books I already finished these” and of course his every request is granted
  • Miles keeps on working and insists he’s fine until he falls over or someone physically hauls him to bed
  • Patricia is well aware of the irony of the situation and doesn’t want to hear about it. she just wants to take a hot bath and sit by the fire
  • Olivier is pretty good at hiding it whenever she’s sick but as soon as someone finds out she’s immediately fussed over and doted upon by everyone in the vicinity (which she secretly loves). she always recovers in record time because Efficiency is important

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can't think of any really AU-worthy but Can't Take My Eyes Off You + SuperCorp pretty please

omg thank youu you’re the best  💕 💕💕  (and really the song doesn’t matter bc i will just make it into a random AU that comes to mind while i hear it, so this is great!!)

The ballroom instructor’s assistant is unfairly beautiful.

Kara hasn’t been able to take her eyes off of her since she walked in, and it’s absolutely been no help that she’s taken up the spot right across from Kara.

The sentiment isn’t exactly shared. “Nice of you to finally join us, Lena,” the instructor—Veronica, as she insists to be called—says, not bothering to conceal her glare at her assistant.

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Ransom pushed into Canon

Where Ransom is pushed into Canon, the exact same place and moment that Canon!Rosinante was about to be killed.

So I did some editing to the format, and I wrote everything that’s from Rosinante’s POV (AKA below the line-break). The lovely Anon wrote the stuff from Ransom’s POV. 

This was great fun, I’m glad you’ve let me add to it.

There is something extremely wrong with the situation happening in front of him.

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“Hey, that looks great, Virgil.” (That moment someone thinks the thing you’re ready to rip out and scrunch up looks GREAT. XD lol)

Blergh. Something quick and blech before I crash out cause I doodled something then decided I’d RUIN it trying to ink it. XD 

Gosh, my phone camera sucks. lol I’ll scan it and post it proper after sleeps.

It’s 4:30AM as I type this up and on nights like this, the nights I can’t seem to fall asleep, I have a small playlist that I just lay in bed and listen to. It’s a pretty good playlist if you like soft beats and wanna cry as you go through a song from basically every era. 


Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration Week

Day 3 - Your Favorite Rune Factory Game

Rune Factory 3 is my favorite game in the series! I remember picking this game up and being so blown away by how much it improved upon RF1 and 2. The combat system wasn’t nearly as clunky anymore, NPCs had something new to say every day, and the town felt so much livelier! I fell in love with it right away, and no matter how many times I replay it, it never gets old.

I spent all my coins to catch up with Dark Heaven and it was completely worth it. It’s sweet, funny, horrible, beautiful, aww-inducing, and heartbreaking all at the same time. It’s so good and more people need to start reading it. The tags are entirely too dead for my liking.


Robin Hood –|—)–> Allan-a-Dale

“You are always in the sun, and I am always in the shade.”


I always loved that about you. How you could laugh even though everything was shit.