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Truth or Spin

Klaine Advent: Day 11 - Kiss. 1185 words.

Kurt pulled back from the kiss to whoops and hollers, his cheeks just a little red and his lips even redder. He smirked at the assembled audience, bowing his head in acknowledgement of his own prowess.

“Yes, yes, I am a performer and a pleaser.”

Quinn snorted. “Like I didn’t please you just now, Hummel?” Her lips were similarly red and she was combing her fingers through her hair, trying to settle it back from where Kurt’s hands had mussed it up.

He winked at her, sinking back to his spot in the circle next to Blaine, taking his hand. “Of course, sweetheart, you’re a star.”

She smirked back, leaning over Rachel to boop him on the nose. “You weren’t so bad yourself.” She rolled her eyes as she sat back down. “Better than answering Artie’s question, anyway.”

Artie put up his hands, defensively. “Don’t hate the player, girl. We were all wondering.”

Rachel raised her hand. “I was not wondering if the old guy Quinn dated dyed his pubic hair, actually.”

“And isn’t it so fitting that she had to kiss Kurt who also dated an old guy?” Lauren Zizes piped in.

Kurt pouted, shooting her a look of betrayal. “How dare you? Walter was a sweetheart.” Blaine patted him on the knee.

“Well, Quinn spun, so I guess we’ll never know the answer to either of those questions,” Santana said, her nose crinkled in mild disgust. “You know the rules, Fabray: your turn. Pick a victim.”

Quinn’s smirk turned just a little evil. Calculating. She scanned the circle, mischief playing in her eyes. They landed on Tina.

“Ms. Tina Cohen Chang.” Quinn grinned. “Truth or Spin?”

It was one of those weird, rare, but also weirdly normal nights when the old New Directions were together in the same place. Well, not all of them. Puck was back on active duty and everyone felt the ache of the missing Finn. But they were happy. They were laughing. They were playing a stupid game, for old time’s sake.

Imagine you’re playing truth or dare. It can get pretty intense after a while, if you’re asked something you’d rather not tell or if you’re dared something you’d rather not do. But imagine spin the bottle. You don’t totally want to kiss all of your friends and even them it can get boring. Imagine putting them together: You can pick truth or spin, and if you don’t want to answer the truth, you pick spin as a forfeit. Everyone wins.

Tina sure seemed to think she had nothing to lose. “Truth.”

Quinn’s smile was feral. “How many sex dreams have you had about our dear Mr. Blaine Hummel-Anderson over here?”

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Wayward Father, Lost Daughter

Requested by: @exodarkwolf16

A/n; this was hard, not going to lie. Just when i thought i knew what to write.. yikes. More Edward to come! and, um, probably a part 2 somewhere down the line too?

With your eyes closed, it’s easy to imagine that you’re somewhere else, anywhere else.

The quiet chatter from the crowds around you drowns out the gentle sound of the waves hitting the beach, a sound you’ve ached to hear for days but have been unable to, as closely watched as you have been by your father.

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lesson to self: if you start getting tired, jus t. stop. stop animating. JUST……….


Apparently in Bottomless Pit, when Stan is telling his story, the football players have uniforms that resemble the Packers.

Soooo, headcanon that Stan is a Packers fan and he and Vlad actually met at a game and hit it off. 

Basically now I’m just thinking about grumpy old men and their sports obsessions. 

anonymous asked:

So I know people mean well but I am so tired venting to someone about how it feels to be trans and then getting told that I "just have to be patient" like I know that but that's not the point of what Im saying. Im saying existing hurts most days and "being patient" with people isn't going to fix that....

Well, when people hear such worries they’re inclined to try and give advice. And, in many cases, things do get better with time and with the spread of knowledge. I think if you just need to vent to people you should preface it, and let them know you don’t need any advice. I do that all the time! Because when you’re low and know that only you can help yourself, other peoples’ advice just sounds annoying (oops… I probably sound annoying then!!) Anyway, I hope things start looking up for you soon <3


for quiffedluke and acoustcmichael‘s angel/demon!5sos night

you didn’t think there was any proper protocol to handling someone new moving into your neighborhood, but books and tv shows and movies – even stories from people you knew or people they knew – led you to believe that, when you moved into a neighborhood, your neighbors would welcome you to the neighborhood by introducing themselves, usually by bringing over some type of baked good. when you moved into your new neighborhood, however, there were no brownies or cookies or cupcakes or anything of the sort. all you got instead were warnings to stay away from a certain house in the neighborhood and the boy who resided there. no matter who you asked though, no one would say any more than that, everyone just insisting that you stay away, claiming that the boy who lived there was bad news.

as the days went by and as you became more and more settled in your new home, you’d catch glimpses of the boy everyone warned you about and honestly, you weren’t sure why the entire neighborhood seemed to be so…afraid of him. he seemed perfectly normal, innocent even with his blond hair and blue eyes, his face seeming younger on the days he didn’t shave. the only scary thing about him seemed to be his abnormally tall height, but even then, it didn’t seem like he himself knew how to handle his stature, his shoulders usually slumped and his limbs seeming lankier than he could handle. 

from what you’d seen of him, the only possible reason you could come up with for why the neighborhood was so afraid of him was that they were afraid of his beauty, which, had to be unnatural. what kind of human actually walked around looking like an actual greek god?

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damnit, when is jinki’s drama gonna start...

we’ve had activity from Jjong, Key, Minho and Taemin lately…but nothing from Jinki…NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH